StoneToss: Episode 71

show trial

Comic Name: Justice is Bind
Description: The court of public opinion.
Mouseover: show trial
Image Name: blm-media-trial-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/20/2021
Amogus: Left side of the panel, the door to the court building.

What The Comic Is: A news reporter holds a microphone with a nonexistent handle as he speaks into the camera. Behind the scenes, off camera, the cameraman is kneeling on the neck of lady liberty as the city burns in the distance.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Derek Chauvin, convicted murderer of George Floyd, was unfairly spun by the media as a villain. “Court of public opinion” found Chauvin guilty before the court did, and this directly influenced the legal proceeding.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: One of the most crucial pieces of evidence in the George Floyd case was the cell phone footage captured by onlookers. Given the outcome of the trial and the complete failure on the part of Derek Chauvin’s defense to clearly focus on anything, it seems safer than ever before to suggest that the footage gathered by onlooker’s cameras was more than damning enough against Chauvin. Curious, then. ((Very curious)), that public opinion was so skewed against Chauvin. Not that the man didn’t have his bootlickers, of course; StoneToss himself wet those leathers with a few idiotic laps of the tongue.

StoneToss made his feelings on the Floyd case very clear way back in May 2020 when everything first happened. Which really shows us how much StoneToss cares! He didn’t have to make a stupid comic of Floyd kneeling on his own neck, we all would’ve known how he felt. But StoneToss, ever the thoughtful bigot, made his feelings as obvious as fucking possible. But it seems even StoneToss could read the writing on the wall after watching some of the disastrous defense Chauvin’s team was putting up, as by the final day of the trial the mood from Chauvin’s white knights was at a clear low point.

This comic is obviously suggesting the jury was biased by the media (which is probably the ‘best’ case Chauvin’s lawyers can make), and thus StoneToss throws his hat into the ring of “Chauvin was convicted by public opinion”. This is a place he should be pretty familiar with, being a losing fight and all. Of course due to the fact that the jury wasn’t sequestered for the trial, it’s very likely the Chauvin case will win an appeal for a new trial and the shitshow will keep on shitting.

And of course the public had very strong feelings on the Chauvin trial. The question is why.0 Why would the public care so much when an officer, who is discovered to have dozens of previous infractions against him, kneels on the neck of a subdued black man who is pleading for mercy? Obviously it’s because people are lazy Antifa/BLM thugs who hate hard working police officers ((except when those officers are women, it’s okay to hate those)) and want to see them blamed for the drug-induced death of a black man who committed crimes(!) in the past(!). It can’t possibly be because Chauvin needlessly knelt on the neck of a subdued black man to the point of leading directly to the man’s death. I mean, George Floyd was BLACK! Why would ANYONE care when a (male, stress: male) police officer kills a black man?! It’s obviously just a big AntifaBLMLGBTQLiberal conspiracy to OPPRESS police officers and make them SECOND RATE CITIZENS in their own COUNTRY that they took from the NATIVES who weren’t WHITE and who sometimes KILLED(!) each OTHER(!!~??~?!).

The comic’s title is a reference to the saying “justice is blind”, or that justice is impartial to those who receive it. In StoneToss’ warped little brain there is no justice in the Chauvin case because the jury couldn’t possibly be impartial. And okay, I’ll agree that in a case this high powered that it’s nearly impossible for a jury of people to be completely impartial. But if we let StoneToss reach like this, then we may as well decide that nothing is impartial justice because people are going to be minutely biased in thousands of different ways. Here’s a crazy idea, though. If you don’t want to worry about a jury being biased by the constant media coverage of your murder crime, what if you just didn’t kill someone to begin with? Because that’s ultimately what this all comes down to. Not the trial, not the verdict, not even the sentencing. It’s that the USA is a country where Chauvin, as a police officer, felt empowered and comfortable enough to do what he did in the first place. The mouse over text, ‘show trial’, is a pun. A “show trial” is a trial where the verdict is already decided, and the trial is merely there for show, it doesn’t matter what evidence or arguments are presented from either side. Historically it’s mostly been blacks who are victims of these show trials, where the right to trial is granted only for show. In this case, StoneToss is calling Chauvin’s trial a show, like an act or a film for people to watch (while at the same time inferring it is also a traditional show trial). Of course the question again is: why were so many people so interested in Chauvin’s trial? To ask this question, you have to examine racism and police brutality in the USA. Which means StoneToss is never going to ask.

....fuck my shit up fam

Comic Name: JUST
Description: It’s just an ideology, bro
mouseover: ….fuck my shit up fam
Image Name: antifa-terrorist-ideology-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/26/2019

What The Comic Is: An Antifa pajama man explains that Antifa, as just an ideology, can not be a terrorist ‘organization’. A man approaches him, asking “Like fascism?”, to which the Antifa pajama man beings to sweat nervously.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa has the capability of being a terrorist organization because, like fascism, it’s an ideology.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Antifa is just an ideology” is something that needs to often be explained to those complaining about the “dangerous terrorist organization”. Even years after the minting of the term, “antifa” has no central leadership, no chain of command and doesn’t even have a clear mission statement. It is merely an ideological opposition to fascism. One would think you wouldn’t need a specific term to suggest one is against fascism, but I guess we can no longer count on ‘opposed to fascism’ as being the default human state. And so we coined a new term to define those who are opposed to fascism, as those aligned with fascism began getting good at explaining or handwaving away why they’re not fascist.

Antifa is inherently not oppressive of anyone (despite what professional victims like StoneToss claim), it can’t really be an innately terroristic thing. True, more extremist followers of the ideology have sometimes taken matters into their own hands with violence (though this violence is, as always, few and far between when compared to the alt-right), but those are individuals. Notice how literally no one on the left is stupid enough to go around saying “FASCISM IS A VIOLENT ORGANIZATION”, because fascism is not an organization. Ergo, there is no hypocrisy like this dumbass comic tries to assert. In reality, the exchange would be a bit more like;

Antifa Pajama Man: Antifa can’t be a terrorist organization, because it’s not an organization.

Man: Like Fascism?

Antifa Pajama Man: Yes, like fascism isn’t an organization, exactly.

Man: Uh, oh. I was trying to highlight a supposed hypocrisy by asking you a rhetorical question.

Antifa Pajama Man: That is because you’re an idiot.

Man: (awkward pause as self-reflection occurs)

Nah just kidding about that last part, no one in StoneToss’ base would ever have the balls or brains to self-reflect. In reality the man would just get angry, call everyone a simp or something and then run away.

We can not call antifa a terrorist organization in the same way we can not call fascism a terrorist organization. But only one of those two ideologies is inherently violent towards other people. “yEaH iTs AnTiFa BeCaUsE tHeY wAnT tO sToP pEoPlE fRoM hAvInG oPiNiOnS”, I hear the Nazis wailing. To that I say: Shut the fuck up, losers. Intolerance of intolerance is not bigotry. And for fuck’s sake, genocide and racial superiority are not opinions. Maybe fascism itself isn’t an organization, but there sure are a lot of fascist organizations out there. And what do you know? They’re all considered the largest domestic threat to people in the USA. Meanwhile, Antifa isn’t considered a threat at all. Funny, that.

Antifa could be a terrorist organization, though if it ever was then it’s unlikely it’d still be based in anti-fascism. Of course this is what rightoids like StoneToss have wet dreams about, and they live out their headcanon clown world fantasies vicariously through webcomics. Though so far Antifa is neither terrorist nor an organization, which can not be said for fascist groups on the right. Sad!

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4 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 71

  1. Strawman. Where has your average nationalist been calling for ethnic cleansing and saying they’re superior? Most I know want peaceful repatriation, and some would want to separate even if they were far less productive than other races are.


      1. Name me some examples of this then, or show me how the wider alt-right community is admitting to endorsing killing in the name of protecting the White majority and proclaiming that they’re superior out loud. That and show me how you can’t choose to cultivate White identity without hating others.


  2. If stonetoss thinks he lives in ”clown world” then he is the head clown! He says so much stupid shit he might as well be.


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