StoneToss: Episode 69

They even keep sitting at the back of the school bus.

Comic Name: Civil Blights
Description: True colors.
Mouseover: They even keep sitting at the back of the school bus.
Image Name: blacks-only-fountain-civil-rights-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/13/2021
Amogus: Second panel, protestor between the one with the hand and the one with the sign.

What The Comic Is: Panel one shows a drinking fountain labeled “Blacks Only”, a group of marching protestors in the background. Panel two shows the same drinking fountain, only this time it is labeled with a fancy “Blacks Only” sign and the protestors are now causing a riot and displaying black power symbols.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Black people don’t want equality, they want privilege.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Go back through historical segregation photos and try to find a single one that where the signs say “BLACKS ONLY“. You probably won’t find any. Because none of the signs ever said “Blacks Only”; it was only ever “Whites Only“. More commonly it simply ever read “Whites” and “Colored”. The ‘colored’ facility, whether a drinking fountain or a public restroom, was historically kept off to the side of the main component, installed as cheaply as possible and hardly upkept. This might mean the “Whites” drinking fountain was a large, clean fountain unit and the “Colored” fountain was a mere offshoot pipe from the main water supply that lead to a basic metal bowl with a water spout. On one hand it was because those who installed and paid for the units didn’t care enough to provide an equal drinking experience to both people, they begrudgingly permitted the “colored people” to have a place to drink because it was considered the most basic human right they were obligated to abide by. On the other hand, however, it was also a humiliation tactic.

It might’ve been more dignified had black people not even had water fountains to drink from at all, but instead they got intentionally lower quality and filthier ones. These were akin to actual monuments of segregation, inescapable reminders that not only were whites and blacks separate, but blacks were considered markedly less important and were forced to use the visibly lesser facilities.

StoneToss is a fucking idiot, however. So in his clown world, where black people not being oppressed means white people are being oppressed, these dirty, low quality drinking fountains were actually totally “the blacks only” hangout spot. Yeah, that’s it. Black people have secretly been trying to supplant white people so they can have exclusive clubs, that’s why white people had to enslave them! In fact, I think the blacks actually liked being enslaved. After all, it was a “BLACKS ONLY” occupation, so it was like a secret club only they could join. White people couldn’t be slaves, that’s pretty racist, right? By the way, like I said before, there was no such thing as a “BLACKS ONLY” drinking fountain; white people didn’t use those drinking fountains because they were dirty and it was a social faux pas to be caught drinking from them. Black people that drank from the “Whites” fountains got arrested, beaten or sometimes killed. What an exclusive club, why can’t whites be equal to blacks and also be murdered for drinking from segregated fountains?????

If StoneToss’ obvious racism wasn’t so incredibly obvious and blatant enough, he calls black people literal ‘social blights’, amounts civil rights to “true colors” (meaning black people don’t argue for fairness and equity but rather exclusivity and better treatment than whites) and argues that “black kids even sit together on the back of the bus!”. This appeal to segregation is a very popular type of racism, where racists argue that races are happiest when kept amongst themselves. It’s appealing rhetoric to racists because it lets them whitewash desires of actual genocide, and the Nazis were advent users of it, too. “I don’t hate black people and I don’t want them to not have a place to be, there’s just so many problems in the world that it would be easier if they all lived in a part of the country or world of their own” is a form of genocide.

StoneToss never wonders why the black kids all sit at the back of the bus. Is it because blacks, to this day, face constant forms of racism and societal grief that causes them to keep to themselves in many places? Nah, it’s just because they want to be better than whites and form their very own Kool Kids Klub. The USA is the land of white people because white people took the land from savage natives (who were taking the land from each other anyways, you guys!!) and now the black people have to leave because if they don’t, Antifa will burn all the cities down and black people will have exclusive drinking fountains and it will be reverse racisms.

StoneToss when he makes a comic for his shitty racist cronies: lol blacks only water fountain

StoneToss when he looks at porn: white women with blacks only tattoos

 Next generation bugmen.

Comic Name: Worm Food
Description: bon appetit.
Mouseover: Next generation bugmen.
Image Name: i-just-wanna-grill-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A man expresses that he isn’t interested in politics, he just wants to grill. He begins to flip one of his grilling burgers, only to be shocked to find it’s full of worms and bugs. He takes a hard, unbelieving look at his box of burger patties, unwittingly finding that he has purchased “Bug Burger”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Leftists want to eat bugs like people from countries that aren’t white people countries.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you,” is a popular old adage that this comic runs next to. The saying means that even if you are not individually interested in politics, that you will still be subject to political changes whether or not you don’t like them or wouldn’t have supported them. This comic mirrors that, with the man claiming he just wants to grill, but little did he know that his un-involvement in politics would lead to a leftist hellscape where bugs can be made into burgers!!! It’s not his fault he didn’t read the fucking box, it’s not the free capitalist market’s fault for producing bug burgers. No, it’s the lefty-wefty-tighty-wighty’s fault for making WHITE PEOPLE eat BUGS like people from AFRICA or INDIA or SOMEWHERE that isn’t WHITE.

StoneToss and idiots of his ilk have bizarre obsessions with things such as insect meat as protein alternatives. They hate recycled water, too. Or space-friendly homes. Or anything that asks someone to change in a small way or respect natural resources and limit human pollution. If you ask them, it’s because they’re all BASED REDPILLED MEGA CHADS WHO LIVE IN FORT AWESOMEz 8). If you ask someone who isn’t a total asshole, it’s actually because StoneToss is wildly immature and never just grew the fuck up. And so here we are: this is the best StoneToss can do. A stupid fucking comic about eating bugs.

Nothing will get the alt-righters to the polls faster than “tHe LeFt WiLl MaKe YoU eAt BuGs”. If it isn’t “Trump will kick out the Mexicans”, or “The Jews will replace us”, or “Trans people are pedophiles”, then surely “eat bugs” will be what seals the Based World Order. Sadly, as you usually need a means of transportation and you have to wake up early enough to do it, this means a majority of alt-righters will be unable to make it to most important elections. At least their marginally more responsible, but sadly marginally less extreme, conservacousins will vote a couple of mildly ridiculous candidates into office, though unfortunately many of these will end up arrested after storming the capital in 2021. I guess they, for the moment, still have Marjorie Taylor Greene? Though she is also a woman


The comic’s name, Worm Food, is a stupid joke that if you don’t pay attention to what (((da leftifts)))) are doing, then you will become worm food (a slang for dead!!!! omg)

8 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 69

  1. What this also ignores about eating bugs is that if you have ever eaten a cristalino of any kind, then you’ve already tried a bug. Crabs, Lobsters, Crasfish, etc… they’re all arthropods. They just happen to be social acceptable to eat in the U.S. and it hasn’t always been like that.

    They used to be considered the trash of the sea and were left for poor people, but cultural perceptions change over time. Moreover, crabs are delicious and maybe cultural change shouldn’t just immediately be rejected because it’s not “traditional”? HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM…

    God, conservitivism *bugs* me


  2. Bugs are actually very nutritious and supposed to be delicious (crickets are high in protein and taste like almonds) but I doubt stonetoss has poked his head out of his mother’s basement and done any research.


  3. Oh gee, eating bugs? How awful…

    It’s not like humans biologically evolved to be able to eat most living things. It’s not like bugs have tons of protein in them. It’s not like eating bugs is any less weird than eating fish, mammals, or birds. It’s not like people who eat bugs only subsist on bugs and don’t eat other things. It’s not like there are too little bugs that eating them would be a problem.

    Oh wait, Stonetoss doesn’t care what makes sense or not. He just wants to take a jab at literally everyone who isn’t like him. It’s like taking a tiny shit in the entire ocean and calling it an argument.


    1. I’d also like to point out how if you think POCs are gross for eating bugs, need I remind you that White people were also responsible for these.

      – They believed that they could cure sickness by ingesting pills made of Antimony, which gave them diarrhea and made them throw up. After the pill was excreted, it was cleaned and then reused by the ENTIRE GODDAMN FAMILY

      – They have destroyed countless valuable scientific information about mummies simply because rich Europeans thought that they could cure ailments by EATING THE MUMMIES WHAT THE HECK? THEY WOULD HOLD ENTIRE DINNER PARTIES WHERE THEY UNWRAPPED THE MUMMY LIKE A PRESENT AND THEN WOULD TUCK IN TO THE CORPSE SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL!

      – Considering that the French consumed many delicacies such as frog legs and escargot, I think arthropods aren’t that too far off.

      – Casu marzu is an Italian cheese which is made by letting the cheese sit out until maggots infest it, supposedly making it creamier. IT IS THEN CONSUMED USUALLY WITHOUT REMOVING THE MAGGOTS. Sure, it is illegal to sell in many places in Italy, but the fact that it’s even a thing says a lot.

      – White people have made lots of dishes including offal, like sausage, haggis, black pudding, etc. If you think eating bugs is weirder than eating organs, that’s cool, but at least acknowledge that eating organs is also weird.

      The point is, white people eat some pretty strange and confusing shit too, so the only reason Stonetoss considers this gross, is because he knows nothing about culture at all.


      1. Wasn’t there also an Englishman named William Buckland who ate various animals and entrails with his son? There’s also a story where he ate the heart of a French King


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