RedPanels: Episode 2

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Comic Name: Bell Curve
Description: The differentiation of physical attributes and intelligence can be said to apply also to different races of human. Pointing this out, however, is forbidden. In fact, scientist and discoverer of DNA, James Watson, was ostracized so completely from his profession for pointing out the link between race and intelligence that he was forced to sell his own Nobel Prize to support himself. As luck would have it though, it was purchased for over $4 million and returned to him by the winning bidder. Thankfully, it seems, a few good men can still triumph over the weight of the anti-science left.
Originally Published: 9/14/2015

What The Comic Is: In the first panel, labeled “Science”, a man in a lab coat explains that according to analysis, there is a difference in male and female height. In the second panel, labeled “Problematic Science”, the man explains that according to analysis, there is a difference between male and female physical strength. In the third panel, labeled “Hate Speech”, the man explains that according to analysis, there is a difference between male and female intelligence.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Science agrees that males are more intelligent than females and this is suppressed by the ‘extreme anti-science left’ as being hate speech.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: RedPanels, compared to StoneToss, is described broadly as two things: Pushing less of an agenda and less dog whistley. It was very mask-off compared to StoneToss (the comic) and it seems like StoneToss (the man) regretted being quite so blatant quite so often. Not to say he never mask-offs in StoneToss or on social media, but he likes to pretend that a level of maintaining some plausible deniability makes him look smarter. Or something.

You can see how much more longwinded he’d usually be, at least. The description is an entire paragraph and a half, something he’d never do after he transitioned into StoneToss. We see here StoneToss’ earliest hatred of women and minorities put on full display, and he felt so strongly about this hatred for both demographics that he was compelled to make an entire comic devoted to hating women before adding a short essay description devoted to hating black people. You can really see how unrefined his craft was at this point, very wordy and extremely on the nose.

We’ll get to the comic’s description, but let’s talk about the comic itself first. I am entirely unsure where StoneToss is coming from when he calls differences in male and female physical strength “problematic”, as this does not appear to be something anyone has ever contested or complained about. At any rate, anyone who is running around calling it “problematic science” to state that males are generally physically stronger than females is, at best, a fringe case and, at worst, is entirely made up in StoneToss’ head. What StoneToss may have been trying to refer to, perhaps, was to things such as women wanting to serve in certain male-exclusive military positions. This comic was published in 2015, right around the time that women wanting to gain the right to serve in combat roles in the US military was a resurfacing issue, so this stupid comic may likely be in response to that.

If we assume it is, then the science behind the physical difference between male and female were not what people were opposed to on this issue. No one was saying science was wrong, rather they were challenging the misogynistic excuses that were keeping women out of combat roles. Excuses such as “women will ruin group bonding, women’s unique lifestyle will disrupt rank and file, women will be too new at fighting alongside men and it will cause problems“, etc. These same exact excuses, or at least ones very similar, were the same things the military used in order to keep blacks and gays from serving alongside the “traditional” forces for decades.

So it wasn’t hard to see the situation for what it was: old-fashioned segregation because certain bigoted elements of the US military didn’t want women to fight alongside men because, well, I don’t fucking know. I guess barely graduating from high school and plastering everything in Punisher skull decals wasn’t enough to validate some men’s fragile masculinity in the face of having to have a girl on their IRL CoD team. It was never that the science was problematic, it was how it was being used as an excuse to keep the military segregated. And therein lies the real issue; it doesn’t really matter if StoneToss was talking about women in combat roles or women as police officers or women in sports or anything else, because it’s always the same answer: It isn’t the science that is an issue, but people using it as a validation to oppress someone.

On the topic of intelligence between sexes, there is little conclusive evidence that suggests there is much (if any) generalizable difference between male and female “intelligence”, and of the studies conducted there are many of them that suggest that females may be generally more intelligent than males. StoneToss, of course, believes science supports males as being ‘more intelligent’, which is why he has to cherry pick the most vague and uncited sources possible. So again, it isn’t that people will think it’s hate speech to talk about scientific research and compare/ponder over results. It is, however, going to look like hate speech if you run around citing a single study or two as evidence that women are inferior to men and make shitty MS paint comics about it. Curious, no?

But onto the description. StoneToss talks about James Watson. Who is James Watson? In a nutshell, he’s the guy who helped uncover the shape of DNA (StoneToss, because he does no research into anything he talks about, incorrectly credits Watson as “the discoverer of DNA”. This is because StoneToss is a fucking idiot). Watson’s story is pretty remarkable and filled with a whole cast of equally remarkable people who all collaborated (wittingly or not) to deduce the true structure of DNA. Watson, unfortunately, believed (and still believes, to this day, well into his twilight years) there to be a clear link between genetics and intelligence between different types of people. This most firmly extended into blacks, who Watson argued clearly expressed lower IQs than whites (off record his racism was even more shallow and unscientific, it was said he once claimed that “people who employ blacks understand [their IQ is lower than whites]”.) So Watson believes whites and blacks express clearly different nature in IQ. Alright. Guess who doesn’t believe that’s true? Hundreds of other scientists. But right, yeah, the left is the one that is anti-science. The Virgin Appeal To Millions of Pages of Research Science Denier vs. The Chad One Old Racist Guy’s Opinion Science Un-denier. But wait, don’t we know who James Watson even is?!?! He’s DA DISCOVERER OF DNA’S11111. How can the guy that DISCOVERED DNA be WRONG about something involving DNA? Do your own research, libtards!

This comic, and StoneToss’ stance on the issue, are keystone to alt-righter science denial. Framing non-bigots as somehow being the real bigots is bread and butter for dishonest shills like StoneToss, but in this case he’s attempting to appeal to a seemingly legitimate source of science. Citing the race beliefs of a man who was integral to the study of DNA and then trying to spin it as the oppressive left silencing the truth that goes against their narrative. Never mind the fact that none of the people James Watson worked with on his studies of DNA agree with him. Never mind the men and women who studied directly under him who went on to disavow his theories on race. Nope. This one guy spoke the truth, and believing anything else is just anti-science. “Science” in this case meaning anything StoneToss likes to hear and not actual science, of course. But this is classic StoneToss, being egregiously anti-science while claiming that it’s everyone else who is anti-science.

2 thoughts on “RedPanels: Episode 2

  1. Isn’t it pretty universally agreed upon that men generally being stronger than women is just a truth of biology? I don’t think that anyone is calling that problematic; no one’s getting upset at people who point that out. I think people DO get upset at people who use that as justification for misogyny, but that’s not what’s happening here.


    1. Nobody is doing that, at all.

      The based populace is just very angry that when you logically answer their cry of “women are weaker than men on average” by suggesting “then pick a woman with more than average strength” you remove their argument for excluding women alltogether.


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