StoneToss: Episode 78

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A Paradox of Tolerance indeed.

Comic Name: Exclusions Apply
Description: In-group preference.
Mouseover: A Paradox of Tolerance indeed.
Image Name: community-and-inclusivity-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Third panel, on the foot of the man holding the pitchfork.
Originally Published: 5/11/2021

What The Comic Is: A gay man hangs his head, lamenting that their community isn’t inclusive enough. A second man, cross armed, sarcastically challenges the claim. In the third panel the ‘community’, now a pitchfork-wielding mob, chases angrily after the man.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That “inclusive” communities eventually become so ‘inclusive’ that they somehow circle around into being exclusive.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: You ever see a parrot that’s been trained to say only a few different phrases, and then the parrot ends up blabbing them repeatedly? Conservatives are a bit like the human version of that, only at least parrots normally look attractive. StoneToss is incapable of original thought, and this extends to thoughts of his own, as this has got to be at least the third dozenth god damned time he’s made a stupid “NoN-rAcIsTs ArE tHe ReAl RaCiStS”comic. Yes, we get it StoneToss. You feel called out and nude when you’re accused of being racist/bigoted/sexist/xenophobic, and you’ve sorted out what you believe to be the perfect coping mechanism: childish projection. Very good, make sure to keep doing it over and over for maximum LIB PWNAGE.

The comic is all about how the ‘inclusive’ are the real exclusives, because they’re “so inclusive” that eventually, inclusivity runs amok!! Pretty soon you’re going to have to meet criteria, like not being racist or transphobic or in general not being a piece of shit! Liberals claim to be tolerant, yet they are intolerant of intolerance? Um, curious?? Is that curious? Yeah, I think that’s most definitely cuuuuurious. As I’ve spoken on this blog before, there is no hypocrisy in being intolerant of intolerance. Intolerance is inherently violent and puts those the intolerance is aimed at in danger. “Things that endanger the person of another = bad” is literally the most basic fundamental keystone of morality. Ergo, tolerance of intolerance will lead to the triumph of intolerance, which means tolerance of intolerance is really just roundabout intolerance. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Of course this all refers to the “Paradox of Tolerance”, which I’ve also covered here before. In a nutshell, the Paradox of Tolerance was coined by philosopher/dead guy Karl Popper in the 1940’s. The short and tidy version is that: If society is tolerant without limit, its ability for tolerance will eventually be seized by the intolerant; i.e., if we tolerate the neo-Nazi and white supremacist, they will eventually take political power and exercise their intolerance. Therefore, though it seems somewhat paradoxical (it actually isn’t), a tolerant society must have a certain level of intolerance: intolerance of intolerance. Karl Popper is infinitely more intelligent than StoneToss, and StoneToss knows this. This is why Karl Popper wrote a generation-enduring work of philosophical significance and why StoneToss makes forgettable bigot-validation-of-the-week comic strips that have nothing intelligent to say.

StoneToss can never show reality in his comics (otherwise he’d make himself look wrong), so he can only strawman. In this case, the man being chased by the ‘tolerant mob’ didn’t actually say anything intolerant, he just vaguely questioned a vague statement. Find one example of anything like this ever happening in real life (actually, don’t bother, because you’re never going to find one). This is literally the most braindead, lazy and completely limpdicked attempt at depicting ‘hypocritical tolerance’ that it’s impressively stupid even by StoneToss standards.

“Why won’t you tolerate my racism?” StoneToss cried. “Because you’re an idiot.” The world spoke back.

To be fair, he might actually be German.

Comic Name: Named in Vain
Description: The Falafel Reicht [sic]
Mouseover: To be fair, he might actually be German.
Image Name: muslim-bigots-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/5/2019

What The Comic Is: A man points to an unseen target, proclaiming that he is a Nazi. His friend, not looking so sure, questions if the first man is sure about his claim. The first man offers a rhetorical question: What else does one call a racist, anti-Semitic homophobe? To their side, a stereotypical Muslim man responds with a shrug.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Maybe he’s a Nazi, but whatabout Muslims?!

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Ah yes, Nazism can’t be wrong if certain sects of religious people are also bigoted. Right…? Well, nah, this weakling whataboutism is just like everything else StoneToss is able to muster: pathetic. This hot take relies on a strawman (go fuckin’ figure) that the left will tolerate the bigotry of Islam or Judaism or anything else. I mean, like, it doesn’t.

To idiots like StoneToss, the issue is completely black and white. There are bigoted practices found in Islamic teaching, ergo all Muslims therefore believe and subscribe to this bigotry. No one believes homophobia is okay if your religious belief is that homosexuality is a sin. However, they do believe that just because you’re Christian or Muslim, you aren’t necessarily a homophobe by definition. StoneToss is white and most probably Christian (he’s also deeply bigoted so this example doesn’t really apply to him, but bear with me), so he probably understands that not all Christians are against gay marriage or other LGBT rights. There are many who identify as Christian and choose to discard homophobic passages found in their scripture. As for the Quran, there are no passages that state that homosexuality is punishable by death nor does it seem as if the Prophet Muhammed ever forbade homosexuality, though he considered homosexual relationships as improper. This mirrors something like the Bible, though both texts include tales of ‘God’ destroying one or more settlements in response to the gay ass buttsexing that occurred within their respective walls. Obviously this hasn’t stopped many of the Islamic faith from being vehemently homophobic (to the extent of murdering homosexuals, in the case of the most extreme and violent of Islamic movements). Many Islamic-majority countries have legislated for decades against LGBT rights, oppressing gay and trans people in their countries.

And guess what? That’s not okay and no one thinks it is. Funny enough, just because many orthodox religious people carry deep bigotry in their faith and culture does not mean Anti-Semitism or Islamophobia is somehow justifiable, or ridiculous whataboutism suddenly exonerates Nazis. We ultimately can not control what people believe. We can’t stop someone from thinking homosexuality is a sin. We can’t stop them from being casually rude to gay people. We can, however, allow them to exist while preventing them from ever subjecting greater society to their bigotry. We can also continue promoting homosexuality and creating a society where it’s clear that if you want to be homophobic, it’s not going to be tolerated by greater society. If a brown guy with a beard and a headscarf comes up to a gay pride demonstration and starts declaring homosexuality as a crime, no one listens to him. Religious people do not enjoy a protected status to practice bigotry. It’s just like StoneToss, really. We can’t stop him from making shitty comics about gay people being bad, but we can consistently mock him and tear him down for it: we’ll never stop letting the world know StoneToss and his clownworld childishness is not acceptable.

Not all Muslims are homophobic, and the religion of Islam is complex enough that one could pick out and throw away any homophobic facets found within it and still retain a set of guiding principles and beliefs. Nazism, on the other hand, is just shallow white supremacy and nothing more. Unmarry the bigotry from Nazism and you’re left with literally nothing, as the ideology would discontinue existence without it. Sadly, this means StoneToss’ love of Nazism is not comparable to any religions. Unless you count wanton stupidity as a system of faith, at least.

RedPanels: Episode 2

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Comic Name: Bell Curve
Description: The differentiation of physical attributes and intelligence can be said to apply also to different races of human. Pointing this out, however, is forbidden. In fact, scientist and discoverer of DNA, James Watson, was ostracized so completely from his profession for pointing out the link between race and intelligence that he was forced to sell his own Nobel Prize to support himself. As luck would have it though, it was purchased for over $4 million and returned to him by the winning bidder. Thankfully, it seems, a few good men can still triumph over the weight of the anti-science left.
Originally Published: 9/14/2015

What The Comic Is: In the first panel, labeled “Science”, a man in a lab coat explains that according to analysis, there is a difference in male and female height. In the second panel, labeled “Problematic Science”, the man explains that according to analysis, there is a difference between male and female physical strength. In the third panel, labeled “Hate Speech”, the man explains that according to analysis, there is a difference between male and female intelligence.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Science agrees that males are more intelligent than females and this is suppressed by the ‘extreme anti-science left’ as being hate speech.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: RedPanels, compared to StoneToss, is described broadly as two things: Pushing less of an agenda and less dog whistley. It was very mask-off compared to StoneToss (the comic) and it seems like StoneToss (the man) regretted being quite so blatant quite so often. Not to say he never mask-offs in StoneToss or on social media, but he likes to pretend that a level of maintaining some plausible deniability makes him look smarter. Or something.

You can see how much more longwinded he’d usually be, at least. The description is an entire paragraph and a half, something he’d never do after he transitioned into StoneToss. We see here StoneToss’ earliest hatred of women and minorities put on full display, and he felt so strongly about this hatred for both demographics that he was compelled to make an entire comic devoted to hating women before adding a short essay description devoted to hating black people. You can really see how unrefined his craft was at this point, very wordy and extremely on the nose.

We’ll get to the comic’s description, but let’s talk about the comic itself first. I am entirely unsure where StoneToss is coming from when he calls differences in male and female physical strength “problematic”, as this does not appear to be something anyone has ever contested or complained about. At any rate, anyone who is running around calling it “problematic science” to state that males are generally physically stronger than females is, at best, a fringe case and, at worst, is entirely made up in StoneToss’ head. What StoneToss may have been trying to refer to, perhaps, was to things such as women wanting to serve in certain male-exclusive military positions. This comic was published in 2015, right around the time that women wanting to gain the right to serve in combat roles in the US military was a resurfacing issue, so this stupid comic may likely be in response to that.

If we assume it is, then the science behind the physical difference between male and female were not what people were opposed to on this issue. No one was saying science was wrong, rather they were challenging the misogynistic excuses that were keeping women out of combat roles. Excuses such as “women will ruin group bonding, women’s unique lifestyle will disrupt rank and file, women will be too new at fighting alongside men and it will cause problems“, etc. These same exact excuses, or at least ones very similar, were the same things the military used in order to keep blacks and gays from serving alongside the “traditional” forces for decades.

So it wasn’t hard to see the situation for what it was: old-fashioned segregation because certain bigoted elements of the US military didn’t want women to fight alongside men because, well, I don’t fucking know. I guess barely graduating from high school and plastering everything in Punisher skull decals wasn’t enough to validate some men’s fragile masculinity in the face of having to have a girl on their IRL CoD team. It was never that the science was problematic, it was how it was being used as an excuse to keep the military segregated. And therein lies the real issue; it doesn’t really matter if StoneToss was talking about women in combat roles or women as police officers or women in sports or anything else, because it’s always the same answer: It isn’t the science that is an issue, but people using it as a validation to oppress someone.

On the topic of intelligence between sexes, there is little conclusive evidence that suggests there is much (if any) generalizable difference between male and female “intelligence”, and of the studies conducted there are many of them that suggest that females may be generally more intelligent than males. StoneToss, of course, believes science supports males as being ‘more intelligent’, which is why he has to cherry pick the most vague and uncited sources possible. So again, it isn’t that people will think it’s hate speech to talk about scientific research and compare/ponder over results. It is, however, going to look like hate speech if you run around citing a single study or two as evidence that women are inferior to men and make shitty MS paint comics about it. Curious, no?

But onto the description. StoneToss talks about James Watson. Who is James Watson? In a nutshell, he’s the guy who helped uncover the shape of DNA (StoneToss, because he does no research into anything he talks about, incorrectly credits Watson as “the discoverer of DNA”. This is because StoneToss is a fucking idiot). Watson’s story is pretty remarkable and filled with a whole cast of equally remarkable people who all collaborated (wittingly or not) to deduce the true structure of DNA. Watson, unfortunately, believed (and still believes, to this day, well into his twilight years) there to be a clear link between genetics and intelligence between different types of people. This most firmly extended into blacks, who Watson argued clearly expressed lower IQs than whites (off record his racism was even more shallow and unscientific, it was said he once claimed that “people who employ blacks understand [their IQ is lower than whites]”.) So Watson believes whites and blacks express clearly different nature in IQ. Alright. Guess who doesn’t believe that’s true? Hundreds of other scientists. But right, yeah, the left is the one that is anti-science. The Virgin Appeal To Millions of Pages of Research Science Denier vs. The Chad One Old Racist Guy’s Opinion Science Un-denier. But wait, don’t we know who James Watson even is?!?! He’s DA DISCOVERER OF DNA’S11111. How can the guy that DISCOVERED DNA be WRONG about something involving DNA? Do your own research, libtards!

This comic, and StoneToss’ stance on the issue, are keystone to alt-righter science denial. Framing non-bigots as somehow being the real bigots is bread and butter for dishonest shills like StoneToss, but in this case he’s attempting to appeal to a seemingly legitimate source of science. Citing the race beliefs of a man who was integral to the study of DNA and then trying to spin it as the oppressive left silencing the truth that goes against their narrative. Never mind the fact that none of the people James Watson worked with on his studies of DNA agree with him. Never mind the men and women who studied directly under him who went on to disavow his theories on race. Nope. This one guy spoke the truth, and believing anything else is just anti-science. “Science” in this case meaning anything StoneToss likes to hear and not actual science, of course. But this is classic StoneToss, being egregiously anti-science while claiming that it’s everyone else who is anti-science.

StoneToss: Episode 77


Comic Name: Office Politics
Description: (In-)fight for 15.
Mouseover: Class traitors.
Image Name: liveable-wage-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Second panel, the second arch of the McDonalds’s ‘M’.
Originally Published: 5/6/2021

What The Comic Is: A man holds a sign, protesting for a livable wage for all. He spots a McDonalds employee awkwardly slam their leg into the door of their truck. A “Thin Blue Line” flag flies from the bed of the truck. The man calls McDonalds, a smug look on his face, as he asks McDonalds why they’re employing racists.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The extreme left wants livable wages for everyone except racists/bigots.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is a retread of an earlier comic StoneToss drew years ago (that I also recently covered on this blog). Whether he’s aware of the fact this comic is basically the same idea/joke or not is up for debate (providing anyone gives a shit enough to debate whether or not StoneToss is intentionally unoriginal or not). Anyways, the idea of the comic is that people are campaigning that McDonalds increase its wages to 15 dollars an hour. This “fight for 15” extends to every job, as part of a greater effort to increase the national minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

StoneToss has already talked about hating the idea of a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage, believing it will lead to wanton inflation (despite the fact that 15 dollars an hour would still barely bring many families out of the poverty line, and the fact that inflation has already surpassed wages for decades now, but StoneToss is fucking stupid and doesn’t know shit about anything he talks about), but now he makes a different commentary: leftists want a better minimum wage, but they also get bigots fired from jobs! That’s just like a liberal, isn’t it? Wanting a better quality of life for everyone but also wanting bigots held accountable for their bigotry. Which is it, liberals?! You OBVIOUSLY CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!!!!!

StoneToss intentionally picks the most lukewarm of bigot iconography (Thin Blue Line) as a way of strawmanning liberals as being petty. He could’ve picked a Proud Boys flag or a Swastika or even his oft-used Confederate stars and bars, but that would’ve been a little bit too mask-off for StoneToss’ comfort, not to mention made an already dumb as-is comic even worse. Hard to make the ‘victim’ look like a victim when they’re flying something like the Nazi colors, after all. Better go with the most mild thing you can think of to push your weak message. Good thinking, StoneToss!

There is no flaw in moral or logic in wanting a 15 dollar minimum wage while also outing someone for intolerance or support of intolerance. This is not a real argument and is not a valid observation. I would tell StoneToss he needs to do be better, but man, we all know this is the best the boy can do. Sad!


Comic Name: Scarlet Letter
Description: I…
Mouseover: GGER
Image Name: alphabet-letters-comic.png

What The Comic Is: The letters B and C sit on an ascending staircase, C below and B above. It is shown that A is at the top of the stairs, standing proudly. B and C suddenly being quaking in alarm. A looks down, confused, as a giant N looms ominously in the background.

What StoneToss Thinks: Who fucking knows??

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: No one understands this comic. No one. No one knows what StoneToss is trying to say, it’s just a stupid comic about the word ‘Nigger’ existing. Hilarious, and also epically based and confusingpilled. The comic’s comments are people actually calling it out for not meaning anything, with upvotes in agreeance. This is mixed in with people fruitlessly musing what the hell it’s trying to say.

The best analysis I can give it is that the ‘scarlet letter’ is known to be the letter ‘A’ (coming from the intensely dull slogfest novel The Scarlet Letter written by dead guy Nathanial Hawthorne in 1850). In the novel (and reportedly in real history), the Puritans of America punished those who committed adultery by requiring them to wear a scarlet A on their clothes. The A, at least in the novel, standing for ‘Adultery’. This ‘scarlet letter’ therefore become symbolic, with important weight added to it because of its color; it became the “A Word”, if you will. How does that relate to the “N Word”? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?? My personal best take on it is that StoneToss is whining about how the “N Word” has been given power and weight by society, as some stupid way of yet once-fucking-again trying to suggest that ‘leftists’ are the real racists. In this case, perhaps likening them to the bigoted Puritans of old, who gave such power to the word ‘adultery’, just as society gives the “N Word” such power. Ah yes, it’s the liberals who empower the “N Word”. Not the hundreds of years, extending to this very day, of it being used to insult and tear down an already highly oppressed people!

Bigoted shill INTELLIGENT HERO in the year 1850: Blacks ruin America, they are a lesser form of human!
Other person: You can’t call black people the N word anymore.

Truly, whatever this comic was trying to say, it is peak StoneToss mindless prattle. Proving that even if he cant think of anything dumb to say, he’ll just say something that makes absolutely no fucking sense and that has no context. He’s like a broken AI that just has to say something, regardless of whether or not it has any relevancy or even basic intelligence.

StoneToss is an I…


StoneToss: Episode 76

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Comic Name: She/Her-itage Not Hate
Description: What’s more hateful than a racist? Try an anti-racist.
Mouseover: Seethe.
Image Name: liberal-rage-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Possibly the musical note in the whistles, or otherwise seemingly N/A.
Originally Published: 5/4/2021

What The Comic Is: The first panel shows a hick with a red hat and Confederate flag t-shirt clenching his teeth in seething anger at the sight of a black man, the latter of whom is strolling peacefully along his way. The first panel is a thought bubble, however, and it connects to the second panel to show that it is coming from a gay man who is clenching his teeth in seething anger at the sight of a red hat wearing, Confederate flag t-shirt wearing hick. The hick, exactly like the black man in the first panel, is merely strolling along peacefully on his way.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: “Anti-racists” are just as hateful, or more hateful, than racists.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Anti-racists”, or i.e., normal intelligent and non-bigoted people, are just as bad as the racists because they don’t like racism!! Absolutely fucking brilliant. A stupid as all fuck hot take that never, ever, ever gets old no matter how many times weaklings like StoneToss meekly tread it out for the billionth time!!! Whether bigots are dumb enough to believe they suffer from “prejudice” for their bigotry or because they’re being intentionally dishonest for the purpose of propaganda, there is an old saying that completely defeat them: Intolerance of intolerance is not intolerance. This goes back to some old, post-WW2 thinking such as philosopher and commentator Karl Popper’s “Paradox of Tolerance”. This ‘paradox’ is described in Popper’s 1945 book titled The Open Society and its Enemies, where Popper goes on a big tl;dr spin that boils down to: If society is tolerant to a fault, then it will be seized by the intolerant. Therefore, in order to maintain tolerance we have to be intolerance of intolerance.

This makes perfect and absolute sense. If a society is so worried about being tolerant that someone is tolerated, not just ‘legally allowed under free speech’, but tolerated, when they go around and publicly demand the execution of all gay people, as if wanting to murder people (especially murder them for sexual orientation) is an acceptable and tolerable belief, then we have a paradox of tolerance. Because now the intolerant are poised to be put into positions where they can impose on those that they are intolerant towards. This is not a case of mental gymnastics, this is just a sensible conclusion: we must not tolerate intolerance. Of course, what lengths we take to be intolerant of intolerance is another matter. You have, for instance, something like passing tighter legislation on what constitutes as protected free speech vs. illegal hate speech and then you have “let’s kill people who are homophobic”. The exact extremity and how far we should go, as a society, to be intolerant of intolerance is another subject all together. At any rate, it’s an obvious observation that in order to maintain tolerance for all, intolerance can not be tolerated.

You can maybe understand how shills on the Right can spin this into a scary propaganda tool. All they have to do is talk about how crazy it is that “Leftists claim to be tolerant, yet they will not tolerate fascism? Curious” to get their Very Smart base to start scratching their heads and saying “Yeah… that is kind of funny, isn’t it!“. This puts Rightists in the position for a good spot of their favorite pastime: Playing The Victim. “Gay pride?!” they cry. “Well what about WHITE PRIDE?!?! Where’s the pride for being STRAIGHT?!”. Obviously this deep intolerance of their desire to discuss the genocide of non-white people actually makes them the real victims. And if the oppressed bigots are the real victims, then that can only mean one thing… ANTI-RACISTS ARE THE REAL RACISTS1111 Guys… the fascism… is coming from… INSIDE THE ANTIFA

This comic plays into the same tired clown world horseshit that StoneToss and other Rightists play into. A world where liberals and gay people are super angry and seethe with rage at everything (because they’re the REAL bigots!), meanwhile people on the Right are just too BASED and they DON’T CARE and they GO ON THEIR WAY and they totally don’t make HUNDREDS of comics about how much they HATE GAYS, JEWS, WOMEN, PEOPLE OF COLOR AND ANYTHING RESEMBLING A BRIGHTER FUTURE. How often do you see Rightists going on bizarre, endless tirades about the death of the USA and how it’s (insert any one or multiple of non-white, non-male demographics here) fault? How often do you see Rightists storming their own capitol, beating to death the same police officers they constantly claim to worship? Ah yes you see, but that’s only because the Right is actually the oppressed one. Black people and gay people have weaponized “Political Correctness”! The worm has turned!! The oppressed have become the oppressors!!! CAN’T YOU SEE?? YOU CAN’T BE A NAZI IN THE USA, THE LEFT HAS GONE TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways. The comic’s title is a reference to gender pronouns (‘she/her’), making a joke relating them to the pro-Confederate saying “Heritage, not hate”. The motto is an attempt to divorce the Confederacy from any relation to slavery or racial bigotry, turning it into a symbol of vague ‘heritage pride’ and “rebellion”. StoneToss, because he is not clever, makes some ham-fisted comparison to gender pronouns. I guess he’s trying to say that the use of gender pronouns is comparable to ‘heritage, not hate’? Or he thinks the enforcement of pronouns is authoritarianism? Or he’s a fucking idiot who didn’t even know what he meant? We may never know.

Rightists love, above all else, to project clown world fantasies where they don’t care at all and Leftists are always being “triggered” and enraged at le based Conservative existence. You need only to look into Right-leaning groups like anti-maskers, white nationalists, etc. to see the putrid amount of “LOOK HOW MUCH WE DON’T CARE LOL” that permeates said groups. Yes, you don’t care so much that you literally never shut the fuck up about not caring.


Comic Name: Calling the Kettle Black
Description: Terrifying.
Mouseover: Demons.
Image Name: offensive-halloween-costumes-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/24/2019

What The Comic Is: A trick-or-treater in incredibly offensive black face (complete with huge red lips and cheeks) is surprised to hear someone calling their costume offensive. In the second panel, it is revealed that an offensive caricature of a trans woman (complete with melons-for-boobs, cockbulge, gaudy makeup and copious body hair) is the one calling the trick-or-treater out.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trans = Blackface.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has tried this whole “trans people are like black face” thing before. He must really, really think he’s brilliant when he comes up with something like this. Giddy with excitement, firmly believing he’s found a flaw in logic that will completely nuke Leftists off the face of the (white man’s) earth (‘earth’ in this case meaning the USA, which is the only country that matters). In reality, of course, StoneToss is just a child playing pretend with his super hero toys. He hasn’t found any glaring flaw in logic, he’s just made a fake connection that supports his imaginary world view and helps him cope. And really, that’s all StoneToss and his ilk are after. They’re too weak to change the world. They know it’s not going to happen. StoneToss is aware no magic unicorn politician is going to sweep into office and everything with shift and blacks, Jews, Mexicans and women will all be deported back to their own countries.

So does StoneToss or his supporters actually try to do anything? Of course they don’t They just cope. Cope is all they have. And they know it. You ever play an online game and some dude gets really upset at you for some reason (normally over something really minor or petty), and you ask him why he’s so upset and he pulls the infamous “IM NOT MAD UR MAD LOL” card? Yeah, StoneToss is the personification of “IM NOT MAD, IM LOLING”. Like the first comic, it’s this same exact projection and clown world horseshit at play. StoneToss is desperately angry at the world and he’s desperately attempting to make it look like everyone else is the angry one. He’s just teh basedorz epic amogus me me lord who DUNKZ on TRANS. He says dumb shit and people call him out for it because he’s RENT FREE, BAAAABBBYYYYY. RENT FREE 2024. TRUMP WAS A FALSE PROPHET BUT WE ARE RENT FREEEEEEEEEEEE e e e E E E e e ee e e e e eeeeeEerEE.

Isn’t it curious that Liberals claim to oppose bigotry, but when a bigot acts bigoted, they actually oppose him for it? Curious.

I still love how somber and serious StoneToss gets when his super religious side gnaws at him too much. He can’t keep up the façade of aloof non-srs comic man and he lets a couple of serious feelings slip through the cracks with the description and mouse over text. This isn’t a time for joking, you guys! This is super serious! Trans people exist!! Seethe, you fucking moron.

StoneToss: Episode 75

Apologies for the mini-hiatus; my girlfriend surprised me with a birthday vacation and I didn’t get a chance to prepare any posts. Do not worry! For her duplicity in this, she paid with her life. No one comes between me and my one true love: all of you. Mwah mwah. Yes, daddy loves you. Mmm, you dirty little sluts.

Epic fail

Comic Name: Lesson Unlearned
Description: Held back a (pay) grade.
Mouseover: Epic fail
Image Name: teacher-pay-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: First panel, right side. On the chalkboard.
Originally Published: 4/29/2021

What The Comic Is: A teacher hands her student back his test, marked with an F. She warns him that he won’t be able to get a good paying job if he fails. In the next panel, a politician brings up the subject of fixing failing schools, asking the assembly of people for ideas. The same teacher stands in front of a mic and suggests paying teachers more money.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Teachers are failures and that’s why they don’t make lots of money, ergo the profession of teaching is bad. Conversely, they are entitled hypocrites for wanting more money.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Big surprise, the Nazi loser is being anti-education again. Shocker, I know. Somehow StoneToss has managed to insulate himself so well against the harsh mistress of reality that he feels confident enough to make statements like this without ever worrying about the obvious reaction most people will have to it. I mean, StoneToss is a fucking coward. He’ll never actually go to bat and defend his stances, he’ll just make stupid passive aggressive strawman comics and never read Twitter comments. This complete self-isolation from reality is about the only way someone can reasonably be openly opposed to something as basic and seemingly neutral as education of children. StoneToss does not like to be called a Nazi (he only likes to not-so-subtly hint at being one), and yet he’s probably aware of just what a corner you paint yourself into the second you start complaining about how education is bad. It’s pretty fucking hard to not look blatantly Nazi-esque when you begin crusading against education, after all. StoneToss doesn’t have the balls to ever open this can of worms, so he chooses instead to only poke and jab at it here and there.

So what about this shit take in specific? Well, the obvious commentary is that the teacher is telling the student to “not fail” in order to get a good paying job, though hypocritically demands more money herself. If StoneToss was smart (he’s not), then he’d have made a connection that the teacher’s lack of pay is directly linked to her “failure” to adequately teach/inspire her student to pass. This would still be very idiotic, though, because teachers are not usually paid based on their performance and even the hardest working teachers with the most passing students are still as underpaid as the lazy ones who don’t care about their student’s progress. But who needs reality when you can strawman?! Who needs intelligence and conviction to explain and defend your beliefs when you can hide in your little walled garden bitchboy web comic?

Teachers also typically ask for more funding to their schools rather than straight-up more pay. For as hard as many of the USA’s teachers work, they certainly need and deserve pay raises, but they also need lots of other things. Many school districts just do not give their schools enough money to get the basic tools they need, and this results in lots of teachers paying out of pocket for things like chalk or other specialized learning tools, or in extreme cases even relying on crowdfunding charity in order to buy fucking school desks for their students. No one becomes a teacher “for the pay”, they do it because they either have a passion to teach or because they want to coach a sport but have to host a half-assed English class on the side.

Anti-education is a strong keystone of fascism and tyrannical government control. StoneToss, being an idiot and a coward, has no idea what the fuck he stands for because he doesn’t stand for anything. He wants the USA to be a self-sustaining anti-immigrant ethnostate that dominates the world in economy, science, culture, etc. However, on the same hand, StoneToss also hates education despite the fact that society needs to educate its people in order to ever achieve any of the things StoneToss wants. So what does he want, exactly? Some wishful thinking Mary Sue bullshit world where failcuck libtard teachers and colleges… don’t exist? Or get replaced by “based” curriculums? And the USA ejects all immigrants and prospers by itself? Peak clown world.


Comic Name: Pruning
Description: Comrades
Mouseover: Lumpenproles.
Image Name: capitalism-and-fascism-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/17/2019

What The Comic Is: A man wearing a hammer and sickle shirt states that fascism is capitalism in decay. He then spots a groundskeeper who is wearing a MAGA hat. With a devious look on his face, the man calls “capitalism inc.” to report that their groundskeeper is a fascist.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trying to out people for bigotry to their employers is indirectly supporting capitalism, despite the fact many of those “doxxing fascists” are opposed to capitalism.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: You know you have a very clear, easy to understand point when you have to literally call your imaginary company “CAPITALISM INC”. Truly, the sign of great nuance and writing is when you have to practically explain your own stupid fucking joke. Fucking idiot. Anyways, the ‘message’ here is that the communism man is using capitalism (the right to freely employ/fire as part of the free market) to try and get the MAGA hat man fired. So even if CoMmIe LiBeRaLs hate capitalism, they’re still using capitalism to get people fired. What does this mean? Who in the fuck knows. These are always the worst StoneToss comics to have to discuss, because how do you tear someone down when they themselves don’t even know what the fuck they’re trying to say? At best this is some stupid attempt at a commentary that librulz only like capitalism when it favors them (i.e., when they try to dox a bigot and get them fired), with a sprinkling of “liberals dumb” because the communism shirt guy thinks a man with a MAGA hat is automatically a fascist. Giving the man a devious look on his face, as if he’s aware he’s up to no good, is at least a halfway good(?) attempt at strawmanning the opposition as malicious trolls who weaponize the very economic structure they claim to oppose, so I guess he at least gets some points for trying.

It should be noted that obviously getting someone fired for being a shithead xenophobic bigot (or rather, simply making their personal statements known to an employer, who ultimately decides to let the individual go or not) and disdain for late stage capitalism are… not mutually exclusive in the slightest. You can be opposed to rampant capitalism and the rich while also bringing someone’s bigotry to light with the intention their employer will let them go. Anything else this comic is trying to say is too vague and senseless for anyone who isn’t StoneToss himself to understand, if indeed even StoneToss knows what the fuck he’s saying.

A “Lumpenprole” is a member of the Lumpenproletariat, or the less commonly known branch of society as described by Marxist theory. The much more oft-described proletariat caste are the wage workers who do not have capital or property to live off of and therefore have to work for a living (selling their labor to survive). The lumpenproletariat, then, are beneath that caste and are basically the super unskilled workers/criminals/StoneToss. The description and mouse over text are therefore two parts of the same joke: That socialists/communists/liberals/anyone else StoneToss doesn’t like will think of themselves as “comrades” (strong strawmanning here, of course), as if to style themselves as hard-fighting workers rising up against their rich masters; though in reality communists are all lazy and hate work and therefore don’t have jobs and are actually lumpenproles, unemployed and at the bottom of the Marxist wrung (Marx, Lenin and Trotsky all viewed the lumpenproles as essentially worthless to the cause of communism; whether StoneToss is educated enough to realize that this means he’s asserting Marx and Lenin would, funnily enough, therefore disown the strawmanned lazy communists is up for debate).

Hello, StoneToss? Did you know you’re an idiot? Nah, only kidding. We both know I don’t have to ask!

StoneToss: Episode 74

Those poor, disadvantaged law enforcement :(

Comic Name: Oppressed
Description: Dirty cop.
Mouseover: Those poor, disadvantaged law enforcement 😦
Image Name: 13-do-50-and-police-do-40-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A man smugly quotes that 13% of the population commits 50% of the violent crime. A gay man counters, citing that it’s because that population of people is oppressed. He then adds that 40% of cops commit domestic abuse. The final panel shows a police officer standing, head hung low, in front of two drinking fountains; one fountain is pristine and modern, labeled “Civilians Only”. The other fountain is grim-covered and leaking, labeled “Cops”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Police are an oppressed minority, speaking up about their domestic crimes is tantamount to “Whataboutism” in order to ignore black crime statistics.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Cop” is not a skin color. Traditionally speaking, there’s been few things that meet or surpass the exorbitant tackiness of comparing police to black people in an attempt to show how “oppressed” the former is. Of course only idiot fucking racists (like StoneToss!) ever make this ‘observation’, so there’s always a clear subtext of trying to show black people as actually not being oppressed or no longer being oppressed, rather it’s the police who are now oppressed for ‘policing violent black people’.

Also, “Cop” is not a fucking skin color. Did I mention that already? There’s a bad faith argument to be made with this situation because it’s all about comparing oppression to accountability. Black people suffer from hundreds of years of systemic oppression, and this reflects in many of their communities. What we need in order to cure this is the mending of racial relations and equity for those who have always gotten less. This is oppression. Police are constantly abusing their positions of power over others, to the point it has become a strongly engrained stance by people of all social class and skin color to distrust and even hate the police. What we need in order to stop this is better police training, more third party oversight into police conduct and far better vetting for individuals to become police officers. This is accountability.

Police are not oppressed in our society. They are held accountable for their actions. In light of our justice system failing to do this, everyday public opinion and attitudes towards law enforcement have changed. StoneToss will argue that if we see cops as “Second Class Citizens” (which we do not, we just see the bad ones as criminals, which is what they are), then under the same logic we have to view black people the same way, because a disproportionate amount of them commit crimes. Funny enough, StoneToss unwittingly straight up answers this paradox in the comic (albeit he’s trying be sarcastic about it): It’s because black people are fucking oppressed, unlike police.

We can have an honest discussion about the environment that creates the bullies and domestic abusers who become cops. It’s fair enough to talk about that, just as we talk about the environment that leads to black crime statistics. However, this honest discussion can not be had with someone like StoneToss, as you have to leave white supremacy and bad faith arguments at the door.

We did it, reddit!

Comic Name: Goldbricking
Description: Digital “thoughts and prayers”.
Mouseover: We did it, Reddit!
Image Name: china-and-hong-kong-protesters-reddit-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/15/2019

What The Comic Is: A man bursts into the door of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s bedroom, crying out that he has terrible news. Jinping, visibly sweating and fully of worry, utters that it can not be. But the man assures him that yes: it can be, informing Jinping that the Hong Kong protesters have gotten Reddit gold, much to Jinping’s shocked expression.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If liberals make fun of ‘thoughts and prayers’, then he can make fun of their support of Hong Kong.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, this is a (racist) ‘remix’ of StoneToss’ previous comic Speak Volumes, which has also been featured on this blog before. He colors the characters yellow (because they are azn get it lol) and depicts them with more narrow eyes than usual (because they are azn get it lol). But this is beside the main point. Throughout the year of 2019 and into 2020, Hong Kong was embroiled in wave after wave of mass protest concerning the introduction of a bill called Fugitive Offenders amendment (also known as the much, much longer Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019). In simple language the bill was to give the Hong Kong government (read: China) a greater ability to extradite “fugitives” (read: people) to countries like, say, Taiwan or maybe like, say, China. At face value this seems like a pretty benign bill, but the fear was that it would give the Chinese mainland greater control over people living in Hong Kong.

The protests began on March 15, 2019 with a sit-in at government headquarters and ballooned from there. Even after the bill was suspended in June, the protests continued, this time to make sure the bill was fully dumped out and in response to police brutality. People from all over the world weighed in their support for the Hong Kong people. Businesses from all over the world awkwardly avoided offending China. It was truly a global phenomenon of human proportion.

What is StoneToss’ take on this situation? This oppressed people rising up to fight for liberty and freedom? Ah, well, it’s that libs are dumb of course lolol. He’s trying to deride “slacktivism” on the part of people supporting the Hong Kong protests, this is in childish butthurt response to liberals constantly mocking conservatives for their “thoughts and prayers” whenever gun violence occurs. However, the thing about that is, is that you are supporting Hong Kong with Reddit gold and Facebook likes and Twitter tweeters and Instagram grammers and Pinterest… uh, pricks? Just because people can’t exactly fly out to Hong Kong and take to the streets does not mean support all over is invalid or lazy, it’s an expression of global solidarity that the government not just in China, but in every country where people live, have to listen to.

Saying “I’m sending hopes and prayers” after yet another school shooting in lieu of any form of gun reform is the purest, most unadulterated form of fake-response virtue signaling that you can possibly fucking do. So, like usual, this is not a case of StoneToss turning the tables on the libs and shooting them down with their own ammunition, it’s just StoneToss being wrong and making a fool of himself. Again.

The comic’s name, “goldbricking” is a reference to the term “goldbrick”, a name for something that outwardly appears useful or valuable but in reality is useless. The term is derived from a brick of lead that is coated with gold; outwardly it looks like a brick of pure gold but in reality it’s just lead with gold plating. Conservatives goldbrick all the time, while liberals crusade for liberty. StoneToss hates this, because he’s basically being cucked by libs who are living the dream he constantly wishes he was in: actually fighting for actual liberty. How does he process his seethe? With shitty comics, of course! HAhahahahaha, StoneToss, you fucking loser. It’s hard to ever fight for liberty when you’re a fascist who is opposed to any form of it.