StoneToss: Episode 1

barber meme comic

Comic Name: Barber-ian
Description: N/A
Mouseover: barber meme comic
Image Name: haircut-immigration-comic.png
Originally Published: 7/20/2017

What The Comic Is: A man sits down at a barber. The barber asks the man what kind of cut he wants for his hair, to which the man responds that he wants a cut that will make Muslim migrants feel more at home. The barber then whips out his Rune Scimitar while spouting a meme so funny it rivals GET OUT OF MUH SWAMP, we are left to imagine that the barber then decapitates the unwitting man.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: First of all, StoneToss seriously thinks that barbers just have the swirly poll planted right in the middle of their shops or something. Either that or maybe they’re standing in front of a BIG ASS WINDOW. I dunno. Anyways, the man asks for a cut to make Muslims feel more at home and then the barber gives him a real pain in the neck hahalol

At face value this is just a stupid anti-Islam/Muslim comic married to a dead meme, and the mouseover text certainly reinforces that. The title, Barber-ian, is just a super funny way of calling Muslims barbaric (or maybe the barber’s name is Ian?). However, there is a deeper context to this comic that really only comes out once you understand StoneToss more fully. It’s a commentary on Sharia Law, that is, the set of religious laws and principles that govern Islamic traditions. A big anti-Muslim/Islam talking point is that they will bring Sharia Law into countries they migrate into, and that someday things like beheadings will not just become acceptable, but publicly common place. Where StoneToss’s debut comic was shallow in meaning, his second comic very well expresses his ability to implant a much deeper meaning into face value. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is trying to equate acceptance or tolerance of Islam/Muslims as a slippery slope that will lead to their ‘taking over’ of non-Islamic culture or ideals. It’s bread and butter anti-Islam rhetoric.

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