RedPanels: Episode 1

Foreword: Originally, I was never going to cover Redpanels on this blog. I just didn’t see much of a reason to; as even compared to StoneToss, Redpanels is incredibly stupid and, more than that, didn’t really have any deeper or ‘secret’ meanings. This meant that most comics did not really require any deeper analysis. However, as I read through Redpanels catalogue, I decided there were more than a few I could at least vaguely justify posting to this blog. Add to the fact that StoneToss is publicly embarrassed by Redpanels and tries his best to disregard his authorship of it and any connection therein it has to StoneToss and I’d say we have a pretty good reason to feature it here.

Comic Name: Übermensch
Description: I had long thought that there is a curious and ignored implication to the notion that certain attributes of a person ought to be shamed because it was deemed favorable by others.
Originally Published: 8/17/2015

What The Comic Is: An early “prototype” of StoneToss’ gay caricature tells a cis white man to check his privilege. The white man incorrectly takes this to mean that he is actually better than other genders/sexualities/skin colors, to which the gay straw man agrees. The white considers for a moment, his image incorrectly reflecting in a mirror behind him. He turns, peering into the mirror and seeing an ideal version of himself as an ‘ubermensch’, or a super man.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s everyone else’s fault for making white men think they’re naturally superior, and that white men are a victim of some kind of misleading/gas lighting.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is playing the victim at it’s absolute finest. Everything 
about this comic is fucking stupid, not least of all the ridiculous straw manning of the gay guy. No, “white privilege” does not mean non-whites believe whites are more attractive or intelligent or trustworthy; it means that white people established a cultural dominance in the United States and oppressed those they felt didn’t meet any of their arbitrary cultural or regional backgrounds. Because of this, white people to this day generally enjoy societal benefits (both concrete, like earning higher wages for similar work; and more abstract, like how others may racially profile them in different situations). This does not mean anyone thinks white people are actually superior. 

Under StoneToss’ stupid fake logic, he draws the conclusion that this is why cis white men are driven to see themselves the way they do. He’s playing the victim, trying to accuse the very people that cis white men have historically oppressed in the US of being the ones that put the notion of superiority into the cis white man’s head to begin with. If there’s one positive thing you can attribute to StoneToss, it’s that he at least had the self-awareness to realize how bad his Redpanels were. I guess even angry, bigoted cowards like StoneToss are capable of some degree of humility. Fascinating.

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