StoneToss: Episode 10

what a coincidence minorities are underrepresented in so many profitable companies

Comic Name: In The Black
Description: N/A
Image Name: diversity-hire-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/5/2019

Mouseover: what a coincidence minorities are underrepresented in so many profitable companies
What The Comic Is: A room full of men sit in chairs while flopping their GIANT CUBED PENISES upwards to lay across their bare chests. One of the men draws attention to a profit report and remarks that the company’s earnings are low. As an idea, one of the other men suggests hiring more people of color.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That Affirmative Action = Bad.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So here we are, the first (but far from the last) time StoneToss makes a comic about Affirmative Action. The policy, or at least a concept of the policy, that would much later be known as Affirmative Action has roots in the USA that go back to the mid-1800’s. In order to give the newly freed slaves of the American south an ability to form independent livelihoods, land and goods from the state of Georgia were proposed to be divided up and granted to them. Though President Andrew “I Make Trump Look Like A Pussy” Jackson later quashed the proposal, it’s been very long understood that you can’t really take disenfranchised people who have nothing and expect them to be okay.

Affirmative Action as it is in the modern USA are different laws and policies that, in a nutshell, require some institutions (such as schools or employers) to accept certain percentages of groups that have faced historic oppression (generally minorities, women and console gamers). Is Affirmative Action a good thing that works? What are its extents? What are the arguments for and against it? Look, those are all really big questions that tricky to answer and require a lot of insight and knowledge on this deep, complex issue. But why discuss anything like that? It’s not like StoneToss’s hottake or understanding is anything other than skin deep!

The mouseover text is StoneToss’s unveiled jab at minorities and how, based on statistical evidence, that it’s a “coincidence” that minorities are underrepresented in profiting companies. Obviously we all know what StoneToss is trying to actually hint at (minorities are lower IQ than caucasians, as proved by “sCiEnCe”), but it’s amusing because he’s making a statement about Affirmative Action (a broad series of fundamentals put into place to give opportunities to demographics that never experienced fair opportunity on macro levels) while musing that minorities are underrepresented in companies. So he unwittingly acknowledges the problem, but was too busy making a lazy comic where the joke is its own punchline to realize how others might notice his own dumbassery. Haha, that’s our StoneToss!

The title of the comic is a reference to companies being ‘in the black’, a business term referring to making profit (which itself is a reference to the color of ink used to record profit/loss back in ye olde times; black was used to record profit and red ink used to record loss, which is also where ‘in the red’ comes from). It is with the title that StoneToss conveniently lets us all know exactly which minority group he’s whining about.

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