StoneToss: Episode 61

Liberals do need gun control. Liberals.

Comic Name: Trigger Happy
Description: Spray and pray.
Mouseover: Liberals do need gun control. Liberals.
Image Name: shoot-nazis-comic.png
Originally Published: 7/11/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds aloft a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun while proclaiming that he has created a new gun that shoots only Nazis. A second man questions the gun, asking how the spread of its shots will be controlled. The first man, with a deranged smile, loads his gun.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Opposing Nazis is a slippery slope and eventually Antifa will start going after everyone/anyone in blind bids to claim that anyone they don’t like is a Nazi.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The comic is being both literal and metaphorical with its gun. On one hand, on a physical level, StoneToss is suggesting that wanton violence towards people seen as being Nazis (i.e., “punch a Nazi”, “Hit Richard Spencer” etc.) will escalate by the deranged, terrorist-esque Antifa until eventually they’re just spraying bullets at anyone they consider to be an enemy. Obviously this has never happened and there’s literally nothing to support a serious belief that it will ever happen, but that’s StoneToss for you. 0% Smart, 100% Dishonest.

On a metaphorical level it’s making commentary that Antifa can’ and/or doesn’t want to control the “spread” of who and what is seen as fascism. As if opposing white supremacy and police brutality is a slippery slope. Like before, however, this is a baseless accusation that hadn’t happened in all of Antifa’s existence as a concept up to the comic’s writing and still has not happened yet. So the best the comic has to offer is “Antifa is going to go totally out of control! Any minute now!! Just watch… it’ll happen!! Any minute…!! SAWED OFF SHOTGUN1111“. Also, as usual, is the blatant and disgusting lack of self awareness for the constant shootings and violence perpetuated exclusively by the alt-right and those identifying with fascism. But yeah, StoneToss, you fucking cuck, it’s the liberals who need gun control because they’re totally going to go oFf ThE dEeP eNd. Any minute now. Fuck you.

Is punching terrorists self defense? hmm...

Comic Name: Radical Anomic Terror
Description: Antifa are terrorists. They seek to control your behavior through terror. Antifa. Are. Terrorists.
Mouseover: Is punching terrorists self-defense? hmmm…
Originally Published: 7/16/2019

What The Comic Is: An ISIS fighter prepares to execute a man via beheading, as the man cries for rescue. The ISIS fighter points to his Nazi-like Antifa armband, assuring that he is no terrorist. The man sighs in relief, even as the Antifa pajama fighter rests a blade against his throat.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa are just like ISIS.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is sooooooooooooo fucking obsessed with Antifa murdering people despite the fact they’re attached to like a single fucking shooting. When some right-winger nutbag shoots up a convention center full of people it’s an Epstein and Jew World Order conspiracy theory. When Antifa does nothing at all, it’s because they’re totally about to become literally ISIS with Nazi armbands. I would once again label StoneToss as being dishonest, but I don’t know if this can even be called dishonesty. It’s complete fucking lunacy, and it’s something I noticed StoneToss really began to express around mid-2018 or so. His comics always fucking sucked, but it seems like as he got pushed more and more to be edgy and make le based spicy rare peepee commentary that he basically channeled his inner Donald Trump and began wildly outright lying about anything he thought would please his deranged fanbase (his “inner Donald Trump” of course being the 4-inch hand painted figurine of Trump that’s shoved so far into his prostate that he pisses vinyl).

The only other thing especially amusing about this comic is StoneToss’ limpdicked, babyish little “stand” he takes in the description, lol. Really channeling that “THIS IS NOT OKAY” liberal snowflake energy he so claims to be polar opposite of. Like every other dumbass Karen that plagues planet earth, StoneToss is too stupid to even realize his own pathetic hypocrisy.

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