StoneToss: Episode 62

Cool, when are you leaving?

Comic Name: It’s Great Turtles All the Way Down
Description: Home sweet home.
Mouseover: Cool, when are you leaving?
Image Name: go-back-to-where-you-came-from-comic1.png
Originally Published: 6/23/2019

What The Comic Is: A redneck man in a confederate flag shirt and MAGA hat tells an unseen person to go back where they came from. A Native American appears from behind the redneck and quips “Cool, when are you leaving?” However, it is shown that there is a second Native American (seemingly of different tribe or region) behind the first, poking him and quipping the same thing, “Cool, when are you leaving?”. A third Native American (again, seemingly of different tribe/region) pokes the second from behind and quips the same thing. From the edge of the panel, a fourth identical word bubble can be seen, indicating an endless chain of Native Americans complaining about each other stealing land.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s okay for European settlers to genocide the entirety of the Native American population, and to carry this oppression into present day, because “they Natives conquered each other before we got there”.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It’s not wrong to point out that Native American tribes fought with each other. Yeah, they weren’t all peace loving nature lovers who sang with the all the colors of the wind. They were people, too. They murdered, raped, enslaved and conquered one another. Or at least some of them did. What an intelligent and insightful argument! The Native American people were deeper than cartoon hippies, wow StoneToss. You get a big A+ on your Freshman year history report, you rancid little buttfuck.

So it’s true that some Native Americans conquered and warred with other Native Americans. Some tribes were even notorious for being kind of dicks. And really, maybe things that happened hundreds of years ago would be water under the bridge; like the bringing of diseases such as Small Pox or the flu to the Native Americans (diseases that ended up killing almost 90% of some Native populations), or the infamous Trail of Tears. I mean, it wasn’t like Europeans knew what infectious disease was or that they could’ve spread it to other people. And the Trail of Tears happened, like, 400 years ago! (Well, actually it officially ended more like only 150 years ago, nary a handful of generations have passed since).

“Everyone conquered everyone at some point in time” is a really weak and flaccid way of handwaving away the focused and intentional ethnic genocides that the American settlers carried out on the Native people (you also see the same kind of handwaving being done concerning slavery in America. Okay sure, many different people were slaves to others at some point in history, but the point is that Americans utilizing African slaves is both relatively recent and also something that has carried over to social issues and oppression that fully exists today). Americans purposely drove the Native Americans to near extinction, going so far as to attempt to fully genocide them through the use of sterilization- something that occurred as early as only 50 years ago, in the 1970’s. So yeah, safe to say that Europeans did a bit more than your standard conquering of the Native Americans. They full-on genocided them. As recent as the 1970’s. To this day, deep racism and oppression still exists between white Americans and Native peoples. Petty warfare from over 100 years ago is not exactly equal to trying to kill literally every Native American or sterilize them in an attempt to shrink their population.

In reality, it’s totally accurate and fair to point out that most early American settlers (from the 1700’s into the 1800’s) literally just came to America on fucking boats. Just came on over. So when some redneck fuckwit is whining about “people going back where they came from”, there’s a very real lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy. StoneToss doesn’t like this, so he tries to shift the conversation onto the Native Americans, spinning some story of “they were conquering each other, too!!”, as if what they did to each other matches at all in severity or longevity to what the whites did.

The name of the comic is a reference to the saying “It’s turtles all the way down!”, a humorous adage for an infinite regression. StoneToss is trying to compare this to an “infinite regression” of Native Americans stealing land from other Native Americans. Unfortunately, bullshit runs up hill (unlike StoneToss who probably couldn’t run up a hill to save his life) and it doesn’t get much more bullshit than focused genocide.

So like usual, StoneToss refuses to make an honest observation. He knows he can’t, because it means facing the reality that his shitty, weakling fascist world view is complete bullshit. Oh the drama!

People still think nazis make soap and lampshades out of people.

Image Name: Tabloid
Description: “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”
― Thomas Jefferson
Mouseover: People still think the nazis make soap and lampshades out of people.
Image Name: conspiracy-theories-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/1/2019

What The Comic Is: A man sits on a park bench reading a news paper. He is alarmed to see another man stroll by, bedecked in a “Believe UFOs” t-shirt and tinfoil hat. Scoffing in dismissal, the man goes back to reading his paper. The headline is shown to read “Russian Collusion!” with a picture of Donald Trump.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: We live in a BOTTOMTEXT SOCIETY where people think it’s crazy to believe in UFOs and brain scanning, but actively believe similar conspiracy theories if they’re printed in the (((jews paper))).

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Hey you know what has no evidence of existing? Alien UFOs from another planet. You know what has a lot of evidence for existing? Trump contacting Russia, possibly for aid in the 2016 Presidential election. You know what is wild and very difficult to prove? That UFOs from alien planets exist. You know what is very real and practical to prove? Russian meddling in the USA’s election. So you know what’s not really comparable? Outlandish UFO theories and factual trails of evidence. Haha, isn’t it so curious that people will scoff at UFO conspiracies but believe what every honest news source reports on????? Curious. Very curious, that. Very BOTTOMTEXT curious.

Curious, it is, that StoneToss is so fucking obsessed with human lampshades and human soap in the Holocaust. We get it, you neo-nazi fuckwad, those are things with either very little evidence or outright evidence proving they didn’t exist (in the case of the “human soap”, as discussed on this blog in the past). But they’re hardly “conspiracy theories”, more like simple legends that do not bare such zealous and repeated defending. Of course, this is because StoneToss is too much of a coward to be more outright about what he really means. In reality, bitching about the lampshade and soap myths are his way of subtly coding that he’s denying the Holocaust entirely, to some great or total length. So with the mouse over text in mind, we know that this comic is only tangentially about the Russian collusion business: StoneToss is quietly making this about Holocaust denial.

You know what has no evidence for existing? UFOs. You know what is therefore then accurately described as a fringe belief? UFOs. You know what has overwhelming belief for having existed and been carried out? The Holocaust. So you know what is therefore then accurately described as a fringe, bigoted conspiracy theory if it’s subscribed to? Holocaust denial. This comic is basically just StoneToss throwing a little tantrum because people don’t believe his shitty Anti-Semitic dogshit yet they believe Donald Trump might, shockingly, be a criminal. Fuck off, StoneToss.

Ah yes, but over 200 years ago a random slave owner/potential pedophile said news papers are bad. Almost like back in that day there was no regulation of who could print or say what and news was completely untrustworthy with no established and reputable media sources. JuSt LiKe ToDaY amirite? Fuck you, StoneToss.

9 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 62

  1. Niggas get this mad over a 4-panel comic. While he can make his point easily and concisely, you have to write an entire essay just to try refuting it. Thanks to people like you, he’s a multimillionaire now.


  2. What a shitty blog. Sorry you hate history? And probably shouldn’t put words into ST’s mouth.

    Btw; anyone who calls ST a nazi is pretty fucking stupid. Fuck off 🖕


  3. Imagine being so triggered by jokes that you make an entire website for your wall of text answers with stupid little “jokes” minced in.


  4. It’s just sad that the bar is set so low for his pro-nazi arguments that he thinks “Well, the nazis DIDN’T make lamps and soap out of body parts” is a smart and valid point


  5. The funny thing is, from what I’ve seen from Indigenous movements that have happened in the past 60 years or so, they are quite happy to support each other when making land claims, even when their traditional territories overlap.
    So no, the Crow aren’t furious at the Lakota for claiming the Black Hills.


    1. They’re united with each other, like Planet Earth in the movie “INDEPENDENCE DAY” and that is beautiful.

      I fully support the Indigenous American people (All Americas) and, if non-Indigenous are going to live here (because reversing the damage is logistically impossible), we gotta PAY OUR RENT!

      I’m so happy for the new USDA Head, Deb Haaland. Congrats to her and a few other Indigamerican folks working in the Biden Administration.


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