StoneToss: Episode 53

Comic Name: Gait Keeper
Description: Step Right Up (followed by another link to the defunct newproject2 site)
Mouseover: Imagine the smell.
Image Name: magic-dirt-comic1.png
Originally Published: 3/28/2019

What The Comic Is: A black foot steps down onto the ground, turning white as it lifts up again. This is labeled “Magic Dirt”. A black foot steps down onto the ground, leaving behind a visible dirt mark as it lifts up again. This is labeled “Actual Dirt”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Immigration is bad because cultures never mix and black/brown people just leave their “dirt marks” on the countries they enter.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Magic Dirt” is a racist term for the supposed ‘theory’ that a person moving to a country will, upon setting foot on the ‘magic dirt’, integrate into that society. This is why the black foot becomes white; the ‘magic dirt’ theory would suggest that a black person moving into the USA would suddenly ‘become white’ and integrate into the USA’s ‘white society’. When in “reality”, the black person just leaves their dirty impression on ‘white society’, never integrating. 

The xenophobia and racism are pretty apparent once you understand exactly what the fuck this stupid comic is even trying to say, but I like how StoneToss couldn’t think of a good way to show the black foot leaving dirt on the floor without inexplicably changing the setting of the top two panels (shown outside, in some dirt-covered turf) to the bottom two panels (shown in some Vaporwave-esque purgatory room with a floor of irregularly sized tiles). Maybe it’s a commentary on “non-USA countries are dirt, the USA is tile because it’s advanced and civilized”, but I think StoneToss realizing it’d be hard to show dirt being left on dirt, because he’s a dumbass, is just as likely an explanation.
The comic’s stupidity goes deeper, however. Because no one claims that an immigrant will ‘magically’ integrate into a society. ‘Integration’ into a new society is something that takes years, or even generations. And to a certain point upholding the culture of one’s place of origin is seen as a societal benefit for a nation’s diversity (which is obviously why xenophobes hate it so much). We don’t want people to move into the country and magically become the same as everyone already living there, as that would be almost just as xenophobic as wanting them to not move here in the first place. So there is no “magic dirt theory”, because no one really peddles the thought that immigrants will come to America and the ‘magic dirt’ will make them American. Rather, it’s diversity and pursuit of a better future that makes them American. StoneToss really, really hates this, so he has to create arguments that no one makes.

Obviously the bottom two panels are StoneToss trying to say that immigrants imprint their ‘dirt’ onto the countries they move into. This ‘dirt’ is clearly meaning to represent the ‘bad’ things; crime, non-white culture, race mixing, languages that StoneToss can’t understand, etc. that StoneToss feels they bring and leave onto the societies they ‘invade’.
Also, check out the way StoneToss just re-used the background in the first two panels. It’s even lazier because the foot is supposed to be taking a step, which means we’re expected to believe the foot transcended all material reality and stepped forward onto the exact same patch of land that it just took a step from.

The comic’s name is a play on the term Gate Keeper/Gatekeeper, a term referring to someone(s) who tries to control access to something, like the keeper of a gate. This can be metaphorical gatekeeping (“You’re not a REAL fan of The Simpsons unless you know all the production numbers behind each episode“, for instance) or can be more physical, such as not allowing people into your country based on their skin color, for instance.

Comic Name: Digging Deep
Description: sniff… 
Mouseover: Give ’em (sic) the finger
Image Name: usa-israel-comic1.png
Originally Published: 4/2/2019

What The Comic Is: The hand of America (probably meant to be Uncle Sam or some other caricature) holds up a finger, a green boogie on its tip. The second panel is revealed to be a giant nose.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Deep state Jews.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss went on some kind of bizarre pretentious kick around this time, producing comics that were very minimalist (this one doesn’t even have labels on its panels). While the comic about magic dirt was concrete enough thanks to the panels, this one is so strangely abstract that if you didn’t know StoneToss hated Jews (and you weren’t aware of ‘Jews = big nose’), you’d probably think this was a strange fetish comic with a patriotic undertone. Or maybe a strange patriotic comic with a fetish undertone?

Anyways, it’s just a boring ‘deep state’/Fellow Whites comic. Per the comic’s title, if you “dig deep” (into the state), you’ll find that all the boogers (bad stuff) comes from a big nose (Jews, who are behind everything). With the image name of the comic in mind, we can see it’s also more weak commentary on Israel. StoneToss doesn’t like that the USA treats Israel like a real country, it’s because of deep state Jews, blah blah blah. 

Funny enough, StoneToss creates his most direct and succinct messages when he’s using as few words (none at all, in this case) and imagery as possible. Go figure that a comic about boogers with no words would be something StoneToss is good at making.

Comic Name: Cry Wolf
Description: A stupid screenshot of drama YouTuber Keemstar’ Tweeting that AOC was not in the Capitol building when the DC terrorists broke into it.
Mouseover: ay caramba! 
Image Name: capitol-protest-aoc-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 2/4/2021

What The Comic Is: Antifa burn buildings and the American flag, AOC watches on through binoculars with smug satisfaction. AOC then spots peaceful MAGA protestors and calls for help on her red telephone, huddling in fear, even as it’s shown that the MAGA protestors are off in the far distance. Her pants also turn into a skirt halfway down, apparently.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: AOC was ‘crying wolf’ for publicity and clout.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: AOC made comments about how she feared for her life during the Capitol riots, as she huddled to hide. This was because 1.) Domestic terrorists were trying to lynch politicians and were breaking into buildings, bludgeoning police officers to death and 2.) Specifically, AOC feared the worst when she heard someone breaking into her own office and shouting ‘Where is she?’. This turned out to be, thankfully, security forces breaking in to find and secure AOC. Domestic terrorists and their sympathizers are not honest people, obviously, and so they are keen to leave out the part where AOC said she feared for her life specifically when she heard someone break in and shouting ‘where is she’.

But who cares? This asinine gatekeeping on when someone gets the greenlight to begin fearing for their lives is the most cowardly and blatantly dishonest shit that Rightoid drones have ever spouted (so far!). Rioters broke into the capitol in mass, broke through police boundaries and were purportedly searching for politicians to murder as they constructed gallows. Reports were coming in of police officers being killed, terrorists being shot as they attempted to break into hallways where the Vice President was being kept, etc. AOC, someone who gets death threats every single fucking day, thought she might be in trouble? Wow, how un-fucking-believable. What a drama queen, lolz. 

Of course the comic, and StoneToss’s pathetic, weakling rhetoric, wouldn’t be complete without the coup de grace: Portraying the domestic terrorists as, in reality, being peaceful. “They stayed within the red velvet boundaries”, “all that happened was a window was broken”, “the police shot an innocent protestor SAY HER NAME111”, “there was no riot in the capitol”, “if there was, it was Antifa”, “AOC is just lying like always for media clout, she needs to go back to pouring drinks”. The list goes tirelessly on with the fake reality clown world horseshit that these societal rejects subscribe to as a coping mechanism for their own internal failures. One would think that people like StoneToss would get tired of constantly lying to themselves, but you have to realize that living in a constructed power fantasy reality is what losers like StoneToss fucking live for.

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