StoneToss: Episode 36

Comic Name: Naan-chalant
Description: Anglican mosques when?
Mouseover: Britain also had its own caste system too, lo.l.
Originally Published: 8/23/2018

What The Comic Is: A man and his friend sit down at a pub for drinks and a meal. The man assures his friend that the pub serves the best authentic British food. The friend examines the food, a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy that he seems to be eating with a fork(?). The man, stuffing his face with what appear to be gravy-dipped gas station empanadas, asks if his friend does or does not like curry.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: White culture is being erased.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Food history time. Curry is a type of food that comprises a number of different dishes, normally served as a sauce with rice. It originates from India. Britain colonized India from 1858 to 1947; almost 90 years. Because of this, Indian cuisine is contemporarily popular in Britain to this day. 
This comic is basically about a lack of ‘white culture’ in countries like Britain. Britain, specifically, is a hotbed of conservative feelings and xenophobia regarding immigration, so it’s only a small wonder why StoneToss touched on it in his shitty comic. The comic description, “Anglican mosques when?” is a play on the term “___ when?”, but specifically is a play on “Mayocide when?”. ‘Mayocide when?’ is used as a satirical response to white supremacists complaining about supposed ‘white genocide’ (like, ya know, what this comic about curry is doing). StoneToss is trying to one-up the satirical mayocide phrase by showing us “evidence” of actual mayocide. After all, the man in the comic called curry “authentic British food”!! Conveniently ignore the fact the comic could be seen as pointing out Britain’s oppressive colonial rule of other countries and the way you could look at the cultural spoils of their colonization as being labeled “authentic”. Nah, Britain is just being white genocided and it’s not their own fault for invading India and adopting local recipes. It’s, uh, it’s… brown people’s fault, or whatever. Yeah, that’s it.
Also notice how the man eats the curry with naan bread (which is NoT hOw WhItE pEoPlE eAt ThEiR fOoD) and the friend, skeptical of the ‘authentic’ British food, is using a fork (the CHAD fork vs the VIRGIN non-white people thing). Is the WHITE PEOPLE INVENTION of the FORK (which was most likely first used by people living in China as early as 2400 BC and then saw use in the Byzantine and Middle East) being phased out?? When are we getting those “Anglican” mosques anyways? White people and culture will be completely erased if we get those. Whew. Is it stupid in here or is it just StoneToss?? (nervous chuckling, pulls on shirt collar to release steam). I’m an absolute mess right now, I need a glass of water. (stands up from computer chair, suddenly turns around to notice it has transformed into a traditional Mongolian yurt stoolsputters exasperatedly and backs up, bumping into the SONY television that has transformed into a SONY television) Oh no, all of my WHITE PEOPLE stuff is turning into NOT WHITE PEOPLE STUFF!! (Turns to run, fleeing past a box of breakfast cereal that has now transformed into something a Muslim would eat, or whatever).

Comic Name: Race Against Time
Description: I mean, they were good at rocketry…
Mouseover: Reminder that the soap and lampshades were 100% false.
Originally Published: 8/28/2018

What The Comic Is: A man watches a documentary on the holocaust. Dryly, he asks his friend if he can believe people still deny genocides. His friend mentions that people already deny the mass killings of white South Africans in modern day. The man dismisses this, claiming his friend reads too many internet conspiracies, while the History Channel advertises the show “Ancient Aliens“.
What StoneToss Actually Believes: The holocaust didn’t really happen and people only deny genocides when they happen to white people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Just like the goaste guy after he sits on a basketball, there’s a lot to unpack in this comic. If that comparison is too disgusting for you, then perhaps we can go with the more SFW version: Just like your typical StoneToss comic, there’s a lot to unpack in this comic.

First, let’s talk about the soap and lampshades. What StoneToss is referencing is that infamous soap and lampshades the Nazis reportedly created from human fat/skin (normally taken from the remains of those killed in their death camps). Let’s talk lampshades first. What we know about the Nazis making lampshades from human skin comes from first-hand accounts, although no surviving articles have been discovered and verified as genuine. Because of this, we can’t firmly say if any existed or not. Testimonies made under oath by Dr. Gustav Wegerer and Josef Ackermann, both prisoners in the Buchenwald concentration camp, claim that human skin lampshades, identifiable with tattoos, were created and used by Nazis controlling the camp. Neither man had much of a reason to lie about what they saw (unless you believe they were coached to testify it, I guess).
The soap issue, for it’s part, is much more clearly mythical in comparison, though it was a real rumor during the war, rather than some sort of propaganda created and circulated after it. From Wikipedia;

“Rumours that the Nazis produced soap from the bodies of concentration camp inmates circulated widely during the war. Germany suffered a shortage of fats during World War II, and the production of soap was put under government control. The “human soap” rumours may have originated from the bars of soap being marked with the initials RIF, which was interpreted by some as Rein-jüdisches-Fett (“Pure Jewish Fat”); in German Blackletter font the difference between I and J is only in length. RIF in fact stood for Reichsstelle für industrielle Fettversorgung (“National Center for Industrial Fat Provisioning”, the German government agency responsible for wartime production and distribution of soap and washing products). RIF soap was a poor quality substitute product that contained no fat at all, human or otherwise.”

But you know what’s funny about these lampshades and soap? It’s that the real, and very verifiable, parts of the Nazi genocide and holocaust are so heinous and terrible that people can easily believe the Nazis were making lampshades and Dawn out of the millions of people they murdered. But, sure, whatever. Let’s be fair. There’s no solid evidence of human skin lampshades and it’s refutable that human soap was ever made by the Nazis. Does it really fucking matter that much? The answer to normal people is “No”. The answer to holocaust deniers is “Yes”. Why? Because they can try to argue that just because a few myths or unsubstantiated stories surround the largest genocide in human history, that means there’s obviously so much more we can freely assume is wrong about the holocaust! PLEASE IGNORE the fact that no legitimate history texts or authorities will report that human lamp shades are confirmed as existing, or that the soap story was true. If you don’t ignore that, then StoneToss and his dumbass holocaust denier circlejerkers won’t have an argument. Please, this holiday season, support an idiot.

The description about rocketry is a reference to Albert Einstein and other Jews who studied rocket science that helped in the contribution of the atomic bomb, because StoneToss is trying to suggest the Jews are responsible for their own sort of genocide of the Japanese people. StoneToss says this because he’s immensely fucking stupid and he hates that facts always disagree with the dumb shit he believes.
But wait, don’t you know that the History Channel plays shows about ancient aliens? Obviously this means Holocaust documentaries are mutually exclusive. I mean, what else could it possibly mean? That the History Channel lost its integrity in the face of shrinking viewership and began peddling ridiculous shows not based in facts? Nooooo, that coooouldn’t be. Obviously it’s that the Holocaust was fake and (((the))) Jewish World Order made the (((History))) Channel to (((fool))) everyone with fake (((documentaries))) and that StoneToss actually isn’t a (((fucking idiot))).

The issue of “mass killing of white South Africans” is part of a larger issue related to the end of the apartheid (apartheid is Afrikaans for “apartment”) of blacks and whites living in South Africa. Whites in South Africa, descendants primarily of Dutch East India Company and British settlers, are about 7% to 8% of South Africa’s total population. In contrast, they form the bulk of the Boer (‘Boer’ being both Dutch and Afrikaans for ‘farmer’) class. They took control of the majority of South Africa’s farmland. This has lead to racial and geographical issues that exist very strongly even today, and it’s very true that white South Africans face (and perpetuate their own) racism and racial violence. While numbers on this are disputed (data tends to favor that there is not an outstanding case of violence against white South Africans), it’s certainly not ‘mass killing’. Why would anyone call it a genocide? Well, that’s simple. Apartheid ended, the whites had to live with the blacks. Whites didn’t like this. Whites left South Africa. There you go, the perfect situation for bigoted fuckheads to claim a genocide occurred.
And finally, we have the very subtle pinch of StoneToss inferring that conspiracy theories on ‘the internet’ can’t be trusted, but that people blindly trust something if it’s on the History Channel. You know, the (((History Channel)))?? Again, please, please ignore that ‘Ancient Aliens’ has always been a laughing stock that the general population of anywhere always disregarded as a terrible program. StoneToss’s dumbass comic doesn’t work otherwise 😦

I’d accuse StoneToss of reading too many conspiracy theories on the internet, but I’m not convinced he’s ever read anything longer than a chat bubble in a racist webcomic.

Happy Thanksgiving, StoneToss!!

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