StoneToss: Episode 2

antifa trash comic

Comic Name: Wrecking Class
Description: N/A
Mouseover: antifa trash comic
Image Name: antifa-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 7/25/2017

What The Comic Is: This is the introduction of what will become a reoccurring caricature in StoneToss’s comic; the masked and hooded antifa goon. Pictured here is the very first visual incarnation of the character, who appears to be wearing a comfy onesie pajama while wrecking havoc upon an innocent trashcan full of chunky goo and fire. Later, a city worker comes along to clean up the mess left behind by the antifa and his pajama-powered hi-jinks. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: StoneToss, as you can easily imagine, is highly anti-antifa. Antifa is the abbreviation of anti-fascism, a more-or-less unstructured general movement that seeks to combat or suppress fascism and other similar forms of hateful rhetoric. The “movement”, for what it is, has gotten a lot of flak from both right-wingers and even left-wingers and moderates for their general disruptive behavior that, at times, has grown to actual violence. StoneToss, naturally, sees antifa as only its most unsavory elements; as if simply pointing out that sometimes antifa activists do shitty things, this somehow immediately and completely undermines/invalidates them.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The comic’s name is a play on the term ‘Working Class‘, or the class of people who hold “working” jobs, such as physical/menial labor, and are often times on the lower end of middle class incomes. StoneToss, however, has an IQ of at least 280 and is flexing an astonishing amount of creativity to brand antifa members as the Wrecking Class, or a caste of people who do nothing but cause problems. In the first panel, the antifa jammie-man is calling for workers to unite, while causing destruction that a worker later has to come and clean up. It’s stereotyping antifa as hooligans that, as we can assume, StoneToss mocks for supposedly not having jobs/being part of the working class they claim to champion. Meanwhile, a real worker (who I guess we’re to believe is unhappy with antifa, based on his frown) uses a stick to push a giant hot dog that’s been poked full of toothpicks.

It isn’t that antifa is without any criticism. It’s a disorganized idea that is, at least currently, only really pretending to be a focused movement.  Because of this, you have all sorts of people running around and calling themselves “antifa”, and they do all sorts of stupid shit. ‘Members’ of antifa have committed assault, vandalism, trespassed and in general have, in fact, gotten a reputation for being a little bit of a nuisance. However, StoneToss’s commentary is that antifa is solely the worst sides of itself.  

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