StoneToss: Episode 56

Comic Name: Wedge Issues
Description: A numbers game.
Mouseover: Tudiasm
Image Name: shrinking-white-demographic-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/14/2019

What The Comic Is: A wedge labeled “13%” slips into a wedge labeled “85%”. In the next panel, the 13% wedge is now 36%, much to the shock of the second wedge, which is now labeled 62%. In the final panel, a wedge labeled “2%” spies from around a corner.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews are making black people live in the USA.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The first panel is the population of blacks (13%) compared to the population of whites (85%), then it’s the percent of crime committed by blacks (36%) compared to crime committed by whites (62%), the idea that blacks make up a smaller number of the population but commit a disproportionate amount of crime. This is something StoneToss has talked about in the past, and it’s known as the “Despite making up 13% of the population…” talking point that is beloved by racist idiots. The reasons for this disparity are pretty clear: blacks are disproportionally disenfranchised and kept impoverished and without resources or benefits to improve their situation. They are also disproportionally targeted by law enforcement and convicted more often of the same offenses compared to white people. This obviously is reflected in their crime statistics when compared to white people. Bigots like StoneToss ignore reality and substitute unfounded clown worldian coping mechanisms such as coming up with the lie that black people are naturally more violent and less intelligent than white people, which explains their obsession with crime and population statistics.

The 2% is the number of Jews who live in the USA, who are obviously somehow behind the “Brownification” of the USA, despite the fact that white European settlers are the ones who originally brought African slaves to the continent en masse. I would hazard a guess to say that StoneToss would explain this by trying to suggest the Jews were the ones that ‘fooled’ the Europeans into using Africans for slaves, but that would imply StoneToss is smart enough to even consider the fact that white people are the ones who brought black people to America; which he decidedly is not smart enough to do.

Comic Name: Robots In Disguise 
Description: Today we have a guest comic contributed by the very talented, @jiggycxmrade! (links to a deleted Twitter account)
Mouseover: Gives new meaning to “Decepticons”. 
Image Text: guestcomic.png
Originally Published: 5/16/2019

What The Comic Is: Optimus Prime, leader of the transforming robot beings known as the Autobot Transformers, proclaims his iconic catchphrase of “Autobots, transform!“. He then enters into a woman’s bathroom.

What StoneToss (and jiggycxmrade) Actually Think: People can just say they’re trans in order to enter women’s restrooms.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At face value this is just a goofy comic joking about the autobots and how they “transform”. If this were most anyone else, it could easily be seen as a harmless joke, but this is StoneToss, so as always there’s usually some space between the lines that one needs to read. I do not know who jiggycxmrade is or was, because their Twitter is deleted and Googling their online handle doesn’t bring up much information (you will find multiple links to an art piece someone made of their original character cutting a person assumed to be jiggycxmrade with a knife, so whomever this mysterious jiggycxmrade person was, they didn’t seem to be liked by many people. Wonder why…

Anyways, we can assume if jiggycumrade was making guest comics for StoneToss that they are on some level of bigotry comparable to StoneToss. Given that the nature of the comic is that Optimus Prime only says “autobots transform” and then enters a woman’s restroom, we can discern it is a joke about “men will pretend to be women so they can go into the women’s restroom”, which is a very popular boogeyman scenario amongst transphobes. Also that being trans is a matter of simply stating gender identity, as if it was something so simple it could be changed on the spot with a simple decree. That isn’t necessarily untrue, really, but there’s not many trans people who take their identity as lightly as “I say it, therefore I am it, at will”, and this is an incredible erasure of the identity crises often suffered by trans individuals, along with problems of body dysmorphia. But then this is intentional on StoneToss and his guest’s part.

The mouse over text is a reference to the Decepticons, the villionous enemies of the heroic autobots. It is likening trans people as being “decepticons”, deceiving others so they can invade a restroom.

StoneToss: Episode 55

Comic Name: Go Sign
Description: Intersectional diversity
Mouseover: They see me rollin….
 Image Name: in-a-black-neighborhood-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 5/2/2019

What The Comic Is: A man notices his car’s fuel gauge has hit the Empty signal. He decides that he should stop for gas, though his thought is cut short as he notices he is currently at the intersection of MLK Drive and Malcolm X Street. The final panel shows the man’s foot ramming pedal to the metal. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Streets named after important black figures are bad neighborhoods, and by greater extension that naming a street after a black person ‘ruins’ the street by attracting black people to live on it.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is a relatively shallow comic for StoneToss, it’s just base racism that implies diversity ruins the country, specifically the “white people” country of the USA. Racemixing bad, diveristy bad, etc. Obviously the man needs gas but he doesn’t want to risk stopping at streets named after black people because the implication is that the streets are bad neighborhoods. This is implying that either the streets were renamed (i.e., “black people take over American culture”) and then turned into a bad neighborhood (i.e., “black people moved there”) or it’s that the streets were renamed because black people were already living there (i.e., “the (((government))) placates ghettos by naming streets after black people”). As usual, it doesn’t really matter which theory StoneToss subscribes to, because either way it’s fucking stupid. 

The image name of the comic may be a reference to the racist motto “Around blacks, never/don’t relax”. The mouse over text is a reference to the 2005 rap song “Ridin’” by Chamillionare, a song about police using racial profiling to hound blacks. The song, however, has lyrics that profess to the artist selling drugs and searching for people to sell to. The song’s opening hook, “They see me rollin’, they hatin’/Patrollin’ and tryna catch me ridin’ dirty” is singing about racial profiling by police, though StoneToss co-opts this and morphs it into a justification for racial profiling: that the neighborhoods are bad and therefore that is why the police profile them. It is also a joke that the guy is rolling out of the intersection, driving through it without stopping. 

The description is a play on the term “Intersectionality”, a concept that suggests aspects of people’s skin color, gender, sexuality, physical traits, etc. can influence advantages and disadvantages within social circles and communities. That StoneToss is aware of the concept of intersectionality and yet still believes black people are genetically and fundamentally different/inferior on a base level compared to white people is not surprising, because StoneToss is fucking stupid.

Comic Name: Love Hate Relationship
Description: I’m rubber and you’re glue…
Mouseover: I LOVE  the gays…
Image Name: love-hate-relationship-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/7/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man scrolls Twitter on his phone, coming across an alt-righter meme account that posts homophobic comments about disliking gay people. The man responds that profession of homophobia means the person behind the meme account is actually gay themselves, and calls them a Nazi. The gay man, feeling smug with this insult, then cuddles closer to his body pillow that is revealed to have Adolf Hitler printed on it.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Leftists are Nazis. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Forget that studies show that severe homophobic stances are strongly linked with repressed homosexual urges, thus giving a good degree of credence to “homophobes are closeted homosexuals”. That’s not really what this comic is about, anyways. StoneToss doesn’t really care about that, he’s more concerned with trying to expose a (as always, nonexistent) hypocrisy he feels exists with Leftists in their “projection” of the term ‘Nazi’. It’s a really old and tired talking point from bigots on the Right that the Nazi party were actually liberal socialists and Left-leaning. This is incredibly untrue, and even though the Nazi party’s full name (National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) includes the word “socialist”, the Nazis were hard far-right extremists and were expressly against almost any form of liberalism, as their entire government was built on the basis of population control. This quickly and effectively renders any bad faith argument that “The Nazi’s were socialist/liberal” to shreds, and it’s safe to say they were certainly nowhere near the left side of political spectrum. 

Bigots like StoneToss live in a clown world where the Nazis really were socialists, because it’s easy fodder for them to construct a baby’s first safe space hugbox reality with. Leftists rightfully dub fascism seen in the Right as being akin to Nazism, and the intelligent individuals on the Right believe they have the perfect retort: “That’s just projectionism, in reality, it’s the LEFT who are the REAL Nazis!“. This seemingly provides an effective method to hand wash themselves of bigotry and fascism while also turning the narrative around on their morally righteous opponents. Unfortunately, simple tenants of reality get in the way of this. Too bad for StoneToss that while strong evidence shows homophobia is linked with repressed homosexuality, there are zero such studies linking an aversion and opposition to Nazis as being linked to repressed Nazi-esque tendencies. Sad!

On another level the comic is trying to be a “Both Sides” argument; maybe some people are homophobic, but the Left is bigoted as well! You can’t even disavow and hate or wish to harm gay people, black people, Jewish people, disabled people, women, political opponents or immigrants or else Leftists call you a Nazi!! Both sides, people.
StoneToss actually has two sides, himself. Yeah, it’s true. One side is an idiot and the other side is also an idiot.  

StoneToss: Episode 54

Comic Name: Exit Only
Description: Next they’ll be turning hotdogs into tacos.
Mouseover: Scat is normal.
Image Name: gays-just-like-you-comic1.png
Originally Published: 4/18/2019

What The Comic Is: A man is about to enjoy a bite of a hotdog that has no condiments on it. He stops, alarmed, as he spies a man about to shove a hot dog into his butt. The man shrugs as he plunges the dog up his pooper, commenting that it’s normal. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Anal stimulation isn’t normal.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, StoneToss uses hotdogs as an analogy for dicks. Okay, whatever. We’ve all been there. But he shows the first guy is about to eat the hotdog, so if hotdogs are penises in this scenario, is the first man performing oral sex on a dick? Is oral sex okay, but anal is somehow bad? And after all, nothing reaffirms one’s heterosexuality quite like imagining and then drawing a man penetrating his own asshole with a phallus.
But I digress. StoneToss is using hotdogs as an analogy for ‘normal’ behavior. It’s normal to eat a hotdog, but it’d be strange and abnormal if someone were shoving them in their ass. And yeah, sure, it’d be pretty weird if someone shoved a fully prepared hotdog in a bun up their ass. I can agree with that, I guess. The comic, though, is using a ‘nature’ argument, that homosexuality is unnatural because biology, humans reproduce by a male mating with a female. This “not as nature intended” argument can easily be extended to transgenders or basically anything that a bigot feels breaches anything other than basic cisgender male-female-penis-in-vagina-sex-for-reproduction-and-never-outside-marriage-despite-the-fact-that-marriage-is-also-not-natural-but-I-guess-bigots-feel-free-to-just-pick-and-choose-whatever-they-want-go-figure-amiright. Again, let’s all view StoneToss and how he lives in a hole dugout next to a waterfront, eating small animals, roots, grass, the occasional ruminant and fish. Forgoing fire and crude tools, StoneToss prefers only to live in the most natural ways. And he definitely doesn’t stick hotdogs in his ass! No sir! 

Only, nah. He lives in the modern world like the rest of us. So what the fuck does it matter if one thing is “biologically natural” or not? We could point out that homosexual relationships occur among wild animals, or that there is no discernable difference in physiology or brain activity between heterosexual and homosexual individuals, but does it fucking matter? Do we really need to justify homosexuality? Humans have been going to pretty extreme lengths to firmly cement the fact that we are about as removed from nature as you can realistically be without transporting yourself into an alternate reality where the trees are made out of flat screen TVs and water is replaced by high fructose corn syrup dyed with Blue 8. I wonder where StoneToss got the notion that homosexuality isn’t natural? Probably from his church, because you can’t logically suggest homosexuality goes against nature while disregarding that 1.) It totally doesn’t go against nature and 2.) Everything else about humans is removed from nature, anyways. Unless you subscribe to something along the lines of, oh I dunno, that the earth is 4,000 years old and primordial humans never existed. But that would be incredibly dumb! And we all know StoneToss isn’t incredibly dumb, right? 

Do you think if we show StoneToss photos of animals engaging in homosexual interactions that he’ll draw a comic about two male lions, one about to eat a mouse while the other one awkwardly shoves a mouse up his ass while explaining it’s natural? At least he’d win some points with the furry crowd.

The description, “turning hotdogs into tacos” is obviously about gender reassignment surgery, or ‘turning penises into vaginas’. It’s the typical boring, tired, fake argument of “gay > trans > pedophilia”, so StoneToss is really making a greater commentary on the degradation of society (first we accept da homoz, then the trans, then eventually we don’t realize the water is boiling and we’re accepting pedophiles). That StoneToss stopped short of mentioning pedophilia is less likely due to him being subtle and much more likely due to him lacking the creativity to come up with a food pun about pedophiles. 

Final hot take: A taco made with hotdog meat is literally as American as you can probably fucking get, so it’s shocking StoneToss seems to oppose the idea.

Comic Name: High Score
Description: Food for Thot
Mouseover: thot = patroled [sic]
Image Name: sex-education-comic.png
Originally Published: 4/30/2019

What The Comic Is: Two teachers examine a box of sexual education material. One teacher comments that they’re unsure if the material is appropriate for children. The other teacher coaxes her not to worry, and for some random reason decides to mention that anal sex is natural. He is shocked, however, when he comes across a page that shows a graph comparing a bride’s number of sexual partners to the likelihood of the marriage ending in divorce.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Women are whores, ruin their lives and marriages and extra-marital sex is the devil’s work.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss continues his tradition of becoming focused on a single topic over the course of 2-5 comics. This time he’s obsessed with anal sex of all things, but he’s using this comic to show that anal sex isn’t just for those damn dirty homos! Even in TRUE and HONEST straight relationships, anal is unnatural. Also, it’s somehow directly linked to women being sluts! That makes sense! StoneToss is anti-sex ed, which fits in line with his religion-fueled bigotry. There’s an unfortunate amount of religious types who are staunchly opposed to any form of sex ed, because their oppressive belief is that “no sex happens before marriage, sex is only for reproduction”. Any form of teaching children about sex or safety during sex is seen as counter intuitive to this oppression, since the matter should be literally no sex at all. After all, if you can’t wrongly teach a child that sex is somehow a bad thing that will ruin your life, how can you make sure they won’t try doing it before getting married to an opposite gendered partner in a church? 

Of course, sex with multiple partners is only bad when a woman does it. StoneToss has never made commentary on men having sex with lots of women. Whether because StoneToss (using himself as a reference point) believes that men can’t realistically get with more than one woman in a lifetime or because he subscribes to the (often hand-in-hand theory among religious anti-sex types) adage of “a lock that opens to any key is a bad lock/a key that opens any lock is a good key” remains to be given a shit about. How anal sex works into this is also questionable, it seems StoneToss just wanted to randomly complain about it again. Being a staunch homophobic bigot, it makes sense that StoneToss is opposed to anal sex in a homosexual setting, but it seems his childish policing of other people’s lives extends into the realm of man-woman anal sex. This isn’t unusual for backwards religious types, though it seems especially random and petty for him to shoehorn the topic into a comic that otherwise focuses on hating women for having sex outside of marriage. 

As for where StoneToss even got the information he uses in his cartoon graph about sex and divorce (he doesn’t link a source anywhere), he draws it from very early research that found a base correlation (never a causation, but religious junkies liked to completely disregard that) between a woman’s sexual partners and her likelihood of divorcing. I could go on and on about the downright invalid nature of this research, but this article does a much better job than I’d do at it. The tl;dr version is: the reason for divorce rates being so high concerning women with higher numbers of sexual partners was, in the past, largely linked to the USA’s overall oppressive stance towards marriage and sexuality. As this changed, so too did divorce rates among women with many sexual partners. Likewise, the reason a large amount of “virgin brides” don’t divorce is because they’re in deeply traditional and religious communities where divorcing in an unhappy, dead marriage would be so sacrilegious that they grin and bear the marriage rather than divorce. 

But no, it couldn’t be oppressive and backwards society. It’s just because women are whores! And if a woman has too much sex before marriage, chemicals in her brain (er, or are ‘chemicals’ too ungodly?) change and reshape, causing her to lose all sensible, Christian thought and fundamentals and ultimately divorce her good, providing white husband so she can get gangbanged by (((socialist))) (((antifa))) (((black))) men (which StoneToss eagerly pleasures himself to while hypocritically condemning the women who produce that very pornography).

It’s just so odd that StoneToss is this opposed to anal sex, considering he’s such an assfuck himself. Very strange, indeed.

StoneToss: Episode 53

Comic Name: Gait Keeper
Description: Step Right Up (followed by another link to the defunct newproject2 site)
Mouseover: Imagine the smell.
Image Name: magic-dirt-comic1.png
Originally Published: 3/28/2019

What The Comic Is: A black foot steps down onto the ground, turning white as it lifts up again. This is labeled “Magic Dirt”. A black foot steps down onto the ground, leaving behind a visible dirt mark as it lifts up again. This is labeled “Actual Dirt”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Immigration is bad because cultures never mix and black/brown people just leave their “dirt marks” on the countries they enter.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Magic Dirt” is a racist term for the supposed ‘theory’ that a person moving to a country will, upon setting foot on the ‘magic dirt’, integrate into that society. This is why the black foot becomes white; the ‘magic dirt’ theory would suggest that a black person moving into the USA would suddenly ‘become white’ and integrate into the USA’s ‘white society’. When in “reality”, the black person just leaves their dirty impression on ‘white society’, never integrating. 

The xenophobia and racism are pretty apparent once you understand exactly what the fuck this stupid comic is even trying to say, but I like how StoneToss couldn’t think of a good way to show the black foot leaving dirt on the floor without inexplicably changing the setting of the top two panels (shown outside, in some dirt-covered turf) to the bottom two panels (shown in some Vaporwave-esque purgatory room with a floor of irregularly sized tiles). Maybe it’s a commentary on “non-USA countries are dirt, the USA is tile because it’s advanced and civilized”, but I think StoneToss realizing it’d be hard to show dirt being left on dirt, because he’s a dumbass, is just as likely an explanation.
The comic’s stupidity goes deeper, however. Because no one claims that an immigrant will ‘magically’ integrate into a society. ‘Integration’ into a new society is something that takes years, or even generations. And to a certain point upholding the culture of one’s place of origin is seen as a societal benefit for a nation’s diversity (which is obviously why xenophobes hate it so much). We don’t want people to move into the country and magically become the same as everyone already living there, as that would be almost just as xenophobic as wanting them to not move here in the first place. So there is no “magic dirt theory”, because no one really peddles the thought that immigrants will come to America and the ‘magic dirt’ will make them American. Rather, it’s diversity and pursuit of a better future that makes them American. StoneToss really, really hates this, so he has to create arguments that no one makes.

Obviously the bottom two panels are StoneToss trying to say that immigrants imprint their ‘dirt’ onto the countries they move into. This ‘dirt’ is clearly meaning to represent the ‘bad’ things; crime, non-white culture, race mixing, languages that StoneToss can’t understand, etc. that StoneToss feels they bring and leave onto the societies they ‘invade’.
Also, check out the way StoneToss just re-used the background in the first two panels. It’s even lazier because the foot is supposed to be taking a step, which means we’re expected to believe the foot transcended all material reality and stepped forward onto the exact same patch of land that it just took a step from.

The comic’s name is a play on the term Gate Keeper/Gatekeeper, a term referring to someone(s) who tries to control access to something, like the keeper of a gate. This can be metaphorical gatekeeping (“You’re not a REAL fan of The Simpsons unless you know all the production numbers behind each episode“, for instance) or can be more physical, such as not allowing people into your country based on their skin color, for instance.

Comic Name: Digging Deep
Description: sniff… 
Mouseover: Give ’em (sic) the finger
Image Name: usa-israel-comic1.png
Originally Published: 4/2/2019

What The Comic Is: The hand of America (probably meant to be Uncle Sam or some other caricature) holds up a finger, a green boogie on its tip. The second panel is revealed to be a giant nose.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Deep state Jews.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss went on some kind of bizarre pretentious kick around this time, producing comics that were very minimalist (this one doesn’t even have labels on its panels). While the comic about magic dirt was concrete enough thanks to the panels, this one is so strangely abstract that if you didn’t know StoneToss hated Jews (and you weren’t aware of ‘Jews = big nose’), you’d probably think this was a strange fetish comic with a patriotic undertone. Or maybe a strange patriotic comic with a fetish undertone?

Anyways, it’s just a boring ‘deep state’/Fellow Whites comic. Per the comic’s title, if you “dig deep” (into the state), you’ll find that all the boogers (bad stuff) comes from a big nose (Jews, who are behind everything). With the image name of the comic in mind, we can see it’s also more weak commentary on Israel. StoneToss doesn’t like that the USA treats Israel like a real country, it’s because of deep state Jews, blah blah blah. 

Funny enough, StoneToss creates his most direct and succinct messages when he’s using as few words (none at all, in this case) and imagery as possible. Go figure that a comic about boogers with no words would be something StoneToss is good at making.

Comic Name: Cry Wolf
Description: A stupid screenshot of drama YouTuber Keemstar’ Tweeting that AOC was not in the Capitol building when the DC terrorists broke into it.
Mouseover: ay caramba! 
Image Name: capitol-protest-aoc-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 2/4/2021

What The Comic Is: Antifa burn buildings and the American flag, AOC watches on through binoculars with smug satisfaction. AOC then spots peaceful MAGA protestors and calls for help on her red telephone, huddling in fear, even as it’s shown that the MAGA protestors are off in the far distance. Her pants also turn into a skirt halfway down, apparently.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: AOC was ‘crying wolf’ for publicity and clout.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: AOC made comments about how she feared for her life during the Capitol riots, as she huddled to hide. This was because 1.) Domestic terrorists were trying to lynch politicians and were breaking into buildings, bludgeoning police officers to death and 2.) Specifically, AOC feared the worst when she heard someone breaking into her own office and shouting ‘Where is she?’. This turned out to be, thankfully, security forces breaking in to find and secure AOC. Domestic terrorists and their sympathizers are not honest people, obviously, and so they are keen to leave out the part where AOC said she feared for her life specifically when she heard someone break in and shouting ‘where is she’.

But who cares? This asinine gatekeeping on when someone gets the greenlight to begin fearing for their lives is the most cowardly and blatantly dishonest shit that Rightoid drones have ever spouted (so far!). Rioters broke into the capitol in mass, broke through police boundaries and were purportedly searching for politicians to murder as they constructed gallows. Reports were coming in of police officers being killed, terrorists being shot as they attempted to break into hallways where the Vice President was being kept, etc. AOC, someone who gets death threats every single fucking day, thought she might be in trouble? Wow, how un-fucking-believable. What a drama queen, lolz. 

Of course the comic, and StoneToss’s pathetic, weakling rhetoric, wouldn’t be complete without the coup de grace: Portraying the domestic terrorists as, in reality, being peaceful. “They stayed within the red velvet boundaries”, “all that happened was a window was broken”, “the police shot an innocent protestor SAY HER NAME111”, “there was no riot in the capitol”, “if there was, it was Antifa”, “AOC is just lying like always for media clout, she needs to go back to pouring drinks”. The list goes tirelessly on with the fake reality clown world horseshit that these societal rejects subscribe to as a coping mechanism for their own internal failures. One would think that people like StoneToss would get tired of constantly lying to themselves, but you have to realize that living in a constructed power fantasy reality is what losers like StoneToss fucking live for.

StoneToss: Episode 52

Comic Name: Same Crap, Different Gay
Description: The new satanic panic.I’ve also updated the rewards on my supporter page, check it out! (another link to the defunct newproject2 website)
Image Name: dangerous_memes_comic.png
Originally Published: 3/19/2019

What The Comic Is: A balding boomer holds aloft a copy of classic first person shooter game DOOM, crying out that video games caused “the shooting”, this scene is labeled as “THEN”. In the second panel, a gay caricature holds out his phone with a Pepe meme on it, crying out that memes caused “the shooting”, this scene is labeled as “NOW”.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Online communities don’t promote violence.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: In the 90’s and early 00’s, video games being connected to violent shootings was the media norm. Doom, specifically, was implicated as being closely associated with the 1999 school shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. The perpetrators of the shooting were both avid Doom fans, and unsupported legend claims they even created custom Doom maps designed after their school, in order to ‘practice’ the mass shooting. 

“Video games cause violence” has largely faded away from mainstream attention, left to fringe outrage groups that have no platform left to decry from. This is because numerous scientific studies and observations showed that, in the scheme of everything that influences a violent person, video games were a considerably small factor in violent behavior. Video games became much more normalized as entertainment outlets throughout the 90’s and early 00’s, shifting from something that was seen as a niche fan culture in the vein of comic books or DnD (both were also demonized in very similar fashion to video games) and into something much more mainstream. 

Memes are jokes on the internet. They can encompass a wide variety of subjects and culture, and are often the ‘front line’ of a given subculture’s group rhetoric and opinion. You can learn a lot about how a certain community feels/thinks by looking at the memes they make. This is, then, why a meme is not a video game and why StoneToss is a dumb asshole. 

Doom was a video game that was violent. Memes directly encouraging real violence are not akin to a video game that was violent. One is merely violent, the other encourages violence. Suffice to say that things would be a lot different if a video game called “JEWS TRY TO TAKE OVER AMERICA: KILL THEM ALL EDITION” was ever released and actively encouraged its players to commit real violence, it would be quickly condemned by everyone with a functioning brain for promoting violence. Only, oh wait, games like that totally do exist. And just like memes encouraging violence, they are unwelcome on most platforms and are pushed into fringe communities where they become increasingly obscure as time passes, their influence only touching those that were already specifically looking for them. 

It’s never really been about the comics themselves or the Dungeons and/or Dragons themselves or the video games themselves or the memes themselves; even the most pearl clutching of 90’s-era Boomer Karens didn’t really care about the medium that the supposed ‘violence promotion’ occurred in, it’s just about self-righteous witch hunting and drama stirring. Video games do not cause violence just like memes do not cause violence. But you know what does cause violence? Promoting violence and encouraging people to do it.

So yes, StoneToss, maybe it’s sort of the same when someone blindly claims a violent video game or a meme about a gun caused violence to happen. However, the difference is that Doom did not encourage its players to commit real violence on real people; racist pepe memes in a hatebox community full of people that unironically want to make each other commit violence, however, is something that causes violence.

Do StoneToss comics make you stupid? I dunno. They certainly won’t make you any smarter.

Comic Name: Crossing the Line
Description: Chain(saw) migration.
Like the comic? Support my work. (You know the drill. It was a link to newproject2.)
Mouseover: Separate along the dotted line.
Image Name: national-borders-comic1.png 
Originally Published: 3/21/2019

What The Comic Is: A man explains that borders are just imaginary lines. He tells the viewer to observe as he crosses from the USA into Mexico. Standing across the border, he explains that nothing has happened, though the very next panel shows him in a LiveLeak video about to be beheaded by a drug cartel. 
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: You get beheaded by a drug cartel if you go to Mexico, and that’s why we need a border wall.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Border walls are stupid, don’t work and aren’t even a financial possibility,” reality whispers in StoneToss’ ear. StoneToss scowls. It wasn’t fair. Why did brown people get to exist? Why did Trump’s deranged, unhinged and unfulfillable promises fail to come to fruition? It seemed so innocent back then, in the good ol’ days of 2015. Trump was going to build a wall. Mexico was going to pay for it. Countries have borders. was the most amazing porn site StoneToss had ever found. The last one was still true, StoneToss reassured himself, as he finished masturbating to yet another interracial porn video. Cleaning himself up with his own shirt, he leaned back on the stack of wooden palettes that he used as a makeshift chair (remember, StoneToss owns nothing because buying products is stupid and for communists) and thought to himself. “Border walls aren’t going to happen because (((Trump))) is a cuck,” StoneToss realized. “But how else can I complain about borders?“.

The idea struck him. He grinned a StoneTossian grin most grinningly. If he couldn’t whine and bitch about the border wall forever, he’d just remind the people why borders need to exist in the first place! Mexico has problems with cartel violence, right? Well, okay, so does the USA, but mostly only in (((((((CommunismFornia))))00)), if you ignore all the cartel presence that Texas has, at least. 

We can’t have people going into Mexico, they might get hurt by bad people. We should build a wall and have a strict border, to protect people for their own good. Liberty is only infringed upon if people who aren’t racist infringe upon it, after all. If StoneToss does it because he hates Mexicans, then it’s core Libertarianism. If we have a strict border, then that means the cartels and gangs in the US will cease to operate. They certainly won’t become even worse because closing the border was only a band aid on the systemic issues of why drug cartels and gangs exist to begin with (if you ask StoneToss, it’s because they’re brown people. If you ask anyone who isn’t a fucking idiot, it’s because of deeply ingrained socio-economic issues that aren’t fixed by borders).

The description of the comic is a reference to Chain Migration, a form of human movement defined by people of one community following a group of other people as they travel past, leading to a ‘chain’ of migrants that pick up more and more members as they continue on to wherever they’re migrating. This had been a hot topic for nearly half a decade at the time StoneToss made the comic, as conservatives were alarmed en masse about the large number of migrant ‘caravans’ migrating into the US from parts of South America. What in the world chain migration has to do with people from the USA going into Mexico and being murdered by cartels is literally anyone’s fucking guess.

I wonder what StoneToss has to say about all the LiveLeak footage of people committing mass shootings at places of worship, under political and personal beliefs that mirror his own. Oh yeah, probably nothing, because he’s an idiot and a fucking coward.

StoneToss: Episode 51

Comic Name: Bait
Description: One thousand leagues (per month) under the sea.
Mouseover: Thar be treasure in Davy Jone’s Locker.
Image Name: universal-basic-income-comic.png
Originally Published: 3/12/2019

What The Comic Is: A vessel christened the S. S. Society sails on the open sea. On its deck, the captain warns his cabin boy about the dangers of the siren’s song. They spot a siren wearing a Yang hat and holding out a 1,000 dollar check invitingly. The ship crashes into the siren’s rocks.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: UBI is bad, at worst it’s akin to a “Siren’s Song” that will destroy society.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It took StoneToss longer than I ever thought it would’ve to make a comic about UBI, or Universal Basic Income. If you somehow don’t already know what a UBI is, it’s essentially free income that everyone receives on a regular basis (usually monthly). Politician and hopeful presidential candidate Andrew Yang is (in)famous for his strong backing of a 1,000 dollar monthly UBI. 

While UBI seemed like a vague and unobtainable goal even just a couple of years ago, it seems more and more likely that a form of UBI will end up as a reality in at least some part of the modern world in the imminent future. Most normal people are happy and anticipant of this, though bigots like StoneToss would rather spitefully forgo a UBI because it means brown people get to have it, too.

UBI has its detractors, but few of the arguments against it are very good. Most aren’t even valid. This is not to ay that UBI wouldn’t have issues or any valid arguments against it. However, criticizing UBI in a valid way requires knowing about a deep and somewhat convoluted issue, or at least reading a few online articles about it. StoneToss is not capable of learning anything about UBI, because doing so would require too much effort.

While StoneToss is known for his often times convoluted statements on different topics, he can only muster a weak, unfunny “UBI will SINK the BOAT of SOCIETY on the ROCKS of MONEY” comic. This is because, like with green energy, his Church doesn’t offer enough sermons about UBI. Because of this, there isn’t much to discuss about the comic itself; StoneToss wasn’t smart enough or had enough knowledge on UBI to make proper commentary on it. Let’s pretend StoneToss puts as much effort into learning as he does into blind hatred and imagine he made some points worth refuting. Like these common bad arguments against UBI such as…

“UBI will lead to inflation and soon the extra money won’t matter, anyways”:

Inflation is the devaluation of individual marks of currency that occurs, most commonly, when the currency is over produced. If a country only has 400 coins across its entire economy, those individual coins are going to have a lot of value and buying power. An entire mansion estate might only cost a single coin, for instance. Now, if we suddenly inject 1 million new coins into the economy and bring the number of coins up to 1,000,400, the individual buying power of those coins goes down, and the cost of goods goes up (or ‘inflates’). Now that mansion estate, worth only 1 coin before, might be worth fifteen thousand coins or some other inflated value.

Inflation can also occur in a currency when the value standard that supports the currency is changed. In post-WW1 Germany, for instance, the German currency was based heavily on the value of the loan money it was receiving from the USA. When the USA recalled their loans in the wake of the stock market crash of 1929, German money became highly devalued and prices inflated to compensate (made into a hyperinflation crisis when the German government began wildly printing off new money in order to pay striking workers).

UBI does not normally call for printing new money, it’s more like a redistribution of money via rising taxes on the wealthy. Redistributing money does not lead to inflation, as new money is not being made; existing money is just being moved around. It also stimulates the economy by giving people more money to spend. Models of UBI have already proven it does not increase inflation by significant margins.

“People will quit their job and spend the UBI on drugs, the labor force with vanish and there will be no more tax revenue”:

Most people can’t outright live off of something like 12,000 dollars a year. The tiny few who are able to live in rent controlled housing and receive other welfare benefits like food stamps are able to live a meager life, but most people will require a bit more than just 1,000 dollars a month to achieve a preferable standard of living. So, just like the models show, people do not tend to quit their jobs en masse just because half their rent money is brought in through UBI.

Instead, they tend to continue working and do stuff like, oh I dunno, buy houses or live without worrying so much about rent and mortgages. They take more investment risks, save better for retirement and in general enjoy a better and more liberated quality of living. Also, models show they don’t spend a noticeable uptick in vices such as drugs or lottery tickets.

Also, the tax burden in most UBI models is put on income brackets that are far higher than “I can quit my job because I’m making 12,000 a year for free”.

“It will take money away from the most needy”: 

This argument holds literally no evidence and is basically just propaganda by those whose interests are opposed to a UBI. It is a way of scaring the poor into being against something that would benefit them. UBI might replace some people’s Social Security or Welfare money, but their support is safe and they would not lose out on support just because others are now receiving a similar benefit. It is a flat out lie meant to incite class warfare among the poor. 

These are the three of the most common debunked “arguments” concerning UBI, but there are many others. It is a pretty complex topic, after all. I won’t turn this entire post into a tl;dr about UBI, as there are better articles and videos out there that cover the topic in far more detail and nuance than I have the reasonable capability of doing. The point is that StoneToss once again signals his lack of understanding about something by making a comic that goes no further than a base, almost childish commentary. You could reduce this comic to its final panel, even. Just write “UBI” on the rocks that the S. S. Society crashes upon and you have yourself an old fashioned dumbass political cartoon.

StoneToss heard about UBI and instead of making a comic about inflation or something economically boring like that, he proclaimed “What?! Mexicans and Blacks would also get money?!” and made an exaggerative comic where UBI leads to the outright total collapse of society. What a fucking idiot.

Comic Name: Sacred Texts
Description: Reminder that Nazis making human-skin lampshades is completely false. Hmm, what other things might be incorrect?
Mouseover: More like the Jewy Decimal System, amiright?
Image Name: fiction-section-books-comic1.png
Originally Published: 3/14/2019

What The Comic Is: A man in a fedora places the Bible in the “fiction” section of a book shelf, chuckling smugly as he does. Behind him, a man in a red hat puts the Quran in the same fiction section, chuckling smugly as the fedora man sweats in alarm. Behind the red hat, however, another man puts a book about the holocaust in the same section, chuckling smugly as now the red hat man sweats profusely in alarm.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Holocaust was fake, only the most BASED and CUMPILLED believe this. Also, holocaust denial is the same as bashing a religion. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Ah, here’s something StoneToss puts at least a little bit of his time into; how much he hates Jews! Unlike UBI, which is strange and convoluted for StoneToss and his good Church boy brain, hatred of Jews is something he readily grasps. 

The comic is obviously making fun of “edge lord” fedora m’lady neckbeards, who think it’s funny to insult Christianity. However, they are not as BASED as people in red hats who mock Islam (obviously a reference to the MAGA red hat, though StoneToss stops short of insulting MAGAts so blatantly, and opts to leave the MAGA text off of the hat, as if that’s somehow fooling anyone), yet the red hats are not as BASED as holocaust deniers. It’s a hierarchy of edginess that StoneToss believes holds truth. It’s also comparing the holocaust to religion, mocking those that think anything is too sacred to be derided or questioned.

Okay so, the holocaust is a clear and recently-occurred historical event with loads of evidence. Religion is, uh, something that has no evidence and is not historical. You see how they’re different, then, yes? This means comparing religious belief to holocaust history is completely stupid and totally invalid, which is exactly why StoneToss is doing it. The Bible and the Quran might be ‘sacred’, but the holocaust is historical. 

StoneToss, as all unoriginal holocaust deniers do, leans again into the legends of human skin lampshades that have no evidence supporting that the items ever existed. Because one or two legends of the holocaust don’t have evidence of their existence, or because they were just horror stories people thought were true at the time (in regards to the ‘human soap’ stories covered on this blog in past posts), bigots like StoneToss take this is as a green light to begin questioning anything or everything about the holocaust. It is dishonest and done in blatant bad faith.

Also, and this is very subtle, but do you notice the “FICTION” sign in the background of the three comic panels? Of course you do, it’s huge and in the middle of the background. However, do you notice how panels 1 and 2 have a second sign after FICTION? It looks like the start of an “R”, for Religion. The third panel doesn’t have a sign behind the fiction sign, however, because it’s about a holocaust book and StoneToss decided to not even depict it being pulled out of a ‘HISTORY’ section. What a nutsack, lol.

StoneToss depicts holocaust deniers as being the top of the food chain alpha based males who draw quiet fear from those below them. In reality, they’re just loser assholes that no one likes. What a bunch of nutsacks, lol.

StoneToss: Episode 50 (Special Edition 3)

Foreword: The blog has now passed 200k views and this post marks the 50th StoneToss installment. I couldn’t, or rather I probably wouldn’t, do it without all you kind, sexy readers. Thank you all, and please enjoy this extra long&juicy 50th StoneToss Is An Idiot.

Comic Name: Happily Never After
Description: Happy Valentine’s day!
Mouseover: Isn’t there someone you forgot to ask?
Image Name: consent-and-marriage-comic1.png
Originally Published: 2/14/2019

What The Comic Is: A man and woman lay in bed, the man is clearly ‘rough’ looking, with unshaven facial hair, a sort of tattoo/scar on his arm (StoneToss can’t be bothered to make his art look like anything, I guess), and worst of all… chest hair. The man and woman both consent to sex. A third man, however, protests his consent. The woman, rightfully angry, demands to know who he is. He is shown to be a well groomed man in traditional, conservative business attire holding a briefcase and a “Congrats it’s a boy” blue balloon. He answers that he is the man who would’ve married her. The woman, tears in her eyes, lunges to embrace the man but he dissipates into thin air.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Women who have sex are whores and they ruin their chances at finding a good man, because good men only want virgin women.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Boy howdy I have been waiting for so long to get to this comic. It’s one of my favorite StoneToss pieces because it’s just so, so, so fucking weak and pathetic. StoneToss isn’t even trying to have a funny or bouncy punchline with this one, it’s literally just him being straight-faced depressed that he can’t get laid and that women fuck other men. It’s got such limpdick energy that just looking at it for too long can probably give you soy cancer or whatever ridiculous bullshit StoneToss believes other men suffer from, while he sits alone in his home, drawing shitty comics set in a fictional safe space world where women are punished for their sexual behavior. This is literally StoneToss’ pathetic little clown world, where he gets to depict women as actually caring about some sexist asshole’s stance on wedding the deflowered.

The comic serves, then, as a cautionary tale to women, telling them to be mindful of who is consenting to their extramarital sexcapades, because once they have sex with a man (who of course will be a ‘bad man’ with body hair and tattoos and gold chains, because that’s what bad men without jobs look like, right?) then the ‘good men’ (baby boomettes who use blue for boys and work in an office, because that’s what a good man looks like, right?) will never want them. I would say it’s pretty depressing if a man values literally nothing other than a woman’s virginity, but the relationships I’ve had have always been very enlightened, healthy and beneficial for both parties involved. StoneToss’ relationships, if they exist at all, have probably been layered in some type of abuse coming from StoneToss (likely community-sanctioned by the shitty church StoneToss is brainwashed in). So I guess given StoneToss and his complete and abject failure at providing for a woman, it’s not a big surprise he sinks to deranged little realities where all women ruin their chances at the NICE GUYtm. The comic is then even funnier when you realize: The man not giving his consent to the sex is literally StoneToss’ own self-insert, and this comic is his vehicle for living out his petty, non-existent revenge
StoneToss literally made a comic about women cucking him with other men. Hahaha lolz.

Comic Name: Fatherly Doody
Description: Like the comics? Support my work here! (links to an abandoned newproject2 page for StoneToss. newproject2 is a now defunct Patreon alternative that was set up in largely the same style as Patreon, but was welcoming of alt-right dumbasses like StoneToss or Metokur. The site always relied heavily on content creators splitting money with them, but was officially canned in mid-2020 when Master Card decided that supporting a website used by openly bigoted, fascist people was a bad idea).
Mouseover: What’s the difference? 
Image Name: homosexual-family-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/19/2019

What The Comic Is: A man and wife hold their sleeping baby while rudely staring at a gay couple. The man, very rudely, openly wonders what the gay couple’s family is like. The gay man, rightfully offended at the man and woman’s total lack of social tact, calls them bigots and tells them that their families are the same. His partner stands by his side, holding their own baby wrapped in linen. The gay men clasp each other’s hand as it is revealed that the baby is actually a piece of shit.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: You can’t reproduce in a same-sex relationship, therefore same-sex relationships are lesser to ‘normal’ relationships.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Around the time this comic was published, a meme was going around the internet where people were using comics or photographs to explain how different cultures/groups of people were the same as others, though there was always some sort of humorous catch to the explanation that betrayed the “same as you” message. For instance, one of these memes might be something like “How do Mexicans take showers? The same as everyone else. First we turn on the water, then we get the sombreros“. Normally they were very self-aware and poked fun at the person making the comic. Because of this, these comics were very inclusive and wholesome, urging everyone to participate and share fun self-embraced stereotypes about their culture or nationality (British people shower with tea, Japanese people shower with anime, etc.) 

StoneToss saw this meme and thought, “How can I take something wholesome, where all people of the world come together and laugh with one another, and make it awful?” The answer was this comic. The gay couple’s baby being a lump of shit is an unfunny joke about gay anal sex, and the mouse over text is obviously a reference to the “what’s the difference/same as you” meme. It’s also yet another comic where StoneToss whines about the death of the nuclear family, because god forbid other people exist and be different to StoneToss and his church group.
Someone should tell StoneToss that gay couples can adopt, which provides thousands of orphaned children a loving and providing home, with statistically far less violence and domestic abuse when compared to man-woman relationships. Someone should also tell StoneToss that in order for a man and woman to create a child together, the man has to be better than a reprehensible bigot with no real-life friends or experience with women.

Comic Name: Her-bivore
Description: Bone appetit. 
Mouseover: Sausage party.
Image Name: forever-alone-female-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/28/2019

What The Comic Is: A woman laments at her loneliness, silently crying at a table. She then complains about her hunger as her stomach grumbles, her shirt is revealed to read ‘GO VEGAN’. It is then shown that she sits in a room surrounded by meat.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Women are lonely because their standards are too high.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss must have been going through a very, very strong incel phase right around this time. I mean, the idiot is always going through incel phases, but I mean to say that it must’ve been particularly strong when he made these comics. This is the third comic in short succession where he complains, somehow, about either women or ‘traditional’ relationships. 

In this comic, the woman is a vegan surrounded by meat. This is a direct joke about vegans but it’s also a metaphor for women who can’t find a “GOOD GUYtm” because they won’t lower their ‘standards’, or if they’d be open to trying “new things”, then they wouldn’t be so unfulfilled. It’s really, really standard incel bullshit. The women may also be a lesbian, twisting the metaphor slightly to “she’s lesbian and lonely, if only she’d choose men she’d have so many options”, which is really equally incel-ish and stupid, so it barely matters either way. 

I wouldn’t be shocked if StoneToss was dumped or rejected by a woman around this time, which spurred him to make a slew of idiotic comics bitching about women and relationships. Yes, if only women would lower their standards from “healthy, put-together man” to “whiney manchild who’s whole world view is controlled by bigoted church sermons and he lacks complete and total respect of any kind for women”. Why are the stupid femoids so dumb and lonely if only they weren’t egotists who refuse to eat the food that’s all around them, then StoneToss would finally get a girlfriend :,( 
Also, though, which is it? Do women partake in the wild sausage buffet that surrounds them, or do they save themselves for the one special hotdog they’ve always been looking for? This comic is actually so fucking dumb, even by StoneToss standards, that the comments on it are actually a healthy mix of people refuting the comic’s meaning, arguing about how stupid it is, etc. It noticeably lacks several of the ‘usual suspects’ who constantly comment bigotry in agreeance with whatever the comic is saying, and the people mocking the comic have a good mix of both up and downvotes on their comments. This is highly unusual, as normally anyone in StoneToss’ comment section who calls his comic out for being shit is hit with a dozen or so downvotes and few to no upvotes.

StoneToss offered his inceldom to his hounds and they actually rejected it. Fucking lol.

Comic Name: Sticks and Stones
Description: Fun Fact: It’s illegal to call a transsexual the “wrong” pronoun in NYC. (text links to a Breibart article that completely misrepresents and hyper-exaggerates what the actual law really is).
Support my work here! (a link to the same defunct newproject2 website)
Mouseover: IT’S MA’AM!
Image Name: crime-think-comic.png
Originally Published: 3/5/2019

What The Comic Is: A trans woman explains that ‘thought crimes’ don’t exist. A man retorts with “Whatever, dude.”, which ‘triggers’ the trans woman. The final panel shows the man being arrested while the trans woman sobs to a police officer.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Once again, “Thought crimes” comes from the Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where ‘Thoughtcrimes’, or expressions of controversial opinion or dissent against the government of fictional Oceania, are punishable crimes. StoneToss has always been fascinated with the concept of Thoughtcrime, and he uses it constantly in his comics as a way of trying to show that fiction has become reality. Of course, his shitty argument never, ever gets further than “I can’t be a bigot anymore!! WTF THOUGHTCRIME1111”, but please ignore reality in favor of StoneToss’ childish delusions. 

For the record, it’s not necessarily ‘illegal’ to misgender trans people in New York City, at least not in the way this stupid comic portrays it. In the comic, the man casually calls the trans woman “dude”. ‘Dude’ is already considered a pretty safe, multi-gendered term as it is (most women and trans women will tell you they don’t mind being called ‘dude’ and do not see it as being gendered, rather more of a synonym for ‘friend, pal, etc.’). The trans woman is so triggered and alarmed by this that they sob uncontrollably as their aggressor is lead away in handcuffs. This is painting trans people as inherently fragile and weak, that even the most casual and harmless of misgenderings sets them off into a hysterical, self-righteous pity party that the government and laws/police have to protect them against.

It’s also, obviously, trying to liken the NYCHRL (or New York City Human Rights Law) to Thoughtcrime, just because New York City passed a law that says official documents for employment/renting/whatever have to be mindful of preferred pronouns. In StoneToss’ clown world, trans people are shocked and offended by the word ‘dude’. In reality, StoneToss is shocked and offended by lukewarm legislation that does the bare minimum of recognizing that a minority of people exist.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but trans people existing will apparently cause you to make whiney comics.

Comic Name: Seeing Green
Description: Speaking of burning money, why not support my work? (another link to the defunct myproject2 website) 
Mouseover: Burn baby burn!
Image Name: green-energy-comic.png
Originally Published: 3/7/2019

What The Comic Is: A business man unveils his new public green energy project, a machine labeled the “Eco 9000”. A man questions what’s so green about the invention. The businessman, dumping a sack of dollar bills into the contraption, responds that it is the fuel that is green.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Renewable energy is bad because it costs money.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: More boring, unoriginal arguments from StoneToss. This dipshit doesn’t have a single original bone in his fucking body, I swear. He is literally incapable of making an original point, it’s all just recycled propaganda nonsense that he picks up from his church or his online social circles.

You can tell when StoneToss knows at least a thing or two about his comic subject, because he’ll go into a deeper detail about it either through pure exposition via spoken words or through some kind of imagery or double meanings. When he knows only a cursory amount about something, his comic about it will be much, much more skin-deep and basic, signaling to everyone his lack of knowledge on the subject. In this case, he is signaling that he doesn’t know jackshit about green energy.

“The upfront cost/upkeep cost is high” is the traditional bad argument that opponents of green energy make. This is beyond stupid, because it’s exactly like trying to argue “we can’t make more coal plants or oil rigs because the upfront cost is just too high”. It’s a disingenuous and fake argument used to confuse voters into opposing windmills or solar panels by trying to suggest building them in the first place, or upkeeping them, will cost too much money, or they won’t make enough money back. Never mind that most of these facts are using information that is going on two decades old, and that by today’s standards green energy is beating out fossil fuels by wild margins, to the point that new wind and solar installments are literally less expensive than even the mere operating costs of coal powered plants.

 Right-leaning tools constantly parrot “GREEN ENERGY IS TOO EXPENSIVE” so it’s no wonder where StoneToss picked up this perpetually overused talking point, and it’s no wonder he doesn’t explore the issue any further; because hedoesn’t fucking know anything else about it other than it allegedly is expensive. StoneToss is a good little sheep. Baa.

Thanks for 200k views. Keep expecting cool things from this dumb blog.