StoneToss: Episode 41

Comic Name: Stumbling Blocks
Description: Polygonads.
Mouseover: Don’t get bent out of shape.
Image Name: lgbtp-blocks-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/4/2018

Author’s Note: When I originally wrote this post, I believed panels four and five to depict some kind of fetish or kink play (sex toys, BDSM, etc). However, as some sexy readers pointed out, it’s much more likely that StoneToss was depicting sexual reassignment surgeries. Interracial sex is depicted in panel six, though given the image name of the comic, it is also meant to depict pedophilia (the small block being a child). So StoneToss not only depicts white adult men and women getting fucked by big black dicks, but also white children. Drawing pedophilia to own the libs, I guess. Obviously this makes the comic just another boring, stupid ‘slippery slope’ argument; that homosexuality leads to transgenderism that leads to pedophilia.

What The Comic Is: A blue cylinder and a pink peg hole block rub against each other in love. They then witness two cylinders touching tips, two peg holes inserting their corners into one another’s holes, a green block clamped and ready to be drilled, a purple block taped up and tortured, another cylinder and peg hole block (of DIFFERENT COLORS OMG11) rubbing each other. The other blocks approach the cylinder and peg hole ominously as they embrace in fear.  

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That a vanilla, non-interracial man-woman relationship is under attack.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This literally might be the dumbest fucking comic StoneToss has ever drawn. I just want to say it again: This literally might be the dumbest fucking comic StoneToss has ever drawn. I mean, I guess I can give the guy credit for some smart thinking; his fans will better understand his comic if he uses children’s building blocks- a medium they can actually grasp. 

So we see the ‘straight white couple’ blocks and how they’re shocked and offended by the mere existence of other blocks. The second and third panels are obviously gay/lesbian blocks, the fourth panel is a block using a toy (like a vibrator or whatever), the fifth panel is some kind of BDSM torture (possibly also meant to be ‘genital mutilation’ that StoneToss means to represent trans people) and the sixth panel is an inter-racial relationship, which StoneToss is very familiar with because his search history is full of BBC porn.

The inter-racial blocks are the funniest, because StoneToss places them after the extreme torture BDSM block, as if to suggest that a black guy fucking a white girl is more shocking and crazy that being tied up and having pieces of your body sawed off (I like, too, that he didn’t make any of the other blocks the color of skin but wanted to make sure we interpreted the black and white blocks as inter-racial, so he made them black/white). Also, in this universe, it seems the peg hole blocks are the women, and the hole in them is their vagina, but the peg hole block in panel five has its hole taped over, as if it were a mouth (like a mouth taped shut). Does this mean the peg hole blocks use their holes both as a vagina and a mouth? Or does the block have its vagina taped over? Hey, don’t look at me for asking these questions. This was StoneToss’s shitty universe that he didn’t stay consistent with.

Anyways, the worst thing about the comic is the last panel. The entire time the blue and pink block are being shocked by all the other blocks, as all the other blocks just do their own thing and enjoy themselves, doing absolutely nothing to intrude on or bother anyone else. It’s the blue and pink blocks that give any amount of shit about everyone else, actively traveling out to seek what they are offended by. But suddenly, in the final panel, it’s all the other blocks that are suddenly coming to “get” the blue and pink block. It shouldn’t need to be said, but relationships where a cis-gendered white man and a cis-gendered white woman are together are literally not under attack or scrutiny by fucking anyone. Where StoneToss even gets this bizarre and outlandish notion is indicative of just what a pathetic weakling with a grade-A victim-complex he is. I guess when he runs out of tangible issues to misconstrue and whine about, he will literally just make one up

StoneToss can maybe be forgiven for not understanding relationships. After all, he’s never been in one. I guess this is just his feeble attempt from the outside looking in to make a statement on an issue that, even more than usual for his comics, literally doesn’t fucking exist.

The best thing about this shitty comic is that, as mentioned before, the only people who really give a fuck who you’re in a relationship with are not the gays/lesbians/guro-enthusiasts, but rather it’s always without fail, time and time again, conservative straight people. Or at least closet-gays who hate themselves. I don’t seem to recall any “straight conversion camps” where poor straight boys and girls are shipped off to so their gay masters can “gayify them” and force them to watch videos (graciously provided to the camp via StoneToss’ personal subscription). Gay conversion camps, however, are totally a thing that exists. How StoneToss can construe a reality where it’s the straight white people who are under attack is absolutely fucking pathetic. It’s not even stupid in a fun way like he usually tends to be, this comic is just dogshit stupid. This is complete and utter clown world shit that StoneToss seriously thinks is real.

I found it particularly amusing to read the comic’s comments on StoneToss’s website. His comics have a few ‘super fans’ who can be found commenting on every upload, and they were arguing in the comments about whether or not the inter-racial panel was supposed to be a big dick black man fucking a white girl; they were desperately asserting that it was pedophilia (because of the size difference between the blocks- StoneToss meant it to be BBC, they want to believe the white block is meant to be a kid), because they can’t handle StoneToss depicting a black guy with a big dick. Their based lord and savior StoneToss keeps depicting black guys with huge dicks and they can’t stand it, lmfao. 

I wonder how many times StoneToss cracked and jerked off to BBC porn while he doodled the panel, unintentionally arousing himself by drawing children’s blocks.

Comic Name: The Purple HRT
Description: A war of attrition. 
Mouseover: Friendly fire is half the battle.
Image Name: transgender-in-military-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/6/2018

What The Comic Is: A soldier bursts through his commander’s door, crying out that their transgender battalion needs reinforcements. The commander, in disbelief, states that the enemy hasn’t even been engaged yet. The soldier, a bead of sweat running down his head, mumbles that the battalion has already suffered 40% causalities. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: 40% of trans people commit suicide because they hate being trans. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This comic was published in December 2018. A few months earlier that year, the infamous “40% study” was published. Unlike anything StoneToss publishes, this study was actually based in research and facts. It involved the interactions with transmen and transwomen who were interviewed and asked questions about their lives. 40% of the subjects professed to attempting suicide at least once. After this study was published a litany of transphobic memes were spawned, depicting 40% of the trans population as being suicide victims. While this comic in specific doesn’t directly say 40% of trans people kill themselves (it just uses the word ‘causality’, which doesn’t specifically mean dead/killed), StoneToss constantly uses the words dead/killed/suicide when describing 40% of trans people. Whether he genuinely doesn’t know the study did not say “40% commit suicide” (not unlikely, given his penchant for never reading his own sources) or he’s just being intentionally offensive remains up for debate.

It’s important to clarify that the study concerned only transgender youth and not adults. Though all ages of transgender people face higher suicide attempts/successes than other demographics of the same age, it’s important to examine why they attempt suicide as often as they do. Shitbrains like StoneToss would paint it as obvious: they hate themselves or are otherwise mentally ill (which they think explains why trans people are trans in the first place). However, from this very study it was examined that the overwhelmingly primary reason that trans teens attempt suicide is due to lack of support, or outright hatred and abuse, suffered from their family for identifying as trans in the first place. Actually reading studies takes time and effort that StoneToss doesn’t like to exert, especially because it directly conflicts with his bigotry. However, misconstruing a brief synopsis of the study is much more agreeable to the toss of stone.

The comic’s name is a play on the purple heart, a military medal awarded to those who suffer an injury from an enemy combatant and receive medical attention from a medical officer. ‘HRT’ is obviously Hormone Replacement Therapy. It’s possible that StoneToss is trying to make a joke that the ‘purple HRT’ is what a trans person gets when wounded by the enemy (themselves), but it’s much more likely that StoneToss wasn’t clever enough to intentionally make such a layered joke. This is the first of many StoneToss comics that will use the “40%” joke.

7 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 41

  1. The green and purple obviously means transsexual/sex-change operation (cylinder wants a hole and peg-hole blocks its hole & tries to more round-like), and judging from the size difference, the dark cylinder/white peg-hole might implied pedophilia, which is why the blue/pink couple yelled at them instead of just acting surprised like other couples.

    I’m no fan of Stonetoss, but not gonna lie, you looked like a even bigger idiot for this one. Seriously, even a bunch of non English speaking Taiwaneses get this one. This is truly embarrassing.


    1. Yes, I looked like an even bigger idiot than the raging bigot because I mistakenly interpreted a single panel of a comic. Also, even if the white/black panel was also concerning pedophilia, it once again involved a big black person fucking a white person, which has been a reoccurring fetish StoneToss keeps touching on.


      1. If you actually created a whole ass blog just to diss a nobody artist, you really sound no better then a raging bigot.
        People in the linked thread had already been joking and memeing about the stripe, and that’s how much normal people don’t care about such non-issue.
        Also, isn’t big black banging white a commonly used porn trope/meme?


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