StoneToss: Episode 39

Comic Name: Build Big
Description: On the plus side, the Supreme Court is a good start.
Mouseover: tbh, we’re only suffering because we let the Daily Stormer fall first.
Image Name: right-wing-censorship-comic1.png
Originally Published: 10/30/20

What The Comic Is: A man in suit and tie complete with a Twitter emblem glued to his chest holds up a ‘BAN’ stamp, fresh with red ink. Smugly, he speaks to the viewer, telling them to make their own Twitter. In the second panel the same man, now with the Paypal logo glued to himself, holds the plug of a Gab server. Once again, he smugly tells the viewer that if they don’t like it, they can make their own payment processor. In the third panel, the man stands in front of a boarded over doors of “Hatreon” (assumedly a place to purchase or browse different hats). This time he smugly tells the viewer that if they don’t like it, they can build their own government. In the fourth panel, the man is wide-eyed with shock as a single bead of sweat drips down his head.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That bigots and alt-righters being “censored” by Twitter and cut off from PayPal and Patreon is what lead to Donald Trump winning the American presidency. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At its heart this is a comic about StoneToss feeling as if the alt-right was disenfranchised by society (or most of society’s major social media and payment platforms, such as Twitter/PayPal/Patreon). For those who don’t know, “Gab”, as featured in the second panel of the comic, is an alt-righter social media platform for anti-Semites, trans/homophobes, racists and general bigoted “free thinkers”. StoneToss blames what he feels is the ‘oppressive PC left’ banning/taking away the financial livelihood of people on the right, to the point where the “silent majority” (lol) of the right all rise up and put Trump in office.

The comic has a deeper relevancy than this, however. Published at the ass end of October 2018, the comic is actually a response to Gab being dropped by PayPal (as well as its hosting provider and other payment processors) in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, a mass shooting that occurred at the Tree of Life – Or L’Simcha Congregation, a Jewish synagogue, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Robert Gregory Bowers entered the synagogue on October 27th 2018, murdering eleven people and injuring seven more in what would become the deadliest attack on the Jewish community of all time (er, in the USA, at least). Bowers was very active on Gab, which supported and promoted his and other’s stances in anti-Semitic and ‘white genocide’ theories. Following the immediate aftermath of the attack is when Gab was dropped by its benefactors, who decided it was probably a good idea to stop facilitating the existence of a social media website that was rejoicing the mass shooting of a Jewish community. Only days after this, StoneToss makes a comic whining about PayPal dropping Gab. Wow, I wonder why oppressive left-tard snowflake libcuck PayPal wouldn’t want to support a website like Gab.

It seems as if StoneToss really and truly believed (believes?) that Trump’s government was (is??) anti-Semitic. At any rate, StoneToss is an idiot and Gab is an alt-right shithole and this comic sucks. There is no silent majority of disgruntled Gab users that put Trump into office or who will build their own government like Hitler did after Hitler was ‘disenfranchised’ by (((them))), or whatever inane bullshit StoneToss thinks. The takeaway from this is that if you don’t want PayPal to pull the plug on your social media platform, don’t cultivate a hotbed of hatred and violence. This is easy for most people to not do, but guys like StoneToss seem to have a super, super hard time with it. I wonder why…

Comic Name: Triggered
Description: You gotta go back.
Mouseover: The Golden (calf) State
Image Name: california-immigration-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/6/2018

What The Comic Is: A border vigilante stops a group of men at gunpoint, telling them to turn around and stop invading his culture. One of the men from the group speaks up, telling the vigilante that they’re from the USA. The vigilante asks where specifically they’re from, and the man answers with ‘California’. The vigilante, with an empty, deranged look, opens fire on the unarmed men who were surrendering to him.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Stupid joke about California.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Most people are familiar with the biblical tale of Moses. Moses is born in Egypt, God tells him to free his people from the Egyptians. Moses and his crew escape across the sea when Moses parts the waters with God’s breath. Sometimes the story continues a bit further to their travels across the desert to find their ‘promised land’, and ends with Moses climbing the hill and receiving God’s ten commandments. For the majority of people, this is the extent of the tale they’re aware of, though there’s a bit more to the Moses story, such as how upon his descent from the mountain he immediately discovers a group of his roadies have started worshipping a golden cow (sometimes a calf; major distinction, I know). The problem here isn’t that they somehow found a golden cow in the fucking desert, but rather that they are worshipping it, which is a total no-no according to God (worship of false idols and all). What befalls these cow worshippers varies depending on how old or child-friendly your version of the story is. Sometimes they’re just scolded, other times flogged. Most traditionally they’re forced to drink the cow once it’s been melted down, which I guess is pretty metal.

Anyways, StoneToss is likening the state of California to the golden calf of Moses. What does this mean? Absolutely fucking nothing. What does StoneToss think it means? California is highly valued by leftist Americans as a liberal stronghold. Conversely, it’s strongly hated by the right. StoneToss compares it to the golden cow as a way of comparing liberals and leftists to the false idol worshippers. If California is the false idol, then what state is God in this metaphor? Fucking Kentucky? As this blog has explored before, it seems StoneToss may be more religious than he normally tends to let on, if he felt shoehorning in a reference to the golden calf of Moses was relevant or necessary in any way to this at all.

Obviously the comic is just saying that California has become “basically Mexico” with its liberal treatment of undocumented people, to the point it’s even worse and more problematic of Mexico. The vigilante, after all, was willing to warn the men off when he believed they were from Mexico, but fired wildly on them when they said they were actually from California. StoneToss woke up the morning he drew this comic with a choice: draw something stupid or draw something not stupid. He chose the former.

MrPumpkinFace: Episode 1

Comic Name: Among Us
Description: Who you gonna vote for?
Originally Published: 9/22/2020

Who The Hell Is Mr Pumpkin Face?: Mr Pumpkin Face is an idiot. More specifically, he is a StoneToss-esque webcomic artist that you’ve probably at least seen once or twice before. Generally his comics are so basic and stupid that they fail to be candidates for any deeper type of explanation, making them considerably worse than even StoneToss. I mean, at least StoneToss makes stuff you might have to think about for a moment. Pumpkin Face mostly just draws stupid shit like black guys with watermelon heads getting AIDs and Donald Trump beating a demonic Biden in the 2020 election or whatever. 
I had wanted to maybe feature Pumpkin Face here, but had trouble finding a comic of his that was worth explaining. Someone suggested this one specifically, and I figured it’s an interesting history lesson if nothing else. 

Like StoneToss, Pumpkin Face claims he’s just being offensive. However, his ‘pumpkin face’ character is described as being sent from ‘the underworld’ to learn the ways of mankind, and the comic is vaguely meant to be the character’s ‘observations’, making Pumpkin Face the author’s mouthpiece on real life observations of society. Also like StoneToss, while Pumpkin Face claims he’s just being offensive to push the boundaries on what he describes is ‘subjective offensiveness’, he constantly makes the same fucking comics about black people and Jews being dumb/bad/evil, Biden being a pedophile, liberals being stupid, Trump being a winner, etc. His activity on social media also thoroughly betrays any benefits of the doubt he meekly tries to cultivate for his comic. Mr Pumpkin Face is an idiot. And you know what that means, right? It means it’s time for…

What The Comic Is: A group of crew members from the online viral-hit game Among Us circle around the scene of a murder. The white crew member lays on the ground, dead, as a crew member in a silly little Jew beanie stands above the murder, greeting the rest of the crew. 

What Pumpkin Face Actually Thinks: (((Jews))) intentionally attacked America, and by proxy therefore attacked ‘the white race’.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The murdered crew member is obviously drawn as white to make this not just a comic about Israel attacking an American ship, but Israel attacking “white people”. The comic’s name, a reference to the Among Us game, is also meant to be a reference to (((the Jews))) being ‘among us’, obviously ‘the imposters’ fitting in with ‘white people’. The ‘U.S.S. LIB’ is the ship the USS Liberty, which was attacked and badly damaged by Israeli fighter jets and submarines during the Six-Day War on June 8, 1967. The Liberty was in international waters at the time of the attack, with Israel claiming the ship was attacked by mistake after being incorrectly identified as Egyptian (Egypt was a key opponent to Israel in the Six Day War).

Israel’s excuse was officially accepted by Lyndon B. Johnson’s government, though surviving crewmembers of the Liberty have, ever since the attack, held out that the Israeli forces attacking them were well aware of who their target was. As you can imagine, this has lead to a lot of conspiracy theories. Israel and the USA, to this day, hold to their version of events; that Israel made a mistake and misidentified the vessel as an Egyptian warship. There are several working theories on why the Liberty was attacked, ranging from a genuine mistake on the part of a commander to the suggestion that the Israeli government was worried the US vessel would intercept information that Israel was about to attempt to escalate the war (against the wishes of its allies, such as the US). Conspiracy then as follows; Israel isn’t comfortable with the US ship intercepting frequencies, potentially overhearing devious Israeli plans, so they launch an attack on it and then later claim it was a mistake. The American government, not wanting to make the war an even bigger mess than it already was (and embarrass their Israeli allies) lets the affront slide. 

What really happened with the Liberty? Was it pure incompetence on the part of the Israeli military, or a cover up for something greater? Like most things of this nature, unless some sort of secret documentation exists to prove anything, we will probably never know. But you know what we do know? That it doesn’t fucking matter, because this comic isn’t even about Israel, it’s conflating the Liberty incident as being perpetuated by the Jewish ‘race’ in general against ‘white people’, making this comic as stupid as if you were to pin all possible war atrocities committed by American troops as being attacks by ‘white people’ onto others.

And finally, the description of the comic asks the reader who they’re going to vote for. Given that Pumpkin Face is normally very overly pro-Trump, we can assume he’s framing this as “are you voting for the right candidate (Trump), or the one that will help Jews destroy America (Biden)?”, despite the fact that Trump’s presidency has been overwhelmingly pro-Israel. It leaves one to wonder if Pumpkin Face is aware of this, and actually thinks Trump would be the wrong president to pick, or if Pumpkin Face is just a fucking idiot who doesn’t even know what he’s saying.

StoneToss: Episode 38

Comic Name: Rated ARRR
Description: Let’s be honest, $10 for a ticket and $15 for popcorn isn’t very Marxist.
Mouseover: Fellas, stop funding leftist propaganda and just learn to torrent.
Image Name: hollywood-socialist-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/20/2018

What The Comic Is: A man with a blood flow restriction that is so severe it causes his legs to turn an even shade of brown leans back in his chair, perhaps in an attempt to alleviate some of the constant stinging agony his legs experience. As he leans back, he he explains that though he may be a rich Hollywood director, it doesn’t mean he also isn’t a socialist. The man he’s sitting next to loads up the homepage to torrent website The Pirate Bay. The medically handicapped director accuses the man of thievery. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Pirating movies is okay because socialists want “free stuff”, anyways. Also, pirating is a moral obligation one should have in order to defund ‘leftist propaganda’ produced in Hollywood.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This comic is an attempt to infantilize socialism as being “leftists want to get stuff for free”, instead of, ya know, a reorganized system of government and wealth that values the living standard of all in the society. The latter is far too complex a subject for StoneToss to really wrap his head around, so you may find it excusable that he needs to twist it into a more digestible and bitesize concept. This is another instance in the endless procession of StoneToss trying to reveal a hypocrisy that doesn’t exist. Like I said before, this time around it’s “leftists want socialism, which means they want stuff for free, but (((Hollywood))) socialists get mad when their stuff is taken for free, which means they want to cherry pick socialism”.

Socialism isn’t a structure in where “everything should be free” or someone should be required to price an entertainment commodity like a movie at certain government-controlled numbers. This goes into a whole separate issue with people’s misconception of wealth in countries like the USA; where they get hung up on actors or directors or sports stars who make millions of dollars, instead of the corporations and CEOs that exploit employees and pay less in taxes than retired boomers living off of welfare. A director in Hollywood or a guy playing basketball earning millions of dollars aren’t the problems. We, the consumers of that entertainment, willingly pay for them to earn that sort of money. Not to mention that even the richest among them are drops in the bucket compared to the true 1% of America, who are the aforementioned tax-evading corporate elites. 

We can go debate all day about the status of selling art like a movie or a song, what their ‘value’ is and whether someone has the right to pirate them or not, but StoneToss’ stance on the issue is pretty clear. To StoneToss, movies from Hollywood are all leftist brainwashing propaganda and therefore torrenting them isn’t just something you do in order to watch a movie you wouldn’t have paid for, but rather it’s an active attack against Hollywood and the ‘leftist agenda’. This is very in-step with comics he’s made in the past, lambasting people who pay to see the newest Marvel movie. As we’ve talked about before, StoneToss doesn’t buy anything ever and has never once paid for a video game or a movie or a hotdog. He lives off the land, like a true Libertarian patriot, eating tree sap and pinecones and fashioning makeshift clothing from moss collected off the bottom of rocks. Nah, just kidding. He’s a consumer just like every other modern American, he’s just a total dumbass about it.

Also, pro-tip: Piracy in entertainment industries is actually starting to be viewed as being either a neutral influence on a product or perhaps also a positive one; the line of thinking being that most people who are pirating a movie or video game are people who wouldn’t have ever paid for it in the first place, so by them pirating it you’re essentially just getting more exposure than you would’ve without it. This is under the assumption that it isn’t easily accessible for anyone to quickly pirate. This means the strawman director in the comic probably wouldn’t even be upset that the guy was on Pirate Bay in the first place.

Also, pro-pro-tip: There’s a huge fucking difference between a movie theater jacking up the price of popcorn because most of their profit comes from concessions and a pharmaceutical company artificially inflating the cost of drugs that people depend on to survive; among other similar comparisons. Movie theater popcorn isn’t a political issue, StoneToss, you hand-me-down cumrag. 

Comic Name: Transfusion
Description: Yes, really.
Mouseover: You’d think drinkers of wiener blood wouldn’t be so picky about what’s inside others.
Image Name: israel-immigration-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/16/2018

What The Comic Is: A man in a blue suit and tie informs a woman that the last step in her immigration application is a DNA test, the woman wonders why such a test is necessary. The man explains that the test is to ensure the country’s racial purity. The woman, incited, demands to know what kind of racist country America has become. The man is revealed in the fourth panel to be an immigration officer not of America, but of Israel.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That Israel DNA tests immigrants to control racial purity.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Yes, it’s true. Israel wants people to take a DNA test to verify their Jewish heritage, but this isn’t for immigration purposes. Chiefly (but not limited to), it’s for their “Law of Return”, a law that vaguely gives those of Jewish descendancy the right to freely live in Israel, though not necessarily to become a citizen of it, which is a separate and more official immigration process. The Law of Return is fairly unique in the world, and Israel is allegedly the only country that requires a DNA test to confirm heritage for the purpose of living in said country. 

Is that good, bad, racist? Those are really big questions that can be shorthanded as “Yeah, it’s wrong of Israel to try to put a hard line on what defines a person as being Jewish, and then granting them a special privilege to freely go to and chill in a country, not to mention their policies were created from their inception in such a way as to limit the number of Arab people in Israel, thereby they seem to fit the definition of racism, no matter how much Israel claims they rarely use the practice or how it’s supposed to be just formality“. In earlier decades the Law of Return was much, much more lenient to the point that it allowed anyone who said “I AM JEW” to live in Israel. Obviously this policy has become more strict over time, to the point of requiring DNA testing. 

This is a whole convoluted topic that requires hours of research to gain a good grasp over, from its origins and history to its present day usage and ramifications, but suffice to say that StoneToss himself doesn’t seem to know anything about it, since the comic suggests Israel wants DNA tests for immigration purposes, which is not true (which makes the comic’s smug description especially funny). Israel’s policies are still restrictive and backwards, let’s not mince words. Israel does not allow the legal marriage (or even recognize the civil union) of someone considered a Jew to someone considered a non-Jew (unless this marriage happened outside of Israel), just as a single example. 

So with this comic StoneToss was incorrect concerning Israel’s use of DNA testing and therefore missed a chance to make this a stupid comic about gay marriage in the USA. That’s a twofer!

StoneToss: Episode 37

Foreword: I am posting this somewhat late in the day today. I apologize for the tardiness; an unexpected minor emergency kept me away from finishing this post up and getting it out earlier.

Comic Name: Opposites Attract
Description: Strange times…
Mouseover: Day of the helicopter when?
Image Name: opposites-attract-comic0.png
Originally Published: 9/11/2018

What The Comic Is: A man in a Don’t Tread On Me shirt pulls on a rope, locked in a battle of tug of war. To his curiosity, he notices that a man wearing a shirt with a poorly drawn fasces symbol on it is now aiding him in his pull. On the other end of the rope, a man in a Hammer and Sickle shirt is pulling alongside a man in rich business attire. The man wearing the Don’t Tread On Me shirt is confused.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That fascism is aiding in the pull against ‘communism’ and (((rich people))).

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The man in the snake shirt is a Libertarian, a political leaning that StoneToss professes to be (despite the fact he’s more like a lite-fascist, as he constantly wishes to impede on the liberties of others on the basis of who they are). The man in the black shirt is a fascist as indicated by the (poorly drawn) fasces symbol on his shirt. The fasces symbol was a symbol used in ancient Rome that was adopted by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini for his fascist regime. It’s supposed to look like a bundle of sticks with an axe tied to it, symbolical of the power over life and death. StoneToss depicts it more like a trashcan with an axe laying across it, but whatever. Point being is that StoneToss could’ve just used the far more recognizable fascist symbol of the Nazi swastika. It would have been easier to draw and people wouldn’t have been confused as to who the guy in the black shirt was supposed to be, but see, that’s the thing…

StoneToss has made comics in the past about how equating the Gadsden flag (the ‘don’t tread on me’ snake flag) to the Nazi swastika was stupid. This means that in order to make this comic, he’d have to suggest the swastika and snake are actually much more closely aligned to one another. StoneToss doesn’t want to do this, because he desperately wants benefit of the doubt in regards to his neo-nazism, so he opts to use a far more obscure symbol for fascism because apparently he seriously thinks that there’s no correlation with the Nazi party so long as you’re not using the swastika. Forget that the Nazis were fascist, StoneToss is only using a symbol of fascism and not the actual icon of the Nazi party. Ergo, fascists aren’t Nazis. omfg the perfect logic

The communist and rich guy pulling together is meant to expose a hypocrisy that StoneToss feels exists on the left. He thinks the left are all about communism (they are not) while simultaneously being propped up by the wealthy, or as if to suggest that the wealthy are ‘pulling the strings’ of the left, making them into puppets who unwittingly fight for their very oppressors. The whole message of the comic is that it’s like an “upside down land” where fascists are fighting for liberty (the very thing that destroys them) and the wealthy are fighting for communism (they very thing that destroys them). In reality, a not insignificant amount of self-proposed Libertarians are actually deeply in line with fascist beliefs, where as there are those who are wealthy and yet are proponents of fairer tax laws, better wages for workers, etc. (basically if it’s anything that supports workers and their right to exist, StoneToss immediately believes it is far-left extreme totalitarian dictatorship; this is because StoneToss is an idiot). Oh, also, the rich guy is probably supposed to be the Jews too because why not.

And finally, the mouseover. Every third Sunday of the month of August is “World Helicopter Day”, a day reserved to appreciate the benefits of helicopters on our world and to discuss and share facts and safety information concerning the aircraft. This, of course, is not what StoneToss means by “day of the helicopter”. Rather, it’s a reference to the ‘free helicopter rides’ meme that was beginning to become mainstream among the right in 2018 (the year of this comic’s publishing). The meme is about dropping communists and sometimes leftists in general out of helicopters to their deaths; it is derived from a method of execution utilized by Augusto Pinochet, dictator of Chile from 1973-1990. Pinochet would have his enemies, normally communists, flown up in helicopters and then tossed out.
“We’re not fascist!” StoneToss and his ilk cry. “We just want to extra-judicially murder political opponents!!! We don’t even wear swastikas, just snakes and sticks!!!!!”

Comic Name: On Second Thought
Description: Oops, too open. For the easily offended among you, you will be pleased to learn that nothing in the above comic contradicts number of gassing deaths reported by mainstream sources.
Via wikipedia: (StoneToss follows with a post of a screenshot of the Wikipedia article, highlighting the estimated figure of 1.1 million Jews murdered by Zyklon B gas, as if that means anything).
Mouseover: Now that’s a chutzpah. 
Image Name: open-mind-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/13/2018

What The Comic Is: A hippie tells a man to open his mind, free of the control of “the man”. The man thinks for a moment, and then begins to question the holocaust. The hippie slaps a hand over his mouth, warning him to shut up.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The holocaust numbers are fabricated and that allied approach into Germany ‘severed supply lines’ and caused prisoners to starve.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid. Here we are, folks. This is, by far, the most requested comic I’ve ever gotten so far in this blog’s life (so far). I promised you guys I’d get to, and now we’ve gotten to it. 
This is by far one of the dumbest fucking comics StoneToss has ever made. I know I say that quite often, but is that the product of my exaggeration, or the product of StoneToss being so genuinely stupid that he constantly outdoes himself? First, let’s start with the subtext of the comic. The hippie (a straw man for liberals/the left) tells the man to open his mind and not worry about what ‘the man’ (a stand-in for society) tells him to think. When the man “wrong-thinks”, he’s told to stop questioning and shut up. Basically it’s just trying to expose liberals as hypocrites; that they want to question everything and think free, but silence anything they don’t like. As if Jews find it offensive to question the holocaust and therefore it isn’t “PC friendly” to do so. All very standard StoneToss dogshit. It has to be explained to StoneToss, as it usually does, that there’s a difference between genuine questions concerning the holocaust (such as, “how did the Nazis kill so many people it doesn’t make sense to me”) and between outright holocaust denial/arguing (((they))) are making it up to some degree. This nuance ruins StoneToss’ stupid comic, so as always you are asked to please ignore it.

But the best part about the comic is the rhetoric in the man’s speech. “The allied invasion of Germany caused the deaths of the prisoners” is a really common neo-nazi/holocaust denial talking point and it’s complete and total bullshit. This argument attempts to shift blame around and play a moderate centrist. It allows Germany to share the blame of imprisoning Jews in the first place, but suggests they either did not kill as many as 6 million prisoners or that the blame for the bulk of the murders is actually due to the Allies invading Germany, “disrupting supply lines”. We know this is not true as the bulk of the killings in camps were happening far before the Allies invaded Germany. How do we know this? BECAUSE THE NAZIS KEPT DETAILED, DATED RECORDS OF EVERYTHING THEY DID, STONETOSS YOU FUCKING IDIOT. The vast majority of the holocaust murders happened from 1941 to 1945. It wasn’t until May of 1945 that the Allies invaded Germany, and it wasn’t much earlier than that, April of 1045, that the Allies were finding and liberating the first of the concentration camps. It doesn’t even bear refuting that the prisoners in the camps were not victims of “insufficient supplies” because of a “war-torn Germany”. And you know what? So fucking what if it was? Would it somehow not be the German’s fault that the prisoners died due to insufficient supplies because of Allied invasion? 

Even if we accept StoneToss’ theory, ignoring that documented history completely destroys it, the Germans would still be responsible for the deaths of their prisoners. The best this shitty, fake and entirely failed argument does is try to suggest the Germans didn’t mean to kill all those people. Gosh, I guess that makes it so much better.

StoneToss tries to have this big, huge gotcha moment where he cites that even Wikipedia only suggests around 1.1 million Jews were killed in gas chambers. Oh man, that’d be really embarrassing for modern holocaust death tolls… if it were reported by any of them that the victims of the holocaust were all killed by gas chambers. Literally no historical sources says “6 million Jews were gassed by Zyklon B”.  Because the Germans employed many forms of murder on their prisoners, including (but absolutely not limited to): Shooting, starvation, intentional neglect, disease, human experimentation and lack of heat or general shelter from the elements. Let’s not forget that Zyklon B was not the only gas used in the holocaust. “Gas vans” killed hundreds of thousands of people before the first Zyklon B chambers were ever even built. The 1.1 million figure is, in such pitiful and infantile manner, clutched onto by so many holocaust deniers that it’s actually insane. Like these fucking idiots see “1.1 million Jews were killed by Zyklon B” and immediately slam the history book closed, punch their laptop screen into pieces, and then jump up and start screaming “SIX MILLION IS A LIE1111 WIKIPEDIA ONLY SAY 1 MILLION11111”.

Like, StoneToss cites the fucking Wikipedia article on the holocaust as his primary source and yet that very same page concludes that his comic is wrong and fucking stupid, so he didn’t even bother to fully read his entire source before citing it, which is like literally the absolute fucking stupidest thing you can ever do.

The most cathartic thing about destroying a holocaust denier’s idiotic ramblings is that the Nazis themselves detailed their atrocities so well that even if we disregard testimonies and firsthand accounts, they’re still clearly responsible for the mass murder of millions of people. 
Oh, StoneToss. You sure are an idiot.

StoneToss: Episode 36

Comic Name: Naan-chalant
Description: Anglican mosques when?
Mouseover: Britain also had its own caste system too, lo.l.
Originally Published: 8/23/2018

What The Comic Is: A man and his friend sit down at a pub for drinks and a meal. The man assures his friend that the pub serves the best authentic British food. The friend examines the food, a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy that he seems to be eating with a fork(?). The man, stuffing his face with what appear to be gravy-dipped gas station empanadas, asks if his friend does or does not like curry.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: White culture is being erased.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Food history time. Curry is a type of food that comprises a number of different dishes, normally served as a sauce with rice. It originates from India. Britain colonized India from 1858 to 1947; almost 90 years. Because of this, Indian cuisine is contemporarily popular in Britain to this day. 
This comic is basically about a lack of ‘white culture’ in countries like Britain. Britain, specifically, is a hotbed of conservative feelings and xenophobia regarding immigration, so it’s only a small wonder why StoneToss touched on it in his shitty comic. The comic description, “Anglican mosques when?” is a play on the term “___ when?”, but specifically is a play on “Mayocide when?”. ‘Mayocide when?’ is used as a satirical response to white supremacists complaining about supposed ‘white genocide’ (like, ya know, what this comic about curry is doing). StoneToss is trying to one-up the satirical mayocide phrase by showing us “evidence” of actual mayocide. After all, the man in the comic called curry “authentic British food”!! Conveniently ignore the fact the comic could be seen as pointing out Britain’s oppressive colonial rule of other countries and the way you could look at the cultural spoils of their colonization as being labeled “authentic”. Nah, Britain is just being white genocided and it’s not their own fault for invading India and adopting local recipes. It’s, uh, it’s… brown people’s fault, or whatever. Yeah, that’s it.
Also notice how the man eats the curry with naan bread (which is NoT hOw WhItE pEoPlE eAt ThEiR fOoD) and the friend, skeptical of the ‘authentic’ British food, is using a fork (the CHAD fork vs the VIRGIN non-white people thing). Is the WHITE PEOPLE INVENTION of the FORK (which was most likely first used by people living in China as early as 2400 BC and then saw use in the Byzantine and Middle East) being phased out?? When are we getting those “Anglican” mosques anyways? White people and culture will be completely erased if we get those. Whew. Is it stupid in here or is it just StoneToss?? (nervous chuckling, pulls on shirt collar to release steam). I’m an absolute mess right now, I need a glass of water. (stands up from computer chair, suddenly turns around to notice it has transformed into a traditional Mongolian yurt stoolsputters exasperatedly and backs up, bumping into the SONY television that has transformed into a SONY television) Oh no, all of my WHITE PEOPLE stuff is turning into NOT WHITE PEOPLE STUFF!! (Turns to run, fleeing past a box of breakfast cereal that has now transformed into something a Muslim would eat, or whatever).

Comic Name: Race Against Time
Description: I mean, they were good at rocketry…
Mouseover: Reminder that the soap and lampshades were 100% false.
Originally Published: 8/28/2018

What The Comic Is: A man watches a documentary on the holocaust. Dryly, he asks his friend if he can believe people still deny genocides. His friend mentions that people already deny the mass killings of white South Africans in modern day. The man dismisses this, claiming his friend reads too many internet conspiracies, while the History Channel advertises the show “Ancient Aliens“.
What StoneToss Actually Believes: The holocaust didn’t really happen and people only deny genocides when they happen to white people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Just like the goaste guy after he sits on a basketball, there’s a lot to unpack in this comic. If that comparison is too disgusting for you, then perhaps we can go with the more SFW version: Just like your typical StoneToss comic, there’s a lot to unpack in this comic.

First, let’s talk about the soap and lampshades. What StoneToss is referencing is that infamous soap and lampshades the Nazis reportedly created from human fat/skin (normally taken from the remains of those killed in their death camps). Let’s talk lampshades first. What we know about the Nazis making lampshades from human skin comes from first-hand accounts, although no surviving articles have been discovered and verified as genuine. Because of this, we can’t firmly say if any existed or not. Testimonies made under oath by Dr. Gustav Wegerer and Josef Ackermann, both prisoners in the Buchenwald concentration camp, claim that human skin lampshades, identifiable with tattoos, were created and used by Nazis controlling the camp. Neither man had much of a reason to lie about what they saw (unless you believe they were coached to testify it, I guess).
The soap issue, for it’s part, is much more clearly mythical in comparison, though it was a real rumor during the war, rather than some sort of propaganda created and circulated after it. From Wikipedia;

“Rumours that the Nazis produced soap from the bodies of concentration camp inmates circulated widely during the war. Germany suffered a shortage of fats during World War II, and the production of soap was put under government control. The “human soap” rumours may have originated from the bars of soap being marked with the initials RIF, which was interpreted by some as Rein-jüdisches-Fett (“Pure Jewish Fat”); in German Blackletter font the difference between I and J is only in length. RIF in fact stood for Reichsstelle für industrielle Fettversorgung (“National Center for Industrial Fat Provisioning”, the German government agency responsible for wartime production and distribution of soap and washing products). RIF soap was a poor quality substitute product that contained no fat at all, human or otherwise.”

But you know what’s funny about these lampshades and soap? It’s that the real, and very verifiable, parts of the Nazi genocide and holocaust are so heinous and terrible that people can easily believe the Nazis were making lampshades and Dawn out of the millions of people they murdered. But, sure, whatever. Let’s be fair. There’s no solid evidence of human skin lampshades and it’s refutable that human soap was ever made by the Nazis. Does it really fucking matter that much? The answer to normal people is “No”. The answer to holocaust deniers is “Yes”. Why? Because they can try to argue that just because a few myths or unsubstantiated stories surround the largest genocide in human history, that means there’s obviously so much more we can freely assume is wrong about the holocaust! PLEASE IGNORE the fact that no legitimate history texts or authorities will report that human lamp shades are confirmed as existing, or that the soap story was true. If you don’t ignore that, then StoneToss and his dumbass holocaust denier circlejerkers won’t have an argument. Please, this holiday season, support an idiot.

The description about rocketry is a reference to Albert Einstein and other Jews who studied rocket science that helped in the contribution of the atomic bomb, because StoneToss is trying to suggest the Jews are responsible for their own sort of genocide of the Japanese people. StoneToss says this because he’s immensely fucking stupid and he hates that facts always disagree with the dumb shit he believes.
But wait, don’t you know that the History Channel plays shows about ancient aliens? Obviously this means Holocaust documentaries are mutually exclusive. I mean, what else could it possibly mean? That the History Channel lost its integrity in the face of shrinking viewership and began peddling ridiculous shows not based in facts? Nooooo, that coooouldn’t be. Obviously it’s that the Holocaust was fake and (((the))) Jewish World Order made the (((History))) Channel to (((fool))) everyone with fake (((documentaries))) and that StoneToss actually isn’t a (((fucking idiot))).

The issue of “mass killing of white South Africans” is part of a larger issue related to the end of the apartheid (apartheid is Afrikaans for “apartment”) of blacks and whites living in South Africa. Whites in South Africa, descendants primarily of Dutch East India Company and British settlers, are about 7% to 8% of South Africa’s total population. In contrast, they form the bulk of the Boer (‘Boer’ being both Dutch and Afrikaans for ‘farmer’) class. They took control of the majority of South Africa’s farmland. This has lead to racial and geographical issues that exist very strongly even today, and it’s very true that white South Africans face (and perpetuate their own) racism and racial violence. While numbers on this are disputed (data tends to favor that there is not an outstanding case of violence against white South Africans), it’s certainly not ‘mass killing’. Why would anyone call it a genocide? Well, that’s simple. Apartheid ended, the whites had to live with the blacks. Whites didn’t like this. Whites left South Africa. There you go, the perfect situation for bigoted fuckheads to claim a genocide occurred.
And finally, we have the very subtle pinch of StoneToss inferring that conspiracy theories on ‘the internet’ can’t be trusted, but that people blindly trust something if it’s on the History Channel. You know, the (((History Channel)))?? Again, please, please ignore that ‘Ancient Aliens’ has always been a laughing stock that the general population of anywhere always disregarded as a terrible program. StoneToss’s dumbass comic doesn’t work otherwise 😦

I’d accuse StoneToss of reading too many conspiracy theories on the internet, but I’m not convinced he’s ever read anything longer than a chat bubble in a racist webcomic.

Happy Thanksgiving, StoneToss!!

RedPanels: Episode 1

Foreword: Originally, I was never going to cover Redpanels on this blog. I just didn’t see much of a reason to; as even compared to StoneToss, Redpanels is incredibly stupid and, more than that, didn’t really have any deeper or ‘secret’ meanings. This meant that most comics did not really require any deeper analysis. However, as I read through Redpanels catalogue, I decided there were more than a few I could at least vaguely justify posting to this blog. Add to the fact that StoneToss is publicly embarrassed by Redpanels and tries his best to disregard his authorship of it and any connection therein it has to StoneToss and I’d say we have a pretty good reason to feature it here.

Comic Name: Übermensch
Description: I had long thought that there is a curious and ignored implication to the notion that certain attributes of a person ought to be shamed because it was deemed favorable by others.
Originally Published: 8/17/2015

What The Comic Is: An early “prototype” of StoneToss’ gay caricature tells a cis white man to check his privilege. The white man incorrectly takes this to mean that he is actually better than other genders/sexualities/skin colors, to which the gay straw man agrees. The white considers for a moment, his image incorrectly reflecting in a mirror behind him. He turns, peering into the mirror and seeing an ideal version of himself as an ‘ubermensch’, or a super man.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s everyone else’s fault for making white men think they’re naturally superior, and that white men are a victim of some kind of misleading/gas lighting.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is playing the victim at it’s absolute finest. Everything 
about this comic is fucking stupid, not least of all the ridiculous straw manning of the gay guy. No, “white privilege” does not mean non-whites believe whites are more attractive or intelligent or trustworthy; it means that white people established a cultural dominance in the United States and oppressed those they felt didn’t meet any of their arbitrary cultural or regional backgrounds. Because of this, white people to this day generally enjoy societal benefits (both concrete, like earning higher wages for similar work; and more abstract, like how others may racially profile them in different situations). This does not mean anyone thinks white people are actually superior. 

Under StoneToss’ stupid fake logic, he draws the conclusion that this is why cis white men are driven to see themselves the way they do. He’s playing the victim, trying to accuse the very people that cis white men have historically oppressed in the US of being the ones that put the notion of superiority into the cis white man’s head to begin with. If there’s one positive thing you can attribute to StoneToss, it’s that he at least had the self-awareness to realize how bad his Redpanels were. I guess even angry, bigoted cowards like StoneToss are capable of some degree of humility. Fascinating.

StoneToss: Episode 35

Comic Name: Dressed Up
Description: We’re back online after a few site issues. Good to be see you all again, welcome!
Mouseover: What a drag. Get it? hue hue hue.
Image Name: cultural-appropriation-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/9/2018

What The Comic Is: A trans girl stands her ground, asserting to her father that she’s a girl now. The father, in angry objection, fires back that no son of his will be a cultural appropriator. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That identifying with a gender that is not your birth sex is the exact same as cultural appropriation (taking something, like a piece of clothing, in this case from one gender or culture and appropriating it for yourself) and therefore liberals are hypocrites for decrying cultural appropriation while supporting the legitimacy of trans identity. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: I find that StoneToss repeatedly needs infantile things explained to him. Maybe this is because he’s intentionally acting like he doesn’t know any better, all for the sake of justifying his own bigotry. Maybe he is just genuinely stupid. The world may never care. Anyways, what we have here today is a comic where StoneToss is mistaking gender identity for culture and skin color. Comparing the two, he tries to reveal a hypocrisy (that, as usual when he tries doing this, does not exist) that the same people who prop up trans rights are also the same who think cultural appropriation is bad.

Cultural appropriation, as a concept, is when a member of one culture adopts the customs or other elements of another culture. By itself there’s nothing really wrong with this, and the sharing of ideas is how all cultures and people grow. So, for instance, no one thinks it’s wrong when a man begins to identity as a woman and begins wearing dresses. This is because gender is wholly different from culture to begin with (even if cultures possess their own gender subsets), but it’s also because that trans woman is now identifying as a woman. So in a meta way, it can be seen as not being an appropriation at all, since the trans woman is a woman and therefore doesn’t have to appropriate ‘female culture’. This is, of course, if you aren’t a raging bigot who doesn’t recognize trans people.

The neutral term “cultural appropriation” has kind of turned into something most people feel is naturally negative, and has skewed many people’s views of it one way or the other. In reality, complaints concerning cultural appropriation are generally reserved for tasteless or outright offensive appropriations, such as tacky Halloween costumes or tone deaf fashion trends, to say nothing of things such as black face (a form of cultural appropriation that enters into the territory of full on racial oppression; offensive costumes of Native Americans would be a similar version of this). In StoneToss’s comic, the father is supposed to mock ‘ultra libtard’ rhetoric, comparing intolerance of oppressive cultural appropriation to a father who is intolerant of a gay or trans son; like “look, you guys are actually intolerant of trans people because you’re intolerant of cultural appropriation hahaha checkmate checkmate checkmate LIBTarBS PWNEd1111“.

It must really be comforting to honestly believe that if you win an argument in your head, it means you win it in real life.

Comic Name: Shhh…
Description: Hands Off.
Mouseover: Daily reminder: hate speech is free speech.
Image Name: censorship-by-the-left-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/21/2018

What The Comic Is: “Normal Folk” are shown to plug their ears. “Leftists” are shown to moosh people’s lips together.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: ‘Normal’ people choose to not listen to things they don’t want to hear, while leftists choose to silence people they don’t want to hear. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Hey, remember that time when an auditorium of Trump supporters and conservatives cheered wildly while Trump himself directed the rally’s security to throw out a group of Bernie supporters into freezing winter weather, specifically while stealing their coats from them? I guess you aren’t ‘normal’ unless your method of “plugging your ears” involves theft and being unsafely ejected into dangerous temperatures. But then, given how the end of Trump’s 2020 campaign went, was it really out of the ordinary for the man or his supporters to leave people left stranded in the freezing cold?

This is also specifically a comic about Twitter bans (as the people are light blue, representing Twitter’s primary color). Twitter is not a public forum, it is a private website owned by Twitter. They can choose at any discretion who or who does not get a voice on their platform. StoneToss styles himself as an ultra libertarian, except for when it doesn’t suit him, making him lean more towards identifying as a pro-dictatorship type of person than a ‘personal liberty for all’; but StoneToss is wildly fucking stupid and deluded so is this really a big surprise? 

Hate speech in the US has repeatedly been protected by the Supreme Court, meaning that a citizen has every right to speak in hatred against other people. This is only stopped short of inciting any violence or crime (i.e., it’s okay to say “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US” but you can’t say “EVERYONE KILL ALL JEWS”; or at least not until the new SCOTUS passes some new legislation, I guess). However, it’s also someone’s personal liberty to, you know, object your hate speech. Again, StoneToss is a Libertarian, but only when it suits his bigotry. 

The right to be a bigot = AMERICAN FREEDOM.

The right to be intolerant of bigotry = LEFTIST HELLSCAPE.

StoneToss: Episode 34

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

Comic Name: Fighting Fires with Firing
Description: Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?
Image Name: million-dollar-extreme-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/24/2018

What The Comic Is: A man expresses his disbelief at conservatives and their agenda of cancelling people’s careers over offensive jokes. In the second panel, Sam Hyde gazes silently, looking more at the man’s hands or lower lip than at his face because StoneToss can’t be bothered to correctly line up sight lines.

What StoneToss Actually Believes: Sam Hyde was a victim of cancel culture, and that cancel culture is a liberal tool devised by/for liberals against conservatives.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: There’s a bit to unpack in this one. Actually, there’s a fucking lot to unpack, but let’s start with Sam Hyde. Even if you’re not familiar with the ballad of Same Hyde, it’s likely you may have heard of at least one of his antics or controversies before. Foremost, let’s begin with 2016. Hyde, along with his co-partners, was part of a new show on Adult Swim called Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace (normally known shorthand as ‘World Peace’). The show featured Hyde and some buddies, under their comedy troupe the Million Dollar Extreme (or MDE), doing random stupid shit and skits, though with the typical hyper-absurdism and surreal nature of typical Adult Swim fashion; so less Whitest Kids You Know and more Tim and Eric, as one way of putting it. Anyways, the show was well received but never got picked up for a second season after rumors floated around that Hyde was involved with the alt-right and was sympathetic of white supremacist plights. 

It is worth noting that Hyde tends to be a very aloof character. Kind of like Sacha Baron Cohen (the Borat guy), only a bit tone deaf and slightly douchey, so there’s some plausible deniability whenever he’s doing something vaguely alt-rightish or bigoted. Instances such as when he attended a comedy club and then, when at the mic, read off a list of anti-gay “facts” until members of the audience started to leave; or when he Tweeted that he believed fellow actor/comedian Patton Oswalt killed his late wife. Hyde has claimed he doesn’t have anything against homosexuals in interviews (while doubling down on his stance on Oswalt’s wife, claiming Oswalt must have done something to ‘piss him off’ that caused him to believe there was foul play involved). Hyde has defended himself by likening his ‘irl trolling’ and character performances to Sarah Silverman’s ill-received black face routine, pondering why only his past actions have come back to bite him. (Which is funny, considering Silverman had to apologize for the jokes she made and was even recently fired from a film production when the producers discovered the 2007-era blackface photos).

Hyde might be able to deny being homophobic and that his stunt at the comedy club was just offensive humor and performance art, but his doubling down on shitty things like Tweeting conspiracy theories over Patton Oswalt’s dead wife or his financial support of Andrew Anglin (founder of The Daily Stormer, a firmly white supremacist publication) are not things that bode especially well for someone trying to appeal to very liberal avenues such as, you know, Adult Swim. Hyde defends himself as a battered comic that was turned on by the hounds of his own industry, when in reality the dude has just done shit that has lead to repercussions for himself down the line. Mentioned earlier was Sacha Baron Cohen, the “Borat guy”. Cohen and Hyde are very similar in that they’re both hardcore character actors who push boundaries and can sometimes get very offensive. However, there’s a reason why no one wants to cancel Cohen. Pro tip: It’s not because Hyde is randomly being picked on by the comedy world, or because Tim Heidecker (the ‘Tim’ half of comedy duo ‘Tim and Eric’) doesn’t like him. It’s because Hyde has done shitty things and even if some of them truly were for ironic comedy, they didn’t land very well for lack of the kind of nuance a master like Cohen is so adept at. Also, because asserting that Patton Oswalt murdered his wife and then doubling down and saying “he must have pissed me off!” is incredibly childish.

Okay, now that you’re all studied in the history of Sam Hyde; what the fuck does this have to do with the comic? Well, now that we’ve firmly established that Hyde did enough damage to himself to justify the cancellation of his show, we can easily throw StoneToss’ stupid use of the comedian aside. Hyde was not the victim of “liberal cancel culture”, he was a dickhead who got the “alt-right sympathizing conspiracy theorist…” part down, but forgot about the “…played as a visibly ironic character without past shitty actions to lend any legitimacy to it” part.

As for the rest of the comic, StoneToss is trying to mock liberals and their criticism of conservative’s post-Trump cult-think. Hyde is StoneToss’ stand-in for people who are ruined by “liberal witch hunts”, as a representation of liberal hypocrisy. It’s true, witch hunts happen in all ideologies, but when you really look at it, the takeaway is that conservatives have plenty of Sam Hydes and that conservative ‘cancel culture’ is mostly just old fashioned muckraking, rumor-milling and desperate attempts to dig up any kind of dirt on someone that they can in order to play the coveted Uno reverse card on the liberals; trying to fight fire with fire, basically. We saw this with Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre attempt to throw mud on Hunter Biden with the convoluted laptop lie. We saw it when Trump attempted to coerce a foreign nation into providing information about a rival political family. Does liberal cancel culture sometimes go too far? Occasionally, yes. Do right-leaning individuals often dig themselves into holes and then blame ‘pc cancel culture’ for their comeuppance? Gee, I dunno; do bears shit in the woods? 

TL;DR: Sam Hyde made his own bed and StoneToss is a fucking idiot.

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Comic Name: Criminal Mind
Description: Warning: This may be illegal to view in the UK.
Image Name: thought-crime-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/31/2018

What The Comic Is: James Smith posts online that he just got done reading the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, commenting on how crazy it would be if thought-crimes were real. Tom Jenkins replies with a highly racist sentiment, before submitting gibberish in his next post. It is revealed that a meme police officer is detaining him for lack of a racism license. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Racism is free speech.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Prior to this comic, StoneToss did a few of these “oi mate” meme jokes. All the previous ones are just harmless jokes with no subtext and while this one might look no different, you have to remember this is StoneToss we’re dealing with. StoneToss loves to misdirect and make himself look harmless, disguising bigotry and deeper context within comics that can pass as plausible deniability. 

This comic was published on the ass end of July 2018, which was at the height of (one of) the UK’s possible copyright law changes that may have vaguely made it illegal to make memes. Political commentary was rife all across the world on the issue, and it seems StoneToss was no exception. While most agree the proposed law in 2018 was over-reaching, some of the more unhinged theorists suggested that this would be the beginning of the end of “free speech”, and that pretty soon you could even be arrested for racism online (StoneToss seemingly unaware that you could be arrested for hate speech online in the UK for years before 2018). Because get it?? Making it illegal to say racist things is exactly like 1984’s “thought-crimes”!!!!!11

 The comic in general is a great example of StoneToss’ crafty nature. He calls racism what it is, hides a deeper subtext behind a meme he had been using the past month in his comic and dresses the narrative of the comic up enough that it’s harder to read between its lines. Most people would see this and think it’s just a joke about racists on the internet or something, failing to make the connections and giving off the illusion that StoneToss is separate from alt-right/bigotry. But just when you thought it was safe to think StoneToss wasn’t an idiot…

Also, as if to attempt to totally betray all benefit of doubt, StoneToss very cleverly draws the star on the police officer’s hat at a Star of David. Get it? Because (((the Jewish world order of liberals, democrats, Trump post-November 2020 and anyone else who isn’t white))) is behind making it illegal to be a racist bigot- er, I mean, commit Orwellian thought-crimes.

Oi, StoneToss, you got a loicense for that empty fucking skull, mate?

StoneToss: Episode 33

Comic Name: Alphabet Soup
Description: Happy ongoing pride month, guys.
Mouseover: you could also add the letters: H. I. V.
Image Name: lgbt-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/19/2018

What The Comic Is: The letters ‘LGB’ float over stereotypical caricatures of homosexual men and women. The letter ‘T’ floats over an offensive caricature of a trans woman, as the letter ‘Q’ floats above a tattooed guy with several piercings. The letter “F” floats above a man in a fursuit that has a hole for his mouth, but seemingly none for his eyes. Finally, the letter ‘D’ floats above a drag queen. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Once again, that homosexuality is a slippery slope, that being a furry is comparable to bestiality and that drag queens are evil. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The drag queen in the last panel goes by the name “Xochi Mochi”. In 2018, they dressed in rather odd costume for a drag queen reading hour at a library. Details of the specific reading hour are sketchy to find, but it seems that some of the children in attendance to the reading were also in costume, suggesting it was a costumed event (which explains Mochi’s outfit, which is admittedly pretty extravagant even by drag queen standards). Anyways, bigots hate people different from them and there’s no short supply of their bitching and moaning concerning the mere existence of drag queens; to say nothing of what they say when drag queens are visible to children. Children seeing something that exists and isn’t in the bible? Perish the thought.

When Mochi did their reading hour in their ‘demon’ costume, it didn’t take long for religious bigots to pick up on it and begin their self-righteous bitchfits. StoneToss doesn’t usually express any religious feelings in his comics, though he must at least be in the orbit of deranged religious news media, as he picked up rather quickly on this obscure non-story. Aside from the obvious “homosexuality is a slippery slope” bullshit, it’s worth pointing out that StoneToss may be a bit of a Christian nut himself. The “2+2 = 6.66” poster in the background of the last panel is obviously a reference to ‘666’ (sign of the beast, number of Satan, etc), along with his depiction as Mochi being an actual demon. Christian ‘news’ outlets, in a display of being completely detached from reality, were swift to decry Mochi as being literally a Satanist demon worshipper. (So not only does ‘D’ stand for ‘Drag’, but also DEMON1111 omfg stonetoss how smart).
The poster reading an incorrect answer to a math problem is also probably a reference to the phrase “2 + 2 = 5“, a phrase generally used to mock anti-intellectualism found in society or politics (it was notably used in the Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four). StoneToss is basically saying that drag queens, and society’s acceptance of them and their proximity to children, is the equivalency of a “2 + 2 = 5”; that society has fundamentally failed on a base logical level and has replaced hard truths with “big brother” constructed lies. 
Caricatures of Mochi would become a stand-in for StoneToss to mock and disparage drag queens in the future. The name of the comic is a reference to “alphabet soup”, an insult used against the LGBTQ+ label (that all the letters are like ‘alphabet soup’, and people identifying as non-cis are ‘alphabet people’). The description is a reference to StoneToss suggesting that pride month is ‘taking over’ and ‘every month is going to become pride month’ because having to show basic tolerance and acceptance for homosexuals for any amount of time, let alone at all times, is insufferable to StoneToss. The mouseover text is a brainless jab at “gay people have STIs”, a common stereotype used against homosexual men and their communities in particular.
Notice also the very subtle way StoneToss draws the lesbian’s breasts as saggy. Only straight (white) women who don’t have sex before marriage have shapely breasts. It is well known, to scientists of fact and logic, that the second a woman breaches traditional patriarchal values that God makes her tits sag. 

Comic Name: Cyber-spunk
Description: In the year 2070: 
Mouseover: State enforced homosexuality
Image Name: cyberpunk-gay-comic1.png 
Originally Published: 6/21/2018

What The Comic Is: A man eats the severed penis of a dog while pondering the role of the government in the governance of social issues. The dog penis salesman challenges this, and explains that without the state, there would be no one to build roads. The man facepalms, realizing the salesman is right. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The government isn’t necessary and all it does is force people to be gay and trans.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has complained about how he thinks the government is useless before. He doesn’t like taxes, and he really hates anything taxes pay for or that the government does. Classic anti-tax arguments are that we should privatize everything the government currently provides. As in, a private company bids on and builds infrastructure such as roads. Exactly who pays these companies for their work is a question StoneToss seemingly can’t even answer himself, as his solution is to mock strawmen rather than actually answer the question that his own fucking comic asks. But anyways, this is just another boiler plate “GOVERNMENT BAD” comic, with the addition of some more random transphobia. Immediately off the back of the last comic, in this comic StoneToss is equating a drag queen reading to kids as “the government telling kids to be trans”. How StoneToss’ brain makes such a wild fucking connection is pretty much anyone’s guess, but then perhaps it would be one’s fault for assuming StoneToss bothers to use his brain in the first place.

The comic also uses the term “Globo-homo”, a short lived (and profoundly shitty) alt-right slang word for “Globalist Homosexuals” (homosexuals  in this context normally meaning the Jews, who are apparently also gay). As a slang word, “Globo-homo” is not at all catchy to say. Globosexual sounds a little better, but then people would think you’re talking about wanting to fuck the earth, instead of some dumb convoluted bullshit where Jews are gay and gays are globalist.
Also, check out that blimp reading ‘HAPPY CONSECUTIVE PRIDE MONTH’. The globosexuals are going to make us recognize the basic validity of people who are gay oh god oh no oh god oh no this is the death of America and the rise of a tyrannical government that erases straight white people by showing acceptance towards homosexuals and also they build roads using GAY CONCRETE that was produced by the globalist jews in their gay concrete factories at the center of the earth on the moon.

e))) is behind making it illegal to be a racist bigot- er, I mean, commit Orwellian thought-crimes.

Oi, StoneToss, you got a loicense for that empty fucking skull, mate?

StoneToss: Episode 32

You may have already noticed that I missed Thursday’s upload. My excuse for this was I used the time I normally had for writing a blog post and used it to try and visually revamp my blog a bit. However, Blogger (the site the blog runs on) did a big overhaul of their software and wouldn’t you know it, it’s total shit! For now I’m weighing my options betwixt working with Blogger’s awful new interface or swapping websites. At any rate, to make up for missing Thursday, this submission covers three comics. oh boy.

Comic Name: Collision Course
Description: Too bad liberals have trouble with basic economics.
Mouseover: >more immigration 
>higher wages
Choose one.
Image Name: immigration-vs-wages-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/7/2018

What The Comic Is: A group of people march down a street in protest for a fifteen dollar minimum wage. Another group of people walk down a street, in protest of open borders and free immigration. The two groups are shown to be walking towards each other.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: There can’t be a higher minimum wage if we let people move into the country.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At best this is StoneToss expressing some Dunning-Kruger effect wherein he claims liberals don’t understand basic economics while being scathingly incorrect about them himself; at worst it’s StoneToss insinuating that if we give people in the USA better wages, then everyone from Mexico will ‘invade’ the country to earn those wages in low-skill labor jobs. This is StoneToss, though, so it’s very likely both.

We can soundly assume StoneToss hates the idea of a 15 dollar minimum wage, as many of his ilk tend to be wont to do. Couple with the fact he doesn’t want immigrants or, white Jesus forbid, refugees to earn that level of pay, and it’s not hard to deduce that by “Immigrants or higher wages, pick one. You libtards just don’t understand basic economics, do you?!“, what StoneToss actually means is “I don’t want people working at McDonalds to make anymore more money and I especially don’t want brown people to live in the USA“. It isn’t really a ‘pick one’ scenario to him. He would prefer neither, and he paints liberal agendas (higher minimum wage, refugees welcome) as being inherently conflictive with one another. Why exactly can we not have a higher minimum wage and more immigration? “Umm, uhh umm…” StoneToss stammers, attempting to back up the shitty comic he made. “B-because, ya libtard, uhh… more people means… uh, less… money?”. StoneToss soils himself.

It’s just basic economics, after all. Don’t you understand??

Comic Name: Extra Creamer
Description: Now with more soy.
Mouseover: I only drink my coffee straight.
Image Name: gay-pride-coffee-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/12/2018

What The Comic Is: A man hands his boss a mockup redesign for a coffee cup. The redesign is a gay-positive image of a black man sodomizing a white man. The boss questions if the design is trans inclusive enough.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Businesses are cucks.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At first this was a comic I planned to skip, but frankly I wanted to point a couple of things about it out. First of all, is that this easily could’ve been a perfectly acceptable and thoughtful take on how businesses use corporate pandering to appeal to consumers and are only pro-gay when it’s not only “safe” to be pro-gay as a business, but when you’re possibly going to come under fire for not taking a positive stance on the issue. Because it’s true. Businesses, as a whole entity, don’t give a shit about gay or trans lives. They only do what they feel they need to do in order to generate sales. Specifically, this comic is probably whining about Starbucks, which has seen its fair share of entitled bigots bitching about coffee cup art. 

On the second point, notice how it’s a black guy fucking a white guy. It didn’t need to be that way, but something in StoneToss said “my vision of gay is interracial with the black guy having a bigger dick and being the top”. Just so we all know how not gay StoneToss is, he drew a white guy getting fucked by a black guy. Just so we ALL KNOW how totally NOT GAY he is. Sure he hates women and he draws black men in dominant sexual positions over white men and women. It’s just because that’s how totally not sexually erotic StoneToss finds black men.

Comic Name: Per-ception
Description: Don’t you know that noticing things is racist now?
Mouseover: The liberal dystopia is already here, folks. Facts are racist.
Image Name: racism-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/14/2018

What The Comic Is: A member of the Ku Klux Klan brandishes a pitchfork while calling for racial purging. This is labeled as racism. In the next panel, a news anchor discusses a statistic broken down by a per capita basis. This is labeled, sarcastically, as “racism”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Systemic racism does not exist and people think facts are racist.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: In a transparent attempt to distance himself from “real” racism, StoneToss gives us the most over-the-top example of racism there is: a Klansman calling for a purge. Look, StoneToss is an idiot. I’m not saying he is intelligent, per se, as some of his comics can get pretty god damned fucking stupid. However, it’s a fair observation to say that StoneToss is part of a caste of bigots who are more savvy and capable of being aloof when compared to the “bumpkin hick” racist that we usually imagine when we think of a member of the current KKK. This ploy of pointing the finger at the racists who are even dumber than themselves and saying “Look, look, IM not racist! I can’t be, because THIS is what a real racist looks like!” is all too common for guys like StoneToss. This attempt at constructing a narrative where racism extends only as far as a white nightgown is as weak as it is stupid.

But enough on the subcontext of this comic. Let’s talk about the domcontext. The news anchor is discussing ‘per capita’ statistics, which is a general umbrella for statistics relating to crimes committed by minorities, etc. The thing about that, however, is that no one thinks facts are racist, because that notion is incredibly stupid. The argument is not “facts are racist”, the argument is “these numbers are inaccurate and represent systematic bias in the way they are gathered, or they reflect the outcome of systematic oppression and therefore aren’t representative of really anything else.”

But StoneToss doesn’t wear KKK robes so that means he can’t be racist, which means he can’t be stupid. That’s how it works, right?