Ben Garrison: Episode 2

Comic Name: The Spud In Chief


Second of all: Ben misses the chance to title this character as “Mr. Joetato Head”, so because he’s as clever as a piss-soaked rag, instead we get the overly verbose “Mr. Potato Joe Head”. Which is as slick as anything else Ben Garrison has farted out from his geriatric yiffhole. And by the way, WHAT THE FUCK IS A POTATO REPUBLIC??????? I like how Garrison couldn’t manage to come up with any potato puns but seemingly felt he was obligated to make up at least a single one, so the one we get is completely fucking random. He literally busted his right hemisphere trying to think of any ways politics is mixed with food, and the best he could come up with was “banana republic”. And he doesn’t even make it into a pun, he just replaces “banana” with “potato”. This is the sum total of Ben Garrison’s creativity. Replacing one foodstuff with another.

Like, come on. I’m a reasonable person. When Ben Garrison puts pen to paper to make yet another artistic abortion, I’m not really expecting much. Honestly I’m not expecting anything. But Potato Republic? That’s the best you could do, Ben? It was such a bold and brash move to depict Joe Biden as a human potato, it’s tragic to let such a deep and ingenious political commentary go without at least a single proper pun. I’d have even accepted a “Do you have any tots I can sniff?“, but somehow Ben Garrison is too busy playing mobile gambling games and choking on his own stomach acid or whatever the fuck it is he does at the nursing home to come up with a single proper god damned joke about potatoes. Garrison’s work is already creatively bankrupt as it is, but this is even worse. This is the Idiot Conservative version of jangling keys in front of a baby. Oee, oee, goo goo gaga, Biden is a Mr. Potato Head! Isn’t that funny, white men between the ages of 35 and 70 who repress regrets of marrying the first woman that was tolerant towards their behavior of demanding sex in a backwards, borderline rape fashion?

Finally, political commentary for the every day man. Biden is a potato lol.

StoneToss: Episode 64


Comic Name: Break In
Description: Keep out.
Mouseover: Adios!
Image Name: ice-detention-center-comic1.png
Originally Published: 8/15/2019

What The Comic Is: A man points towards an ICE detention center, proclaiming its abuse of immigrants. Another man pulls a metal fence and barbed wire out, shouting that they can stop ICE by building a wall around it. The first man, having finished building the wall, wipes the sweat from his forehead and rejoices that there will be no more tortured immigrations. His thought his stopped short, however, as he realizes the wall they’ve build is labeled as the U.S. Border.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s okay to torture immigrants because they came into the USA, and the way to prevent torturing immigrants is to have a border wall, as opposed to not torturing immigrants.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss loves to blame victims. He also loves to self-righteously prescribe hypocrisy to moments where there is none. But being the busy fascist comic maker that he is, how can he save time and combine them both?

StoneToss grinned a StoneTossingly StoneTossing grin. He knew just what he’d do: He’d save time and make a comic that had both of the two! For victims to blame, he chose the US-Mexican border. Blind twisting of reality he happily paid, but to logic gave no quarter. Why did StoneToss hate living in reality so? It could be that his head wasn’t screwed on quite right. It could be that he was a stupid, dishonest asshole. I guess we’ll never know.

StoneToss blames victims by claiming that the only reason they end up tortured in ICE facilities is because they came to the USA. This is a huge passing of the buck. Somehow it’s not ICE’s responsibility to not emulate WW2-era concentration camps, obviously. He also proposes the solution is clearly defining a US-Mexican border, as if this will somehow stop people from getting into the country (again, falling back on the naïve belief that a border wall will actually stop immigration). It’s a childish and dishonest shifting of blame, like always.

“Wall off ICE” seems to be in reference to the ‘Occupy ICE’ protests that raged through 2018 and into 2019, wherein protestors would travel to ICE headquarters or facilities and then create human barricades to impede ICE’s movements. Get it? It’s curious that ICE protestors stop ICE by doing the thing Trump wants to do, isn’t it? Curious, very curious. So curious. Curious that a small barricade can work to stop a single road or building but the same doesn’t work scaled up to a border situation. Curious. It’s it quite hypocritical that people use walls when they hate another wall? Hypocritical libtards will live in a house made of walls, but not a country made of walls? Curious. You are very smart, StoneToss. Curious. Also, curious that StoneToss doesn’t in any way advocate nor mention legal immigration of Mexicans into the USA, he curiously opposes Mexicans coming into the USA in any way or capacity. So curious, innit?

Bill Nye the science lie

Comic Name: Science Friction
Description: Let’s look at the data. (links to a Psychology Today thought piece by some dumbfuck political scientist who writes a far-reaching and completely uncited thought piece on why Conservatives are more attractive than Liberals. It’s completely fake science, which is why StoneToss unironically likes it)
Mouseover: Bill Nye the science lie
Image Name: science-denier-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/20/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds up a book on climatology, calling another man a science denier. The second man, holding a book about sex biology, turns his head and wonders what the first man is talking about. The first man glares and sweats suspiciously.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s curious that people deny biology but believe in global warming.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The second man is holding a book on biology, referencing “two genders” and “men have penises, women have vaginas”, etc. Basically it’s just trying to claim that science denies transgenderism in the same way it validates global warming. But StoneToss wants to have his cake and eat it, too. He wants a world where global warming is a (((Liberal))) conspiracy, but he also wants one where science denies transgenderism or multiple genders. Unfortunately enough, StoneToss loses like usual: modern science actually agrees that not only are sex and gender different, but that even “male” and “female” are inaccurate (or at least not fully whole) descriptors of human sexual biology. Yes, I know, my sources aren’t blatantly biased religious websites or alt-right news platforms. Forgive me, please. We can’t all have the BASED and CUCKPILLED sources that Stone “I Wish I Had A Wife So A Black Guy Could Fuck Her” Toss is so handily able to produce.

But of course, this comic marks a start to StoneToss entering into climate change denial, a matter he will go on to revisit several times. I mean, why not? Why not just deny climate change too? Sunk cost fallacy at work, I guess. If you’re constantly saying shit that is unbelievably stupid, you may as well not half-ass it. Good for you, StoneToss, you fucking loser.

StoneToss: Episode 63

I wonder if they'll reassign my FBI observer now.

Comic Name: The Sanguineous Slope
Description: Antifa seeks to control your behavior through violent terror, they are terrorists.
Oh, and now they’re killing people.
Mouseover: I wonder if they’ll reassign my FBI observer now.
Image Name: antifa-shooting-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/7/2019

What The Comic Is: A member of Antifa defends their actions by explaining that they only punch Nazis, though in the background one of his fellow Antifa pajama men is punching a man in a MAGA hat and Gadsden snake shirt. The Antifa man tries to rectify his statement, claiming that they aren’t terrorists. In the background, however, their fellow pajama man proclaims “Kill Fascists!”. The Antifa man, now sweating and visible nervous, attempts to claim they haven’t actually killed anyone, though his comrade is now firing a gun wildly in the background.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: A single shooting perpetuated by a guy who was loosely far-left and Antifa supporting = Antifa is killing people to control their actions.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: If you click the link to the (awfully designed and heavily right-biased shitsite) you can get a first hand media report on the 2019 Dayton shooting. I call it a “media report”, but in reality it’s more of an up-jumped Facebook post or something, it barely contains any information. It doesn’t even include the date that the incident took place, for fuck’s sake. I don’t know what I expected from a article that is titled “CONFIRMED: DEMOCRAT DAYTON SHOOTER WAS PART OF ANTIFA”, with a top banner that isn’t even properly attached to the top of the webpage and rather just covers the fucking headline, but whatever. Nothing says “News you can trust” quite like the web design of a middle school student and the headline of a boomer with a middle schooler’s education.

So, the 2019 shooting in Dayton Ohio was yet another in a long, long, long list of mass shootings that has been wrought in the USA. The shooter was a mal-adjusted 24 year old with a somewhat troubled past. He also happened to casually support Antifa, Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter. He once attended an armed protest to counter the Ku Klux Klan (clearly only something that the most deranged of freedom haters would ever do). So why did he commit the shooting, killing nine people that included his sister? No one really knows. He was a very weird and troubled person, but it’s glaringly apparent that he committed the shooting for reasons that had absolutely nothing to fucking do with Antifa. He killed his sister and random people at a random venue. Funny enough, sometimes people do terrible things for apolitical reasons. But I get it, StoneToss. When your side is full of angry losers (like you!) who can’t get a grip on their spiraling lives so they radicalize through far-right propaganda to the point they’re committing one mass shooting after another, it really does turn into a sort of “If All You Have Is a Hammer” thing. Oh, a mass shooting happened and the perpetrator happened to be Left-leaning? Oh thank god! We can claim Antifa is murdering people now! That’s how it works, right?

The Dayton shooter’s affiliation to Antifa and protesting the KKK were happenstance and had nothing to do with the shooting. He did not commit the shooting as a member of Antifa. He did not leave a detailed manifesto behind that documented the reasons he was committing his crime (you know, that thing that the dozen or so far-righter shooters always do?). So, unfortunately, this shitty comic (as is so often the case with StoneToss) is completely removed from reality. Reality being a place where StoneToss is unable to exist and function, so hence his clown world safe space built out of bricks of shit/cum and dishonesty/cum. StoneToss loves cum. Almost as much as he loves being a dishonest fuckwit with nothing helpful to ever say.

The comic’s title a play on the term “Slippery Slope”, though it’s suggesting the slope is slippery because of blood (Sanguine being synonymous with blood). The only thing slippery is StoneToss’s grasp on a decent argument, though.

What a Shell out $

Comic Name: Fined Art
Description: To be honest, it’d be a fair trade.
Mouseover: What a Shell out $
Image Name: art-student-college-debt-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/12/2019

What The Comic Is: A student approaches the “Tuition Due” desk of the prestigiously named university of “Art School”. The student looks at his bill (which appears to be a charge of no monetary value, rather it is just a giant red dollar sign, thus rendering it useless as a bill of tender). He asks the woman at the desk if he can pay for the tuition in exposure.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If you hate people who ask to pay for art in exposure, it’s hypocritical to not want to pay a student loan.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At first you might think this is some kind of woke comic about predatory higher education in America, but nah. We know the real reason StoneToss hates college is because 1.) He probably never got the job he wanted from going to it and 2.) He thinks it’s where people get brainwashed into becoming (((Marxist puppets))). We also know StoneToss hates anyone who isn’t a far-right bigot, and who else is further from that than the people who attend college for an art degree? So StoneToss simultaneously mocks art degrees (with the description suggesting exposure would be a fair trade for an art degree) while also deriding a, as usual, nonexistent hypocrisy that doesn’t actually exist.

People don’t like being asked if they can be paid in exposure. It’s just common knowledge. People also get snookered into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt right out of high school in order to attend college on the vague expectation it’s what they need to do in order to get a job. The USA has a massive, crippling and long-term destructive issue with college. StoneToss is taking up a kind of defense for college, trying to frame the pursuit of college loan forgiveness as “the same thing as people asking to pay for art with exposure”.

This is incredibly stupid and petty and the only thing that stops this comic from being akin to some r/boomerhumor garbage is that StoneToss has exposed himself enough to get at least halfway competent with art. So there you go, StoneToss. You are an unfunny boomer in literally every way except art style. Most people, myself included, find that to be pretty fucking sad and pathetic, but hey, don’t let us diminish your accomplishment! You’re so brave. No matter how many shitty comics you make, you just keep making them. It’s inspirational. Really. A lesser man would’ve have given up years ago, but not you, you anti-reality puddle of shit.

StoneToss: Episode 62

Cool, when are you leaving?

Comic Name: It’s Great Turtles All the Way Down
Description: Home sweet home.
Mouseover: Cool, when are you leaving?
Image Name: go-back-to-where-you-came-from-comic1.png
Originally Published: 6/23/2019

What The Comic Is: A redneck man in a confederate flag shirt and MAGA hat tells an unseen person to go back where they came from. A Native American appears from behind the redneck and quips “Cool, when are you leaving?” However, it is shown that there is a second Native American (seemingly of different tribe or region) behind the first, poking him and quipping the same thing, “Cool, when are you leaving?”. A third Native American (again, seemingly of different tribe/region) pokes the second from behind and quips the same thing. From the edge of the panel, a fourth identical word bubble can be seen, indicating an endless chain of Native Americans complaining about each other stealing land.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s okay for European settlers to genocide the entirety of the Native American population, and to carry this oppression into present day, because “they Natives conquered each other before we got there”.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It’s not wrong to point out that Native American tribes fought with each other. Yeah, they weren’t all peace loving nature lovers who sang with the all the colors of the wind. They were people, too. They murdered, raped, enslaved and conquered one another. Or at least some of them did. What an intelligent and insightful argument! The Native American people were deeper than cartoon hippies, wow StoneToss. You get a big A+ on your Freshman year history report, you rancid little buttfuck.

So it’s true that some Native Americans conquered and warred with other Native Americans. Some tribes were even notorious for being kind of dicks. And really, maybe things that happened hundreds of years ago would be water under the bridge; like the bringing of diseases such as Small Pox or the flu to the Native Americans (diseases that ended up killing almost 90% of some Native populations), or the infamous Trail of Tears. I mean, it wasn’t like Europeans knew what infectious disease was or that they could’ve spread it to other people. And the Trail of Tears happened, like, 400 years ago! (Well, actually it officially ended more like only 150 years ago, nary a handful of generations have passed since).

“Everyone conquered everyone at some point in time” is a really weak and flaccid way of handwaving away the focused and intentional ethnic genocides that the American settlers carried out on the Native people (you also see the same kind of handwaving being done concerning slavery in America. Okay sure, many different people were slaves to others at some point in history, but the point is that Americans utilizing African slaves is both relatively recent and also something that has carried over to social issues and oppression that fully exists today). Americans purposely drove the Native Americans to near extinction, going so far as to attempt to fully genocide them through the use of sterilization- something that occurred as early as only 50 years ago, in the 1970’s. So yeah, safe to say that Europeans did a bit more than your standard conquering of the Native Americans. They full-on genocided them. As recent as the 1970’s. To this day, deep racism and oppression still exists between white Americans and Native peoples. Petty warfare from over 100 years ago is not exactly equal to trying to kill literally every Native American or sterilize them in an attempt to shrink their population.

In reality, it’s totally accurate and fair to point out that most early American settlers (from the 1700’s into the 1800’s) literally just came to America on fucking boats. Just came on over. So when some redneck fuckwit is whining about “people going back where they came from”, there’s a very real lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy. StoneToss doesn’t like this, so he tries to shift the conversation onto the Native Americans, spinning some story of “they were conquering each other, too!!”, as if what they did to each other matches at all in severity or longevity to what the whites did.

The name of the comic is a reference to the saying “It’s turtles all the way down!”, a humorous adage for an infinite regression. StoneToss is trying to compare this to an “infinite regression” of Native Americans stealing land from other Native Americans. Unfortunately, bullshit runs up hill (unlike StoneToss who probably couldn’t run up a hill to save his life) and it doesn’t get much more bullshit than focused genocide.

So like usual, StoneToss refuses to make an honest observation. He knows he can’t, because it means facing the reality that his shitty, weakling fascist world view is complete bullshit. Oh the drama!

People still think nazis make soap and lampshades out of people.

Image Name: Tabloid
Description: “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”
― Thomas Jefferson
Mouseover: People still think the nazis make soap and lampshades out of people.
Image Name: conspiracy-theories-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/1/2019

What The Comic Is: A man sits on a park bench reading a news paper. He is alarmed to see another man stroll by, bedecked in a “Believe UFOs” t-shirt and tinfoil hat. Scoffing in dismissal, the man goes back to reading his paper. The headline is shown to read “Russian Collusion!” with a picture of Donald Trump.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: We live in a BOTTOMTEXT SOCIETY where people think it’s crazy to believe in UFOs and brain scanning, but actively believe similar conspiracy theories if they’re printed in the (((jews paper))).

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Hey you know what has no evidence of existing? Alien UFOs from another planet. You know what has a lot of evidence for existing? Trump contacting Russia, possibly for aid in the 2016 Presidential election. You know what is wild and very difficult to prove? That UFOs from alien planets exist. You know what is very real and practical to prove? Russian meddling in the USA’s election. So you know what’s not really comparable? Outlandish UFO theories and factual trails of evidence. Haha, isn’t it so curious that people will scoff at UFO conspiracies but believe what every honest news source reports on????? Curious. Very curious, that. Very BOTTOMTEXT curious.

Curious, it is, that StoneToss is so fucking obsessed with human lampshades and human soap in the Holocaust. We get it, you neo-nazi fuckwad, those are things with either very little evidence or outright evidence proving they didn’t exist (in the case of the “human soap”, as discussed on this blog in the past). But they’re hardly “conspiracy theories”, more like simple legends that do not bare such zealous and repeated defending. Of course, this is because StoneToss is too much of a coward to be more outright about what he really means. In reality, bitching about the lampshade and soap myths are his way of subtly coding that he’s denying the Holocaust entirely, to some great or total length. So with the mouse over text in mind, we know that this comic is only tangentially about the Russian collusion business: StoneToss is quietly making this about Holocaust denial.

You know what has no evidence for existing? UFOs. You know what is therefore then accurately described as a fringe belief? UFOs. You know what has overwhelming belief for having existed and been carried out? The Holocaust. So you know what is therefore then accurately described as a fringe, bigoted conspiracy theory if it’s subscribed to? Holocaust denial. This comic is basically just StoneToss throwing a little tantrum because people don’t believe his shitty Anti-Semitic dogshit yet they believe Donald Trump might, shockingly, be a criminal. Fuck off, StoneToss.

Ah yes, but over 200 years ago a random slave owner/potential pedophile said news papers are bad. Almost like back in that day there was no regulation of who could print or say what and news was completely untrustworthy with no established and reputable media sources. JuSt LiKe ToDaY amirite? Fuck you, StoneToss.

StoneToss: Episode 61

Liberals do need gun control. Liberals.

Comic Name: Trigger Happy
Description: Spray and pray.
Mouseover: Liberals do need gun control. Liberals.
Image Name: shoot-nazis-comic.png
Originally Published: 7/11/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds aloft a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun while proclaiming that he has created a new gun that shoots only Nazis. A second man questions the gun, asking how the spread of its shots will be controlled. The first man, with a deranged smile, loads his gun.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Opposing Nazis is a slippery slope and eventually Antifa will start going after everyone/anyone in blind bids to claim that anyone they don’t like is a Nazi.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The comic is being both literal and metaphorical with its gun. On one hand, on a physical level, StoneToss is suggesting that wanton violence towards people seen as being Nazis (i.e., “punch a Nazi”, “Hit Richard Spencer” etc.) will escalate by the deranged, terrorist-esque Antifa until eventually they’re just spraying bullets at anyone they consider to be an enemy. Obviously this has never happened and there’s literally nothing to support a serious belief that it will ever happen, but that’s StoneToss for you. 0% Smart, 100% Dishonest.

On a metaphorical level it’s making commentary that Antifa can’ and/or doesn’t want to control the “spread” of who and what is seen as fascism. As if opposing white supremacy and police brutality is a slippery slope. Like before, however, this is a baseless accusation that hadn’t happened in all of Antifa’s existence as a concept up to the comic’s writing and still has not happened yet. So the best the comic has to offer is “Antifa is going to go totally out of control! Any minute now!! Just watch… it’ll happen!! Any minute…!! SAWED OFF SHOTGUN1111“. Also, as usual, is the blatant and disgusting lack of self awareness for the constant shootings and violence perpetuated exclusively by the alt-right and those identifying with fascism. But yeah, StoneToss, you fucking cuck, it’s the liberals who need gun control because they’re totally going to go oFf ThE dEeP eNd. Any minute now. Fuck you.

Is punching terrorists self defense? hmm...

Comic Name: Radical Anomic Terror
Description: Antifa are terrorists. They seek to control your behavior through terror. Antifa. Are. Terrorists.
Mouseover: Is punching terrorists self-defense? hmmm…
Originally Published: 7/16/2019

What The Comic Is: An ISIS fighter prepares to execute a man via beheading, as the man cries for rescue. The ISIS fighter points to his Nazi-like Antifa armband, assuring that he is no terrorist. The man sighs in relief, even as the Antifa pajama fighter rests a blade against his throat.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa are just like ISIS.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is sooooooooooooo fucking obsessed with Antifa murdering people despite the fact they’re attached to like a single fucking shooting. When some right-winger nutbag shoots up a convention center full of people it’s an Epstein and Jew World Order conspiracy theory. When Antifa does nothing at all, it’s because they’re totally about to become literally ISIS with Nazi armbands. I would once again label StoneToss as being dishonest, but I don’t know if this can even be called dishonesty. It’s complete fucking lunacy, and it’s something I noticed StoneToss really began to express around mid-2018 or so. His comics always fucking sucked, but it seems like as he got pushed more and more to be edgy and make le based spicy rare peepee commentary that he basically channeled his inner Donald Trump and began wildly outright lying about anything he thought would please his deranged fanbase (his “inner Donald Trump” of course being the 4-inch hand painted figurine of Trump that’s shoved so far into his prostate that he pisses vinyl).

The only other thing especially amusing about this comic is StoneToss’ limpdicked, babyish little “stand” he takes in the description, lol. Really channeling that “THIS IS NOT OKAY” liberal snowflake energy he so claims to be polar opposite of. Like every other dumbass Karen that plagues planet earth, StoneToss is too stupid to even realize his own pathetic hypocrisy.

StoneToss: Episode 60 (Special Edition 4)


Offended? Don't worry, 41% of you won't later.

Comic Name: EndGayme
Description: Hmm, what did I mean by this?
Mouseover: Offended? Don’t worry, 41% of you won’t later.
Image Name: transgender-suicides-comic1.png
Originally Published: 6/20/2019

What The Comic Is: A weird Easter egg alien man dons a Fortnite cosmetic, proclaiming that it shall show bigots the power of its community. The egg man snaps his cosmetic before dissolving into vapors.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That you dissolve into a sort of gaseous cloud when you get Thanos snapped, instead of turning into a bunch of triangles. Also, wasn’t the snapper immune to the effect of the snap?

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss learns things. It’s true. He’s an idiot, but by god does the boy learn things. When he wants to. Which isn’t incredibly often, true enough to say. But you can tell a lot about StoneToss based off of how deeply he explores an issue in his comics, most obviously you can tell exactly how much he knows about something. When StoneToss is making a comic about something he knows a lot about (or at least knows a bunch of bigoted mis-truths about) he will more often than not hide meaning in layers of obscure references or double speak.

StoneToss doesn’t know anything about trans suicide. That’s why all of his comics concerning the topic are skin deep “lol trans people kill themselves, unlike any other demographic of people, especially white cis-gendered single males like myself xD lolz”. He is incapable of providing a deeper commentary, and therefore making a more convoluted comic, about it. Also, the last panel only shows a single one of the four trans people (creatively depicted as literal trans flag humanoids) disappearing into vapor (the one in the background to the left looks like it also may be vaporizing too, but it’s hard to tell because StoneToss was so lazy with his copypasting). This is only very minor, but “41%” lives in StoneToss’ head entirely rent free, so it’s amusing to watch him have a chance to somehow depict that, and then actually only show a sample of 25% of the pictured trans people die. Unless the joke is that, if Thanos were trans, she would have used the snap to kill herself. Which in that case, only a single person died. Also, doesn’t the snap kill 50% of all living people? Can the snapper choose the number? Can they specifically target people? If you’re going to kill yourself, why do you need a Thanos snap? If the “power” of the trans community is that they have access to the Infinity Glove with all the Marvel Stones, I would argue that makes the trans community pretty fucking powerful. Oh, but here I am, pointlessly overthinking a comic that StoneToss put no thought into.

In reality if the trans community had the power of the gauntlet (which seems to broadly be “you have the power over everything, or whatever”) they’d probably use it to make the world a safer place for trans individuals, thus dramatically lowering any suicide rates the demographic suffers from. This doesn’t fit StoneToss and his clown world narrative where trans people are mentally ill, though.

Would you fuck Thanos if she got boob implants? I’m not saying I would, but I am also not confirming I wouldn’t.

Two can play that game.

Comic Name: A Thin Line
Description: It’s ok to be huwhite.
Mouseover: Two can play that game.
Image Name: lefty-vs-right-wing-memes-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/25/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man holds up a picture he drew of a greedy, evil banker, making sure to point out the banker is white with a label and arrow. The man he shows this picture to takes out a red marker and draws a big nose on the banker, much to the gay man’s shock and alarm.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Leftists are racist against white people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has complained about this before, this nonexistent hypocrisy where people only hate the rich until you point out that “most of the rich are Jewish!”. No one fucking cares if a part of the wealthy are Jewish, lol. No one thinks it’s Anti-Semitic to want dump on the wealthy if one or more of those wealthy turn out to be Jewish. No one shudders and sweats when you say “Oh, you hate the wealthy elite? Don’t you know JEWISH people are part of the wealthy elite?“, no one believes it’s suddenly uncomfortable. Even for StoneToss and his fake little cope hugbox reality this has always been particularly reaching and sad.

So then, on to the second part of this nonexistent hypocrisy. StoneToss believes leftists are racist against white people, but if you point out that Jewish people are “just as bad” as white people (or simply lump them in with white people) that all of a sudden the same leftists get uncomfortable. I would argue most people are actually pretty receptive to listening to any examples of a sort of “Jewish Privilege” (minor and petty as such a discussion would relatively be, at least), when those examples are fair and realistic. If StoneToss and idiots like him are really, truly concerned with expanding conversation on how different people fit into society, then you’d imagine they wouldn’t constantly muddy the waters with Anti-Semitic hatred and misinformation. Almost like they’re not concerned with social justice at all, and in reality are just bigoted. Huh.

And finally, on to the third part of the nonexistent hypocrisy. No one hates the rich because the rich are white, for fuck’s sake. No leftist memes about eating the rich include “THE RICH ARE WHITE AND EVIL LOL”. It’s just StoneToss getting upset that you can not deny that most of the wealthy in the USA are white because other people were systematically oppressed and kept down, so all he can do is deflect and cry “b-but Jews too…“. The image name of the comic highlights the real commentary StoneToss is trying to make: that “Rightist memes” are BASED and “Leftist memes” are being cowardly and only picking at low hanging fruit, afraid to be BASED like the BASED Right. The “Thin Line” referenced in the title is concerning the Jews themselves. In the comic, the ‘thin line’ is the nose drawn onto the banker. In real life, it’s the thin line between being cucked and not cucked

Basically, it’s just trying to equate childish Anti-Semitism as being less “restricted” by PC censorship. Which is par for the course for StoneToss. He is an idiot, after all.

The only issue that matters this election is social media censorship.

Comic Name: SAD!
Description: A remix of one of my earlier comics in reference to Reddit’s quarantining of r/The_Donald.
Mouseover: The only issue that matters this election is social media censorship.
Image Name: right-vs-left-censorship-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/27/2019

What The Comic Is: In the first panel, Donald Trump is flashing the “OK” hand signal. This panel is labeled as “Right”. In the second panel shows a blow hand mushing Trump’s lips shut. This panel is labeled as “Left”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The_Donald was banned because leftists censor people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: r/The_Donald was a subreddit on that gained a massive spike in popularity around early to mid-2015 as Trump’s presidential campaign was hitting fever swings. It started out fairly slow, but the subreddit quickly exploded into a very active and heavily pro-Trump community that made it expressly against the rules to criticize or say anything bad about Donald Trump or else you would be immediately permbanned.

In addition to the harsh censorship that the sub became infamous for, it also didn’t take very long for the sub to become openly bigoted. While the moderators did a token job of cleaning up threads that were homophobic or transphobic, they did nothing to stop comments in threads. As a personal frequent lurker of the sub, I would witness a thread that was, say, concerning the “classic” family unit (nuclear family: man, wife, son, daughter). The thread itself wasn’t explicitly homophobic (I mean, it was only implying it), but the comments would be stuff like “homosexuals are degenerates”. People would be downvoted for defending homophobia.

Eventually, the sub was banned. Was it because leftist cuck soyboys couldn’t handle the BASED REDPILL BASEDNESS WINNING of the Pussyhound Chads that frequented The_Donald? Fuck no, it’s because the stupid motherfuckers/obvious Russian influencers were repeatedly calling for violence. So the sub was quarantined, as inciting violence is a breach of Reddit’s global ToS. Eventually it would go on to be gutted (the mods all removed as their accounts were all in violation of Reddit ToS) and then finally banned.

The original comic that this one was based on had the blue arm of Twitter silencing the Rightist, and it’s reproduced here as if it was Twitter that banned the subreddit? It was Reddit who banned The_Donald, not Twitter. And they banned The_Donald for, as is so often the case in situations where dumbfuck alt-righters get banned, violating rules of the platform.

That Trump is doing the “OK” hand signal in the first panel essentially turns this comic into one that says “RIGHT: CASUAL DISPLAYS OF VIELED RACISM” and “LEFT: BANNING PEOPLE FOR INCITING VIOLENCE AGAINST WEBSITE RULES”, and StoneToss somehow sees this as victimizing to him. What a dumbass!

There's a reason why there's never been a European Stonetoss.

Comic Name: The F word
Description: Happy 4th of July!
Mouseover: There’s a reason why there’s never been a European StoneToss.
Image Name: american-freedom-comic1.png
Originally Published: 7/4/2019

What The Comic Is: A British man postures, wondering what “freedom” that people in the USA have compared to the UK and their universal healthcare. A redneck with bad teeth, complete with a MAGA hat and confederate flag shirt, coyly shoots back that they have “The N-word”. The British man, unamused, answers back “The blood N-word? You mean Ni-“, though he is cut off before completing the word. The final panel shows the British man in court, having been arrested and put on trial for uttering the obscenity.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: British people go to jail for saying the N-word because it’s an oppressive regime of PC culture and freedom from life-ruining medical debt is not worth living under such tyranny.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, it can be legally punishable in court to call someone a “nigger” in the USA. Second of all, it is not against the law to use the word in the Britain or seemingly anywhere else in the UK. At any rate, you don’t get arrested and put into jail like a thief or murderer for it. In both countries, using the word can constitute as a hate crime or help implicate a crime as being racially motivated. So this comic is total clown world bullshit, even by StoneToss standards (and that is really saying something). I mean, StoneToss literally never, ever right about any of the garbage he comes up with, but there’s at least some inkling of reality that it tethers onto it an attempt to pass itself off as truth. This is pure, unadulterated fictional reality shit.

I also love how StoneToss downplays universal healthcare, but the best he can do is to try haphazardly compare it to a vague “freedom of speech”, so he’s not even invalidating universal healthcare, he’s just trying to make a confusing and vague claim that it’s not worth having if it means you can’t use racist words, but the two things aren’t mutually exclusive in the first place let alone the fact that it’s not illegal to use the word in the UK.

StoneToss muses that there’s never been a European StoneToss, implying that censorship and PC culture prevent someone from making terrible webcomics if they’re in Europe. Yeah, StoneToss. The reason there’s no one else as stupid as you is just because they’re being censored. Keep telling yourself that, you weakling bitch.

"fellow whites"

Comic Name: Frown Note
Description: Good boy.
Mouseover: “fellow whites”
Image Name: dog-whistle-comic.png
Originally Published: 4/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A playful dog jumps up on its human. The man, laughing, bids the dog ‘down’ and gives a blast of his dog whistle. To the man’s surprise, a gay man in a Human Rights Campaign t-shirt falls to the ground, reeling under the whistle’s effect.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Everything is a dog whistle to liberals and people who are part of the “insane left”, because Jews.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is probably a reference specifically to the “OK” hand gesture being co-opted as a dog whistle for white supremacy. A ‘dog whistle’ is a term for a phrase or action that is only distinguishable to certain people, much like a real dog whistle (which, when blown into, produces a note in such a pitch that it can not be heard by humans, but is usually very annoying to dogs, who are capable of hearing the note).

StoneToss depicts the gay man in a shirt bearing the Human Rights Campaign (or HRC) logo. The HRC is an organization supporting gay, lesbian, queer and transgender individuals in their fights for equal rights. So, essentially it’s helping a bunch of people that StoneToss wishes did not exist. Why he picked the HRC out of anyone else to call out in his comic is unknown. The HRC has had a few lukewarm controversies, but nothing major and nothing really around the time period this comic was drawn. Likely it’s just StoneToss bitching about gay rights groups in general calling out dog whistles, trying to mock them as “thinking everything/anything is a dog whistle”.

And who taught them that everything the right does is a dog whistle??? Is it the hundreds of years of Conservatives oppressing homosexuals, the constant abuses and attacks suffered by the gay community from groups of people who are almost always signaling their hatred through code and euphemism when they aren’t outright professing it? No lol it’s the Jews obviously(?).

The comic name is a reference to the mythological “brown note”, or a sound frequency said to cause a human to lose control of their bowels should they ever hear it played. In this case, we can assume StoneToss is trying to make yet another “gay poop” joke, because he’s fucking stupid. The description is the petname that StoneToss wishes his wife’s bull would give him, if he had a wife who had a bull.

StoneToss: Episode 59

wot's all dis den?

Comic Name: United Kangdom
Description: I’m sure this was an idea originally given to me by a reader. Credit where it is due.
Mouseover: wot’s all dis den?
Image Name: migrant-invasion-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/13/2019

What The Comic Is: A soldier struggles to warn his liege of invading forces, even as he’s punctured by several arrows. The king, shocked, turns to his guard and orders the soldier to be arrested for hate speech.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That “we used to deal with invasions” the ‘right way’.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Brown people are moving to the United Kingdom. LET ME REPEAT: BROWN PEOPLE ARE MOVING. TO THE UNITED KINGDOM. I know, I know. It’s terrible, isn’t it? Y’know, maybe I’m just being a nitpicker when I point out that StoneToss sure likes making commentary on how the USA’s founding fathers wouldn’t/shouldn’t care about problems happening in other countries and then turning around and complaining about problems in other countries when it suits him, but hey, I digress.

Migrant issues across Europe have been a hot topic for years, with many governments of leading European nations welcoming the influx of new arrivals, while hardline citizen groups have voiced opposition. StoneToss, and seemingly some unknown reader who gave him the idea, depict this by setting Europe back to a stereotypical medieval period, with kings and knights. Back in this “middle ages” period it would’ve been completely unexpected for a king to react to news of an invasion as “hate speech”, they would’ve defended their borders in a fantastical Game of Thrones-esque siege battle (obviously). Thus, StoneToss juxtapositions the “old” Britain against the “new” United Kingdom (stylized in the title as ‘Kangdom’, as a really funny nod towards the racism-twisted ‘we was kangs‘ meme); the old Britain fought against invaders and that’s how it maintained its borders and, much more importantly, its whiteness. Today’s Britain thinks invaders are hate speech victims! See how far the mighty have cucked?

It’s trying to highlight an absurdity that does not exist. The United Kingdom is not being “invaded” by a foreign army that pincushions soldiers with arrow fire. Safe to say that if an enemy nation was, you know, actually invading Britain by force, that the UK government would, I dunno, actually fight back? Of course, the UK does have an important modern history of fighting back against invaders, like the Nazis in World War 2. Ah, of course!! No wonder StoneToss hates the modern UK! But then, this is the dishonest argument of racists. StoneToss knows full well that the UK isn’t being ‘invaded’ in the sense that an aggressive foreign army is breaking down the doors to the royal palace. Rather, he and his supporters will claim that “invasions” have simply dramatically changed tactics: that now, instead of armies and warfare, it’s “migration” and “refugees”.

This comic broadly falls in with any other dumbass “white idolization” fantasies that idiots like StoneToss have. Just like with the strict vetting processes of the Nazi Regime, one only needs to point out to StoneToss that if he were really living in Nazi Germany or perhaps medieval Britain, that he would not be a part of the “white chad” caste and would in reality be regulated to menial labor at a bottom rung of society, or perhaps simply murdered by the regime he so admires. So this pining for “the old days” and “how things used to be”, for StoneToss, is especially fucking pathetic considering the only reason he enjoys his current quality of life is specifically because the “way it used to be” is no longer the way it is.

Domo Arigato...

Comic Name: Deus Ex Màquina
Description: Labor markets.
Mouseover: Domo Arigato…
Image Name: automation-stealing-jobs-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/18/2019

What The Comic Is: A man approaches a robot who is using a shovel sideways, because StoneToss didn’t know how to depict the robot at an angle where it would be using the shovel in the right way. Maybe he’s using it to slice at a big rock or a giant piece of septic turd, I dunno. Anyways, the guy shouts at the robot that automation is stealing all the jobs. The robot, wondering what the commotion is all about, turns to the man with an inquisitive “¿Qué?“, its chest displaying a sign reading “HECHO EN MEXICO“, or “Made in Mexico”. The man, sobered from his anger, apologizes to the robot, referring to it as “Señor“.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: There’s a hypocrisy if you complain about automation taking jobs, but are okay with immigrants doing it.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is trying to liken immigrant work to automation. They both “take jobs”, so is it not hypocritical to condone one and oppose the other? No, no it is not. And StoneToss is fucking stupid. First of all, as a small aside, the future is pretty clear: automation is coming. We’re on the precipice of an unstoppable and fundamentally society/world changing revolution. Within the next lifetime, automation will replace thousands of menial labor and transportation jobs. But hey, whatever. The point is that “Mexicans also take our jobs!”, and are somehow just as bad.

The exploitation of desperate immigrant labor is a big problem in the USA, sure. It’s gotten markedly better in the past 20~30 years or so, but there’s a huge difference between Mexicans taking jobs and automation taking jobs. Mostly being that a specific part of a specific state might have higher than average undocumented workers taking up jobs from documented citizens; whereas when automation happens, entire jobs are made obsolete. So the two aren’t really comparable (which of course didn’t stop StoneToss from trying to compare them, because why would it? He’s a fucking idiot, did we really think simple logic would impede him?).

The comic’s title is a play on the term “Deus Ex Machina”, or when a story is suddenly solved by an unexpected (read: never previously established) person or event. For instance, if at the end of a story the hero is trapped at the edge of a perilous cliff with no clear way to escape and then suddenly decides to fly away Superman-style (with no commentary at all about how they’ve suddenly recalled their ability to fly, or how they’ve never decided to use it before), this would be a Deus Ex Machina. Deus Ex Machina” is a Latin translation of the ancient Greek term “theos ek mēkhanēs“, which when put into English, roughly comes out as ‘god from the machinery’, which is a pretty badass phrase. StoneToss very cleverly replaces “Machina” with “Màquina”, or the Spanish word for “Machine”. Why? Because mexicans lol. How in the world Mexican workers or automation are a dues ex machina is completely beyond me, though it’s likely StoneToss barely thought about what the reference was supposed to actually mean before he used it.

The description takes the term “labor market”, otherwise known as the ‘job market’, and slyly(?) spins into a saying: that labor is marketed, and the cheapest supplier of labor (an undocumented worker or an automaton) will win the bid for the job. So here’s a fun little thing I’m going to do. I’m going to type something SARCASTIC in blue text, and then write what I ACTUALLY mean in red text. Ready? Here I go: Wow, StoneToss! What a clever and sly way of making commentary on competition for jobs, your comics are so coy and deep. StoneToss you are fucking stupid.

Ben Garrison: Episode 1

Preamble: Ben Garrison is a fucking lunatic. Okay, well, let’s start at the beginning; this blog is nothing if not fair to the idiocy it mocks, at least. If the name “Ben Garrison” isn’t immediately familiar to you, and your mind isn’t thus flooded with imagery of Donald Trump’s head (full of hair) placed on the body of a sculpted Adonis, then it’s likely you’ve at least seen a few of his comics posted around. He’s kind of hard to miss, being that he’s pretty much what StoneToss would look like if StoneToss was ever successful.

Ben Garrison is a self-styled anti-censorship political cartoonist who has been making cartoons, at least in his current style, since around 2008. His early works are very tame compared to where he’s come today: mostly he just drew weak, unoriginal “the government sucks” stuff that didn’t express much political leaning. If anything, Garrison often insisted that both Democrats and Republicans were puppets of an Illuminati regime that controlled the country from behind the scenes.

It wouldn’t take long for Garrison to develop his now iconic style of 1.) Making batshit crazy comics and 2.) Unnecessarily labeling every single god damned thing in his batshit crazy comics. It’s not unusual for political cartoonists to label their metaphors or specific people if that person’s caricature won’t be recognizable on its own, but it was not with an artist’s adept observational skill that Garrison adopted this practice. Rather, it was more like Garrison was a fucking space alien attempting to emulate human behavior to “blend in” with the natives.

In 2015-2016 Garrison’s political cartoons swiftly began to lean more and more to the right, until eventually his depictions bordered on softcore pornography of Donald Trump, this brash movement brought him quickly into a viral eye and elevated him from “random political cartoonist who whines about the American dollar” into “incoherent old man/Trump lover”. This is in stark contrast to a 2015 statement Garrison made where he professed an admiration, but not support, of Trump as a candidate. Some have explained that Garrison’s bizarre style and choice of content comes not from genuine beliefs the man himself actually holds, but that Garrison merely “people pleases” by giving his supporters what he thinks they want. Whatever the truth is, the end result is the same: Ben Garrison is a fucking lunatic and he draws some of the strangest “political comics” mankind has ever seen.

I’m going to cover Ben Garrison on this blog. But I’m not going to do it like I do StoneToss or others. The reason for this is because, first of all: Ben Garrison’s comics rarely convey any deep meaning and therefore can not be analyzed like a StoneToss comic, and second of all: Ben Garrison is a fucking lunatic. But I don’t want to deprive anyone of Ben Garrison. I would never dream of that. And so, dear reader, I treat you to the first of what will likely be many in what I call: Ben Garrison Is A Fucking Lunatic.

Comic Name: A Rendezvous With History

Here’s a fun fact: Ben Garrison’s website is fucking terrible. He’s a fellow WordPress blogger, and the “I’m a demented 65 year old Trump crony who draws stupid fucking comics” energy is very strong with his blog’s layout. Because it’s a mess. Apparently he has a younger person helping him (a daughter or a niece or a child bride of some sort?), but whatever aid Garrison receives with his blog seems to be moot, because despite only being a website to host comic images, it’s a tough to navigate. It’s actively difficult to browse his comics, given the layout of the blog and lack of any “Next/Previous” buttons on the actual comic pages. Somehow the most BASIC of webcomic functions eludes Garrison, which makes sense given the sum total of his knowledge appears to be drawing perspective incorrectly and fantasizing about his wife getting railed by a ripped Donald Trump. Ben Garrison is old! And a shill! Don’t bully his crappy WordPress blog please 😦

His comics do not include their creation date, and he doesn’t date them on his blog. It’s as if the passage of existence in the Garrisonverse is a kind of stagnant, constant purgatory rather than a procession of events that can be dated. You won’t find a publication date on the website, but what you will find under each and every comic is multi-paragraph ramblings written by Garrison as he explains what the comic is supposed to mean. That Garrison draws an over-labeled “Where’s Waldo?“-esque visual cacophony and still feels the need to include half a page of follow up ranting is proof that the ability to speak does not equate to intelligence.

Garrison is an avid supporter of conspiracy theories, and lent the QAnon movement one of its strongest “legitimate” voices, actively supporting the movement. This extended, as you can see, to support of the now infamous January 6 riot. Funny, if it weren’t so pitifully sad, to imagine a comic where a bald eagle (who Garrison draws with bulging, muscular mutant wing-arms, because Garrison can’t go a single day without homoerotic sexualization of American iconography) circles a calendar date with an AMERICA BRAND(tm) flaming heat pencil whose flames literally spell out “MAGA” directly aided/promoted domestic terrorist action that resulted in multiple people dead.

Also, what is the eagle doing, exactly? He’s ‘circling’ the date, but he seems to be drawing around it in a spiral, rather than ever completing the circle. Is the eagle having a motor skills issue where he actively can not attach his stroke to the end of the circle, thus spiraling out of control? Garrison tried to draw the eagle with a kind of “determined patriot” look on its face, but it comes off more like the eagle is staring, mouth agape, as he desperately tries to just draw a god damned circle. On a more serious note, the way Garrison displays all the other dates as “faded” out, but with the 6th in bold black, it’s as if he’s telling his readers “The 6th is the only date that matters, nothing before or after”. Which might’ve seemed like a great idea at the time, though the capitol rioters are learning the hard way that, shockingly, the world actually continues existing after breaking the law.

Seemingly, Garrison no longer draws QAnon nor “January 6 Protest” comics. Of course it’s sort of hard to tell, given the clunkiness of his website and the total lack of dating when his comics are drawn or posted. You mean to tell me that Ben Garrison creates media under a false pretense of supporting things in order to profit from it, while at the same time deriding the very same principle when he witnesses it in people he doesn’t like? A dishonest and self-serving Conservative? There’s just no way!

StoneToss: Episode 58

a bundle of sticks

Comic Name: Flaming F(l)ag
Description: Intersectional effigies.
Mouseover: a bundle of sticks
Image Name: flag-burning-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/4/2019

What The Comic Is: The first panel, labeled “Free Speech” shows a man stomping on a burning American flag. The second panel, labeled “Hate Speech” shows a man stomping on a burning gay pride flag.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If you can destroy an American flag, then you should be able to be homophobic, because it’s hypocritical to say one is okay and the other isn’t.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is like the personification of bigotry’s duality. On one hand, he wants to make an argument, in bad faith, that can at least vaguely pass as somehow fair or having its own point. In this case, that it should be okay to burn gay pride flags if it’s okay to burn the American flag. This sparks discussion that serves as a catalyst to lead people into potentially agreeing that burning the gay pride flag is something that should not be protected as hate speech. This tactic can, and often does, bear success. However, in order for it to work, the arguer (StoneToss, in this case) has to construct their bad faith in a way that can, on some level, reasonably be seen as a good point (make a comic that isn’t total garbage, in this case). StoneToss wants to achieve this, but he also really wants to hate gay people.

The “right” way to make this argument would be to lean heavily into the comparison to the American flag. By making the people that are represented by the American flag into the ‘victims’ (and being that it can easily be said that literally all Americans are represented by the flag, you can apply this victimhood to everyone/anyone), you can then sway them into thinking the gay rainbow flag should be no different. “They can burn the American flag!” an outraged listener thinks, feeling that the flag burning is a personal affront to them. “The gay pride flag should be no different!“, the listener concludes, feeling that equality in flag burning translates to equity in society.

With such underhanded and intentionally duplicitous rhetoric, it’s easy to put a spin on things that cause people who may’ve only been moderately ignorant on social justice issues to take hard-leaning stances against something like hate speech protections for gay people. StoneToss is either way too lazy, way too stupid or just way too bigoted (or way too all of the above) to compose himself long enough to veil any of his childish hatred. Thus, we get amazingly BASED and BBCPILLED jokes like “Flaming F(l)ag”. Not just “Flaming Flag”, because that would be way to subtle and people might not get that StoneToss is a homophobe. Did you know “faggot” (alternatively spelled as ‘faggat’, ‘faget’, ‘fagett’, etc) is an archaic term denoting a unit of volume? It’s also derogatory slang for a homosexual or a fellow video game player! StoneToss, you clever little dumbfuck. By calling someone a “bundle of sticks”, you’re using a coded form of homophobia hahaomglololo

What exactly makes it hate speech to burn the gay pride flag, while it’s legal to burn the American flag? Well, first of all, “American” is a very vague and broad classification of people. Gay people in the USA are also American, and it’s not like it’s homophobic to burn the flag that represents them (and all other Americans). To put it more bluntly, “American” is a very generic, shallow categorization. Also, much to the chagrin of alt-rightest conspiracy theories across the land: Gay people aren’t a government. The USA, however, does have a government, and it’s been firmly cemented in our constitutional rights from day one that citizens are free and able to disagree and protest their government. Burning an American flag is recognized as a form of protest against the government. You do not need to “protest against the gay pride government”, because it doesn’t fucking exist. Burning the gay pride flag says only one thing: gay people do not have equity in human rights. All governments may be gay, but not all gay are governments. It is written.

Pre-pubescent drag queens are only the beginning

Comic Name: Think of the children
Description: Let’s be real for a second.
Mouseover: Pre-pubescent drag queens are only the beginning
Image Name: gay-molestation-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/6/2019

What The Comic Is: A man groans at the gay pride flag. His friend clasps him by the shoulder, asking him how he’d feel about it should his son would turn out gay. The man, shocked, alarmingly questions why he’d ever molest his own son.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Blah blah blah, gay people are caused by childhood trauma. Also, however, that homophobia is defensible because you can simply argue that you’d never “create” a homosexual child by molesting them.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We’ve been down this same road with StoneToss in the past, so this isn’t new territory. However, StoneToss uses this comic as an attempt to workshop a “perfect comeback” in response to questioning a homophobe how they’d feel if their own child turned out to be gay. Many homophobes, depending on the depth of their bigotry, would simply tell you they’d disown or even harm their child if they came out as gay. Some would deny their child would ever be gay, though they’d stop short of explaining just how their child would assuredly never be gay. StoneToss puts one wet match against another wet match and, discovering that no spark is created, opts to make a fart noise with his mouth and pretend his stupid plan actually worked. Combining the amazing idea of denying a child could turn out gay and the science-denying bigotry of “people are only gay because they were molested as a kid”, StoneToss bids all to feast their eyes on his latest shittake: claiming your kid won’t turn out gay because you won’t molest them!

Add in a quick dash of conflating child drag queens with homosexuals and the classic slippery slope fallacy of “first gays, then trans, then pedos”. Just because we can’t have a StoneToss comic that isn’t not too stupid.

I love the head-up-the-ass smugness of the comic’s description. Like StoneToss is throwing back the peel of (((political correctness))) and asking, in exaggerated deadpan, if we can all just “be real” for a second. See? There’s literally NO ARGUMENT OR FACT you can’t defeat if you’re willing to be ignorant and bigoted enough! Inspiring.