StoneToss: Episode 73

Friendly fire.

Comic Name: Revealed Preferences
Description: Black lives matter? Tell them that.
Mouseover: Friendly fire.
Image Name: blm-and-black-violence-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Second panel, the blood on the man’s first finger.
Originally Published: 4/27/2021

What The Comic Is: A black man lays facedown in a pool of blood. Before him, a second black man raises a fist in representation of black power. In the second panel, this same black man is shown to have a bloody knife held behind his back.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Black people commit crimes on other black people, ergo Black Lives Matter is hypocritical.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has desperately tried this exact rhetoric before. Whether he’s aware it never worked and is trying it again, or is so dumb he’s simply slamming against the wall as if a house fly who can’t find the doorway, is perhaps up for debate. This faux observation of “Black people want equity and don’t want to be murdered en masse by the police, yet some black people commit crimes? Curious.” is rooted in a denial of logic and racism, much like everything else in StoneToss’ miserable view of the world.

Equity and fair treatment is not some kind of all-for-one-one-for-all privilege that an entire group of people can lose their right to if someone who is the same color as them commits a crime. Funny enough, white people also kill white people and yet StoneToss never uses that as a catalyst to suggest that White Pride (something he fervently supports) is somehow hypocritical. You would then think the question would be “Well, StoneToss, which is it? Does a member of one skin color killing another member of that same skin color invalidate that whole skin color from all forms of equality?“, but this isn’t a question that needs to be asked, because StoneToss doesn’t care. As is always the case, he doesn’t give a fuck about making an argument that makes any sense, because he isn’t concerned with being logical. He just wants to hate black people, and this is his confusing and masked way of presenting it to everyone.

Anyways, this comic was obviously made in response to the April 2021 shooting of black teenager Ma’khia Bryant. Bryant was shot by police while she allegedly attacked others with a knife. While the details are still fully emerging in this case, it seems as if Bryant was clearly intending to cause harm with a deadly weapon and so some credibility is given to the officer’s decision to fire on her with their service weapon. This factoid, regardless of how accurate it may end up being, has been a powder keg for racist dumbfucks to vindicate their opinion that black people who are killed by police always deserved it or had it coming. This includes the start of protests after Bryant’s death; idiots like StoneToss posit that BLM and Antifa “jump to conclusions”, citing this as evidence that these groups an ideologies are therefore wrong about everything. Ah yes, why would anyone ever think a police shooting of a black teenager is unfounded or unjustified? They only shoot black people constantly for unjustified reasons!! But the good ol’ (male) cops didn’t do it this one single time at least (maybe!)!! Stupid dumb snowflake nig- ERMmmm…, I mean…, “BLM Supporters” (StoneToss Wink)!!!

Here’s something to chew on: If police weren’t constantly murdering black people, if they weren’t constantly being caught on camera planting drugs or freaking out at people for not following their commands no matter how little jurisdiction they have to issue those commands or pretty much any and every other deplorable and illegal thing they are constantly being found doing, then do you think people would be so quick to assume the cops acted wrongly in a situation like the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting? Reputations precede, and the police in the USA have been working for decades to make sure they have the worst reputation possible. They made their bed, and we don’t need loser bootlicker fuckwads like StoneToss to whine and cry about getting what they deserve. Yes, maybe it’s true the police officer had no other choice but the shoot Bryant in order to protect the immediate safety of others. But no, no one is in the wrong for being highly suspect that this could be yet another tragedy in a tireless sequence of police brutality and murder. Don’t wanna be suspected of murdering people? Then stop fucking murdering people.

Subtweeting hard rn

Comic Name: Unfollowed
Description: Twit -ter
Mouseover: Subtweeting hard rn
Image Name: trump-israel-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/8/2019

What The Comic Is: A closeup of a hand holding a phone shows Donald Trump’s latest tweet, reading that Isreal is the USA’s greatest ally. A man bursts through a door, crying out for “Mr. President!”. He slams his hand down on the desk of Trump himself and he explains that Trump has just posted cringe, and he is going to lose voter.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trump sucks because he supports (((((((Israel))))) but it isn’t going to hurt him in the long run.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Oh, StoneToss. The turmoil you must have felt, knowing that Trump was going to be the best you ever got in terms of a nationalistic xenophobe with boner for appeasing Christian bases. That while he fulfilled your wishful thinking of a United States that was walled off from the nasty brown people, he was never going to actually build the wall. He was never going to actually block Israel on Twitter. He was so close and yet he ended up so far, and you’re never going to live to see someone ‘better’ get into the Presidency.

Trump was the best StoneToss was ever going to do. So he couldn’t exactly dump Trump completely. And so we get stupid comics like this. By this point StoneToss was no stranger to outright just making fun of Trump, but with the assurance that we’d be getting four more years of him. The demoRATS and LIBTARDs with their ANTIFABLM ALPHABET MEN thugs would be beat, despite Trump’s inability to go full Nazi. Perhaps it was StoneToss hoping that somehow this would spell the end of progressives and that Trump would end his presidency by handing it off to someone that was more like the Adolf who forged the glorious, white man’s third Reich and less like the Adolf who shot himself in the head once total and complete defeat was unavoidable.

This comic is a callback to “Speak Volumes”, an earlier comic he published about racists making podcasts and how such weak energy slacktivism wasn’t going to effect the political agendas of people like George Soros. Though in this comic, it is Trump who is depicted as being unable to harm himself. What’s the perfect way to disavow Trump without fully disowning him? Call him an idiot while insisting it won’t lose him any votes! Genius. Of course, the most hilarious thing about this comic is that StoneToss doesn’t think Trump is stupid because the man lacks any sense of civility, intelligence or ability to conduct himself coherently; nah, Trump is stupid because he recognizes Israel as an ally of the United States. Duh.