StoneToss: Episode 11

affirmative action is a social construct

Comic Name: Social Obstruct
Description: N/A
Mouseover: affirmative action is a social construct
Image Name: social-construct-comic-1
Originally Published: 9/7/2017

What The Comic Is: A woman concludes reading aloud a passage from a book that only has three pages. Coming to the conclusion that race is a social construct, she assures the viewer that next week they will discuss why racial diversity is needed.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That race isn’t a social construct. He actively believes there are significant genetic/biological differences between humans of different geological backgrounds.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Ah, StoneToss. Your previous comic was a mere errant whining about affirmative action, yet with this you’ve matured to a much higher intellectual stance. Now you dare to point out the hilarious LiBtArD fallacy that is affirmative action. With the hand of reason you scoop from the shitpile of logic and smear a gooey streak of turd across the false truth that ‘race’ is not a biological fact in humans.
Except no. What StoneToss is trying to say with this comic is that “If race is a social construct (which it is not!) then why does affirmative action exist? After all, if race doesn’t exist then how do we give someone a position based on race lol checkmate“, except affirmative action isn’t necessarily about ‘racial diversity’; It’s about giving historically disadvantaged people a representation they normally would have a much greater challenge of obtaining compared to those who are historically better off. 

“Race” exists insofar as generalized physical attributes exist among different humans. Black pplz and white pplz have different genetic predispositions towards many different things, but it isn’t because they’re drastically different organisms. Rather, it’s because when you take chunks of any population (divided however you want, by distance or otherwise) and then examine their characteristics, you will find a number of differences. This is as true for a man living in the middle of Africa compared to a man living in the middle of Canada as it is for a man on one side of Canada compared to a man on the other. 

So when someone says “race is a social construct”, what they mean is that we’re all humans and that “race” is just a loose form of lumping together different people based on geological backgrounds. They do not mean that black people have not faced severe and institutionalized discrimination based on their skin color and background.
Being clever is hard. Being stupid is easy. Trying to look clever while being so fucking stupid is a form of art. You’re an artist, StoneToss!

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