StoneToss: Episode 76

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Comic Name: She/Her-itage Not Hate
Description: What’s more hateful than a racist? Try an anti-racist.
Mouseover: Seethe.
Image Name: liberal-rage-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Possibly the musical note in the whistles, or otherwise seemingly N/A.
Originally Published: 5/4/2021

What The Comic Is: The first panel shows a hick with a red hat and Confederate flag t-shirt clenching his teeth in seething anger at the sight of a black man, the latter of whom is strolling peacefully along his way. The first panel is a thought bubble, however, and it connects to the second panel to show that it is coming from a gay man who is clenching his teeth in seething anger at the sight of a red hat wearing, Confederate flag t-shirt wearing hick. The hick, exactly like the black man in the first panel, is merely strolling along peacefully on his way.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: “Anti-racists” are just as hateful, or more hateful, than racists.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Anti-racists”, or i.e., normal intelligent and non-bigoted people, are just as bad as the racists because they don’t like racism!! Absolutely fucking brilliant. A stupid as all fuck hot take that never, ever, ever gets old no matter how many times weaklings like StoneToss meekly tread it out for the billionth time!!! Whether bigots are dumb enough to believe they suffer from “prejudice” for their bigotry or because they’re being intentionally dishonest for the purpose of propaganda, there is an old saying that completely defeat them: Intolerance of intolerance is not intolerance. This goes back to some old, post-WW2 thinking such as philosopher and commentator Karl Popper’s “Paradox of Tolerance”. This ‘paradox’ is described in Popper’s 1945 book titled The Open Society and its Enemies, where Popper goes on a big tl;dr spin that boils down to: If society is tolerant to a fault, then it will be seized by the intolerant. Therefore, in order to maintain tolerance we have to be intolerance of intolerance.

This makes perfect and absolute sense. If a society is so worried about being tolerant that someone is tolerated, not just ‘legally allowed under free speech’, but tolerated, when they go around and publicly demand the execution of all gay people, as if wanting to murder people (especially murder them for sexual orientation) is an acceptable and tolerable belief, then we have a paradox of tolerance. Because now the intolerant are poised to be put into positions where they can impose on those that they are intolerant towards. This is not a case of mental gymnastics, this is just a sensible conclusion: we must not tolerate intolerance. Of course, what lengths we take to be intolerant of intolerance is another matter. You have, for instance, something like passing tighter legislation on what constitutes as protected free speech vs. illegal hate speech and then you have “let’s kill people who are homophobic”. The exact extremity and how far we should go, as a society, to be intolerant of intolerance is another subject all together. At any rate, it’s an obvious observation that in order to maintain tolerance for all, intolerance can not be tolerated.

You can maybe understand how shills on the Right can spin this into a scary propaganda tool. All they have to do is talk about how crazy it is that “Leftists claim to be tolerant, yet they will not tolerate fascism? Curious” to get their Very Smart base to start scratching their heads and saying “Yeah… that is kind of funny, isn’t it!“. This puts Rightists in the position for a good spot of their favorite pastime: Playing The Victim. “Gay pride?!” they cry. “Well what about WHITE PRIDE?!?! Where’s the pride for being STRAIGHT?!”. Obviously this deep intolerance of their desire to discuss the genocide of non-white people actually makes them the real victims. And if the oppressed bigots are the real victims, then that can only mean one thing… ANTI-RACISTS ARE THE REAL RACISTS1111 Guys… the fascism… is coming from… INSIDE THE ANTIFA

This comic plays into the same tired clown world horseshit that StoneToss and other Rightists play into. A world where liberals and gay people are super angry and seethe with rage at everything (because they’re the REAL bigots!), meanwhile people on the Right are just too BASED and they DON’T CARE and they GO ON THEIR WAY and they totally don’t make HUNDREDS of comics about how much they HATE GAYS, JEWS, WOMEN, PEOPLE OF COLOR AND ANYTHING RESEMBLING A BRIGHTER FUTURE. How often do you see Rightists going on bizarre, endless tirades about the death of the USA and how it’s (insert any one or multiple of non-white, non-male demographics here) fault? How often do you see Rightists storming their own capitol, beating to death the same police officers they constantly claim to worship? Ah yes you see, but that’s only because the Right is actually the oppressed one. Black people and gay people have weaponized “Political Correctness”! The worm has turned!! The oppressed have become the oppressors!!! CAN’T YOU SEE?? YOU CAN’T BE A NAZI IN THE USA, THE LEFT HAS GONE TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways. The comic’s title is a reference to gender pronouns (‘she/her’), making a joke relating them to the pro-Confederate saying “Heritage, not hate”. The motto is an attempt to divorce the Confederacy from any relation to slavery or racial bigotry, turning it into a symbol of vague ‘heritage pride’ and “rebellion”. StoneToss, because he is not clever, makes some ham-fisted comparison to gender pronouns. I guess he’s trying to say that the use of gender pronouns is comparable to ‘heritage, not hate’? Or he thinks the enforcement of pronouns is authoritarianism? Or he’s a fucking idiot who didn’t even know what he meant? We may never know.

Rightists love, above all else, to project clown world fantasies where they don’t care at all and Leftists are always being “triggered” and enraged at le based Conservative existence. You need only to look into Right-leaning groups like anti-maskers, white nationalists, etc. to see the putrid amount of “LOOK HOW MUCH WE DON’T CARE LOL” that permeates said groups. Yes, you don’t care so much that you literally never shut the fuck up about not caring.


Comic Name: Calling the Kettle Black
Description: Terrifying.
Mouseover: Demons.
Image Name: offensive-halloween-costumes-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/24/2019

What The Comic Is: A trick-or-treater in incredibly offensive black face (complete with huge red lips and cheeks) is surprised to hear someone calling their costume offensive. In the second panel, it is revealed that an offensive caricature of a trans woman (complete with melons-for-boobs, cockbulge, gaudy makeup and copious body hair) is the one calling the trick-or-treater out.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trans = Blackface.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has tried this whole “trans people are like black face” thing before. He must really, really think he’s brilliant when he comes up with something like this. Giddy with excitement, firmly believing he’s found a flaw in logic that will completely nuke Leftists off the face of the (white man’s) earth (‘earth’ in this case meaning the USA, which is the only country that matters). In reality, of course, StoneToss is just a child playing pretend with his super hero toys. He hasn’t found any glaring flaw in logic, he’s just made a fake connection that supports his imaginary world view and helps him cope. And really, that’s all StoneToss and his ilk are after. They’re too weak to change the world. They know it’s not going to happen. StoneToss is aware no magic unicorn politician is going to sweep into office and everything with shift and blacks, Jews, Mexicans and women will all be deported back to their own countries.

So does StoneToss or his supporters actually try to do anything? Of course they don’t They just cope. Cope is all they have. And they know it. You ever play an online game and some dude gets really upset at you for some reason (normally over something really minor or petty), and you ask him why he’s so upset and he pulls the infamous “IM NOT MAD UR MAD LOL” card? Yeah, StoneToss is the personification of “IM NOT MAD, IM LOLING”. Like the first comic, it’s this same exact projection and clown world horseshit at play. StoneToss is desperately angry at the world and he’s desperately attempting to make it look like everyone else is the angry one. He’s just teh basedorz epic amogus me me lord who DUNKZ on TRANS. He says dumb shit and people call him out for it because he’s RENT FREE, BAAAABBBYYYYY. RENT FREE 2024. TRUMP WAS A FALSE PROPHET BUT WE ARE RENT FREEEEEEEEEEEE e e e E E E e e ee e e e e eeeeeEerEE.

Isn’t it curious that Liberals claim to oppose bigotry, but when a bigot acts bigoted, they actually oppose him for it? Curious.

I still love how somber and serious StoneToss gets when his super religious side gnaws at him too much. He can’t keep up the façade of aloof non-srs comic man and he lets a couple of serious feelings slip through the cracks with the description and mouse over text. This isn’t a time for joking, you guys! This is super serious! Trans people exist!! Seethe, you fucking moron.

9 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 76

  1. ”What StoneToss Actually Thinks: “Anti-racists” are just as hateful, or more hateful, than racists.”

    Yeah, you misunderstood it.


  2. I’m really enjoying this blog, it’s quite fun reading this dude’s 7 paragraphs of impotent rage in response to every stonetoss comic


  3. I always get a kick of how gay people are depicted with colorful hair that resemble adorkable fruit-flavored DQ ice cream cones.

    When I first saw these dumb comics, I initially thought they were humanoid ducks. I refer to them as “Ducky People”.

    I find it “amusing” how he thinks every transperson in existence is a butt-ugly crossdressing man with a five o’clock shadow and the fashion sense of Mimi from THE DREW CAREY SHOW. Even Stonetoss’ transmen have five o’clock shadows despite being “women” in Cookietoss’ eyes (see the comic with the transman going to work and putting on his ‘tie’ / noose. Breasts are bound because he’s biologically female, but Stonesforbrains still gives face-fuzz rather than make him girly).

    STONEDONGLUE’S WORD: A realm of duck-people, humanoid Dairy Queen ice cream cones and Mimi clones with mild hypertrichosis. That’s… quite a world he’s got there.


  4. Today, here’s part 2 of my analysis of Stonetoss.

    With his general origin story out of the way (for those of you who haven’t read the last one, my conclusion was Midwest city suburbs/ lily-white neighborhood/ Christian/ grew up spending a lot of time on the internet), I’d like to examine more of what his life is like. First, here’s why he said he made the comic:

    “I have always enjoyed entertaining people with something I made and I wanted to continue that through this comic.

    Before doing Stonetoss, I liked making and sharing silly self-made memes on imageboards. As is the nature of imageboards, most of that artwork is lost to history. I decided to make a comic brand in order to preserve and share the art better.

    While many other cartoonists will credit great artists like Bill Waterson of Calvin and Hobbes or Jim Davis of Garfield with inspiring them, I must admit I come from no such pedigree.

    I had always preferred the more raw, honest, unapologetic, and frankly funnier works of countless anonymous artists that populated the early days of imageboards.”

    I 100% buy that he originated as an image board poster. Those types of boards are/were full of the exact type of edgelord humor he loves to push, and I have no doubt that that was what helped radicalize him from awful suburban ultraconservative to genuine Neo-Nazi.

    However, I don’t remotely believe that Stonetoss truly believes himself to be free of earlier comic tradition. For one, if he really didn’t care, he wouldn’t call them “great.” For another, it’s clear that he received some sort of formal art training; even though I would hesitate to call him the next Caravaggio, and he’s absolutely drawn some pieces that look like garbage, I’ve studied art enough to recognize that Stonetoss has a pretty good idea of what he’s doing. With that in mind, given his 1) almost certainly privileged background and 2) his art training, it’s very likely that he’s either a university grad, dropout, or he’s still in it.

    As far as Stonetoss’ alma mater goes, your guess is as good as mine. Even people who are really on the right usually are a little less bigoted after going to college in the modern days; it’s pretty likely Stonetoss went to a school like Liberty University or George Mason School of Law. Whatever, the case, it’s clear that Stonetoss isn’t crazily bright, and it’s clear that his critical thinking in particular is almost nonexistent- in college, he was probably a guy with a small white male friend group composed of incel types, and he probably didn’t (I could say doesn’t; it’s not like it’s impossible he’s still in it).

    Whatever the case, we know for a fact that Stonetoss considers himself a genuine artist, and that he admires other artists. He calls himself a freelancer, and I’m inclined to believe him- at this point, he probably has a good series of contracts set up. However, I just don’t think he has the talent to be involved with any Disney-level stuff; it’s likely that he works for crappy TV or webtoons.

    Financially, I believe he’s always had money his entire life due to rich parents, and probably lives relatively comfortably now, with no girlfriend or roomate. The amount of time he spends on the internet connects with him being an artist; not many other people else spends that much time on their computer.

    As to where he lives, I’m guessing it’s still the Midwest, for proximity to his rich parents. However, I could buy him maybe living in the Mid-Atlantic, maybe Texas.

    The next episode will be me talking about his approach towards women, which is going to be a blast, so I’ll just end it here with a teaser: I don’t think he’s a true virgin incel, but I seriously doubt he’s ever been in a legit, fulfilling relationship.


    1. Have you heard of RedPanels? It’s a less subtle version of Stonetoss. Some have theorised that both webcomics share the same creator.


  5. I present to the council proof that the bullshit comic is just recycling yet another tired conservative argument

    posted 6/9(nice)/18


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