StoneToss: Episode 21

Broke: "Love yourself"
Woke: "Love me or else"

Comic Name: Exceptance 
Description: Happy New Year, everybody!
Mouseover: Broke: “Love yourself”;Woke: “Love me or else”
Image Name: trans-acceptance-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/8/2018

I was laid off (making $$big$$ stimulus money) during the first half (quarter?? Fraction????) of the Covid pandemic, which gave me plenty of time to attempt catching up on the backlog of StoneToss comics. I tried for a rate of around 2-3 a week and even at my quickest, even going to two comics an entry, I’m still far behind StoneToss and his exhaustive triple-a-week upload pace. He’s like Alexander Hamilton (the man, not the musical), only way more fascist and way, way, way less successful. 

But here we are. I’ve returned back to work, leaving me less time than I’d prefer for the chronicling of StoneToss and all of his wanton, public stupidity. An ever-raging battle between the guy who makes fascist comics  and the other guy who writes blog posts about it. It’s like Hamilton (the musical, not the man), only with less music and a lot, lot, lot more boring. 

Why not kick back with some classic transphobia, though?

What The Comic Is: A man looks in a mirror, unhappy with his body. After putting a wig on and faux-breasts, they walk outside and seem happier. A passerby scoffs at their transformation, causing them to remind the passerby to accept their body. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That there’s some kind of hypocrisy from trans people, where everyone is forced to accept their transition even though the trans person did “not accept” who they were pre-transition. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: How StoneToss even comes up with some of this shit is just amazing. It’s one thing to be transphobic, but this mental pretzel twist to somehow place guilt on transgendered people is just perplexing. How to account for StoneToss’s rise to the top? Maaaan, the man is stupider than even the average bigot

People’s bodies belong to themselves. They can do whatever they want with them as long as it isn’t harming anyone else. It isn’t someone’s responsibility to accept themselves to satisfy someone else. Rather, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be accepting of others. I’d wonder how StoneToss didn’t learn this as a child, but that would imply he’s grown up past the age of five. 

I like how StoneToss plays the victim with the mouseover text. Yeah, StoneToss, accepting trans people is totally something you’re forced to do. Why does this stupid BOTTOMTEXT SOCIETY make me treat other people with things like basic dignity and respect?? What kind of world have we built where I can’t hate people??!?!?!?! It’s not fair wtf 😦

If ya'll don't like, share, subscribe, retweet, donate, and favorite this comic - then ya'lls racist.

Comic Name: Power Word
Description: Broke: Paying reparations.;Woke: Paying indulgences.
Mouseover: If y’all don’t like, share, subscribe, retweet, donate, and favorite this comic – then ya’lls racist.
Image Name: based-black-guy-comic1.png
Originally Published: 1/4/2018

What The Comic Is: A black woman accuses a man in a MAGA hat of being racist. The MAGA hat man laughs back, asking the woman if she truly thinks the word ‘racist’ has any power over him. A black man casually interjects that white people aren’t so racist, to which the MAGA hat man and a group of fellow whites worship the man as based.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That conservatives are hypocritical, putting little value in accusations of racism but doing the opposite when their racism is being denied.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Man let me tell you, StoneToss is just so stupid that I can’t even believ- wait what this comic isn’t stupid did StoneToss even make this one am I being punked what the fuck is this what

Okay so this comic is actually funny and true. So what’s the point in talking about it? Because StoneToss likes to pretend to be center of the aisle. In reality, StoneToss is overwhelmingly right wing, pro-Trump, conservative and firmly on the side of the red hats. Does he sometimes poke fun at his own base? Sure, but look at this comic compared to, say, the first comic on this post. In the first comic, his trans woman is depicted as hairy-chinned, pink-haired and sporting two oranges for breasts. His depiction of a MAGA supporter? A guy with a red hat. StoneToss is fAiR aNd BaLaNcEd.

In any comic where he’s making fun of Trump, Trump supporters or conservatives in general, the worst he does is lightly rib them. When he’s making fun of homosexuals, transgenders, blacks, etc, it’s always the most offensive and hateful of depictions or stereotypes. Even if we take this comic as StoneToss, as an alt-righter, making fun of general conservatives, his depiction of them is still far more friendly than when he depicts others that his comic disparages. 

StoneToss can’t even make a good political comic without it being bad. omfg lol

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