StoneToss: Episode 57

Comic Name: The 98%
Description: I am the 98%…
Mouseover: Check your J E W I S H privilege, thank you.
Image Name: wealth-disparity-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/21/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds aloft a sign that reads “1% own 50% of the wealth”. He sees another man holding a sign that reads “2% are 40% of billionaires”, which causes him to sweat nervously.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews are bad because some of them are rich.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “2% are 40% of billionaires” is an obscure motto used by alt-righter and other anti-Semitic groups. It refers to the fact that, supposedly, 40% of billionaires in the USA are Jewish (Jews make up around 2% of the USA’s population). This is obviously meant to draw attention to the disproportionate amount of billionaire Jews when compared to their overall population in the country. It’s hard to find any sources on “40% of billionaires are Jewish”, and most basic research shows that the number is closer to less than 20%, but really it doesn’t fucking matter. 

Whatever percent of billionaires are Jewish is a wholly irrelevant thing by itself, and anti-Semites do nothing more than point towards it and say “See? Lots of them are rich WhAt’S uP wItH tHaT?? Pretty suspicious, innit??“. Of course, ask StoneToss or any other dumbfuck what that’s supposed to mean or how they think Jewish people amassed this wealth and it’s a blank stare followed by weak mumbling about “Jewish World Order” and “Holocaust guilt” and “Space lasers”, because they don’t really have anything else. This complete lack of anything other than surface level observations that are twisted to fuel bigoted conspiracy theories is roughly the extent of most anti-Semitic rhetoric. Ask StoneToss how the holocaust could’ve possibly been faked and you get the same fumbling, confused response. Ask StoneToss why Jews were persecuted at all and it’s the same thing

It, uh, it’s the, uh, the Jewish, uh, infiltration of governments and uh… stuff,” StoneToss awkwardly attempts to explain, having winged it so far on never being asked to extrapolate upon his bigoted conspiracy theories
“Okay, so then how did the Jews infiltrate the world governments?”


The mouse over text is a reference to “White Privilege”, something StoneToss has whined about in the past, as white supremacists don’t like being confronted with the fact that white people have not been systematically oppressed the way other groups of people have been in the USA, and many people on the Right would prefer to claim that a ‘white privilege’ does not exist at all. StoneToss is claiming that a so-called “Jewish privilege” exists, lamenting that white people are often told to check their privilege, but Jewish people and their ‘privilege’ are never mentioned. This is obviously because everyone is racist against white people, including Jews who also control the world. Most people may be inclined to realize that Jews facing widespread conspiracy theories concerning their duplicity, lack of moral character and villainous intentions even a generation after collectively facing one of the worst genocides in human history is sort of proof enough that they’re not exactly the most privileged class of people, but StoneToss (thankfully) isn’t most people.

Comic Name: Oxymoron
Description: Anti-semantics.
Mouseover: kosher-bacon
Image Name: judeo-christian-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/30/2019

What The Comic Is: The first panel shows a nail, it is labeled “Judeo”. The second panel is a hand nailed to to a beam of wood, clearly meant to be the hand of Jesus Christ nailed upon the crucifix. This panel is labeled “Christian”. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews are bad and killed Jesus and therefore are completely removed from, and are villains to, anything Christian. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Judeo-Christian” is a sort of generic term denoting anything that both Jews and Christians share in common (whether in the mythos of their religions or in similar behaviors; or when both religions are targeted for whatever reason, such as religious persecution). Judaism and Christianity, for anyone who possesses even cursory knowledge of the religions, share much in common within their history and beliefs.

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog in the past that the religious dogma and whatever church it’s learned from is a very big part of StoneToss’ world view, which means he either can’t (or doesn’t) choose to think for himself and willingly believes what he’s told at church. Some people have questioned this stance of mine, suggesting that StoneToss may not be as overtly religious as he lets on, or perhaps religion is just a cover for his bigotry. I think this comic, more than anything else he’s said or done, proves pretty thoroughly that StoneToss is a religious nutbag.

The nail is obviously meant to represent Judaism as a whole; the violent and oppressive nail. The hand is Christianity, bleeding and ravaged by the Jews. This belief that Jews are collectively to be blamed for the death of Jesus Christ is known as the “Jewish deicide” (that’s dei-cide, not “decide”; deicide is the murder of a deity, as matricide would be the murder of a mother, etc). The common slur attached to this collective deicide is “Christ Killer”, an oft-employed term by Christian Anti-Semites. As a Christian and raging Anti-Semite, StoneToss rejects any notion that Judaism and Christianity can be paired together in anything, citing the fact that the Jew’s “legacy” is the murder of Jesus and Christianity’s “legacy” is the murder of, uh, not killing Jesus. I guess.

The name of the comic implies that “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron, because (according to StoneToss) Judaism is as far removed from Christianity as anything can be, since one (again, according to StoneToss) is all about killing Jesus and the other is about worshipping him. In the mouse over, he makes another oxymoronic comparison as he likens “Jews and Christians” to “kosher and bacon” (bacon is not a generally accepted kosher food, and therefore it’s as if Christianity and Judaism mix as well as Judaism and bacon).

This comic is nothing but pure, condensed Christian Anti-Semitism. No current events or politics inspired it and it’s message is rooted entirely in Religious history. If there was any doubt that StoneToss is a religious bigot ninny, let that be dispelled.

7 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 57

  1. Funnily enough, “Judeo-Christian” is a term that’s commonly misused by reactionary conservatives when complaining about other religions in the US


  2. 1. Jesus frequently called himself the king of the Jews and was actually arrested and executed by the romans
    2. Let us collectively pray stone toss never discovers the new black panther party
    3. Good luck with the new platform :), hopefully the improved quality will make it slightly easier to drag your way through the brain dead ramblings of our favorite anti-everythingthatdoesntlooklikehimite


    1. > Jesus frequently called himself the king of the Jews and was actually arrested and executed by the romans

      Yes, but in religious history, it’s said that Jesus was put before a panel of Jews to decide his fate. Their choice was between Jesus and a criminal, and they chose for Jesus to endure the death penalty and for the criminal to go free. This is why they are labeled as “Christ Killer”. Any legitimacy or fairness this moniker has is (usually) glossed over by those that employ it.


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