StoneToss: Episode 39

Comic Name: Build Big
Description: On the plus side, the Supreme Court is a good start.
Mouseover: tbh, we’re only suffering because we let the Daily Stormer fall first.
Image Name: right-wing-censorship-comic1.png
Originally Published: 10/30/20

What The Comic Is: A man in suit and tie complete with a Twitter emblem glued to his chest holds up a ‘BAN’ stamp, fresh with red ink. Smugly, he speaks to the viewer, telling them to make their own Twitter. In the second panel the same man, now with the Paypal logo glued to himself, holds the plug of a Gab server. Once again, he smugly tells the viewer that if they don’t like it, they can make their own payment processor. In the third panel, the man stands in front of a boarded over doors of “Hatreon” (assumedly a place to purchase or browse different hats). This time he smugly tells the viewer that if they don’t like it, they can build their own government. In the fourth panel, the man is wide-eyed with shock as a single bead of sweat drips down his head.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That bigots and alt-righters being “censored” by Twitter and cut off from PayPal and Patreon is what lead to Donald Trump winning the American presidency. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At its heart this is a comic about StoneToss feeling as if the alt-right was disenfranchised by society (or most of society’s major social media and payment platforms, such as Twitter/PayPal/Patreon). For those who don’t know, “Gab”, as featured in the second panel of the comic, is an alt-righter social media platform for anti-Semites, trans/homophobes, racists and general bigoted “free thinkers”. StoneToss blames what he feels is the ‘oppressive PC left’ banning/taking away the financial livelihood of people on the right, to the point where the “silent majority” (lol) of the right all rise up and put Trump in office.

The comic has a deeper relevancy than this, however. Published at the ass end of October 2018, the comic is actually a response to Gab being dropped by PayPal (as well as its hosting provider and other payment processors) in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, a mass shooting that occurred at the Tree of Life – Or L’Simcha Congregation, a Jewish synagogue, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Robert Gregory Bowers entered the synagogue on October 27th 2018, murdering eleven people and injuring seven more in what would become the deadliest attack on the Jewish community of all time (er, in the USA, at least). Bowers was very active on Gab, which supported and promoted his and other’s stances in anti-Semitic and ‘white genocide’ theories. Following the immediate aftermath of the attack is when Gab was dropped by its benefactors, who decided it was probably a good idea to stop facilitating the existence of a social media website that was rejoicing the mass shooting of a Jewish community. Only days after this, StoneToss makes a comic whining about PayPal dropping Gab. Wow, I wonder why oppressive left-tard snowflake libcuck PayPal wouldn’t want to support a website like Gab.

It seems as if StoneToss really and truly believed (believes?) that Trump’s government was (is??) anti-Semitic. At any rate, StoneToss is an idiot and Gab is an alt-right shithole and this comic sucks. There is no silent majority of disgruntled Gab users that put Trump into office or who will build their own government like Hitler did after Hitler was ‘disenfranchised’ by (((them))), or whatever inane bullshit StoneToss thinks. The takeaway from this is that if you don’t want PayPal to pull the plug on your social media platform, don’t cultivate a hotbed of hatred and violence. This is easy for most people to not do, but guys like StoneToss seem to have a super, super hard time with it. I wonder why…

Comic Name: Triggered
Description: You gotta go back.
Mouseover: The Golden (calf) State
Image Name: california-immigration-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/6/2018

What The Comic Is: A border vigilante stops a group of men at gunpoint, telling them to turn around and stop invading his culture. One of the men from the group speaks up, telling the vigilante that they’re from the USA. The vigilante asks where specifically they’re from, and the man answers with ‘California’. The vigilante, with an empty, deranged look, opens fire on the unarmed men who were surrendering to him.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Stupid joke about California.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Most people are familiar with the biblical tale of Moses. Moses is born in Egypt, God tells him to free his people from the Egyptians. Moses and his crew escape across the sea when Moses parts the waters with God’s breath. Sometimes the story continues a bit further to their travels across the desert to find their ‘promised land’, and ends with Moses climbing the hill and receiving God’s ten commandments. For the majority of people, this is the extent of the tale they’re aware of, though there’s a bit more to the Moses story, such as how upon his descent from the mountain he immediately discovers a group of his roadies have started worshipping a golden cow (sometimes a calf; major distinction, I know). The problem here isn’t that they somehow found a golden cow in the fucking desert, but rather that they are worshipping it, which is a total no-no according to God (worship of false idols and all). What befalls these cow worshippers varies depending on how old or child-friendly your version of the story is. Sometimes they’re just scolded, other times flogged. Most traditionally they’re forced to drink the cow once it’s been melted down, which I guess is pretty metal.

Anyways, StoneToss is likening the state of California to the golden calf of Moses. What does this mean? Absolutely fucking nothing. What does StoneToss think it means? California is highly valued by leftist Americans as a liberal stronghold. Conversely, it’s strongly hated by the right. StoneToss compares it to the golden cow as a way of comparing liberals and leftists to the false idol worshippers. If California is the false idol, then what state is God in this metaphor? Fucking Kentucky? As this blog has explored before, it seems StoneToss may be more religious than he normally tends to let on, if he felt shoehorning in a reference to the golden calf of Moses was relevant or necessary in any way to this at all.

Obviously the comic is just saying that California has become “basically Mexico” with its liberal treatment of undocumented people, to the point it’s even worse and more problematic of Mexico. The vigilante, after all, was willing to warn the men off when he believed they were from Mexico, but fired wildly on them when they said they were actually from California. StoneToss woke up the morning he drew this comic with a choice: draw something stupid or draw something not stupid. He chose the former.

2 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 39

  1. I think you’re reading way too deep into the California one. As a Californian, I can confirm that if every single person in California, myself included, were all systematically executed one by one for being Californian, I would consider it an acceptable sacrifice for non-political reasons.


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