StoneToss: Episode 31

Comic Name: Walk the walk
Description: Greed.
Mouseover: How many hungry have died because a liberal wanted to buy an iphone [sic] instead?
Image Name: liberal-compassion-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/24/2018

What The Comic Is: A man approaches a homeless beggar, ruminating on what sort of society sees someone as needy as a homeless beggar and yet does nothing. After locking eyes for a moment with the beggar, the man then walks off, commenting on how heartbreaking the situation is.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Liberals are hypocrites for owning things.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At first glance this is a harmless comic with no political charge to it. By itself, that’s all it it. It’s only with the context of the comic’s name and mouseover that StoneToss’s true message comes out (making this comic a great example of why I post the name/description/mouseover texts). The mouseover directly implicates liberals, specifically, as buying iPhones. The comic name, “Walk the walk” is obviously in reference to the saying, “Talk the talk, walk the walk“, which basically means “do what you say you’re going to do”, or “don’t say you can or will do what you aren’t able or don’t plan to do”, in as many words. Of course, the description is a very blunt “greed”.

This comic is aimed at liberals because liberals are often the ones recognizing disadvantage and then aiding it. But StoneToss makes the very intelligent observation that liberals also OWN things. Like we learned with the Marvel comic, StoneToss doesn’t own anything. He doesn’t ever go to movies. CHAD STONETOSS VS THE VIRGIN PHONE HAVER: STONETOSS HAS NEVER SEEN A PHONE IN HIS LIFE. This comic is, in StoneToss fashion, straw manning liberals because it is literally the only fucking way StoneToss can make them look bad.

When it comes to raw collected data on donating money, Republicans tend to be a bit ahead of Democrats, this much is true. This is also very much explained away when you consider Republican’s primarily donate to churches and other religious causes, rather than to pure humanitarian causes. Democrats and liberals still donate in equally great numbers as Republicans, even if their total number of dollars donated tends to fall behind. So in reality, liberals totally practice what they preach; they donate. On a deeper level, StoneToss is trying to bitch about a pure communistic society that he straw mans liberals into desiring, where no one owns anything and there is no money or material wealth. Because liberals want a better society for all, but also own things like phones, this is a baseless attack to assert that liberals are actually greedy hypocrites. The comic is best summed up as “Liberals think everyone should have a fair chance in society and that money should be more fairly distributed, yet they actually own some things that are moderately expensive? Hmm very strange… I am very smart.

Comic Name: Gotta Go Fabulous
Description: I didn’t choose to like big boobied, obedient women – I was born this way.
Mouseover: heh, nothing personnel, homos
Image Name: born-this-way-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/31/2018

What The Comic Is: A man asks a homosexual why he chose to be gay. The homosexual replies that he didn’t choose to be gay, he was born this way. The man asks a trans woman how she chose to be trans, she responds that she didn’t choose to be trans and it’s just how she was born. The man then approaches a mascot for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but is unable to find words.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If you accept trans people and gay people, then eventually people will want to fuck animals.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Again, like the above comic this one seemingly appears to be just a harmless, funny comic that isn’t trying to make any messages. It’s just a joke about furries being weird. However, StoneToss has espoused in the past his stance on the slippery slope of homosexuality and transgenders. A very common (and unhinged) hot take is that “if we accept gays, then eventually we’ll accept pedophiles and people who fuck animals”, as if homosexuality or gender identity or just being a furry are all stepping stones down a path that leads to pedophilia and bestiality; like being gay is comparable to being a pedophile. StoneToss also hates furries (I mean, why not?) so it’s obvious he’s likening furries, in a very disparaging way, to people who actually force themselves on animals in sexual intercourse. More than that, he’s suggesting that furries aren’t born as furries and ergo, anyone claiming to be born gay or trans is not right. 

This is a perfect example of a StoneToss comic that needs the context of who StoneToss is in order to make full sense. If you didn’t know who StoneToss was, you’d think this was actually pro-homosexuality and pro-transgender (maybe leaving aside the trans woman’s facial hair, pronounced Adam’s apple and exaggerated muscular arm) and was just taking a friendly rib at furries. StoneToss doesn’t believe anyone is born gay or trans, though. He actively believes you have to be sexually abused to “turn” gay. So we know, without needing more context, that there’s more bigotry to this than meets the eye. This is part of StoneToss’ plan. To douse his bigotry in enough outer layers of irony in order to cultivate enough plausible deniability that he can use to try and distance his comics from being widely labeled as fascist turds. This is why we have to closely examine each StoneToss comic, because you can not afford this dumbass the comfort of casual benefit of the doubt. That is exactly what he is trying to get from you with comics like this.

So make like a pastry and Donut Give It To Him.

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