StoneToss: Episode 8


Comic Name: Sure Thing
Description: N/A
Image Name: trump-comic-2.png
Originally Published: 8/31/2017

What The Comic Is: A man, in the nude save for a blue tie, asks American President Donald Trump what his stance on racism is. Trump, annoyed, insists that he is against racism and has done so many times in the past. The naked man, not seeming to trust Trump, asks the question again.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Look, the reporter is naked. He visibly has no clothes on, but yet he has the tie. But the tie isn’t around his neck (as a traditional tie-based tie would be) and yet he’s naked, so there’s nothing for a clip-on tie to clip onto except for his skin. Did the reporter pierce his skin to wear the clip-on? Did he glue it to his bare chest? Apparently StoneToss thinks this is how nudist journalists wear their ties.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Trump has officially denounced racism, but the man has embodied the ideology in his manners, speech and actions before and after winning Presidency. Even at the time this comic was produced (mid-2017, only a small ways into Trump’s four year term) it’s dishonestly framing the media as narrative-flippers who hound Trump with the same question over and over. As if to say that if the media can simply question Trump’s stance on racism enough, then that would convince people of Trump’s ‘real’ stance on it (‘real’ in this sense meaning what StoneToss’ assumed real stance is, which is to say that Trump isn’t racist despite the fact Trump has espoused views constantly that are, at the very least, ignorantly racist. Make sense?)

Also, this marks the first time Donald Trump would be pictured in a StoneToss comic.

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