StoneToss: Episode 78

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A Paradox of Tolerance indeed.

Comic Name: Exclusions Apply
Description: In-group preference.
Mouseover: A Paradox of Tolerance indeed.
Image Name: community-and-inclusivity-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Third panel, on the foot of the man holding the pitchfork.
Originally Published: 5/11/2021

What The Comic Is: A gay man hangs his head, lamenting that their community isn’t inclusive enough. A second man, cross armed, sarcastically challenges the claim. In the third panel the ‘community’, now a pitchfork-wielding mob, chases angrily after the man.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That “inclusive” communities eventually become so ‘inclusive’ that they somehow circle around into being exclusive.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: You ever see a parrot that’s been trained to say only a few different phrases, and then the parrot ends up blabbing them repeatedly? Conservatives are a bit like the human version of that, only at least parrots normally look attractive. StoneToss is incapable of original thought, and this extends to thoughts of his own, as this has got to be at least the third dozenth god damned time he’s made a stupid “NoN-rAcIsTs ArE tHe ReAl RaCiStS”comic. Yes, we get it StoneToss. You feel called out and nude when you’re accused of being racist/bigoted/sexist/xenophobic, and you’ve sorted out what you believe to be the perfect coping mechanism: childish projection. Very good, make sure to keep doing it over and over for maximum LIB PWNAGE.

The comic is all about how the ‘inclusive’ are the real exclusives, because they’re “so inclusive” that eventually, inclusivity runs amok!! Pretty soon you’re going to have to meet criteria, like not being racist or transphobic or in general not being a piece of shit! Liberals claim to be tolerant, yet they are intolerant of intolerance? Um, curious?? Is that curious? Yeah, I think that’s most definitely cuuuuurious. As I’ve spoken on this blog before, there is no hypocrisy in being intolerant of intolerance. Intolerance is inherently violent and puts those the intolerance is aimed at in danger. “Things that endanger the person of another = bad” is literally the most basic fundamental keystone of morality. Ergo, tolerance of intolerance will lead to the triumph of intolerance, which means tolerance of intolerance is really just roundabout intolerance. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Of course this all refers to the “Paradox of Tolerance”, which I’ve also covered here before. In a nutshell, the Paradox of Tolerance was coined by philosopher/dead guy Karl Popper in the 1940’s. The short and tidy version is that: If society is tolerant without limit, its ability for tolerance will eventually be seized by the intolerant; i.e., if we tolerate the neo-Nazi and white supremacist, they will eventually take political power and exercise their intolerance. Therefore, though it seems somewhat paradoxical (it actually isn’t), a tolerant society must have a certain level of intolerance: intolerance of intolerance. Karl Popper is infinitely more intelligent than StoneToss, and StoneToss knows this. This is why Karl Popper wrote a generation-enduring work of philosophical significance and why StoneToss makes forgettable bigot-validation-of-the-week comic strips that have nothing intelligent to say.

StoneToss can never show reality in his comics (otherwise he’d make himself look wrong), so he can only strawman. In this case, the man being chased by the ‘tolerant mob’ didn’t actually say anything intolerant, he just vaguely questioned a vague statement. Find one example of anything like this ever happening in real life (actually, don’t bother, because you’re never going to find one). This is literally the most braindead, lazy and completely limpdicked attempt at depicting ‘hypocritical tolerance’ that it’s impressively stupid even by StoneToss standards.

“Why won’t you tolerate my racism?” StoneToss cried. “Because you’re an idiot.” The world spoke back.

To be fair, he might actually be German.

Comic Name: Named in Vain
Description: The Falafel Reicht [sic]
Mouseover: To be fair, he might actually be German.
Image Name: muslim-bigots-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/5/2019

What The Comic Is: A man points to an unseen target, proclaiming that he is a Nazi. His friend, not looking so sure, questions if the first man is sure about his claim. The first man offers a rhetorical question: What else does one call a racist, anti-Semitic homophobe? To their side, a stereotypical Muslim man responds with a shrug.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Maybe he’s a Nazi, but whatabout Muslims?!

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Ah yes, Nazism can’t be wrong if certain sects of religious people are also bigoted. Right…? Well, nah, this weakling whataboutism is just like everything else StoneToss is able to muster: pathetic. This hot take relies on a strawman (go fuckin’ figure) that the left will tolerate the bigotry of Islam or Judaism or anything else. I mean, like, it doesn’t.

To idiots like StoneToss, the issue is completely black and white. There are bigoted practices found in Islamic teaching, ergo all Muslims therefore believe and subscribe to this bigotry. No one believes homophobia is okay if your religious belief is that homosexuality is a sin. However, they do believe that just because you’re Christian or Muslim, you aren’t necessarily a homophobe by definition. StoneToss is white and most probably Christian (he’s also deeply bigoted so this example doesn’t really apply to him, but bear with me), so he probably understands that not all Christians are against gay marriage or other LGBT rights. There are many who identify as Christian and choose to discard homophobic passages found in their scripture. As for the Quran, there are no passages that state that homosexuality is punishable by death nor does it seem as if the Prophet Muhammed ever forbade homosexuality, though he considered homosexual relationships as improper. This mirrors something like the Bible, though both texts include tales of ‘God’ destroying one or more settlements in response to the gay ass buttsexing that occurred within their respective walls. Obviously this hasn’t stopped many of the Islamic faith from being vehemently homophobic (to the extent of murdering homosexuals, in the case of the most extreme and violent of Islamic movements). Many Islamic-majority countries have legislated for decades against LGBT rights, oppressing gay and trans people in their countries.

And guess what? That’s not okay and no one thinks it is. Funny enough, just because many orthodox religious people carry deep bigotry in their faith and culture does not mean Anti-Semitism or Islamophobia is somehow justifiable, or ridiculous whataboutism suddenly exonerates Nazis. We ultimately can not control what people believe. We can’t stop someone from thinking homosexuality is a sin. We can’t stop them from being casually rude to gay people. We can, however, allow them to exist while preventing them from ever subjecting greater society to their bigotry. We can also continue promoting homosexuality and creating a society where it’s clear that if you want to be homophobic, it’s not going to be tolerated by greater society. If a brown guy with a beard and a headscarf comes up to a gay pride demonstration and starts declaring homosexuality as a crime, no one listens to him. Religious people do not enjoy a protected status to practice bigotry. It’s just like StoneToss, really. We can’t stop him from making shitty comics about gay people being bad, but we can consistently mock him and tear him down for it: we’ll never stop letting the world know StoneToss and his clownworld childishness is not acceptable.

Not all Muslims are homophobic, and the religion of Islam is complex enough that one could pick out and throw away any homophobic facets found within it and still retain a set of guiding principles and beliefs. Nazism, on the other hand, is just shallow white supremacy and nothing more. Unmarry the bigotry from Nazism and you’re left with literally nothing, as the ideology would discontinue existence without it. Sadly, this means StoneToss’ love of Nazism is not comparable to any religions. Unless you count wanton stupidity as a system of faith, at least.