StoneToss: Episode 56

Comic Name: Wedge Issues
Description: A numbers game.
Mouseover: Tudiasm
Image Name: shrinking-white-demographic-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/14/2019

What The Comic Is: A wedge labeled “13%” slips into a wedge labeled “85%”. In the next panel, the 13% wedge is now 36%, much to the shock of the second wedge, which is now labeled 62%. In the final panel, a wedge labeled “2%” spies from around a corner.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews are making black people live in the USA.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The first panel is the population of blacks (13%) compared to the population of whites (85%), then it’s the percent of crime committed by blacks (36%) compared to crime committed by whites (62%), the idea that blacks make up a smaller number of the population but commit a disproportionate amount of crime. This is something StoneToss has talked about in the past, and it’s known as the “Despite making up 13% of the population…” talking point that is beloved by racist idiots. The reasons for this disparity are pretty clear: blacks are disproportionally disenfranchised and kept impoverished and without resources or benefits to improve their situation. They are also disproportionally targeted by law enforcement and convicted more often of the same offenses compared to white people. This obviously is reflected in their crime statistics when compared to white people. Bigots like StoneToss ignore reality and substitute unfounded clown worldian coping mechanisms such as coming up with the lie that black people are naturally more violent and less intelligent than white people, which explains their obsession with crime and population statistics.

The 2% is the number of Jews who live in the USA, who are obviously somehow behind the “Brownification” of the USA, despite the fact that white European settlers are the ones who originally brought African slaves to the continent en masse. I would hazard a guess to say that StoneToss would explain this by trying to suggest the Jews were the ones that ‘fooled’ the Europeans into using Africans for slaves, but that would imply StoneToss is smart enough to even consider the fact that white people are the ones who brought black people to America; which he decidedly is not smart enough to do.

Comic Name: Robots In Disguise 
Description: Today we have a guest comic contributed by the very talented, @jiggycxmrade! (links to a deleted Twitter account)
Mouseover: Gives new meaning to “Decepticons”. 
Image Text: guestcomic.png
Originally Published: 5/16/2019

What The Comic Is: Optimus Prime, leader of the transforming robot beings known as the Autobot Transformers, proclaims his iconic catchphrase of “Autobots, transform!“. He then enters into a woman’s bathroom.

What StoneToss (and jiggycxmrade) Actually Think: People can just say they’re trans in order to enter women’s restrooms.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At face value this is just a goofy comic joking about the autobots and how they “transform”. If this were most anyone else, it could easily be seen as a harmless joke, but this is StoneToss, so as always there’s usually some space between the lines that one needs to read. I do not know who jiggycxmrade is or was, because their Twitter is deleted and Googling their online handle doesn’t bring up much information (you will find multiple links to an art piece someone made of their original character cutting a person assumed to be jiggycxmrade with a knife, so whomever this mysterious jiggycxmrade person was, they didn’t seem to be liked by many people. Wonder why…

Anyways, we can assume if jiggycumrade was making guest comics for StoneToss that they are on some level of bigotry comparable to StoneToss. Given that the nature of the comic is that Optimus Prime only says “autobots transform” and then enters a woman’s restroom, we can discern it is a joke about “men will pretend to be women so they can go into the women’s restroom”, which is a very popular boogeyman scenario amongst transphobes. Also that being trans is a matter of simply stating gender identity, as if it was something so simple it could be changed on the spot with a simple decree. That isn’t necessarily untrue, really, but there’s not many trans people who take their identity as lightly as “I say it, therefore I am it, at will”, and this is an incredible erasure of the identity crises often suffered by trans individuals, along with problems of body dysmorphia. But then this is intentional on StoneToss and his guest’s part.

The mouse over text is a reference to the Decepticons, the villionous enemies of the heroic autobots. It is likening trans people as being “decepticons”, deceiving others so they can invade a restroom.

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