StoneToss: Episode 84

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He who shall not be named...

Comic Name: On The Nose
Description: An image capture of actor Mark Ruffalo apologizing and backpedaling for an earlier Tweet he published wherein he had declared Israel as committing a genocide.
Mouseover: He who shall not be named…
Image Name: israel-apology-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Third panel, fourth microphone from the left.
Originally Published: 5/27/2021

What The Comic Is: A man sits with a table of his colleagues and muses that Israel seems to have a curious amount of influence over the USA. His coworkers regard him blankly, and in the third panel the man is now giving a nervous statement before multiple news cameras and excited reporters, explaining he apologizes for the comment he made yesterday and that he is not an anti-Semite.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Zionist shadow government makes people retract any criticism of Israel.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It’s very important to note that this comic is not “woke” on Israel or its position in USA talking points, despite StoneToss going to great lengths to strawman as hard as possible. This is immediately discernable because StoneToss is a blatant anti-Semitic person, though it might take knowing this ahead of time to understand this comic’s true context. We can practically ignore the comic itself entirely, in all its extreme strawman glory, and speak mostly about the Tweets that caused StoneToss to complain about this in the first place.

Mark Ruffalo may be familiar most to you for his portrayal of comic book scientist Bruce Banner and big angry green man The Incredible Hulk in the Marvel cinematic franchise. In late May 2021, Ruffalo made a series of Tweets that contained some criticism of Israel and called on USA President Joe Biden to step up on the situation. To the best of my finding I didn’t see any Tweets where Ruffalo actually even used the term “Genocide”, he just mentioned the forced ‘relocation’ of Palestinians. At any rate, he later retracted his statement and cited that his comments were being used to incite anti-Semitism. There is no evidence that Ruffalo was contacted by his bosses at Disney or anyone else, or that he made the retraction under any direct pressure on his job or livelihood.

So of course people like StoneToss immediately decided “Yup, Zionists control Disney and Disney is forcing their puppet to do what they want!”. It makes an attractive kneejerk, playing into the thought that all employees (especially movie stars and celebrities) are just puppets to what their employer tells them to do (which, of course, is not unique to the subject of Israel and so makes this narrative attractive to people who don’t even otherwise have a position on the Israel-Palestine situation. It’s just an easy pill to swallow: Disney actor says something controversial, Disney tells him to keep his mouth shut. It’s easy for a lot of people to nod their head to). Though Ruffalo’s retraction statement was correct: People use criticism of Israel as an excuse to validate anti-Semitism, and this is a big part of why the issue is so incredibly touchy. On one hand it’s totally okay to not support Israel’s land expansion or its current relationship with Palestine, but on the other hand you have groups of people across the world who actively want to commit holocaust 2.0. StoneToss and his ilk often use “I don’t hate Jews, just Zionists!” as a coded way of actually saying “Yeah, I fucking hate all Jews, dude.”, so they can grin and point whenever someone of note says they don’t support Zionism.

There are those that genuinely feel for Palestine and see the Israelis as aggressors, and disapproval of Israel does not automatically mean you are anti-Semitic or are actually contributing to anti-Semitism. But StoneToss’ real stance on this issue is very clear given his historical (and consistent) anti-Semitism. StoneToss and his supporters don’t feel for Palestine or worry about Israel’s position in society. For them, it’s just about hating Jews. On StoneToss’ website, the comment section of this comic is a mess of idiots posting all the classic mask-off anti-Semitic comics and misattributed Voltaire quotes about Jews (one user even said he believed the quotes to be incorrectly attributed to Voltaire, with others commenting that nope, it was true and Voltaire really did say Jews bad!!).

So now, put into all that context, we come to the conclusion: StoneToss is literally the living, breathing reason why Mark Ruffalo had to reaffirm he was not supporting anti-Semitism. StoneToss will whine relentlessly about how it’s hard to criticize Israel, but he’s the reason why. And so StoneToss victim blames. It’s the Zionist Illuminati that controls Disney that is to blame, not the flagrant and continual anti-Semitism and outright desire for violence coming from guys like StoneToss! Does StoneToss ever once stop and fucking think that perhaps if he wasn’t always being anti-Semitic and supportive of Jewish genocide that maybe it’d be a lot easier and much less socially awkward to criticize Israel? No, no he does not. Because he’s a stupid hunk of hand-me-down dildo grease.

You snooze, you lose.

Comic Name: Use It or Lose It
Description: Gun shy.
Mouseover: You snooze, you lose.
Image Name: libertarian-government-force-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/2/2021

What The Comic Is: A man wearing a Don’t Tread On Me shirt questions the man next to him, musing that if they use the government, how will they stop people from using it (the government) against them? The second man gives a disapproving stare as it revealed in the second panel that both men are lined up at an execution line, about to be shot in the back of the head.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Libertarians are dumb because they aren’t fascist (enough).

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss wants to be smarter than everyone else. That’s how people like him operate. All of his fans, his supporters, his hardcore adherents: they’re all fair weather friends and nothing more. That is all a unity through bigotry can establish. StoneToss would drop any of them in a second if he felt he could use them as a way to feel further superior to someone else, and the same is true the other way around. The second StoneToss stops seeming fascist enough for his fascist dipshit fans, they’ll abandon him in a heartbeat. You see it all the time in hate communities: massive rifts and communal tears that form when one bigot’s bigotry isn’t bigoted enough for another bigot; or perhaps one’s bigotry isn’t the right “kind” of bigotry to another, etc.

StoneToss hates libertarians, because a keystone of libertarianism is that ‘everyone has agency for liberty’, or basically that everyone has the right to choose what they do to themselves. A hardcore pure libertarian, for instance, would believe every woman has the right to abortion while at the same time a cake shop owner has the liberty to deny baking a cake for a gay couple. You can see how libertarianism fails to protect vulnerable people (like the gay community) from oppression, and ultimately it really only supports the classes of people who are already in control (and thus benefit the most from unrestricted ‘liberty’). It is also very often used as a form of soft-fascism, with self-pronounced libertarians suspiciously only supporting liberty that benefits them specifically. And so it is very easy for a homophobic shithead to say “NO WE DON’T HAVE TO BAKE CAKES FOR THE GAYS, I’M NOT HOMOPHOBIC I’M JUST LiBeRtArIaN“, or perhaps argue against a woman’s right to have an abortion by arguing on behalf of the fetus’ liberty. You can perhaps understand, then, why “I’m a libertarian!” is usually a signal for “I like to pick and choose what liberty is as a way to support my bigotry without actively identifying with other ideologies that are openly hateful!“.

In StoneToss’ case, libertarians are simply not fascist enough. A fake “fear” that fascists like StoneToss like to espouse is that, in failing to ‘seize’ the power of government, libertarians are allowing (((others))) to take that power instead. This is what this comic is about, a world where libertarians failed to control the government and thus that same government was used against them in a DEATH CAMP OMFG THIS IS THE FUTURE LIBRALS WANT CANT YOU SEE1111. The threats that libertarianism fails to stop, according to fascists like StoneToss, are always the same things: “Cultural Marxism” (ohhh, scaaarrry), Jews and Liberals (‘Liberals’ always being synonymous with ‘LGBTQ’, which itself is always synonymous with ‘pedophiles’).

I won’t say all libertarians are bigots, but the ideology is a strong tool for those who want to, say, not afford gay people or black people with any rights. You want to open a store that doesn’t serve homosexuals or brown people? That’s not white supremacy, silly! It’s just Libertarianism. Wink wink. If society values gay people, then the FREE MARKET(tm) will naturally create a niche for gay people to exist in, and thus homophobes and people who aren’t complete shitwads can coexist peacefully. Of course if a community were to develop where no one in power or with money tolerates homosexuals (maybe say, I dunno, the deep south and rural areas), then the homosexuals can all just move away (or, like, die or whatever). And then the remaining people can coexist peacefully. Beautiful.

Libertarianism actually creates the perfect little breeding ground for fascism because it enables intolerance. The intolerant can then work to seize more power and put themselves into positions (such as say, control of political offices, armed forces and the police) where they can now exercise their intolerance on a real level. Suddenly, “I don’t have to bake cakes for you gay scum!” turns into “Homophobia has been enabled for so long it’s now forced its way into power and now we can actively murder you gay scum!“. Liberals and the tolerant aren’t going to ever do this, it’s only the intolerant idiots like StoneToss that would escalate to that level. Time and time again, any violence or ‘intolerance’ that permeates from the Left is always, always simply in response to aggression, violence and hatred from the intolerant. And here we come to this comic’s true bullshit: that the ones pulling the triggers would be liberals or Jews or Marxists or fucking whatever other group of people StoneToss doesn’t like, and that the ones bleeding to death in a ditch would be the poor, oppressed fascists. It’s the other way around.

And so StoneToss’ dislike for libertarians boils down to petty, childish slapfighting. They simply aren’t sufficiently mask-off, or mask-off fast enough, for StoneToss. The VIRGIN kinda-fascist versus the CHAD blatantly-fascist. Why can’t those stupid LOLbertarians understand that if we don’t turn the government into a tool to murder gay people and Jews, that the gay people and Jews are going to murder the fascists??? That’s totally what happens in history, right? Look at the Nazis……… Ummmmm, the NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY??? Socialists murdered the Jews, who were obviously the intolerant oppressors trying to destroy countries from the inside out!! If only the Jews seized the government then they could’ve murdered all the Nazis instead! This all makes sense, right? No? Wait, so does that mean this comic is also fucking stupid? Oh, it does? Huh. Imagine that.

I guess when you’re a fascist dumbfuck like StoneToss, you assume everyone else is just as terrible and wants the same thing you do (i.e., the murder of everyone you don’t like).

In the second panel, the person holding the gun is drawn with a long brown sleeve. This might be coincidental, or it could be StoneToss attempting to depict the shooter as a “brown shirt”, or similar to the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi party (who were creatively dubbed ‘brown shirts’ for the brown shirts they wore). If he is indeed depicting a brown shirt, then honestly it’s anyone’s wild guess as to what idiotic horse shit commentary he’s trying to make. You’re on your own with that one, because I need to take a shit.

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