StoneToss: Episode 24

Comic Name: White Knights
Description: Only one race is ever “proud” to be a cuck.
Mouseover: Next time a refugee rape epidemic breaks out, see how well reminding them to be grateful works out.
Image Name: white-people-disappearing-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/8/2018

What The Comic Is: Two men hold aloft a banner reading “REFUGEES WELCOME <3”. One man inquires to the other that if ‘white folk’ disappear, then who will thank them for what they’re doing. The second man attempts to formulate a retort, but fails to.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss truly is incapable of mocking others without needing to strawman them. I mean, come on. He must be able to think of sooomething he could genuinely point out and lampoon about liberals. Surely, there’s got to be something he’s smart enough to make fun of. No? There isn’t? Oh well.

Alright, so StoneToss is just saying that white people are only welcoming refugees to serve their own ego. That other humans are empathetic and will aid their fellow people is something that eludes and confounds StoneToss. He also complains about refugees raping people, which to be fair is a thing that has happened during mass refugee movements. It’s only to be expected that, when you have a large group of people, some of them are going to commit crimes. What he’s mostly whining about is the European refugee crisis in which refugees from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan were fleeing displacement due to war and political oppression.
Between the years of 2016 and 2017, before this comic was published, the Syrian refugee crisis (a subset of the overall European refugee crisis) was at a peak in the media and in politics. Sexual assault and rape crimes committed by refugees and migrants of Syrian descent were rife in news topics, and protests against refugees committing sexual assault were rampant in countries such as Sweden and Germany. This provided almost unlimited vindication and ammunition for anti-refugee camps to exploit, twisting the situation into what they’d have you believe was a full on “rape epidemic”. Much cherry picking was done by everyone to try and prove that refugees were either good or bad people, instead of a massive influx of human beings who all behave independently.

That a person, as a refugee, enters into a country and then sexually assaults someone is an issue. This should not really be up for debate. However, what StoneToss is concerned about isn’t even that some refugees commit crimes. You really think StoneToss cares if a woman gets raped? Pssh, please. It isn’t about the safety of anyone, it’s about imaginary white genocide that will totally happen because people who are brown flee into your country to escape dying. It’s about painting those who support refugees as self-serving. It’s about complaining that the ‘white race’ is the only race that continues to “be cucked”, because we all know the Asian and African continents never have migrant crises of their own, not ever. It’s only white people countries that get invaded (opps, I mean, migrated!) by black people. Why don’t the other races have to be cucked mommy it’s not fair waa waa waa.

It’s difficult to live in a world where your views and beliefs are challenged or put under scrutiny. By contrast, it’s very easy to live in a world where you imagine all of the people who don’t agree with you as bad faith actors that don’t actually like brown people but are only utilizing them for an ego boost. StoneToss lives in the latter because that’s how you know he isn’t a cuck1111!!

Comic Name: Gaymer Gate
Description: We did it, Reddit!
Mouseover: This is fine.
Image Name: gamergate-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 2/13/2018

What The Comic Is: A man is overjoyed to finally have his video game free of feminist influence. Placing his VR goggles over his head, he plays his game as the fourth panel reveals a post-apocalyptic cityscape overtaken by homosexual and feminist iconography.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That GamerGate preoccupied society while feminism took control of everything else as unwitting gamers focused their attention at the wrong thing.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: GamerGate was a messy debacle. First, just as a piece of trivia, the reason we call it “GamerGate” is a play on the Watergate scandal that involved US President Richard Nixon’s attempt to cover-up his administrations involvement in the break in of the DNC headquarters in Washington D.C.
Suffixing any scandal or conspiracy with “Gate” has become the trendy thing to do, but generally what constitutes a “Gate” situation is when the scandal is revealed and then slowly leaked upon further by someone closely related to, or even within, the scandal itself; as part of what made the Watergate scandal so juicy was that it was being leaked to the press in the form of vocally-distorted audio tapes by FBI deputy director William Mark Felt, Sr. In the case of GamerGate, murky insider (unproven) information was leaked concerning the ethical nature of video game journalism. This lead to a huge, broad unofficial movement that had no singular leadership, goal or any seeming unified purpose at all.

Some GamerGaters were angry that video game journalism is a joke that isn’t taken seriously by its own industry and that journalists within “video game news” can be easily bought off by money, favors, sex, etc, in exchange for positive and sometimes dishonest coverage. Others were mad at what they felt was intentional distortion of facts concerning the content of modern video games. Many others were flagrantly and openly anti-women. Point being that the “GamerGate” was a confusing social movement that lacked unity and a central purpose. Even those opposing the integrity of journalists in video game media had no clear structure or even an end goal; they seemed to largely just generally complain about the state of video game journalism. 

So what does this have to do with StoneToss and his stupid comic? Well, it’s simple. He obviously felt GamerGate and its vague anti-feminism flavor was a good thing, if only misplaced. While gamers battled the nasty women and their influence in video games, the rest of the world was overrun with homosexuality, women and da tranz. GamerGate had some validity as a movement; it’s not untrue to say that video game journalism is and always has been a far cry from the integrity of journalism as a whole. This is in part because covering video games involves a lot of subjective opinion rather than objective fact, but it stands that video game journalism could benefit to follow a much more stringent and self-imposed/self-upheld standard of professionalism and integrity.

But StoneToss doesn’t care about that! No, to him it’s just about how women and gay people are ruining western culture. He somehow finds a way to invalidate a social movement that was morbid enough to actually mirror his own stupid, infantile hatred and he somehow found a way to complain about how it was beneath him, or how he was smarter than it. You may even be lead to believe that all StoneToss cares about is convincing himself that he’s smarter than other people; which is quite funny when one considers the fact that StoneToss is, indeed, a fucking idiot.

StoneToss: Episode 23

Comic Name: Skeptic Justice Warrior
Description: More like horsesh*t theory, amirite?
Mouseover: …and then the two SJWs leave to vote for socialized healthcare.
Originally Published: 1/16/2018

What The Comic Is: A man with a torch stands before a man with a gay pride flag. An overweight man with a fedora comments that both men are the same. The man with the gay pride flag demands the man with the torch bake his homosexual cake, the man with the torch answers with a firm negative. The fedora man stands in solidarity with the gay pride man, accusing the torch wielder of being a monster.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That only the right gets villainized and that the left is always painted a victim.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So the reason the fat guy has a horseshoe on his shirt is that StoneToss is referencing the “horseshoe theory”, in which two opposing forces, when they get far enough apart, tend to eventually ‘horseshoe’ towards one another, getting closer and closer (like the shape of a horse shoe; the two ends actually grow closer together the further they go). What this means is that when two sides extremely oppose one another, they eventually begin employing behaviors that are similar to each other. In this instance, it’s a man commenting that both the left and right are ‘the same’ because they both have extremists who are willing to commit violence or use force to get their way. Of course this isn’t really true about the left in most cases, but let’s ignore that massive and impossible to ignore lapse in reality for the sake of ripping further into this stupid comic.

The gay pride guy asks the torch guy to bake his “gay” cake (is the cake gay? Is it a cake for gay people? Does the cake turn purple gay?? IS IT ALL OF THE ABOVE???). Torch guy say no (because many on the side of conservatism are anti-human rights). Fat horseshoe guy chides torch guy. What StoneToss is saying with this is that the left are treated as victims because they want to ‘force the gay’ on other people. Obviously the cake is a reference to the cake two gay men ordered from a bakery in 2012. The owner of the bakery refused to bake the cake, citing his religion prevented him from contributing to a gay marriage. This case was off and on for several years until in late 2017 the case landed at the Supreme Court. While the Supreme Court would actually go on to side with the baker in a historic 7-2 vote, this wouldn’t be until months after this comic was published.
Anyways, gay cake history lesson aside, StoneToss is mocking centrists, who normally would condemn or find faults with both sides, for their siding with liberals on the matter of same-sex discrimination. This is one of those comics where StoneToss is desperately trying to point the finger at leftists and scream “HAHA LOOK HOW STUPID THEY ALL LOOK” even though the comic actually represents a progressive and morally good reality, even down to its mouseover text. Of course there’s also StoneToss and his attempt to frame liberals as some kind of victim complex. Yeah, why would anyone in their right mind think you shouldn’t be able to discriminate against gay marriage, amiright?

Comic Name: Refugees Welcum
Description: gf redistribution when?
Mouseover: Remember Moldylocks? Well, she swallows skeet on webcam for a living.
Originally Published: 1/25/2018

What The Comic Is: A man in a robe attempts to sell the benefits of socialism. He describes a system in which food and wealth is shared, and in the third panel also admits that women are shared by socialism as well, as his girlfriend gives a nude man an optical inspection of his genitalia, likely in a medical examination as part of her tenure as a health care professional, highlighting a socialized healthcare system.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Socialism will lead to open borders and then black men will fuck all the white women.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At face value this is just a stupid comic about hating women and calling liberals cucks; which is about the extent of thought one might expect StoneToss to exhibit. However, there’s a bit more to unpack with this one. First, StoneToss feels the need to make this about immigration (for some reason) with the comic’s title. It’s not just black guys in your own country, it’s the refugees from other ones! They’re going to come and cuck people wtf no omg. What StoneToss might be saying further than this is up for speculation. Is he whining about “white replacement”, the notion that white people are slowly ‘dying out’ both in numbers and in influence over the USA? Or is he openly admitting that if refugee men enter the country that white men would “lose” to them and become cuckolds? Well, we know StoneToss has a cuckold fetish, so let’s go ahead and chalk it up to the former and the latter. Once again we watch the human tragedy of StoneToss: loser who is racist but wants his nonexistent female love companion to cuckold him with a black guy.

“Moldylocks” is the disparaging nickname given to an antifa activist who was punched in the face during a violent scuffle between antifa and free speech protestors. She has since gone on to perform in different internet porn videos. What relevancy this should have at all with the comic I have no notion, but it’s most likely that StoneToss is trying to suggest that antifa women are whores, and we all know how bad it is when a woman fucks more than one man, aMiRiTe?

StoneToss: Episode 22

Author’s Note: Hello lads and ladettes. At the time of writing, this is my first post in a few weeks; I had some IRL business that distracted me from this blog/I was hung up having a mental battle with an astral projection of a meta-physical representation of StoneToss’ limpdick white supremacy that took the form of a giant spider only instead of spinning webs it just bitched about how Africans sold other Africans as slaves. Read more about this on my new News Page!

Comic Name: Color Blind
Description: Fun fact: If white people don’t exist, neither does affirmative action.
Mouseover: They (sic) jury is still out on Italians though 😛
Image Name: color-spectrum-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/9/2018
What The Comic Is: A car is stopped at a red light. The driver comments that ‘white people’ don’t technically exist, and that race (as a social construct) is more of a “spectrum”. His companion, wearing a vibrant rainbow sweater, uses his garment to refute the driver’s argument. Citing that one can observe where one color stops and begins, the companion argues that color clearly exists. The driver shrugs the argument off. The light turns green, though the driver seems to still only see red. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That race, as defined by colors of skin, exists. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: With the comic’s description in mind, StoneToss is trying to play mental gymnastics and ‘twist’ the meaning of ‘race is a social construct’ around. He asserts that if race is just a social construct and that “white people don’t exist” (no one fucking says this), then black people don’t exist either (no one fucking says this) and therefore Affirmative Action has no need to exist. Just because race is a social construct it doesn’t mean ‘white people do not exist’ insofar as to say their skin is a lighter pigment than those with darker skin, StoneToss. You absolute fucking dish rag

So what does “race is a spectrum” mean, anyways? Well, it means that people really don’t fall into neat categories of “White, Black, Asian”. Bi-racial people, for example, don’t really tend to fit well in such simple categorizations. What about the people living in western Asia, or eastern Europe? Are they white, or are they Asian? Are Native American people “brown”? 

But here’s where we get to the real crux of the comic. It’s not just a simple “haha libtardz owned” comic, as one might take at face value. Instead it has a much deeper and more sinister undertone that is in line with StoneToss and his idiotic neo-Nazi views. The man in the rainbow shirt isn’t really wearing a rainbow shirt, but rather his shirt is a gradient of colors. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Well, there’s been several prominent organizations in human history who have attempted to render where one race firmly ends and another begins. Some of these organizations were doing this at a government level. One of these organizations doing this at a government level was the Nazi party. In Nazi Germany. 

What the Nazis did was attempt to determine exactly what made someone pure German, or (conversely) what made someone ‘adequately Jewish’ enough to consider a Jew. They did this with family trees (parents, grandparents) to determine how many direct Jewish relatives, and how recent they were, would be required in order to constitute someone as being definable as Jewish. Countries like the USA used similar (and even earlier) models for the determination of status as African American or Native American. So it’s like the guy’s gradient sweater; even if race might be a little “spectrumy”, there’s still clear points where you can solidly determine someone as being one thing or the other (according to StoneToss and his dipshit racist logic, at least). It isn’t color of the skin that StoneToss is concerned about, but rather direct relation to others classified as one race or another. 

The other half of the comic, as mentioned before, is striking out at Affirmative Action. StoneToss tries to posit that race must exist if Affirmative Action does, and if you do not recognize the existence of race then you therefore forfeit the legitimacy of Affirmative Action. Except, whether race is a real or abstract concept is beside the point; the reality is that those of darker skin colors (recognized casually as brown or black) face very real, very non-abstract oppression that has been systemic and deeply ingrained in the country of the USA. Ergo, policies such as Affirmative Action attempt to help out communities and people affected by historic racism and oppression. StoneToss is smart enough to understand this, to be sure, but he isn’t smart enough to make a good comic about it. 

Comic Name: Book Worms 
Description: Anyone remember when heterosexual sex education was controversial?
Mouseover: hominem unius libri timeo
Image Name: childrens-books-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/11/2018

What The Comic Is: A concerned parent holds up a book titled “Sally Has Two Daddies”, rhetorically demanding to know why the script is included in the class studies. The teacher, taken aback, exclaims that the parent is correct in their concern. She produces a second book, this one titled “Bug Chasing With Bobby“, explaining that the first book was last year’s curriculum.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That schools are indoctrinating children to homosexuality and also teaching them that STDs aren’t so bad.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Oh, StoneToss. You absolute stupid wad of shit. You make me cum. So anyways, just to clear up what “bug chasing” is: Bug Chasing, or Gift Giving, was originally the slang for men who had unprotected gay anal sex with the intention of giving (or sometimes receiving) HIV/AIDS. It has spread out as a term and now generally implies anyone who tries to pass around an STI (either with or without partner’s consent), not solely gay men and HIV/AIDs. It is less often used as the term for a very niche fetish in which the fetishee derives sexual pleasure from giving and/or receiving different STIs.
Anyways, the main meat of the comic is that StoneToss is insinuating that schools are teaching children to be gay by exposing them to the horrible, terrible reality of… KIDS THAT HAVE GAY PARENTS OMFG11111. He then goes on to complain about an imaginary issue that doesn’t exist that suggests that schools are normalizing sex and STIs in order to avoid being offensive to homosexuals, or even worse: UNMARRIED WOMEN WHO HAVE SEX OMGFGFGFGFGFG111!11!!. The books are meant to represent the ‘slippery slope’ of education; first we teach the kids that some people have two dads, then we teach them to get AIDs. Dun dun dun.

The description is especially funny because it’s StoneToss and his stupid ‘back in my day…’ coping whine, where he recalls the days where heterosexual sex ed (or ‘base’ sex ed, i.e., penis in vagina stuff) was what was controversial. Yeah, StoneToss, it’s too bad sex ed has developed and come a long way (in some parts of the USA, at least) from what it used to be. That’s so weird and strange. It’s funny, did you know that once in the past people didn’t have cars and they had to walk or ride horses everywhere? Now we advanced as a society and have cars? Quite odd. 

There’s nothing more to say. Schools do not teach children that AIDs is not a dangerous disease. No one who is gay (and considered to be a stable individual) is going around and talking about how STIs are no big deal. As for the comic’s mouseover, it’s a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “I fear the man of a single book“. Attributed to 13th century Saint Thomas Aquinas, the original meaning of the quote (in context to how Aquinas used it) was to refer to fear of a man who had mastery over a single topic of knowledge; it’s kind of like the Bruce Lee quote, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times“. Anyways, Aquinas wrote the quote like 800 fucking years ago so in modern language it’s branched off and been used in different contexts.
One modern interpretation is a reversal of the quote’s original meaning. Instead of fearing the man of “one book” for their mastery of a subject, it mocks the man for their limited experience and knowledge (as if the man has only studied a single book, or perhaps believes their single book to contain all summed knowledge). This seems to be the context StoneToss is using the phrase in, as in to mock schools or liberal teachers for their supposed narrow world views. Edward Everett, Secretary of State to the USA in the 1850’s, remarked about the Latinese quote, saying, “[Fear] not only to the man of one book, but also to the man of one idea, in whom the sense of proportion is lacking, and who sees only that for which he looks“. Gee. Sounds an awful lot like a certain tosser of stones, doesn’t it?

Being smug while wrong and StoneToss; name a better duo. I’ll wait.

StoneToss: Episode 21

Broke: "Love yourself"
Woke: "Love me or else"

Comic Name: Exceptance 
Description: Happy New Year, everybody!
Mouseover: Broke: “Love yourself”;Woke: “Love me or else”
Image Name: trans-acceptance-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/8/2018

I was laid off (making $$big$$ stimulus money) during the first half (quarter?? Fraction????) of the Covid pandemic, which gave me plenty of time to attempt catching up on the backlog of StoneToss comics. I tried for a rate of around 2-3 a week and even at my quickest, even going to two comics an entry, I’m still far behind StoneToss and his exhaustive triple-a-week upload pace. He’s like Alexander Hamilton (the man, not the musical), only way more fascist and way, way, way less successful. 

But here we are. I’ve returned back to work, leaving me less time than I’d prefer for the chronicling of StoneToss and all of his wanton, public stupidity. An ever-raging battle between the guy who makes fascist comics  and the other guy who writes blog posts about it. It’s like Hamilton (the musical, not the man), only with less music and a lot, lot, lot more boring. 

Why not kick back with some classic transphobia, though?

What The Comic Is: A man looks in a mirror, unhappy with his body. After putting a wig on and faux-breasts, they walk outside and seem happier. A passerby scoffs at their transformation, causing them to remind the passerby to accept their body. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That there’s some kind of hypocrisy from trans people, where everyone is forced to accept their transition even though the trans person did “not accept” who they were pre-transition. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: How StoneToss even comes up with some of this shit is just amazing. It’s one thing to be transphobic, but this mental pretzel twist to somehow place guilt on transgendered people is just perplexing. How to account for StoneToss’s rise to the top? Maaaan, the man is stupider than even the average bigot

People’s bodies belong to themselves. They can do whatever they want with them as long as it isn’t harming anyone else. It isn’t someone’s responsibility to accept themselves to satisfy someone else. Rather, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be accepting of others. I’d wonder how StoneToss didn’t learn this as a child, but that would imply he’s grown up past the age of five. 

I like how StoneToss plays the victim with the mouseover text. Yeah, StoneToss, accepting trans people is totally something you’re forced to do. Why does this stupid BOTTOMTEXT SOCIETY make me treat other people with things like basic dignity and respect?? What kind of world have we built where I can’t hate people??!?!?!?! It’s not fair wtf 😦

If ya'll don't like, share, subscribe, retweet, donate, and favorite this comic - then ya'lls racist.

Comic Name: Power Word
Description: Broke: Paying reparations.;Woke: Paying indulgences.
Mouseover: If y’all don’t like, share, subscribe, retweet, donate, and favorite this comic – then ya’lls racist.
Image Name: based-black-guy-comic1.png
Originally Published: 1/4/2018

What The Comic Is: A black woman accuses a man in a MAGA hat of being racist. The MAGA hat man laughs back, asking the woman if she truly thinks the word ‘racist’ has any power over him. A black man casually interjects that white people aren’t so racist, to which the MAGA hat man and a group of fellow whites worship the man as based.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That conservatives are hypocritical, putting little value in accusations of racism but doing the opposite when their racism is being denied.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Man let me tell you, StoneToss is just so stupid that I can’t even believ- wait what this comic isn’t stupid did StoneToss even make this one am I being punked what the fuck is this what

Okay so this comic is actually funny and true. So what’s the point in talking about it? Because StoneToss likes to pretend to be center of the aisle. In reality, StoneToss is overwhelmingly right wing, pro-Trump, conservative and firmly on the side of the red hats. Does he sometimes poke fun at his own base? Sure, but look at this comic compared to, say, the first comic on this post. In the first comic, his trans woman is depicted as hairy-chinned, pink-haired and sporting two oranges for breasts. His depiction of a MAGA supporter? A guy with a red hat. StoneToss is fAiR aNd BaLaNcEd.

In any comic where he’s making fun of Trump, Trump supporters or conservatives in general, the worst he does is lightly rib them. When he’s making fun of homosexuals, transgenders, blacks, etc, it’s always the most offensive and hateful of depictions or stereotypes. Even if we take this comic as StoneToss, as an alt-righter, making fun of general conservatives, his depiction of them is still far more friendly than when he depicts others that his comic disparages. 

StoneToss can’t even make a good political comic without it being bad. omfg lol

StoneToss: Episode 20

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Comic Name: Bind Justice
Description: Free Kyle Rittenhouse
Mouseover: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Image Name: kyle-rittenhouse-blm-riot-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 8/27/2020

What The Comic Is: A black man brandishing a handgun and a man observing covid mask laws, despite clearly having troubles with alcohol dependency (to the point he brings his drink with him wherever he goes), are released from jail after their charges were dropped. A 17 year old who murdered two people in Wisconsin, however, is denied release. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That Kyle Rittenhouse shot in ‘self defense’ and that he shouldn’t be facing murder charges.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Not only is StoneToss trying to whitewash Rittenhouse’s murders, but he’s also trying to play some kind of stupid whataboutism (that doesn’t even exist) by pointing the finger at BLM and Antifa ‘thugs’ who’ve committed crime but were released on dropped charges. This doesn’t and hasn’t happened, so he’s pretty much just forcing a fake narrative that our justice system is letting black guys out because they’re part of BLM, when in reality blacks make up a highly disproportionate amount of incarcerated inmates in the USA. Who are these mystical gun-toting wife-beater wearing stereotypes that are being released? This question is purely a rhetorical; they exist only in StoneToss’s dumbass mind. 
The comic’s mouseover text is a quote that is often applied in retrospective looks at Nazi Germany, and how the rest of the world (especially Britain, France, United States and their leaderships) did little to prevent Adolf Hitler from gaining the land and materials he needed in order to launch World War 2 and the holocaust. StoneToss is very creatively retooling the line to imply that Kyle Rittenhouse is the victim, and that evil is triumphing because he was arrested for murdering people with a gun he was too young to own.

They reproduce somehow.

Comic Name: No Choice
Description: My Condolences 
Mouseover: They reproduce somehow.
Image Name: becoming-lgbt-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 8/25/2020

What The Comic Is: A man asks a homosexual why he chose to be gay. A flashback reveals that, as a young boy, a person once walked up behind him. Flashing back to the present, the homosexual replies that he didn’t choose to be gay.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Homosexuality is an unnatural product of childhood sexual trauma.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has made comics like this in the past, though this blog has yet to cover them, so he’s not exactly surprising anyone with this brand of homophobia. Basically it’s the subscription to the belief that people are homosexual because they were molested/sexually assaulted by adults (StoneToss always implies it’s father-to-son assault). StoneToss really, really wants homosexuality to be an active choice an individual chooses to become, but he’s found an absolutely brilliant workaround by asserting that it ISN’T a choice; because gay people are raped as kids! Absolutely smashing, amazing logic. Truly. 

Of course, if one factors in all of the gay people who weren’t traumatized as children and faced no sexual abuse, then StoneToss’s incredibly stupid comic kind of falls entirely apart. So then what’s left for him to say? That some people might have homosexual tendencies due to sexual trauma as children? Even if this is true, what’s it supposed to mean? Even giving StoneToss a benefit of the doubt doesn’t help because that’s just how fucking stupid the shit he says is.

Basically it’s standard homosexuality erasure; homosexuality can’t be legitimate if it’s framed as the outcome of childhood sexual abuse. Not only that, but you can now accuse any/all gay people of being molested as kids, and then simply claim they’ve repressed the memories. It’s really smart, if you’re a fucking idiot. 

The mouseover is a jab at how you can’t reproduce with a same-sex partner, and that this is how gays “reproduce”.

StoneToss: Episode 19

Do unto others - Hank Hill

Comic Name: Refugeesus 
Description: Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Mouseover: Do unto others – Hank Hill
Image Name: jesus-refugee-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/27/2019

What The Comic Is: A transgender woman (we know it’s a StoneToss transgender woman because she has COLORED HAIR111) argues against anti-immigration by citing that Jesus Christ was a refugee himself. In the second panel a stoner hippy holds an amputee sheep and cites a biblical verse concerning Adam and Eve. The transgender woman then states that gender is only a spectrum.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That it’s hypocritical to cite Jesus because the Bible says there are only two genders, which means you’d have to cherry pick what you want.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We have yet another StoneToss comic that actually unironically works as anti-StoneToss. StoneToss truly is a genius of stupidity. What’s more, is that StoneToss is kind of right (alt-right that is lmao) in saying that if you’re going to cite progressive or good things from the Bible, that there are always backwards-thinking and ignorant things from the very same Bible.

The story of Adam and Eve (the biblical legend of the first man and woman, from which all other humans are therefore derived from) is often used by religious bigots to attack transgender communities, as well as used to argue against ‘Third Gender’ ideas (the belief in three or more genders beyond man and woman). The story of Adam and Eve is held as a baseline that there are only two genders and that everyone is created as only one or the other, it also extends to attacks against homosexuality. 
This all makes StoneToss’s comic extra stupid because it not only straw mans people arguing for pro-immigration, but StoneToss (for whatever reason) felt he had to combine two separate issues and make the subject of his comic a trans woman in order to argue that da bibble says God created only man and woman. As if the two issues have any connection, or as if this somehow means being pro-immigration based on Jesus’ refugee status means it’s compulsory to recognize only two genders. Really, we could sit here all day and wonder just what the absolute fuck StoneToss was trying to say with this comic. As always, I argue that StoneToss and his brazen stupidity are the subjects to some of mankind’s deepest and most complex riddles.

And of course, the most beautiful thing about this comic is that StoneToss is right. We know that gender really is a spectrum. He attempts to use this raw fact as the entire punchline of the comic, as obviously you’re meant to read the last panel in a defeated, self-harmful voice, like the trans woman is being faced with her own self-defeating ‘womp-womp’ logic. However, you can easily interpret the last panel as a kind of righteous indignation, that the trans woman is sharply retorting that we know gender is a spectrum and therefore the gospel tale of Adam and Eve, and any interpretation of it, is irrelevant.

So just what does this comic mean, then? That the Bible isn’t a good modern barometer for society? After all, if he’s using the Bible’s story on Adam and Eve to argue against transgender/Third Sex, doesn’t that mean he has to accept immigration because Jesus was a refugee?

Adding to everything, the comic’s mouse over text is a reference to a quote from the character Hank Hill from King of the Hill. The line, in the context of when it was spoken in the TV show, is Hank ignorantly misquoting the Bible. Why StoneToss included that as part of his comic’s message is, I guess, anyone’s fucking guess. Is it a message about people mis-using Biblical text to support their own views? Is that giving StoneToss too much credit? Or is StoneToss just stupid and thought the quote sounded cool and unironically agreed with it? Call me a fireman, because it’s probably the ladder.

Truly one may be lead to believe StoneToss barely thinks before he makes a comic. Yet at the same time, how could StoneToss so casually and effortlessly produce such idiotic and confused comics? The enigma of our time, StoneToss.


Comic Name: Applican’t
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Applican’t
Image Name: affirmative-action-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/28/2019

What The Comic Is: A man (we know he’s gay because StoneToss have him colored hair) inquires why an application wants to know the applicant’s race. The man at the booth informs that it so they may screen out ‘undesirable races’. Angered, the gay man demands to know what sort of racist job application he’s holding. In the fourth and final panel, the booth is revealed to be a college university admissions table and not for a job.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That affirmative action is racist against white people and that colleges/higher education indoctrinate people into believing anti-white rhetoric.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First thing is first, I want to point out that StoneToss was so pleased by his super clever “applican’t” pun that he felt compelled to use it as both the comic’s name and as the mouseover text, just to make sure no one missed his super hilarious and original joke.

Anywhos, StoneToss hasn’t been a stranger to complaining about affirmative action in the past. At this point in the comic’s run he’s made several strips complaining about it, though this marks the first time he starts to complain about colleges and how they “brain wash” the population into believing radical leftist/socialist/communist theories.

First, StoneToss tries to paint affirmative action as “screening out undesirable races”, as if the purpose of the program is to prevent white people from attending colleges, rather than to help disenfranchised people from getting an opportunity they didn’t have before. This takes a much stronger approach to anti-affirmative action than StoneToss expressed in the past, as he’s now framing it as something that, if you ‘flipped it around’, would be seen as incredibly racist (the guy at the booth using openly racist language in describing the application, with the implication that he means Caucasian/white people).

Second, StoneToss tries to assert that a college application asking about race is new or unheard of, something that only happened on job applications. In reality, colleges have always wanted to know the demographics of their student bodies so they can make more informed decisions in the future on how to recruit more people for their education programs, as well as just for general information purposes. Like we’re in some crazy new world where affirmative action is slowly seeping its way into more and more places, soon to be everywhere.

Third, StoneToss uses a gay man in the comic to show that affirmative action isn’t just coming for ‘straight white males’, but for everyone who is white. This is an odd expression of a kind of ‘brotherhood’ from StoneToss, given how he’s typically homophobic, but you know what they say about adversity and strange bedfellows…

I could go on and on about how affirmative action is not racist or anti-white people, but I’ve already done that on this blog and frankly, why write paragraphs when one sentence says it all? StoneToss is a fucking idiot.

StoneToss: Episode 18

Giving new meaning to "Kid Cuisine".

Comic Name: The Lubricated Slope
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Giving new meaning to “Kid Cuisine”.
Image Name: slippery-slope-comic1.png
Originally Published: 12/7/2017

What The Comic Is: Two gay men inform a man of their plan to wed one another, but reassure him that they are not forcing him to participate in the marriage. The same man is then told by another gay man that he is obligated to bake a gay wedding cake, but that it isn’t like the man’s children are being imposed on. A transgender woman enters a bathroom, telling the man it isn’t as if pedophilia is being committed. In the final panel, the man is witness to off-screen pedophilia. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That “normalization” of homosexuality is going to lead to the normalization of pedophilia. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This comic is the perfect example of the ‘Slippery Slope’ fallacy (StoneToss even makes direct reference to as much with the HiLaRiOuS title). Slippery Slope is a logical fallacy wherein one suggests that because one thing happens, a chain of other events will be triggered ala butterfly effect (also a fallacy), ultimately leading to an unforeseen and usually more extreme outcome. Stupid people (like StoneToss) will use a Slippery Slope as an unironic argument, either unaware or not caring that it’s seen as a fallacy and not an argument with any support. 

This comic is your boilerplate “homosexuality = pedophilia” bigotry that you see a lot of anti-gay marriage types tread out. It’s not a big surprise that StoneToss makes the same fake ass argument, and while this is the first time he’s expressed this view in his StoneToss comic, he starts to touch on it many times going forward.

I especially like how StoneToss suggests that just because you bake a wedding cake it means you’re directly participating in a gay wedding. I wasn’t aware a cake could be gay, but I guess when you’re a barely suppressed cuckold-fetishist and a self-hating bi-curious idiot, pretty much any inanimate object or frosted foodstuff could look suspiciously homosexual to you. 

Like I said, it’s a really old concern among bigots that society’s acceptance of homosexuality will lead to an acceptance of pedophilia (as if the two are in any way connected). Maybe this is because they don’t really believe the fallacy and just want a better excuse to hate gay people, or maybe it’s just because bigots tend to be especially dumb people to begin with. 

To get a sense of just how old and how strong this homophobic rhetoric is, in 1961 filmmaker Sid Davis released “Boys Beware“, a social guidance short film discussing how young men should keep themselves safe around strangers. The film follows several stories of young men groomed by homosexual men and either molested/kidnapped/murdered. The film describes homosexuality as ‘a sickness of the mind’ and several times outright describes it as a mental illness. This was 1961, and the feelings and stereotypes of gay men that inspired the film are much older.

StoneToss might think he’s being edgy and saying something no one has ever thought before, but as he proves time and time again, he can’t even do that right. He’s just the same old flavor of bigotry, mindlessly repeating shit that’s already been said.

Folks, don't invest what you can't lose, but damn, it's a fun ride.

Comic Name: Little Bit
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Folks, don’t invest what you can’t lose, but damn, it’s a fun ride.
Image Name: bitcoin-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/14/2017

What The Comic Is: A man blows bubbles sporting the Bit Coin currency symbol. A skeptic insists it’s just a bubble. This escalates several times, until the Bit Coin man (having sold his one remaining arm in order to fund the purchase of more Bit Coin) in living in a ‘bubble’ dome with a tree, while the skeptic stands in the ruins of society.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss likes to think of himself as some kind of super intelligent Libertarian, so it’s no surprise he’s a big proponent of virtual currency like the Bit Coin. Virtual currency is very popular among alt-righters, as they like the fact that no government has control of it (because if we abandon the dollar and use Bit Coin then the dems and rinos can’t rule the earth with the jews and epstein’s ghost1111!! omfg). At the time of this comic’s publication Bit Coin was experiencing a massive hike in value (or rather, was coming to the end of a years-long value climb that was described as a ‘bubble’). At a certain point it was suggested as foolish to continue investing in Bit Coin as the value was so high and about to plateau (or plummet) that you’d get very little turn over, or potentially massive losses. 

Proponents of Bit Coin argued that it wasn’t a bubble. At least until Bit Coin’s value began to fluctuate wildly. But this isn’t necessarily a comic strip about a virtual currency. Rather, it’s a look into StoneToss’s idiotic world where the US dollar is a tool of the government to destroy its own society and that everyone has a choice: You can be outside the ‘bubble’ and live in the crumbled ruins of civilization, or invest in a currency the US government doesn’t control and live in a dome with a tree. Hilariously enough, this comic was published on December 14th, 2017. The very next day, December 15th 2017, would be the day BitCoin hit a historical high spike in value (19,783 USD). The very next day after that, on the 16th, is when BitCoin began to nosedive and slowly fall to, and stagnate at, one of its lowest values before fluctuating wildly from thereon. 

“It’s not a bubble!!111” StoneToss screams, as the bubble popped.

StoneToss: Episode 17

Ever notice that, despite the abundance of guns, there's never a violent shooting at a gun show?

Comic Name: Gun Mettle
Description: Draw.
Mouseover: Ever notice that, despite the abundance of guns, there’s never a violent shooting at a gun show?
Image Name: gun-ownership-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/7/2019

What The Comic Is: A nude man stands over the fallen body of a ‘bad guy’ (you know he’s bad because he’s wearing black, which is da worst skin color ever111!!! to StoneToss). The nude man offers the advice that the bad guy, now dead, should try a gun-free state.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If everyone has a gun, no one can commit gun violence and that “the only thing that stops a ‘bad guy’ with a gun is a ‘good guy’ with a gun”.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Wowee wow folks, the first StoneToss upload to include an actual description. I no longer have to type “N/A” every god damned time. Thank you, StoneToss, for recognizing that there was yet another avenue of text to expose your bigoted dumbassery to the world.

But I digress a bit in my celebration. What we have here today is another very simple two-panel strip much akin to the previous “White Lie” strip. I like how even StoneToss thought to himself that directly copypasting a panel twice with no alterations at all was going too far, even for him, so he quickly makes the tumbleweed in the background roll in another direction; but because the tumbleweed is traveling left in the first panel and then right in the second, it’s as if they’re standing in a place where the wind is constantly shifting directions at a second’s notice. Or maybe they’re standing between two industrial sized fans that constantly blow one way or the other. Or maybe StoneToss is a lazy fuck. I dunno. How ironic that the description of the comic is “Draw”, when StoneToss did as little of that as possible!

Okay but anyways, this comic itself doesn’t hold much of a message. It’s just a stupid gun-nut power fantasy where tHe GoOd GuY wItH a GuN sToPs ThE bAd GuY. It can also be taken as a surrealist absurd art piece on the nature of the human mind to ironically give advice to a corpse. Well, no, it actually can’t be that because that would mean StoneToss put two seconds of thought into this piece of shit before he drew it.

StoneToss expresses pro-gun feelings from time to time in his work but something about most of the strips always seem so, I dunno. Phoned in to me, like he’s only giving pro-gun rhetoric a sort of token nod. This comic in particular is just so lazy, from the copypasting to the ‘joke’. It lacks the idiotic nuance and racist humor of your typical StoneToss work. It feels less like a StoneToss comic and more like the Proof Of Concept sketch for the world’s shittiest NRA t-shirt (which would, naturally, be in a constant state of Sold Out on Amazon).

But we can muse on the potential legitimacy of StoneToss’s pro-gun feelings all day. For now I want to point out that the comic’s description is in reference to a tired pro-gun talking point that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, since no one has ever been violently shot at a gun show before. Even if we don’t count the high number of accidental shootings that occur at gun shows all the time (as StoneToss does, because it harms his stupid point, so he’s careful to specify ‘violent‘ shootings at gun shows), it’s worth pointing out that saying “no violent shootings ever occur at gun shows!” is textbook cherry picking. Sure, there’s rarely news of a violent shooting at gun shows but there’s been plenty of them in other ‘highly armed’ areas.

In 2013 Eddie Ray Routh shot and killed two men at a Texas gun range. One of the victims was Chris Kyle, military veteran and Navy Seal, author of ‘American Sniper‘; also the posthumous subject of the Clint Eastwood film of the same name. Basically, despite any faults you may want to apply to the man (such as having two first names), Chris Kyle was about as qualified as someone could possibly be for ‘dealing with’ a violent gunman. And yet he was murdered along with his friend, both of them armed and in the middle of a gun range in Texas.

In 2009 Marie Moore took her adult son to a shooting range in Florida, where she shot him to death in a schizophrenic episode. After shooting her son, she turned the gun on herself and committed murder-suicide. The kicker is that a man, uninvolved with Marie or her son, witnessed the shooting. His reaction was to back away to a wall, shouting after Marie murdered her son. He didn’t shoot her. He didn’t tackle her. He did what most people do whether they have a gun or not; he panicked.

Just this year Christopher Washington shot and killed Mitchell Bab on an Oklahoma gun range in the city of Tulsa before attempting to end his own life. With a nearly 15 per 100,000 murder rate, Tulsa has one of the highest gun-related homicide rates in the USA.

What do these three examples have in common? They all happened in very pro-gun southern states and they all happened on shooting ranges where the victims (or those directly witnessing the murders) were brandishing guns at the time. Oh, sure, there’s a lot more that goes into the murders, at least most of the time. Maybe Eddie Ray Routh didn’t murder Chris Kyle and his friend until no one else was around and the victims had their backs turned. Marie Moore might have shot her son while an armed man was right beside her, but you can write that one off as a rare “nutcase” shooting. So one could try arguing that shootings only typically happen in micro-moments where a victim isn’t likely to shoot back. Alright, fair enough, but the same thing can happen at a gun show. A vendor can turn his back, his stall several feet away from anyone else, before he’s murdered in a quick hit-and-run. A shooter can detonate explosive to cause panic as they try to gun down as many as they can.

It’s not a question of “Haven’t you ever noticed a mass shooting hasn’t happened at a gun show yet?”, it’s a question of “When will the first mass shooting happen at a gun show?”. We may as well sit around and try questioning why a mass shooting hasn’t occurred at a swimming pool or a fursuit convention. There’s nothing stopping someone from shooting innocent people at any of these places, which makes the ‘argument’ that a mass shooting hasn’t occurred at a gun show just the same as the ‘argument’ that a mass shooting hasn’t occurred literally anywhere else: Wishful thinking coated by a thin veneer of pure luck that can’t last forever.

When domain registrars can seize your website name, a slightly higher internet bill doesn't seem that bad.

Comic Name: Net Partiality
Description: N/A
|Mouseover: When domain registrars can seize your website name, a slightly higher internet bill doesn’t seem that bad.
Image Name: net-neutrality-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/28/2019

What the Comic Is: A man approaches a bystander, asking if the latter has time to speak on the issue of net neutrality. The bystander brings up the issue of  ‘censoring’ right-wingers and conservatives across social media, causing the man to 180 and walk quickly away.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That he’s clever for putting the Reddit alien on the man’s t-shirt as a metaphor for the man being Reddit.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Whew. Alright. That last strip was kind of a lot to unpack. Probably the longest commentary I’ve ever written on StoneToss (yet!). Following the publishing of the last comic, StoneToss himself seemed to exhaust his creative juices (well, with StoneToss it’s more like a psuedo-creative sort of thick slime that collects and pools on the bottom of his skull) concerning politically charged stances and instead opted to draw several non-political ‘normal’ joke strips (all of which that aren’t half-bad and are glimpses into the universe where StoneToss sticks to casual normie humor instead of creating soft core brain porn for neo-Nazis). But, just as a bird must fly and a plant must grow, so too must StoneToss make dumbass political messages rife with bigotry and stupidity.

Which brings us to the above strip. The comic was published in November of 2017, when the most recent ‘net neutrality’ issue was plaguing half the websites you visited, be it spammed on Reddit or displayed as a temporary banner warning over every video game forum or hentai website you frequented at the time. Ajit Pai was the internet enemy numero uno and for a brief second everyone on the World Wide Depravitybox all agreed that the USA government, or ISPs, had no hand in dictating how they can charge people for internet use.

Anyways, this comic is just StoneToss whining about how right-wingers were being banned for promoting violence or peddling conspiracy theories or general hate speech. He attempts to compare it to net neutrality so as to highlight a perceived “hypocrisy” from liberals who support the notion of net neutrality but don’t support “freedom of speech” if it’s coming from right of the aisle.

No one is censoring right-wingers. Right-wingers get themselves in trouble for tweeting racist stuff. StoneToss tries to make the man in the le Reddit shirt look like a fool by having him immediately disengage with the guy defending the ‘censorship’ of right-wingers on social media; but therein lies the delicious humor of StoneToss’ silly, hate-filled existence, as immediately disengaging with people like that is pretty much what you should do. So he unwittingly, once again, creates a comic that can easily be viewed as supporting the notion he’s trying to oppose. HAhahahahaaHAHahha, oh StoneToss, you dumb bitch. 

StoneToss: Episode 16

Buyer beware.

Comic Name: Second Hand
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Buyer beware.
Image Name: virginity-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/31/2017

What The Comic Is: A man offers his friend several items. His friend, at first keen to accept, is immediately dissuaded upon news of his friend’s skeet meeting each of the items. In the final panels, the man offers his ex-girlfriend, to which the friend seems to deeply consider accepting.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That women are “ruined” by previous extra-martial sexual encounters.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So at this point in the comic’s run, StoneToss has professed to hating multiculturalism, immigration, blacks, Jews, transsexuals and feminists. But what else could StoneToss find the time to hate?! Naturally, he doesn’t hate only feminists, but also just outright hates women. It only makes sense, I guess.

This is another one of those comics that seems like it could be just an offensive Family Guy type of gag, but StoneToss is very open towards his disdain of women who have sex on his Twitter and other online presences; so if there was any shred of deniability concerning the unironic nature of this comic, StoneToss bludgeoned it over the head with a bucket filled with his neo-Nazi rhetoric and barely repressed cuckoldry fetish. 

Obviously the comic directly compares women to objects (wow StoneToss what layered commentary, you absolute dumbfuck) and then presents the question of “You wouldn’t want something if another guy ejaculated on it, what makes women any different?” as if women are some kind of commodity item that begin their lives in a ‘pristine’ condition that is ruined when a man has sex with them. The usual incel hypocrisy that women are “ruined” by sex but men don’t have the same sanctity is, of course, pretty obviously apparent in StoneToss’ mind. Because the thought of a woman having sex with different men is enraging to StoneToss, but he can’t apply the same situation vice versa since it would mean he can’t have sex with more than one woman (which is funny, because it’s unlikely he has to worry about sex with any women, let alone multiple).

For the record, if StoneToss doesn’t want to touch something another dude has sprayed with his naughty yogurt, then he’s going to be really unhappy to learn about all those times he’s slept in a hotel bed…
Also, StoneToss totally has a cuckold fetish. Oh, StoneToss, you transparent bitch. I almost feel sorry for you; it must be hard to go through life outwardly hating blacks while at the same time enjoying porn of black men fucking married women. The thought of the action both repulsing and yet enticing you, making you worry what you might do with a wife of your own one day, how you might fight the urge to explore a fetish that directly opposes your hateful ideology. There are two wolves inside of you, and you’re shaken to the core at which one may be the victor; will it be the wolf  wearing a Nazi outfit, or is it to be the wolf wearing the BBC OWNED collar?

But hey, look on the bright side. No woman is ever going to marry you, so you don’t have anything to worry about, you repulsive dumbass!

Support my Hatreon, will draw for food. :)

Comic Name: White Lie
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Support my Hatreon, will draw for food. 🙂
Image Name: white-privilege-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/2/2017

What The Comic Is: A disabled man, presumably homeless, sits on a giant graham cracker and holds out an empty cup. He muses that, despite his situation, he is at least white.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That just because white people enjoy a degree of privilege in our society that this means nothing bad happens to white people and they never have hard times or trouble.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is such a simple comic. Just two panels, copypasted, with a single word bubble in the second panel. However, it’s worthwhile to refute this one because it’s such a common argument against the notion of a ‘white privilege’, the trodding out of cherry picked examples of disenfranchised white people or those experiencing a tragedy of some kind. No one argues that white privilege means that nothing bad ever happens to white people, or that ‘white privilege’ necessarily means white people always have an easy life, or even that every white person will actually experience innate privilege. 

Not only does StoneToss try to cherry pick and strawman with this comic, but he does so in an amazingly stupid way that has become a trademark of his art. White privilege pertains to social issues such as less scrutiny towards institutionalized racism, higher chances on average to come from stable financial background, etc. It doesn’t mean there are no homeless white people. This argument that StoneToss is quarter-baking isn’t even a fucking argument, it’s just a random observation that some white people are homeless or don’t have one of their feet or something.

“Oh, you think white privilege actually exists?” scoffs StoneToss, the plastic frame of his toddler toilet seat squeaking in protest as he reclines smugly. His arms cross, he rolls his eyes. “What about this homeless white guy?!

“StoneToss, no one said that white privilege means that no white person experiences struggles, it’s merely that white people are statistically much more privileged in our country due to the centuries of oppression and racism blacks have faced. Your example doesn’t mean anything, it’s completely irrelevant.”

StoneToss sits on his kiddy potty for a moment, his expression growing blank as his eyes shift with growing alarm. For a moment he is silent, until he finally recalls that he doesn’t have to win the argument, he just has to be an asshole.

“Cuck,” he says, grinning as he leans so far back that he accidentally falls backwards.