StoneToss: Episode 9

Bootlicker? More like boot Ni-

Comic Name: Black Lives Tattered
Description: Stop hitting yourself
Mouseover: Bootlicker? More like boot Ni-
Image Name: george-floyd-riot-black-lives-matter-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 6/2/2020

EDIT: This entry has been edited to include the fact that Floyd’s purposed crime is, at time of writing, yet unconfirmed. 

What The Comic Is: A superhero with the power of stretchability decides all is lost and resolves to commit suicide. Either that or George Floyd is kneeling on his own neck.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That George Floyd deserved to be murdered by unsanctioned police brutality because he allegedly committed a forgery crime and then allegedly resisted arrest.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Alright lads, so I’m breaking form slightly with my upload style. My original plan was to chronicle each StoneToss comic chronological to when he released them but this comic is topical to such a drastic and extreme time in our bottomtext society that I wanted to talk about it now. 
This comic is so fundamentally stupid and victim blaming and pointless and takes StoneToss to such a new height of  pure negative IQ-ity that I couldn’t help but comment on it now. Basically StoneToss is subscribing (as he obviously would) to the thought pattern that George Floyd “did it to himself” by (maybe) being criminal and that the police are therefore absolved of all responsibility for how they handled Floyd’s arrest. This is a very common, and very ineffective, method of trying to flip the situation around on the victim. Floyd wasn’t being brutalized by police! He was being brutalized by his own (unproven) life choices! After all, if you (allegedly) break a law and then (maybe or maybe not, the police don’t seem to care either way) resist arrest, then the officer of the law has no choice but to pin you to the ground by the throat with his knee and then double down on his actions when pleaded to by a group of bystanders. It’s just how the world is supposed to work, after all.

The victim blaming is taken further with the comic’s description, “Stop hitting yourself”, again putting the blame of police brutality on the victim instead of the police. StoneToss seems to posit that excessive or protocol-violating force is okay as long as someone isn’t (maybe) complying with police order.
The mouseover text is implying that people are bootlicking for black people by defending George Floyd, as ‘bootlicker’ is a common insult against individuals who make excuses or justifications for police violence.

Also, worth pointing out that this stupid idea didn’t work without StoneToss redrawing George Floyd several feet away from the cop car despite being right under its rear bumper in the first panel, lol.
Funny enough the title of the comic works as a good pro-BLM phrase. Good work, StoneToss!
Overall this is just one of StoneToss’s stupidest comics (yet!).

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