StoneToss: Episode 77


Comic Name: Office Politics
Description: (In-)fight for 15.
Mouseover: Class traitors.
Image Name: liveable-wage-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Second panel, the second arch of the McDonalds’s ‘M’.
Originally Published: 5/6/2021

What The Comic Is: A man holds a sign, protesting for a livable wage for all. He spots a McDonalds employee awkwardly slam their leg into the door of their truck. A “Thin Blue Line” flag flies from the bed of the truck. The man calls McDonalds, a smug look on his face, as he asks McDonalds why they’re employing racists.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The extreme left wants livable wages for everyone except racists/bigots.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is a retread of an earlier comic StoneToss drew years ago (that I also recently covered on this blog). Whether he’s aware of the fact this comic is basically the same idea/joke or not is up for debate (providing anyone gives a shit enough to debate whether or not StoneToss is intentionally unoriginal or not). Anyways, the idea of the comic is that people are campaigning that McDonalds increase its wages to 15 dollars an hour. This “fight for 15” extends to every job, as part of a greater effort to increase the national minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

StoneToss has already talked about hating the idea of a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage, believing it will lead to wanton inflation (despite the fact that 15 dollars an hour would still barely bring many families out of the poverty line, and the fact that inflation has already surpassed wages for decades now, but StoneToss is fucking stupid and doesn’t know shit about anything he talks about), but now he makes a different commentary: leftists want a better minimum wage, but they also get bigots fired from jobs! That’s just like a liberal, isn’t it? Wanting a better quality of life for everyone but also wanting bigots held accountable for their bigotry. Which is it, liberals?! You OBVIOUSLY CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!!!!!

StoneToss intentionally picks the most lukewarm of bigot iconography (Thin Blue Line) as a way of strawmanning liberals as being petty. He could’ve picked a Proud Boys flag or a Swastika or even his oft-used Confederate stars and bars, but that would’ve been a little bit too mask-off for StoneToss’ comfort, not to mention made an already dumb as-is comic even worse. Hard to make the ‘victim’ look like a victim when they’re flying something like the Nazi colors, after all. Better go with the most mild thing you can think of to push your weak message. Good thinking, StoneToss!

There is no flaw in moral or logic in wanting a 15 dollar minimum wage while also outing someone for intolerance or support of intolerance. This is not a real argument and is not a valid observation. I would tell StoneToss he needs to do be better, but man, we all know this is the best the boy can do. Sad!


Comic Name: Scarlet Letter
Description: I…
Mouseover: GGER
Image Name: alphabet-letters-comic.png

What The Comic Is: The letters B and C sit on an ascending staircase, C below and B above. It is shown that A is at the top of the stairs, standing proudly. B and C suddenly being quaking in alarm. A looks down, confused, as a giant N looms ominously in the background.

What StoneToss Thinks: Who fucking knows??

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: No one understands this comic. No one. No one knows what StoneToss is trying to say, it’s just a stupid comic about the word ‘Nigger’ existing. Hilarious, and also epically based and confusingpilled. The comic’s comments are people actually calling it out for not meaning anything, with upvotes in agreeance. This is mixed in with people fruitlessly musing what the hell it’s trying to say.

The best analysis I can give it is that the ‘scarlet letter’ is known to be the letter ‘A’ (coming from the intensely dull slogfest novel The Scarlet Letter written by dead guy Nathanial Hawthorne in 1850). In the novel (and reportedly in real history), the Puritans of America punished those who committed adultery by requiring them to wear a scarlet A on their clothes. The A, at least in the novel, standing for ‘Adultery’. This ‘scarlet letter’ therefore become symbolic, with important weight added to it because of its color; it became the “A Word”, if you will. How does that relate to the “N Word”? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?? My personal best take on it is that StoneToss is whining about how the “N Word” has been given power and weight by society, as some stupid way of yet once-fucking-again trying to suggest that ‘leftists’ are the real racists. In this case, perhaps likening them to the bigoted Puritans of old, who gave such power to the word ‘adultery’, just as society gives the “N Word” such power. Ah yes, it’s the liberals who empower the “N Word”. Not the hundreds of years, extending to this very day, of it being used to insult and tear down an already highly oppressed people!

Bigoted shill INTELLIGENT HERO in the year 1850: Blacks ruin America, they are a lesser form of human!
Other person: You can’t call black people the N word anymore.

Truly, whatever this comic was trying to say, it is peak StoneToss mindless prattle. Proving that even if he cant think of anything dumb to say, he’ll just say something that makes absolutely no fucking sense and that has no context. He’s like a broken AI that just has to say something, regardless of whether or not it has any relevancy or even basic intelligence.

StoneToss is an I…


5 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 77

  1. The second one is probably just a heavily reimagined homage to “Loss”, with added racist overtones.


  2. I interpreted the last comic like this:

    “If A, B, and C band together to form ACAB then the Ns will flatten them all”.

    Fitting point that the dumbass would make.

    I also have another question: what would happen if the racists started pushing a “Healthcare for Whites” movement? How would the establishment and billionaires respond? And how many people would label themselves as “”based social democrats””?


  3. I think I know what the last comic is. The A stands for Alpha, B for Beta, and C for Cuck.

    Alpha stands proud then the beta and cuck look scared. Alpha thinks it’s because they are scared of him but not really.

    It’s actually because N (you know what that stands for) is above alpha.

    StoneToss is definitely not smart enough for it to be scarlet letter. 4chan generally jokingly puts blacks above alpha whites.


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