StoneToss: Episode 46

Comic Name: The Forbidden Arts
Description: The comic’s description is a somewhat lengthy racist poem written by H.P. Lovecraft; I won’t include it for length purposes, because I’m the only one who gets to write too many words on this blog. Like poem, if you are interested, can be found by Googling “Lovecraft n word poem”. Have fun!
Mouseover: smug_toss.jpeg
Image Name: problematic-artists-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/15/2019

What The Comic Is: A man shows his friend the funny comics he found, which we can see are StoneToss comics. His friend, obviously a gay caricature, shoots back that the comics were made by a bigot. The man looks at his friend, who is revealed to be a fan of Disney, Lovecraft and Mad Max.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: His comics are any good.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, big, big lulz at StoneToss literally calling himself a bigot in his own comic and then doubling down on it by comparing himself directly with people like Mel Gibson or H.P. Lovecraft. 

Second of all, yes it’s true that people like Lovecraft and Mel Gibson were/are bigoted people (Lovecraft, of the two, was especially virulent in his bigotry). Walt Disney was infamously accused of being anti-Semitic, though such claims have been highly refuted through the years, but it’s really beside the point. Let’s humor the comic and say Walt Disney was bigoted, just like Mel Gibson and Lovecraft. People enjoy Mad Max and Cthulhu despite the bigotry of the author. You’re well within your right to dislike a work because the author is bigoted. Likewise, you are well within your right to enjoy a work because you separate the art from the author. As in to say, it’s okay to enjoy Cthulhu and even appreciate Lovecraft’s imagination even if you disavow his bigotry.

StoneToss is not comparable to Lovecraft or Mel Gibson, because Cthulhu and Mad Max are actually good, which makes them redeemable when compared to their bigoted author/actor. StoneToss’s comic is bad. But it goes further than that. Mad Max and Cthulhu are not overtly/solely attempts to create bigoted propaganda about homosexuals, blacks, Jews, trans people, etc. In fact, they really have relatively no bigotry in them at all (perhaps some offensive depictions of black people in Lovecraft’s work), which makes them easy to enjoy despite who created them.

StoneToss on the other hand is literally just a bigot comic. Sure, StoneToss makes the rare comic about a My Little Pony toy in a cum jar, and you know what? Those comics are funny, sure. The problem with StoneToss is that something like 95% of the shit he draws is just stuff about how Jews are bad and homosexuals ruin America. So, ya know, not really comparable to the fucking Mad Max films. People don’t hate StoneToss’s comic because StoneToss is a bigot, they hate his comic because his comic is fucking bigoted. Safe to say that Cthulhu would not be an acceptable and loved cultural icon if his stories involved him whispering dark secrets about how homosexuals are the product of childhood molestation. 

StoneToss truly is a sad sack of shit. “Waaa waaaa why dont ppl like me and my bad comic when they like disney :(((“

Comic Name: Court Adjourned 
Description: An embedded YouTube video of Monstercat’s Crab Rave video.
Image Name: ruth-bader-ginsburg-crab-meme-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/17/2019

What The Comic Is: A crab holds back his fellow crustaceans, urging them to “wait for it…”, it is revealed they are amassing before Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg, who sweats nervously at the crabs.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in 2019 and her death was covered up in an attempt to hide her passing.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of the most prolific and celebrated people in recent American history with a long and storied career who personally helped in the shaping of the United States of America and the world beyond. StoneToss is a giant fucking pussy loser who won’t even tell people what his real name is or reveal his face or voice because he knows it’ll result in being IRL doxxed and losing his job. You can spot a slight disparity between the two.

In early 2019, RBG was quietly hospitalized following a medical episode. She was absent from public eyes for several weeks, during which time people like StoneToss rejoiced in the possibility of her death. This went on to spawn full blown conspiracy theories that RBG was in fact dead and that her death was being covered up in an attempt to prevent Trump from appointing a conservative judge to the Supreme Court in her place. She later made a recovery and continued her service until her eventual real death in September of 2020, when Republicans (in a blatant and knowing show of hypocrisy) fast tracked the instillation of a conservative Supreme Court judge in RBG’s place; this is despite the fact that they fought and railed hard against Obama’s ability to appoint a Supreme Court judge in 2016 even though Obama had nearly a full year of his term left when the spot became vacant as opposed to Trump, who had barely a month when RBG passed. 

It’s unfortunate that RBG couldn’t hang on just a couple weeks more, but that’s all there is to reality. That RBG was out changing the world while StoneToss makes a shitty webcomic about RBG being eaten by crabs says a lot about both of them.

After publishing this comic, StoneToss would go on to circulate and propagate theories that RBG was actually dead and her death was being covered up. Naturally, he was wrong. What a fucking idiot!

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