StoneToss: Episode 13

We're here, we persevere, get over it.

Comic Name: Pride
Description: N/A
Mouseover: We’re here, we persevere, get over it.
Image Name: pride-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/19/2017

What The Comic Is: A man with a horrible skull deformity atop his head poses a question on the validity of feeling prideful. A skeptical onlooker wearing a white pride t-shirt responds with casual dismissal. In the third panel, it is revealed a pride celebration complete with discarded dildos is raging in the background.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Being white is comparable to being gay, and therefore ‘white pride’ is just as valid as ‘gay pride’ and that taking pride in being gay is hypocritical if you don’t support pride in being white. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Ah, the classic StoneToss onion comic. It’s always nice when stupidity has layers. First of all, StoneToss is attempting to liken being white to being gay and to highlight some kind of hypocrisy that exists (but doesn’t really exist) when people discredit white pride notions. He straw mans the gay community by having a stand-in for them talk about ‘how it’s dumb to take pride in things you can’t choose’ (no gay person has ever fucking said this) before showing the gay man standing in front of a pride parade. 

I think this second layer is something StoneToss wanted to leave up to reader interpretation; are da gayz just hypocritical and reverse bigots? Or is homosexuality actually a choice which would therefore make being white less of a choice than being gay (i.e., being white is the ‘real’ thing you can’t choose, making it more legitimate to have pride in)? Knowing StoneToss and his advanced state of victim-complex, it’s probably the latter; but it’s very fun and thoughtful of our author to leave this point up to debate. Let the discourse rage on, folks!

For reference, the shirt the guy in the second panel is wearing is a white pride t-shirt. The symbol is a Celtic cross which is formally recognized as a symbol associated with hate groups (the symbol itself doubles as the symbol for ‘white power‘ as well as ‘white pride’.) If you Google image search ‘White Pride Symbol’ you’ll get results that have the same Celtic cross, but with Nazi iconography mixed in with it. This begs yet another interpretation: is StoneToss knowing and aware of the fact he’s associating with a neo-Nazi symbol or is he too stupid to realize that the symbol has roots in Nazi imagery? Vote with your phones now!

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