StoneToss: Episode 12

Fun Fact: If you're a member of the right (((religion))), you can even get old men to drink blood from the knife wound.

Comic Name: Flesh and Blood
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Fun Fact: if you’re a member of the right (((religion))), you can even get old men to drink blood from the knife wound.
Image Name: transgender-kids-comic1.png
Originally Published: 9/4/2017

What The Comic Is: A woman speaks ill of the practice of giving children hormone treatment. The man she’s speaking with inquires about the condition of her children’s penises, to which the woman responds with a dismissive affirmative.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: jews bad 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Alright so this is a comic that is almost, aalllmoooost, daring to be intelligent and thoughtful without any bullshit. Unfortunately, StoneToss can’t say anything about a political or societal subject without reminding everyone about how much he hates Jews. Go figure.

While it’s an interesting observation that putting children on hormone treatments bares some strong parallel to circumcision, the mouse over is, obviously, a complaint about the Jewish tradition of Metzitzah B’Peh, an ancient circumcision tradition. In this ceremonial circumcision, the mohel (fancy word for penis-snipper) uses his mouth to orally ‘clean’ the circumcised penis of blood. While this practice is certainly very debatable in modern times, StoneToss wants to make sure everyone is 100% clear on his antisemitism with the inclusion of the “((( )))” triple brackets (which, at the time of the comic’s publishing was a new dog whistle for the ‘exposing’ of Jews, where one would triple bracket the names of Jews online. It was also a browser extension that would automatically place the brackets around Jewish names on webpages).

Whatever feelings you might have on children and hormone treatment, it’s certainly an interesting posit that people will speak out against hormone treatment while circumcising babies without another thought. StoneToss has always been firmly anti-circumcision (even in his work pre-StoneToss), but leave it to StoneToss to somehow flavor such a benign stance with the dingleberry spice of antisemitism.

Edit (2/15/2021): The image name of the comic alludes to StoneToss believing circumcision is akin to forcing transgenderism on boys. Maybe it seems like just a dumb joke at face value, but knowing StoneToss he probably unironically believes that circumcision leads to boys becoming transgender.

2 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 12

  1. you write:
    “While it’s an interesting observation that putting children on hormone treatments bares some strong parallel to circumcision”

    But it really isn’t a very strong parallel. People are usually circumcising relatively fresh babies. But the children being put on hormone treatments are quite a bit older. They’ll start trans kids on puberty blockers only right around when puberty is beginning to start in that kid, because if a kid really is trans, preventing the wrong puberty from occuring is really something that can’t wait. But if the kid changes their mind, normal puberty will resume if the blockers are stopped. They don’t put anybody through anything with permanent effects until they are at least teenagers (usually older teenagers), and are able to make an informed decision on whether transitioning is really the best path for them. So, for those who object to circumcision on the basis of it being non-consensual genital modification, it is quite a bit different than hormone treatments for trans children.

    Of course, Rocks-for-brains here just hates Jews and trans people. I’ll also point out one bit of rock-brained idiocy you failed to note. Getting “transgender hormone treatments” has absolutely nothing to do with the state of one’s genitals. And nobody is putting children through any kind of genital modification surgeries (except when they feel like they need to “fix” intersex babies… Do doctors still do that? ’cause that’s like super fucked up)


    1. That is all a very valid take away on the “circumcision vs. puberty blockers” and it’s actually kind of what I meant (I just meant, you know, it’s one thing to compare the two and have an honest discussion about it, it’s another thing to run with it and use it as a greenlight to validate bigotry). StoneToss tries to usually position himself as a “both sides” or “makes fun of everyone” type of person (though he always fails to do this because he’s so skewed to one side), but some of his arguments will try and make what -could- be an honest discussion (and I’ll always try to be sure and say “This is okay, for an honest discussion, but that’s not what this is…”). It isn’t wrong to ask some of these things as honest questions or have a discussion about it, but StoneToss doesn’t do that.

      Your point about hormone treatments not involving genital mutilation is also a good one.

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