StoneToss: Episode 66

After a brief unintended Easter break, StoneToss Is An Idiot resumes as normal.

It's been tried before.

Comic Name: COME to Jesus
Description: How quickly we forget.
Mouseover: It’s been tried before.
Image Name: homosexuality-in-the-church-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/21/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds a crying child, crying out that there are homosexuals in the church. He points to an incorrectly drawn set of stairs that lead up to a cartoony castle-like church that is clearly missing one of its double doors. From within the doorway, a hand menacingly grabs out; this panel is labeled “Then”. In the next panel, labeled “Now”, the same scene plays out, but this time the man is happily offering the child to the church and the hand is now beckoning expectantly. The castle now flies a gay pride flag.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Homosexuality is pedophilia and “woke culture” has allowed pedophiles into the church under the protection of a pro-gay society.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: No idea what StoneToss means by “How quickly we forget” or “It’s been tried before”. He seems to be alluding to some previous instance of homosexuals in the church but whatever it is, it alludes me with its obscurity. It’s not unlikely that whatever he’s referencing is known only to him, as no one on the comments section of the comic seems to know what the fuck he’s talking about, either.

The comments section of this particular comic is especially funny. It is one of the few comment sections that has open arguments where the people saying “This comic sucks” or “Homophobes have no argument” aren’t being downvoted to oblivion, but are rather getting a good mix of upvotes and downvotes. Perhaps this comic was brigaded sometime around its publish date, or perhaps it’s so stupid that StoneToss’ more casual followers didn’t agree with it. At any rate, some of the bigots in the comments openly commented on StoneToss’ bend towards religion, so it seems as if by this comic some people have finally started noticing what a boner StoneToss has for church and Christianity; he’s less of a based truthpiller and more of a bigoted VeggieTales.

Anyways, this comic fails on multiple levels (as StoneToss always does. He’s not a virgin single level failer, he’s a CHAD multiple level failer). First is that, obviously, homosexuality is not synonymous with pedophilia. This is the common and incredibly tired fake argument constantly pushed by homophobe bigots like StoneToss (that the ‘slippery slope’ of homosexuality leads to pedophilia). The second is that StoneToss attempts to shift blame from churches for their infamous penchant of the abuse of children. If StoneToss can falsely apply “homosexuality” to the abuses perpetrated by priests, he can turn it into a boogeyman that serves as a vehicle both to legitimize his homophobia and take responsibility off of religious leaders, as those who commit pedophilia can now be labeled as “the homosexual threat”. This is an attempt to twist reality: priests don’t molest boys, homosexuals molest boys. This makes a convenient clown world for StoneToss, a world where his precious church is absolved from blame and where homosexuals are villainized.

See, it’s not priests and the power they have both over their church and community, in which a complex and deeply dogmatic social structure places them in a position of great reverence, that is to blame for the molestation and abuse children face. It’s HOMOS. I mean, like, duh. Did you think a true believer of ChristJesus could possibly do something bad like molest a child? No sorry, it’s the (((homosexuals))) that the (((lefties))) defend with their (((logic))) and (((facts))) because they live in (((fucking reality))) and do more productive things than express constant intolerance of everyone else. I mean, like, (((duh))).

If there was ANY doubt from anyone that StoneToss isn’t a hardcore devotee of Christianity who uses its teachings (or at least carefully and maliciously cherry picks and twists those that agree with him) as a moral compass for his bigotry, then this comic soundly dispels that doubt. StoneToss could’ve easily, and very reasonably, simply made a commentary about pedophilia in churches. However, he defends the churches by slapping the situation with a giant, bigoted red herring in order to frame homosexuals for the atrocities committed by the same people StoneToss relies on in order to validate his childish worldviews.

Set phasers to shill.

Comic Name: Regal Aliens
Description: We come in “peace”.
Mouseover: Set phasers to shill.
Image Name: alien-leader-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/26/2019

What The Comic Is: Two aliens land on earth, bidding the classic phrase “Take us to your leader”. The president of the United States (carefully left faceless by not showing his head, though his hands are depicted as white) explains that he is the President of the United States, though he is interrupted by the aliens as they brush past him, telling him “that’s a good one”. The aliens open the door of the Presidential limo, greeting the occupant inside with a “Shalom!”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews operate the country from behind the scenes and let illegal aliens into the country.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At face value this comic is pretty easy to digest. The aliens come to earth, want to see our leader, the leader turns out to be not the President, but a nameless/faceless Jewish Illuminati overlord who is kept secret from the public (“Shalom” is a common Jewish greeting or parting word that translates as “Peace”). However, if you’ve kept up with this blog then you should be well aware that StoneToss’ idiocy is rarely so skin deep. The purple aliens are obviously metaphors for immigrants, StoneToss is once again whining about Donald Trump not building a fucking border wall.

StoneToss expressed very strong, very LE BASED energy towards Trump early into his political run and time as President. When it became more and more obvious that Trump wasn’t able or willing to fully realize the promise of a border wall, StoneToss very quickly soured towards him (as you can plainly see from some of the past comics featured on this blog). Though the President in this comic is very cleverly left faceless as to make the comic a truly timeless bigoted commentary, it’s clear that this is StoneToss finally admitting that Donald Trump was no different from every other President before (and possibly after); failpilled (((cuck))) puppets of Da FuCkInG iRl IlLuMiNaTi OmFg. StoneToss didn’t get his border wall and copes with it by depicting every US President as being Jew World Order puppets. Is there any end to this man and his absolute alpha male chad basedness? No wonder girls don’t fuck him. It’s because they know his pure CHAD BASED 3 inch dick would absolutely obliterate them. With great basedness comes great celibacy.

The comic’s name, “Regal Aliens” is a really stupid play on the term “Illegal Alien”, or in this case “Legal Alien”, as it is the (((Jewbs))) who make them not only legal, but regal. Yes, the impoverished immigrants who usually come to the USA with nothing and sometimes acquire very basic social benefits that allow them to not die is SURE THE SAME THING AS REGALITY, very good pun very smart such a good bigot. Oh but wait, you’re not allowed to want all of them to be executed and kept in their “own” country without people calling you a xenophobic dumbfuck… my god they REALLY ARE REGAlity111111!!!1

StoneToss puts the word ‘peace’ in quotations in the comic’s description. As mentioned before, ‘Shalom’ is the Hebrew word for ‘peace’. Get it??? Because aliens say they come in peace but Shalom is a word in another language that also means peace???? Don’t you get it?????? With great and unending celibacy comes random, pointless and shallow observations that words exist in different languages.

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