StoneToss: Episode 65

A joke, for sure.

Comic Name: Cum
Description: I’m StoneToss, and I love cum. I think about cum often, especially while I myself am cumming.
Mouseover: (StoneToss has copy pasted the entirety of the Wikipedia article for Sperm in this space)
Image Name: I_hope_no_one_realizes_how_much_I_fucking_love_cum.gif
Originally Published: 4/1/2021

What The Cumic is: A woman exits out of a woman’s restroom, while her friend suddenly looks at her in alarm, as if he is offended by a trans woman using the lady’s toilet. His friend, however, realizes it is April 1st, April Fool’s Day, and that her friend was merely pranking her.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That trans people are to be feared, because he grew up sheltered and ignorant.

Why It’s Fucking Valid: It’s okay, StoneToss. You don’t have to understand other people. You fear what you don’t understand, because you were raised in a way that encouraged bigotry. It’s not your fault that you’re an unlovable, unlikable shithead who can’t relate to reality and therefore copes with a safespace comic where you can live out your fantastical delusions in an eerily Chris-Chan-esque manner.

All you know how to do is hate. We get it. It must be hard to like other people when you hate yourself most of all. It’s true that most other people in your position tend to grow up and deal with their negative feelings in ways that result in positive output, but this is your life, King. If you want to be a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, lonely, self-defeating and wholly miserable pile of shit behind the transparent online persona of an aloof YTMND-reject, then you do it, KING. You dropped this… |\/\/| (it’s a FUCKING CROWN, KING).

Just think. If your life hadn’t been irrevocably fucked up from being introduced to bigoted views at a young age through your local church and your parents, you might be a normal and self-respecting member of the internet society. You could’ve just been a quiet, obscure DeviantArt user who drew My Little Pony OCs. But instead you decided to be the absolute Chad King of a bunch of online trolls who only like you as long as you keep hating the people they hate. And that is valid.

Happy April 1st. Thanks for reading my blog. And remember: no matter what day it is, StoneToss is an idiot!