StoneToss: Episode 82

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(Don't) Buy the Dip (Sh*ts)

Comic Name: Cyber Spaced Out
Description: Guess you better log off then…
Mouseover: (Don’t) Buy the Dip (Sh*ts)
Image Name: cryptocurrency-enviromental-impact-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Fourth panel, look to the direct bottom right of the Facebook building.
Originally Published: 5/20/2021

What The Comic Is: A gay man tweets from his phone that Cryptocurrency is destroying the environment. It is then revealed his phone is plugged into a wall, which is revealed to be connected to a vast dystopian cityscape of dark skies and looming, ominous buildings labeled with social medias Twitter and Facebook along with video sharing website YouTube.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s okay if mining for crypto coins is using a massive amount of electricity and contributing noticeably to environmental destruction, social media is “evil” and phones also use electricity.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We’ve talked on this blog before about StoneToss and his idiotic love for crypto. There’s nothing wrong with believing or investing in crypto (at least normally), but StoneToss takes this a step further (as he and his alt-right type always do). For them, crypto is this magic currency system to remove (((them))) from ‘controlling’ currencies. Libtard shadow puppet (((governments))) with PEDOPHILE BIDEN can’t touch StoneToss’ precious money if that money is turned into Bitcoin, after all. That’s a problem on its own, but StoneToss is now making this conversation about crypto’s effects on the environment, so let’s roll up our goddamned sleeves take a goddamned look at that.

First of all, StoneToss uses the panels of this comic as an ‘escalating’ reveal. In the second panel, it’s revealed that the gay man (because of course he’s gay, why wouldn’t he be? Only gay libtard pedophile homo (((Christ haters))) would mention crypto’s environmental problems) is plugged into the wall, using electricity. Can’t he see his PHONE is ALSO using electricity?!?! And yeah it’s true, phones use electricity, amazing observation. In the third panel it’s revealed he is hooked up to, gasp, (((the internet))), which we all know is really controlled by the Jewish illuminati to make porn and articles. In the final panel, it’s shown that overlooking the entire internetscape is the evil HQ buildings of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube: oppressive overlords who routinely ban racism and hate speech!!! Those big companies are destroying the environment too, fuckin libtards!!!!!!1111

But let’s talk about that. How is crypto’s energy consumption different from charging your phone or using the internet or operating a business or any other form of energy consumption? Well, to put it very simply: crypto mining uses a lot of electricity, especially relative to what is actually being generated by that electricity. How much, exactly? Well, if we’re talking just Bitcoin by itself (Bitcoin is merely a single coin in a mass market of hundreds), the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance measures that Bitcoin mining consumes about 110 Terawatt Hours of energy every year. 110 Terawatt may or may not sound very big to you, but to put it into frame that’s roughly 0.55% of global electricity production. This is equal to the energy consumption of countries the size of Sweden.

That sounds pretty scary, and Bitcoin mining has certainly lead to some serious problems. Can’t find a new graphics card for a reasonable price? Yeah well, guess what, that’s because they’re all being purchased en masse by crypto farmers to run massive farms. The country of Mongolia infamously dealt with the issue of entire office buildings being purchased by crypto miners, just to turn every single floor into row after row of computers set to mine for Bitcoin (this is thanks in large part to Mongolia’s very low electricity costs, making it attractive to large scale mining operations). Of course, the silver lining is that once the Bitcoins are mined and we have a good supply of them, mining no longer needs to be done.

So what the fuck is mining, anyways? What is a crypto currency? I won’t go into great detail here, but to quantify the process very simply: Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, like an “e-dollar”. It has a worth we can easily gauge against ‘real money’ like the US Dollar. In order to ‘make’ a coin, it has to be mined. Mining happens when you set a computer up to mine for a coin. The computer (or computers) solve incredibly long mathematical equations (imagine sort of like a calculator solving a one million line long subtraction problem). When the computer finishes the math problem, a coin is born (basically). You want to mine tons of Bitcoin? You’re going to need tons of computers running around the clock. This is how cryptomining consumes electricity, and it’s what people mean when they criticize the process.

But all in all, Bitcoin mining accounts for a relatively small amount of global energy use when you compare it to other things. Most opponents of crypto are vocal about the currency’s energy cost because they don’t believe crypto is worth that energy expenditure. This is entirely another argument for another time and another group of people, but what makes StoneToss’ argument here so stupid is that he’s trying to justify crypto energy consumption by vaguely pointing towards “everyone else” and saying “SEE?? THEY DO IT TOO!!”.

It’s true. Phones and companies consume a lot of energy, especially compared to what Bitcoin mining consumes. Even if we somehow accurately combine all other cryptocurrencies together, it’s unlikely they would match the energy consumption of something like the traditional (real life) money and banking system. You have to remember, it costs money to make a new dollar bill. And it costs money to load that dollar bill onto a truck, and transport it to a bank, etc. So it’s not as if Bitcoin is unique in “it has a production cost”. However, remind me when was the last time you couldn’t find a new GPU because crypto miners bought them all out? Even if StoneToss isn’t necessarily in the wrong about crypto’s energy consumption compared to anything else, this is base whataboutism that handwaves away any criticisms or thoughtful points you could level against Bitcoin. Use a gay caricature just for good measure, we don’t want to skimp too much on the strawmanning.

As a tl;dr: StoneToss’ stance on Bitcoin is a great way to very quickly summarize his entire persona: He is downright incapable of having any opinion on anything other than anime without somehow involving Jews, gays, liberals, etc. This can’t be just a comic about hypocrisy within Bitcoin detractors, it has to be about how (((gay people))) are mind controlled by (((Twitter))) into hating the CHADPILLED REVERSE-CUCKS like StoneToss. This is because StoneToss is an idiot.


Comic Name: Bad Boy
Description: If looks could kill.
Mouseover: Heartbreaker.
Image Name: ted-bundy-female-attraction-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/18/2019

What The Comic Is: A stereotypically unattractive, “nerdy” looking boy, complete with massive spectacles and face acne, pouts and wonders why girls like the guys who treat them like crap. The second panel (a continuation off the first) shows a group of adoring, heart-eyed girls pining towards someone. In the final panel (still a continuation) it is revealed the women are lusting for serial killer Ted Bundy.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Incels are right.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is an incel. He’s broadcasted as much before, but, as if he desperately needed to make it as obvious as possible that he’s a whiny little incel, here’s this comic. Ted Bundy likely needs no introduction as one of the world’s most infamous serial killers. Over a period of four years, Bundy killed at least 30 to 36 people (all young women) before his eventual capture (then escape, then re-capture… then re-escape and re-re-capture before finally being detained and executed on January 24th, 1989). Bundy is so famous as a serial killer because he was an attractive man who was, allegedly, so attractive and charming that people just couldn’t believe he was a deranged murderer. And this is true, some people did believe that, and some women fell in love with him.

So StoneToss is taking the oft-and-always-debunked myth that ‘women like guys who treat them bad’ and is trying to shove Ted Bundy in our faces, like “SEE? SEE? LOOK AT THE WOMEN WHO LOVE TED BUNDY, IT’S TRUE!!! FEMOIDS WANT CHAD TO TREAT THEM BAD!!!!”. The comic is essentially a bait-and-switch (or is trying to be, at least). The first panel shows a nerdy, stereotypical ‘loser’ guy lamenting as to why girls only like ‘bad boys’. Isolated by itself, this first panel seems to be adhering to the natural truth that only assholes think such a thing. However, we’re “baited and switched” when StoneToss tries to show us how popular Ted Bundy was with women. The ultimate checkmate: women love a serial killer guy!!!! omfg

This of course ignores the fact that, if anything, men are far more fervent and desperate in their love for women who murder. So we already completely skullfuck StoneToss’ idiot argument by bringing up the fact that ‘love for a serial killer’ is not a woman-specific phenomena and that, not only that, but that the it’s actually more extreme the other way around. Women killers get way, way more marriage proposals and gifts from men than the other way around. Jodi Arias would reportedly receive marriage proposals on a weekly basis for years after her trial and conviction for the murder of Travis Alexander. There are guys out there fucking tattooing themselves in Jodi Arias’ honor. If an attractive girl’s police mugshots leak, she’ll be bombarded by hundreds of men. There are websites and blogs dedicated entirely to posting “hot girl mugshots”. But yes, StoneToss, tell us more about how a few Ted Bundy fangirls prove definitively that women love being treated like shit by men, you fucking loser.

This is also blatantly ignoring why people love convicted killers like Jodi Arias or Ted Bundy. It’s not because Arias or Bundy treated the opposite gender poorly, it’s because people love to romanticize things. When weird fangirls of the Columbine High shooters romanticize them, it’s not (usually) because the fangirls like that the two went around and shot a bunch of their classmates, it’s because the fangirls are romanticizing them as “sick, twisted souls” who can usually “be saved” or “their pain is like my pain” or some other goofy bullshit like that. With Bundy or Arias, for instance, it’s that “they couldn’t have done it” or “they’re misunderstood”. In Arias’ case specifically, many of her adherents believe her victim, Travis Alexander, was trying to kill her and that the murder was just self defense. But I’m suuuuuurrrrreeee that StoneToss, being the FAIR AND BALANCED LOGIC-CHAD that he totally is, will for sure make a comic all about how pathetic and lovey-dovey the hundreds of men who are in love with women like Jodi Arias are. Yup, any day now.

Just kidding. StoneToss is going to completely ignore the existence of men who fall in love with women murderers, to say nothing of him ignoring that large disparity between how many women love men murderers versus how many men love women murderers. This is because StoneToss is a fucking incel.

One thought on “StoneToss: Episode 82

  1. idk why but that second last paragraph about the second comic is the most “funny-because-its-true” stuff i ever read xD


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