StoneToss: Episode 6

pure coincidence, I'm sure

Comic Name: Look Closely 
Description: N/A
Mouseover: pure coincidence, I’m sure
Image Name: billionaires-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 8/24/2017

What The Comic Is: Two men stand before a series of framed male restroom signs. One man tells the other than white privilege most certainly exists, and that you just need to look at all of the white billionaires to verify that fact. The second man looks at a picture of a man with a LARGE NOSE(!!) and, upon looking very closely, spots the tiniest Star of David necklace strung around the man’s neck.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That the concept of racial bias on a nation and society-wide scale doesn’t really exist because some Jewish people are rich.   

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Surface value this is your typical antisemitic comic, BUT WAIT, StoneToss is stupid so it goes deeper than just that. As mentioned above, StoneToss seems to think that the concept of ‘white privilege’ (that is, certain social factors either enjoyed by or avoided by those who are white as compared to those who are not white) either doesn’t exist wholesale or is at least overplayed, as after all, rich Jewish people exist. 

Is StoneToss trying to assert that all billionaires are Jewish? Yeah probably. The mouseover text “pure coincidence, I’m sure” seems to blatantly allude to the fact that StoneToss is sarcastically quipping that it’s “a coincidence, surely” that billionaires also happen to be Jewish. This is stupid by itself, but it’s even worse when you consider that ‘white privilege’ encompasses a much wider range of issues than just being wealthy, not to mention that StoneToss seems to also suggest that no white person is super wealthy because they don’t have that sick Jewish Privilege (i.e. CONTROLLING DA WHOLE WERLD111).
The comic’s name ‘Look Closely’ is a double meaning; obviously in the context of the comic it’s because the man is looking closely for the necklace, but it’s also a general message to look closely at BOTTOM TEXT SOCIETY so that you, too, can see the Jew. I seem to remember a book by a certain German dictator that said the exact same thing, but at least we all know that guy was just trolling. StoneToss on the other hand…

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