StoneToss: Episode 26

Comic Name: Mud Slinging
Description: “I’m rubber and you’re glue” only worked in elementary school.
Mouseover: Imagine how many concessions have been given away just to avoid being called the R-word.
Image Name: democrats-are-the-real-racists-comic.png
Originally Published: 3/6/2018

 What The Comic Is: An elephant accuses democrats of being the real racists. Sometime in the future, the same(?) elephant now accuses neo-Leninists of being the real transphobes.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The republican party is becoming ‘weaker’ and more left-leaning in an attempt to avoid being called racists, giving away different concessions the party used to stand for.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss thinks StoneToss is really smart. How smart does StoneToss think StoneToss is? So much smart that everyone else is dumb. StoneToss is no stranger to rampantly burning down every single fucking bridge that might actually attach to the inane, childish island that is his personal world view. He’s mocked republicans in the past, preferring to style himself as some kind of ultra unique alt-righter who is better than your typical alt-righters because he “hides” his fascism behind Shmorky characters. “It’s so brilliant,” StoneToss crowed to himself as he drank another cup full of his own piss, “I truly am above everyone else!” he finished the salty swill off with one final triumphant gulp.

We can see in the second panel that the republican elephant is now a stereotypical depiction of an ultra left-winger, which is StoneToss saying that if republicans can’t say that black people and mexicans are ruining America, then they’re basically on the road to becoming the far extreme of the left. StoneToss has mocked horse shoe theory before, as well, so it seems as if StoneToss thinks that both republicans and democrats are just trying to out-moral one another by both shifting further and further to the left, so that in XXX years time, the old “ultra left” is the new right and the new ultra left is… I dunno? A gelatinous mass of flesh and psyche of all people merged together into a single hive-being? StoneToss might be crazy enough to imagine that’s where the left wing leads to, which would be terrible for him because it would mean there’d be no more black guys, and if there aren’t anymore black guys who would he fantasize about being cuckolded by??? My god, no wonder StoneToss hates the left!! He needs racism and alt-right rhetoric so he can perpetuate his own humiliation fetish by being cuckold by the very people he hates. It makes so much sense now. Even if it’s fucking stupid.

Where does StoneToss think the left wing ends, anyways? Because eventually, if the right wing is destined to become the party of the “die cis scum” tattoo, wouldn’t that mean it’d simply merge with the ideals and principles of the left, and we would have no more right wing? Does StoneToss really believe the left wing can just continue further and further left ad nauseam without any stopping point?  This could have just been a comic about how he thinks republicans are becoming more left wing in their attempts to ‘bow down to PC culture’, but he went and suggested that the republican in the second panel still had someone to argue with so what the fuck does he think the left wing can possibly turn into if its current most extreme outlier becomes the new right wing?

Oh yeah, he didn’t think at all before he made this stupid fucking comic because he literally never thinks before he makes a comic. Silly me.

Basically, StoneToss is just upset republicans can’t be as openly racist as easy as they were able to be in generations past. And you know what we call people who can’t be racist? We call them CUCKS. Unlike guys like StoneToss who actually have real cuckold fetishes. We just call those guys FUCKING LOSERS because no woman will ever lower her standards and self-value enough to date StoneToss, let alone entertain his fetish. So that’s why StoneToss hates cucks so much; he desperately wishes he could be one, but he can’t! It makes so much sense now. Even if it’s fucking stupid.

Comic Name: Scapegoat
Description: If we’re going to redistribute wealth, what better place to start than a Tower of Ivory?
Mouseover: Peddling Marxism is big business.
Image Name: student-loans-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 3/8/2018

What The Comic Is: A student in a college class asks his professor how the school can teach about classless societies if the students are paying for the teacher’s salaries. The (((teacher))) deflects, claiming the student is really paying the greedy bankers who granted his student loan.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Colleges brainwash students into becoming Marxists.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Of course StoneToss is anti-intellectual. I mean, why wouldn’t he be? He hates cuckolds because he himself is incapable of ever becoming one, so it makes sense that he hates intellectuals for the exact same reason. He’s also anti-college, because he believes students are brainwashed into becoming Marxist liberals. 

Funny thing is that I totally agree with StoneToss that the USA has an issue with the price of higher education. College costs are insane and have gotten completely out of control to the point where it’s a massive financial burden that society expects you to assume when you’re too young to even understand what 150,00 dollars of debt really means. There are a ton of problems with college, but being Jewish-controlled propaganda machines is not one of them.
StoneToss strawmans the professor (because the professor is depicted as Jewish and we all know the Jews love them some Illuminati mind control societal domination) by having the professor blame the banks for granting student loans to begin with, which is a thing I am 100% certain no one in real life has ever tried to do before.  

A penchant of most forms of communism, as I’m sure you may already know, is that there is no class system in society, based either on ethnic hierarchy or wealth. StoneToss attempts to point out the hypocrisy of his nonexistent straw man caricature that colleges teach students to be Marxists even though the students make less money than the professors do and are the ones who provide the income for their salaries. Even if a hypothetical professor wanted to live in a purely communistic world wherein everything is totally classless, he is living in a society that is not that thing. Ergo, this is tantamount to approaching someone who wants to change the society they live in and saying “You want to change society, yet you live in it? Bit hypocritical, don’t you think?”. Of course, StoneToss doesn’t think the (((professor))) who indoctrinates his students to Marxism wants to actually live in a Marxist world, they only use Marxism to exploit unwitting college students. This actually makes perfect sense if you think about it.*

*It only makes perfect sense if you’re intentionally skewing reality in such a way as to fit your fake bullshit that doesn’t really exist. 

One thought on “StoneToss: Episode 26

  1. I’m so sorry, but the results came and the doctor said that you will never be a woman. Also, you can’t prove that the Holocaust happened, and you should just kill yourself before you make a greater fool of yourself.


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