StoneToss: Episode 19

Do unto others - Hank Hill

Comic Name: Refugeesus 
Description: Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Mouseover: Do unto others – Hank Hill
Image Name: jesus-refugee-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/27/2019

What The Comic Is: A transgender woman (we know it’s a StoneToss transgender woman because she has COLORED HAIR111) argues against anti-immigration by citing that Jesus Christ was a refugee himself. In the second panel a stoner hippy holds an amputee sheep and cites a biblical verse concerning Adam and Eve. The transgender woman then states that gender is only a spectrum.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That it’s hypocritical to cite Jesus because the Bible says there are only two genders, which means you’d have to cherry pick what you want.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We have yet another StoneToss comic that actually unironically works as anti-StoneToss. StoneToss truly is a genius of stupidity. What’s more, is that StoneToss is kind of right (alt-right that is lmao) in saying that if you’re going to cite progressive or good things from the Bible, that there are always backwards-thinking and ignorant things from the very same Bible.

The story of Adam and Eve (the biblical legend of the first man and woman, from which all other humans are therefore derived from) is often used by religious bigots to attack transgender communities, as well as used to argue against ‘Third Gender’ ideas (the belief in three or more genders beyond man and woman). The story of Adam and Eve is held as a baseline that there are only two genders and that everyone is created as only one or the other, it also extends to attacks against homosexuality. 
This all makes StoneToss’s comic extra stupid because it not only straw mans people arguing for pro-immigration, but StoneToss (for whatever reason) felt he had to combine two separate issues and make the subject of his comic a trans woman in order to argue that da bibble says God created only man and woman. As if the two issues have any connection, or as if this somehow means being pro-immigration based on Jesus’ refugee status means it’s compulsory to recognize only two genders. Really, we could sit here all day and wonder just what the absolute fuck StoneToss was trying to say with this comic. As always, I argue that StoneToss and his brazen stupidity are the subjects to some of mankind’s deepest and most complex riddles.

And of course, the most beautiful thing about this comic is that StoneToss is right. We know that gender really is a spectrum. He attempts to use this raw fact as the entire punchline of the comic, as obviously you’re meant to read the last panel in a defeated, self-harmful voice, like the trans woman is being faced with her own self-defeating ‘womp-womp’ logic. However, you can easily interpret the last panel as a kind of righteous indignation, that the trans woman is sharply retorting that we know gender is a spectrum and therefore the gospel tale of Adam and Eve, and any interpretation of it, is irrelevant.

So just what does this comic mean, then? That the Bible isn’t a good modern barometer for society? After all, if he’s using the Bible’s story on Adam and Eve to argue against transgender/Third Sex, doesn’t that mean he has to accept immigration because Jesus was a refugee?

Adding to everything, the comic’s mouse over text is a reference to a quote from the character Hank Hill from King of the Hill. The line, in the context of when it was spoken in the TV show, is Hank ignorantly misquoting the Bible. Why StoneToss included that as part of his comic’s message is, I guess, anyone’s fucking guess. Is it a message about people mis-using Biblical text to support their own views? Is that giving StoneToss too much credit? Or is StoneToss just stupid and thought the quote sounded cool and unironically agreed with it? Call me a fireman, because it’s probably the ladder.

Truly one may be lead to believe StoneToss barely thinks before he makes a comic. Yet at the same time, how could StoneToss so casually and effortlessly produce such idiotic and confused comics? The enigma of our time, StoneToss.


Comic Name: Applican’t
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Applican’t
Image Name: affirmative-action-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/28/2019

What The Comic Is: A man (we know he’s gay because StoneToss have him colored hair) inquires why an application wants to know the applicant’s race. The man at the booth informs that it so they may screen out ‘undesirable races’. Angered, the gay man demands to know what sort of racist job application he’s holding. In the fourth and final panel, the booth is revealed to be a college university admissions table and not for a job.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That affirmative action is racist against white people and that colleges/higher education indoctrinate people into believing anti-white rhetoric.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First thing is first, I want to point out that StoneToss was so pleased by his super clever “applican’t” pun that he felt compelled to use it as both the comic’s name and as the mouseover text, just to make sure no one missed his super hilarious and original joke.

Anywhos, StoneToss hasn’t been a stranger to complaining about affirmative action in the past. At this point in the comic’s run he’s made several strips complaining about it, though this marks the first time he starts to complain about colleges and how they “brain wash” the population into believing radical leftist/socialist/communist theories.

First, StoneToss tries to paint affirmative action as “screening out undesirable races”, as if the purpose of the program is to prevent white people from attending colleges, rather than to help disenfranchised people from getting an opportunity they didn’t have before. This takes a much stronger approach to anti-affirmative action than StoneToss expressed in the past, as he’s now framing it as something that, if you ‘flipped it around’, would be seen as incredibly racist (the guy at the booth using openly racist language in describing the application, with the implication that he means Caucasian/white people).

Second, StoneToss tries to assert that a college application asking about race is new or unheard of, something that only happened on job applications. In reality, colleges have always wanted to know the demographics of their student bodies so they can make more informed decisions in the future on how to recruit more people for their education programs, as well as just for general information purposes. Like we’re in some crazy new world where affirmative action is slowly seeping its way into more and more places, soon to be everywhere.

Third, StoneToss uses a gay man in the comic to show that affirmative action isn’t just coming for ‘straight white males’, but for everyone who is white. This is an odd expression of a kind of ‘brotherhood’ from StoneToss, given how he’s typically homophobic, but you know what they say about adversity and strange bedfellows…

I could go on and on about how affirmative action is not racist or anti-white people, but I’ve already done that on this blog and frankly, why write paragraphs when one sentence says it all? StoneToss is a fucking idiot.

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