StoneToss: Episode 3

General Santa Anna's Chicken

Comic Name: Foreign Food
Description: N/A
Mouseover: General Santa Anna’s Chicken 
Image Name: ethnic-food-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 7/27/2019

What The Comic Is: Two men are horrifically conjoined to each other by a large circle that they’ve learned to use as a makeshift table for food and drink. One man posits to the other that without immigration, who will cook authentic Chinese food. The other man stares at a plate of grey mush accented with a white bean and ponders for a moment. Then, a third man appears and in Google Translated Spanish asks, “Yes sir, who?“.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That a cook would ever bring a steaming hot pan out of the kitchen and into the dining area and then thrust it in front of patrons. I know you hate brown people, StoneToss, but they’re seriously not that stupid.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At first this is one of those comics that seems really innocuous and silly, like you really want to believe it’s just a Family Guy-esque dumb humor joke, but then you stop and remind yourself that this is StoneToss we’re talking about and you realize, oh yeah, StoneToss is an idiot.

So we have an early example of the multi-pronged commentary StoneToss would eventually begin using in just about every one of his comics. First, we have a ‘Mexican cook’ joke, which is just a low jab at racial humor involving Mexicans working as cooks in low-end diners/restaurants. Funny enough, however, a lot of Chinese places are actually owned/operated and staffed by, you know, actual Chinese people, but whatever. Anyways, StoneToss makes commentary on the fact that pro-immigration types will often use the example that foreign immigrants bring with them cultural boons like delicious food. StoneToss poses this exact point in the first panel, only to undercut it by revealing that: dun dun! It was a MEXICAN guy making the food the whole time! Because Mexicans are taking over America, and because multiculturalism is such a flaccid concept that one ethnicity can simply substitute for another one, anyways. See? There’s no reason for people to immigrate to the USA!

The mouseover text for the comic is a play on General Tso Chicken, a popular Americanized Chinese food dish, but replacing it with the Mexican military general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (commonly known as merely Santa Anna). General Santa Anna was involved in a ton of shit involving the Mexican government and military and, most importantly for citizens of the USA, he was the one who lead the attack against the Texan defenders of fort Alamo. I guess maybe the mouseover text is therefore some kind of deeper commentary that Santa Anna actually won and pwned the libtarded United States or something but I’m writing this shit at 5 AM in the morning right now and I really am too tired to dig that much deeper into this.

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