StoneToss: Episode 16

Buyer beware.

Comic Name: Second Hand
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Buyer beware.
Image Name: virginity-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/31/2017

What The Comic Is: A man offers his friend several items. His friend, at first keen to accept, is immediately dissuaded upon news of his friend’s skeet meeting each of the items. In the final panels, the man offers his ex-girlfriend, to which the friend seems to deeply consider accepting.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That women are “ruined” by previous extra-martial sexual encounters.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So at this point in the comic’s run, StoneToss has professed to hating multiculturalism, immigration, blacks, Jews, transsexuals and feminists. But what else could StoneToss find the time to hate?! Naturally, he doesn’t hate only feminists, but also just outright hates women. It only makes sense, I guess.

This is another one of those comics that seems like it could be just an offensive Family Guy type of gag, but StoneToss is very open towards his disdain of women who have sex on his Twitter and other online presences; so if there was any shred of deniability concerning the unironic nature of this comic, StoneToss bludgeoned it over the head with a bucket filled with his neo-Nazi rhetoric and barely repressed cuckoldry fetish. 

Obviously the comic directly compares women to objects (wow StoneToss what layered commentary, you absolute dumbfuck) and then presents the question of “You wouldn’t want something if another guy ejaculated on it, what makes women any different?” as if women are some kind of commodity item that begin their lives in a ‘pristine’ condition that is ruined when a man has sex with them. The usual incel hypocrisy that women are “ruined” by sex but men don’t have the same sanctity is, of course, pretty obviously apparent in StoneToss’ mind. Because the thought of a woman having sex with different men is enraging to StoneToss, but he can’t apply the same situation vice versa since it would mean he can’t have sex with more than one woman (which is funny, because it’s unlikely he has to worry about sex with any women, let alone multiple).

For the record, if StoneToss doesn’t want to touch something another dude has sprayed with his naughty yogurt, then he’s going to be really unhappy to learn about all those times he’s slept in a hotel bed…
Also, StoneToss totally has a cuckold fetish. Oh, StoneToss, you transparent bitch. I almost feel sorry for you; it must be hard to go through life outwardly hating blacks while at the same time enjoying porn of black men fucking married women. The thought of the action both repulsing and yet enticing you, making you worry what you might do with a wife of your own one day, how you might fight the urge to explore a fetish that directly opposes your hateful ideology. There are two wolves inside of you, and you’re shaken to the core at which one may be the victor; will it be the wolf  wearing a Nazi outfit, or is it to be the wolf wearing the BBC OWNED collar?

But hey, look on the bright side. No woman is ever going to marry you, so you don’t have anything to worry about, you repulsive dumbass!

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Comic Name: White Lie
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Support my Hatreon, will draw for food. 🙂
Image Name: white-privilege-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/2/2017

What The Comic Is: A disabled man, presumably homeless, sits on a giant graham cracker and holds out an empty cup. He muses that, despite his situation, he is at least white.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That just because white people enjoy a degree of privilege in our society that this means nothing bad happens to white people and they never have hard times or trouble.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is such a simple comic. Just two panels, copypasted, with a single word bubble in the second panel. However, it’s worthwhile to refute this one because it’s such a common argument against the notion of a ‘white privilege’, the trodding out of cherry picked examples of disenfranchised white people or those experiencing a tragedy of some kind. No one argues that white privilege means that nothing bad ever happens to white people, or that ‘white privilege’ necessarily means white people always have an easy life, or even that every white person will actually experience innate privilege. 

Not only does StoneToss try to cherry pick and strawman with this comic, but he does so in an amazingly stupid way that has become a trademark of his art. White privilege pertains to social issues such as less scrutiny towards institutionalized racism, higher chances on average to come from stable financial background, etc. It doesn’t mean there are no homeless white people. This argument that StoneToss is quarter-baking isn’t even a fucking argument, it’s just a random observation that some white people are homeless or don’t have one of their feet or something.

“Oh, you think white privilege actually exists?” scoffs StoneToss, the plastic frame of his toddler toilet seat squeaking in protest as he reclines smugly. His arms cross, he rolls his eyes. “What about this homeless white guy?!

“StoneToss, no one said that white privilege means that no white person experiences struggles, it’s merely that white people are statistically much more privileged in our country due to the centuries of oppression and racism blacks have faced. Your example doesn’t mean anything, it’s completely irrelevant.”

StoneToss sits on his kiddy potty for a moment, his expression growing blank as his eyes shift with growing alarm. For a moment he is silent, until he finally recalls that he doesn’t have to win the argument, he just has to be an asshole.

“Cuck,” he says, grinning as he leans so far back that he accidentally falls backwards.

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