StoneToss: Episode 17

Ever notice that, despite the abundance of guns, there's never a violent shooting at a gun show?

Comic Name: Gun Mettle
Description: Draw.
Mouseover: Ever notice that, despite the abundance of guns, there’s never a violent shooting at a gun show?
Image Name: gun-ownership-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/7/2019

What The Comic Is: A nude man stands over the fallen body of a ‘bad guy’ (you know he’s bad because he’s wearing black, which is da worst skin color ever111!!! to StoneToss). The nude man offers the advice that the bad guy, now dead, should try a gun-free state.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If everyone has a gun, no one can commit gun violence and that “the only thing that stops a ‘bad guy’ with a gun is a ‘good guy’ with a gun”.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Wowee wow folks, the first StoneToss upload to include an actual description. I no longer have to type “N/A” every god damned time. Thank you, StoneToss, for recognizing that there was yet another avenue of text to expose your bigoted dumbassery to the world.

But I digress a bit in my celebration. What we have here today is another very simple two-panel strip much akin to the previous “White Lie” strip. I like how even StoneToss thought to himself that directly copypasting a panel twice with no alterations at all was going too far, even for him, so he quickly makes the tumbleweed in the background roll in another direction; but because the tumbleweed is traveling left in the first panel and then right in the second, it’s as if they’re standing in a place where the wind is constantly shifting directions at a second’s notice. Or maybe they’re standing between two industrial sized fans that constantly blow one way or the other. Or maybe StoneToss is a lazy fuck. I dunno. How ironic that the description of the comic is “Draw”, when StoneToss did as little of that as possible!

Okay but anyways, this comic itself doesn’t hold much of a message. It’s just a stupid gun-nut power fantasy where tHe GoOd GuY wItH a GuN sToPs ThE bAd GuY. It can also be taken as a surrealist absurd art piece on the nature of the human mind to ironically give advice to a corpse. Well, no, it actually can’t be that because that would mean StoneToss put two seconds of thought into this piece of shit before he drew it.

StoneToss expresses pro-gun feelings from time to time in his work but something about most of the strips always seem so, I dunno. Phoned in to me, like he’s only giving pro-gun rhetoric a sort of token nod. This comic in particular is just so lazy, from the copypasting to the ‘joke’. It lacks the idiotic nuance and racist humor of your typical StoneToss work. It feels less like a StoneToss comic and more like the Proof Of Concept sketch for the world’s shittiest NRA t-shirt (which would, naturally, be in a constant state of Sold Out on Amazon).

But we can muse on the potential legitimacy of StoneToss’s pro-gun feelings all day. For now I want to point out that the comic’s description is in reference to a tired pro-gun talking point that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, since no one has ever been violently shot at a gun show before. Even if we don’t count the high number of accidental shootings that occur at gun shows all the time (as StoneToss does, because it harms his stupid point, so he’s careful to specify ‘violent‘ shootings at gun shows), it’s worth pointing out that saying “no violent shootings ever occur at gun shows!” is textbook cherry picking. Sure, there’s rarely news of a violent shooting at gun shows but there’s been plenty of them in other ‘highly armed’ areas.

In 2013 Eddie Ray Routh shot and killed two men at a Texas gun range. One of the victims was Chris Kyle, military veteran and Navy Seal, author of ‘American Sniper‘; also the posthumous subject of the Clint Eastwood film of the same name. Basically, despite any faults you may want to apply to the man (such as having two first names), Chris Kyle was about as qualified as someone could possibly be for ‘dealing with’ a violent gunman. And yet he was murdered along with his friend, both of them armed and in the middle of a gun range in Texas.

In 2009 Marie Moore took her adult son to a shooting range in Florida, where she shot him to death in a schizophrenic episode. After shooting her son, she turned the gun on herself and committed murder-suicide. The kicker is that a man, uninvolved with Marie or her son, witnessed the shooting. His reaction was to back away to a wall, shouting after Marie murdered her son. He didn’t shoot her. He didn’t tackle her. He did what most people do whether they have a gun or not; he panicked.

Just this year Christopher Washington shot and killed Mitchell Bab on an Oklahoma gun range in the city of Tulsa before attempting to end his own life. With a nearly 15 per 100,000 murder rate, Tulsa has one of the highest gun-related homicide rates in the USA.

What do these three examples have in common? They all happened in very pro-gun southern states and they all happened on shooting ranges where the victims (or those directly witnessing the murders) were brandishing guns at the time. Oh, sure, there’s a lot more that goes into the murders, at least most of the time. Maybe Eddie Ray Routh didn’t murder Chris Kyle and his friend until no one else was around and the victims had their backs turned. Marie Moore might have shot her son while an armed man was right beside her, but you can write that one off as a rare “nutcase” shooting. So one could try arguing that shootings only typically happen in micro-moments where a victim isn’t likely to shoot back. Alright, fair enough, but the same thing can happen at a gun show. A vendor can turn his back, his stall several feet away from anyone else, before he’s murdered in a quick hit-and-run. A shooter can detonate explosive to cause panic as they try to gun down as many as they can.

It’s not a question of “Haven’t you ever noticed a mass shooting hasn’t happened at a gun show yet?”, it’s a question of “When will the first mass shooting happen at a gun show?”. We may as well sit around and try questioning why a mass shooting hasn’t occurred at a swimming pool or a fursuit convention. There’s nothing stopping someone from shooting innocent people at any of these places, which makes the ‘argument’ that a mass shooting hasn’t occurred at a gun show just the same as the ‘argument’ that a mass shooting hasn’t occurred literally anywhere else: Wishful thinking coated by a thin veneer of pure luck that can’t last forever.

When domain registrars can seize your website name, a slightly higher internet bill doesn't seem that bad.

Comic Name: Net Partiality
Description: N/A
|Mouseover: When domain registrars can seize your website name, a slightly higher internet bill doesn’t seem that bad.
Image Name: net-neutrality-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/28/2019

What the Comic Is: A man approaches a bystander, asking if the latter has time to speak on the issue of net neutrality. The bystander brings up the issue of  ‘censoring’ right-wingers and conservatives across social media, causing the man to 180 and walk quickly away.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That he’s clever for putting the Reddit alien on the man’s t-shirt as a metaphor for the man being Reddit.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Whew. Alright. That last strip was kind of a lot to unpack. Probably the longest commentary I’ve ever written on StoneToss (yet!). Following the publishing of the last comic, StoneToss himself seemed to exhaust his creative juices (well, with StoneToss it’s more like a psuedo-creative sort of thick slime that collects and pools on the bottom of his skull) concerning politically charged stances and instead opted to draw several non-political ‘normal’ joke strips (all of which that aren’t half-bad and are glimpses into the universe where StoneToss sticks to casual normie humor instead of creating soft core brain porn for neo-Nazis). But, just as a bird must fly and a plant must grow, so too must StoneToss make dumbass political messages rife with bigotry and stupidity.

Which brings us to the above strip. The comic was published in November of 2017, when the most recent ‘net neutrality’ issue was plaguing half the websites you visited, be it spammed on Reddit or displayed as a temporary banner warning over every video game forum or hentai website you frequented at the time. Ajit Pai was the internet enemy numero uno and for a brief second everyone on the World Wide Depravitybox all agreed that the USA government, or ISPs, had no hand in dictating how they can charge people for internet use.

Anyways, this comic is just StoneToss whining about how right-wingers were being banned for promoting violence or peddling conspiracy theories or general hate speech. He attempts to compare it to net neutrality so as to highlight a perceived “hypocrisy” from liberals who support the notion of net neutrality but don’t support “freedom of speech” if it’s coming from right of the aisle.

No one is censoring right-wingers. Right-wingers get themselves in trouble for tweeting racist stuff. StoneToss tries to make the man in the le Reddit shirt look like a fool by having him immediately disengage with the guy defending the ‘censorship’ of right-wingers on social media; but therein lies the delicious humor of StoneToss’ silly, hate-filled existence, as immediately disengaging with people like that is pretty much what you should do. So he unwittingly, once again, creates a comic that can easily be viewed as supporting the notion he’s trying to oppose. HAhahahahaaHAHahha, oh StoneToss, you dumb bitch. 

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