StoneToss: Episode 37

Foreword: I am posting this somewhat late in the day today. I apologize for the tardiness; an unexpected minor emergency kept me away from finishing this post up and getting it out earlier.

Comic Name: Opposites Attract
Description: Strange times…
Mouseover: Day of the helicopter when?
Image Name: opposites-attract-comic0.png
Originally Published: 9/11/2018

What The Comic Is: A man in a Don’t Tread On Me shirt pulls on a rope, locked in a battle of tug of war. To his curiosity, he notices that a man wearing a shirt with a poorly drawn fasces symbol on it is now aiding him in his pull. On the other end of the rope, a man in a Hammer and Sickle shirt is pulling alongside a man in rich business attire. The man wearing the Don’t Tread On Me shirt is confused.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That fascism is aiding in the pull against ‘communism’ and (((rich people))).

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The man in the snake shirt is a Libertarian, a political leaning that StoneToss professes to be (despite the fact he’s more like a lite-fascist, as he constantly wishes to impede on the liberties of others on the basis of who they are). The man in the black shirt is a fascist as indicated by the (poorly drawn) fasces symbol on his shirt. The fasces symbol was a symbol used in ancient Rome that was adopted by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini for his fascist regime. It’s supposed to look like a bundle of sticks with an axe tied to it, symbolical of the power over life and death. StoneToss depicts it more like a trashcan with an axe laying across it, but whatever. Point being is that StoneToss could’ve just used the far more recognizable fascist symbol of the Nazi swastika. It would have been easier to draw and people wouldn’t have been confused as to who the guy in the black shirt was supposed to be, but see, that’s the thing…

StoneToss has made comics in the past about how equating the Gadsden flag (the ‘don’t tread on me’ snake flag) to the Nazi swastika was stupid. This means that in order to make this comic, he’d have to suggest the swastika and snake are actually much more closely aligned to one another. StoneToss doesn’t want to do this, because he desperately wants benefit of the doubt in regards to his neo-nazism, so he opts to use a far more obscure symbol for fascism because apparently he seriously thinks that there’s no correlation with the Nazi party so long as you’re not using the swastika. Forget that the Nazis were fascist, StoneToss is only using a symbol of fascism and not the actual icon of the Nazi party. Ergo, fascists aren’t Nazis. omfg the perfect logic

The communist and rich guy pulling together is meant to expose a hypocrisy that StoneToss feels exists on the left. He thinks the left are all about communism (they are not) while simultaneously being propped up by the wealthy, or as if to suggest that the wealthy are ‘pulling the strings’ of the left, making them into puppets who unwittingly fight for their very oppressors. The whole message of the comic is that it’s like an “upside down land” where fascists are fighting for liberty (the very thing that destroys them) and the wealthy are fighting for communism (they very thing that destroys them). In reality, a not insignificant amount of self-proposed Libertarians are actually deeply in line with fascist beliefs, where as there are those who are wealthy and yet are proponents of fairer tax laws, better wages for workers, etc. (basically if it’s anything that supports workers and their right to exist, StoneToss immediately believes it is far-left extreme totalitarian dictatorship; this is because StoneToss is an idiot). Oh, also, the rich guy is probably supposed to be the Jews too because why not.

And finally, the mouseover. Every third Sunday of the month of August is “World Helicopter Day”, a day reserved to appreciate the benefits of helicopters on our world and to discuss and share facts and safety information concerning the aircraft. This, of course, is not what StoneToss means by “day of the helicopter”. Rather, it’s a reference to the ‘free helicopter rides’ meme that was beginning to become mainstream among the right in 2018 (the year of this comic’s publishing). The meme is about dropping communists and sometimes leftists in general out of helicopters to their deaths; it is derived from a method of execution utilized by Augusto Pinochet, dictator of Chile from 1973-1990. Pinochet would have his enemies, normally communists, flown up in helicopters and then tossed out.
“We’re not fascist!” StoneToss and his ilk cry. “We just want to extra-judicially murder political opponents!!! We don’t even wear swastikas, just snakes and sticks!!!!!”

Comic Name: On Second Thought
Description: Oops, too open. For the easily offended among you, you will be pleased to learn that nothing in the above comic contradicts number of gassing deaths reported by mainstream sources.
Via wikipedia: (StoneToss follows with a post of a screenshot of the Wikipedia article, highlighting the estimated figure of 1.1 million Jews murdered by Zyklon B gas, as if that means anything).
Mouseover: Now that’s a chutzpah. 
Image Name: open-mind-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/13/2018

What The Comic Is: A hippie tells a man to open his mind, free of the control of “the man”. The man thinks for a moment, and then begins to question the holocaust. The hippie slaps a hand over his mouth, warning him to shut up.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The holocaust numbers are fabricated and that allied approach into Germany ‘severed supply lines’ and caused prisoners to starve.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid. Here we are, folks. This is, by far, the most requested comic I’ve ever gotten so far in this blog’s life (so far). I promised you guys I’d get to, and now we’ve gotten to it. 
This is by far one of the dumbest fucking comics StoneToss has ever made. I know I say that quite often, but is that the product of my exaggeration, or the product of StoneToss being so genuinely stupid that he constantly outdoes himself? First, let’s start with the subtext of the comic. The hippie (a straw man for liberals/the left) tells the man to open his mind and not worry about what ‘the man’ (a stand-in for society) tells him to think. When the man “wrong-thinks”, he’s told to stop questioning and shut up. Basically it’s just trying to expose liberals as hypocrites; that they want to question everything and think free, but silence anything they don’t like. As if Jews find it offensive to question the holocaust and therefore it isn’t “PC friendly” to do so. All very standard StoneToss dogshit. It has to be explained to StoneToss, as it usually does, that there’s a difference between genuine questions concerning the holocaust (such as, “how did the Nazis kill so many people it doesn’t make sense to me”) and between outright holocaust denial/arguing (((they))) are making it up to some degree. This nuance ruins StoneToss’ stupid comic, so as always you are asked to please ignore it.

But the best part about the comic is the rhetoric in the man’s speech. “The allied invasion of Germany caused the deaths of the prisoners” is a really common neo-nazi/holocaust denial talking point and it’s complete and total bullshit. This argument attempts to shift blame around and play a moderate centrist. It allows Germany to share the blame of imprisoning Jews in the first place, but suggests they either did not kill as many as 6 million prisoners or that the blame for the bulk of the murders is actually due to the Allies invading Germany, “disrupting supply lines”. We know this is not true as the bulk of the killings in camps were happening far before the Allies invaded Germany. How do we know this? BECAUSE THE NAZIS KEPT DETAILED, DATED RECORDS OF EVERYTHING THEY DID, STONETOSS YOU FUCKING IDIOT. The vast majority of the holocaust murders happened from 1941 to 1945. It wasn’t until May of 1945 that the Allies invaded Germany, and it wasn’t much earlier than that, April of 1045, that the Allies were finding and liberating the first of the concentration camps. It doesn’t even bear refuting that the prisoners in the camps were not victims of “insufficient supplies” because of a “war-torn Germany”. And you know what? So fucking what if it was? Would it somehow not be the German’s fault that the prisoners died due to insufficient supplies because of Allied invasion? 

Even if we accept StoneToss’ theory, ignoring that documented history completely destroys it, the Germans would still be responsible for the deaths of their prisoners. The best this shitty, fake and entirely failed argument does is try to suggest the Germans didn’t mean to kill all those people. Gosh, I guess that makes it so much better.

StoneToss tries to have this big, huge gotcha moment where he cites that even Wikipedia only suggests around 1.1 million Jews were killed in gas chambers. Oh man, that’d be really embarrassing for modern holocaust death tolls… if it were reported by any of them that the victims of the holocaust were all killed by gas chambers. Literally no historical sources says “6 million Jews were gassed by Zyklon B”.  Because the Germans employed many forms of murder on their prisoners, including (but absolutely not limited to): Shooting, starvation, intentional neglect, disease, human experimentation and lack of heat or general shelter from the elements. Let’s not forget that Zyklon B was not the only gas used in the holocaust. “Gas vans” killed hundreds of thousands of people before the first Zyklon B chambers were ever even built. The 1.1 million figure is, in such pitiful and infantile manner, clutched onto by so many holocaust deniers that it’s actually insane. Like these fucking idiots see “1.1 million Jews were killed by Zyklon B” and immediately slam the history book closed, punch their laptop screen into pieces, and then jump up and start screaming “SIX MILLION IS A LIE1111 WIKIPEDIA ONLY SAY 1 MILLION11111”.

Like, StoneToss cites the fucking Wikipedia article on the holocaust as his primary source and yet that very same page concludes that his comic is wrong and fucking stupid, so he didn’t even bother to fully read his entire source before citing it, which is like literally the absolute fucking stupidest thing you can ever do.

The most cathartic thing about destroying a holocaust denier’s idiotic ramblings is that the Nazis themselves detailed their atrocities so well that even if we disregard testimonies and firsthand accounts, they’re still clearly responsible for the mass murder of millions of people. 
Oh, StoneToss. You sure are an idiot.

5 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 37

  1. Little extra note for anyone that reads the comments. “The Day of the Helicopter” is actually a twofold reference. The first the author describes above, and the second is the Day of the Rope from the Turing Diaries, a book written by a white supremacist. Basically, the Day of the Rope is when a bunch of the “heroes” round up white people they consider to be “ race traitors”, and hang them from every lamppost in California. But I’m sure that’s not at all what StoneToss wants…..


  2. The Fasce symbol is very well known recognizable symbol also Mussolini have his differences with Hitler considering him an “afeminate” not to mention Hitler attacked Austria that was lead by Austrofascism so no Nazism and Italian Fascism aren’t the same in fact the most important thing for the first is race and for the second the race


    1. I think the Left fascist is upset that Left fascists are being associated with big business and transnational corporations. By the way, the real problem with using a swastika instead of a fasces is that the people closest to the anti-Semitic vitriol of the National Socialists are the PLO-PA, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Ba’athist socialists, all of whom are allies and darlings of the Left fascists. So the swastika guy would be pulling alongside his Marxist comrade, just like back in the good old days of 1940.


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