StoneToss: Episode 33

Comic Name: Alphabet Soup
Description: Happy ongoing pride month, guys.
Mouseover: you could also add the letters: H. I. V.
Image Name: lgbt-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/19/2018

What The Comic Is: The letters ‘LGB’ float over stereotypical caricatures of homosexual men and women. The letter ‘T’ floats over an offensive caricature of a trans woman, as the letter ‘Q’ floats above a tattooed guy with several piercings. The letter “F” floats above a man in a fursuit that has a hole for his mouth, but seemingly none for his eyes. Finally, the letter ‘D’ floats above a drag queen. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Once again, that homosexuality is a slippery slope, that being a furry is comparable to bestiality and that drag queens are evil. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The drag queen in the last panel goes by the name “Xochi Mochi”. In 2018, they dressed in rather odd costume for a drag queen reading hour at a library. Details of the specific reading hour are sketchy to find, but it seems that some of the children in attendance to the reading were also in costume, suggesting it was a costumed event (which explains Mochi’s outfit, which is admittedly pretty extravagant even by drag queen standards). Anyways, bigots hate people different from them and there’s no short supply of their bitching and moaning concerning the mere existence of drag queens; to say nothing of what they say when drag queens are visible to children. Children seeing something that exists and isn’t in the bible? Perish the thought.

When Mochi did their reading hour in their ‘demon’ costume, it didn’t take long for religious bigots to pick up on it and begin their self-righteous bitchfits. StoneToss doesn’t usually express any religious feelings in his comics, though he must at least be in the orbit of deranged religious news media, as he picked up rather quickly on this obscure non-story. Aside from the obvious “homosexuality is a slippery slope” bullshit, it’s worth pointing out that StoneToss may be a bit of a Christian nut himself. The “2+2 = 6.66” poster in the background of the last panel is obviously a reference to ‘666’ (sign of the beast, number of Satan, etc), along with his depiction as Mochi being an actual demon. Christian ‘news’ outlets, in a display of being completely detached from reality, were swift to decry Mochi as being literally a Satanist demon worshipper. (So not only does ‘D’ stand for ‘Drag’, but also DEMON1111 omfg stonetoss how smart).
The poster reading an incorrect answer to a math problem is also probably a reference to the phrase “2 + 2 = 5“, a phrase generally used to mock anti-intellectualism found in society or politics (it was notably used in the Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four). StoneToss is basically saying that drag queens, and society’s acceptance of them and their proximity to children, is the equivalency of a “2 + 2 = 5”; that society has fundamentally failed on a base logical level and has replaced hard truths with “big brother” constructed lies. 
Caricatures of Mochi would become a stand-in for StoneToss to mock and disparage drag queens in the future. The name of the comic is a reference to “alphabet soup”, an insult used against the LGBTQ+ label (that all the letters are like ‘alphabet soup’, and people identifying as non-cis are ‘alphabet people’). The description is a reference to StoneToss suggesting that pride month is ‘taking over’ and ‘every month is going to become pride month’ because having to show basic tolerance and acceptance for homosexuals for any amount of time, let alone at all times, is insufferable to StoneToss. The mouseover text is a brainless jab at “gay people have STIs”, a common stereotype used against homosexual men and their communities in particular.
Notice also the very subtle way StoneToss draws the lesbian’s breasts as saggy. Only straight (white) women who don’t have sex before marriage have shapely breasts. It is well known, to scientists of fact and logic, that the second a woman breaches traditional patriarchal values that God makes her tits sag. 

Comic Name: Cyber-spunk
Description: In the year 2070: 
Mouseover: State enforced homosexuality
Image Name: cyberpunk-gay-comic1.png 
Originally Published: 6/21/2018

What The Comic Is: A man eats the severed penis of a dog while pondering the role of the government in the governance of social issues. The dog penis salesman challenges this, and explains that without the state, there would be no one to build roads. The man facepalms, realizing the salesman is right. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The government isn’t necessary and all it does is force people to be gay and trans.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has complained about how he thinks the government is useless before. He doesn’t like taxes, and he really hates anything taxes pay for or that the government does. Classic anti-tax arguments are that we should privatize everything the government currently provides. As in, a private company bids on and builds infrastructure such as roads. Exactly who pays these companies for their work is a question StoneToss seemingly can’t even answer himself, as his solution is to mock strawmen rather than actually answer the question that his own fucking comic asks. But anyways, this is just another boiler plate “GOVERNMENT BAD” comic, with the addition of some more random transphobia. Immediately off the back of the last comic, in this comic StoneToss is equating a drag queen reading to kids as “the government telling kids to be trans”. How StoneToss’ brain makes such a wild fucking connection is pretty much anyone’s guess, but then perhaps it would be one’s fault for assuming StoneToss bothers to use his brain in the first place.

The comic also uses the term “Globo-homo”, a short lived (and profoundly shitty) alt-right slang word for “Globalist Homosexuals” (homosexuals  in this context normally meaning the Jews, who are apparently also gay). As a slang word, “Globo-homo” is not at all catchy to say. Globosexual sounds a little better, but then people would think you’re talking about wanting to fuck the earth, instead of some dumb convoluted bullshit where Jews are gay and gays are globalist.
Also, check out that blimp reading ‘HAPPY CONSECUTIVE PRIDE MONTH’. The globosexuals are going to make us recognize the basic validity of people who are gay oh god oh no oh god oh no this is the death of America and the rise of a tyrannical government that erases straight white people by showing acceptance towards homosexuals and also they build roads using GAY CONCRETE that was produced by the globalist jews in their gay concrete factories at the center of the earth on the moon.

e))) is behind making it illegal to be a racist bigot- er, I mean, commit Orwellian thought-crimes.

Oi, StoneToss, you got a loicense for that empty fucking skull, mate?

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