StoneToss: Episode 87

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Hey, they're not hurting anybody...

Comic Name: Out In The Open
Description: Happy Pride Month! (this links to a paper written by raging homophobe Paul Cameron ((and his raging homophobe son)) concerning a supposed link between homosexual parents and rates of parent-on-child molestation)
Mouseover: Hey, they’re not hurting anybody…
Image Name: pride-parade-candy-van-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: To the immediate right of the back tire, a smudge/rust spot.
Originally Published: 6/3/2021

What The Comic Is: A pride parade marches down the street, a stereotypical “pedovan” in tow, with ‘FREE CANDY’ painted on its side.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Pedophilia is now openly associated with LGBTQ, the slippery slope of gay > trans > pedophile has been completed.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is no stranger to pushing the belief that eventually, gay and trans acceptance will lead to the acceptance of pedophilia. Never mind the ever present and ever consistent disavowal within the gay community of pedophilia. Pedophilic people may be constantly trying to worm their way beside the LGBTQ crowd, but they are also constantly being rebuffed and told that their attractions are not acceptable and will never be legitimized. But yeah let’s ignore all of this, obviously we’re one tiny inch away from Minor Attracted Person flags being waved through the air while pedophiles march down the street.

We can talk long and hard (lol) about people with pedophilic urges and how they should be able to seek and receive aid for it without overwhelming social stigma, but at the same time the position from everyone is clear: pedophilia will simply never be tolerated as an acceptable orientation. Pedophilia is like the one thing that literally everyone will agree on regardless of political allegiance or motive, because no one wants to ever be seen as “the congress member/mayor/governor/whatever who voted against the ‘stop the online pedos’ bill” or whatever. This is why the whole “GAY IS A SLIPPERY SLOPE” bullshit has always been weak and has always been kept to the sidelines, employed only by the most mask-off and stupidest of bigots who don’t have careers worth not ruining.

But let’s address the real gooey-wooey insides of what StoneToss is using this comic to say. An important element of any homophobe’s argument against homosexuality is to contest the benignity of gay people. It’s always something like “put 100 straight people on an island and you make more straight people, put 100 gay people on an island and they all die out“. These types of sentiments make no sense in reality or nature, as 100 straight people will inevitably start to result in the birth of gay people, and so the sentiment leans on an important distinction: that gay people have to somehow be “created” out of straight people. Usually, for StoneToss especially, this means the accusation that homosexuals are ‘created’ when they are abused as children. Of course the issue with this thinking is that if it takes a gay pedophile to abuse a kid in order to ‘turn the kid gay’, then where did the “original” gay people come from? It’s like a chicken or the egg question, only bigoted and stupid. Who abused the first kid to turn that kid gay? For StoneToss the answer is either to ignore the paradox entirely or perhaps his belief lays in some biblical context such as Satan or Jews or whatever other bullshit he relies on to justify his bigotry.

The obvious answer to any homophobia is that gay people aren’t harming anyone with their lifestyle. It does not need to be hidden, much less made forbidden; the mere fact that homosexuality would have to be “justified” at all is ridiculous. So StoneToss’ whole bigoted little pet theory gives him the perfect argument: Gay people do harm people, because they abuse kids because they are pedophiles!! holy shit wtf omg111!!; allowing him to completely ignore any evidence or thinking contrary to his childish hatred.

As for his ‘source’ in the description, it is a 7 page paper written by Paul Cameron, a staunchly homophobic bigot who lost his membership to the American Psychological Association for failure to cooperate in an investigation that was being conducted against himself and his conduct within the association. It’s not a long or interesting read, but you can find a free version of his shitty paper here, thanks to Sci-Hub (StoneToss links to a version of the article that is locked behind a 45 dollar pay wall, which means it’s unlikely the dumbfuck even read the paper himself). We can discuss the lengthy and convoluted invalidities of Cameron’s research, but why do that when just examining the man himself outs him for the anti-reality dipshit he is? Cameron has went on record explaining that homosexual sex is “more pleasurable” than heterosexual sex, and therefore if left unchecked, then homosexual sex will “overtake” heterosexual sex. Yes, this is the man StoneToss holds up as a shining example of “based redpill science”.

So when we get to the nitty-gritty-shitty-titty of it, we come to the real conclusion: StoneToss and Paul Cameron are just butthurt idiots who are jealous of gay people. They’re jealous of the support and ‘pride’ gay people have earned through hundreds of years of fighting for legitimacy, despite the fact this “pride” never should have needed to be earned to begin with. They’re jealous of the sexual liberation and comfort many open gay people enjoy. They’re just two childish assholes, looking desperately for any crumb of data that may validate their bigoted beliefs, terrified to the core of ever having to reflect on themselves and realize what a complete fucking waste of time and energy their, ultimately very useless, lives have been.

Haha, what a couple of cunts.

"It's MA'AM!"

Comic Name: But Who’s Counting?
Description: The left only has one rebuttal.
Mouseover: It’s MA’AM!
Image Name: only-one-joke-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/21/2021

What The Comic Is: A man jokes with this friend that he identifies as an attack helicopter. A bigoted caricature of a trans woman remarks that Right-wingers only have one joke. What follows is a series of panels where the two men make different bigoted jokes (first about genders, then women in the kitchen, then uncles molesting family members, then trans suicide) while the trans woman counts each number of joke, until finally the last two panels (left half cut-off in an attempt to create a comedic effect) shows the men holding up a mirror to the trans woman, the latter of whom responds with a deadpan “Six Jokes”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Bigoted Rightists have more than one joke.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Wow congratulations StoneToss, you have five whole jokes. Fucking based, dude. It’s interesting, you know? I’ve read a lot about how the human brain is very good at finding patterns in things, and I’m having a total self-aware moment right now because now my brain is totally finding a pattern: StoneToss has five jokes, and ‘five’ is five more times than StoneToss has ever gotten laid by a woman! Funny how numbers at patterns work, innit?

Bigots are often accused of having only a “single joke”, and while this might be a slight hyperbole, it’s amusing to watch StoneToss haphazardly try to refute it. First of all, “two genders” and “attack helicopter” are both part of the same joke, so out of the five ‘different’ jokes StoneToss offers, two of them are the same. This translates to a solid 40% of the Right’s jokes as being the same. As for the rest? Yeah, they’re just bigoted jokes, with “41%” and “your uncle hurt you” both more or less also being apart of the same joke. Hilarious. The Right isn’t funny, can’t make memes, never has an original fucking thought and only has a very very small pool of material from which they draw their abortions of humor from, BUT AT LEAST IT’S MORE THAN ONE LOLOLOLOLOL111111 Amirite? Long Cat is Long, lulz.

This comic is the equivalent of someone accusing StoneToss of only eating shit, so he looks up from the toilet, quickly wipes the brown goo from his lips and begins to smugly explain he drinks piss, slurps cum and chews scabs, too. Cool, StoneToss! You’re an idiot and your idiocy extends to more than just a single, read: numerically one (1), thing! You’re truly a winner.

You think the Left only has ‘one rebuttal’, StoneToss? Then here’s an idea: Say something that can’t be rebutted with a single response, fuckbrain.

11 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 87

  1. The treatment pedophiles recieve is self-acceptance bullshit, they’re taught that being attracted to chidlren is a part of their sexuality that they have to live with, and they’re encouraged to “not come out to wrong people” and seek what they’re attracted to in adults, that they should find the “right” therapists who won’t judge them for pedophilia and “enforce” absitinence. They’re even told they don’t need any treatment if they can “control themselves” and that it’s ok to masturbate to their fantasies because “those are not real”. Don’t believe me – go look up


  2. Pebbleyeet’s fans really getting “no talk me i angy” up in here lol

    We’re not really mad here, we’re having a great time loling at this absolute moron, stay mad fash simps.


  3. holy fuck lmao this whole blog

    If only we could repurpose all this ass-mad for some kind of renewable energy reactor, we would end our oil dependency within the week.

    (don’t bother composing another essay in response, as like the article, I won’t be reading it)


      1. Legitimately nice burn

        I find it amusing when this kind of ilk think saying “I’m not gonna read your response if it’s long” as if it’s some kind of big win for them when really they are making themselves into Sideshow Bob stepping on a bunch of Rakes


  4. Your math is completely wrong. Stonetoss has never had sex, so using some simple algebra, we find that Right wingers have 0 jokes as per your formula.


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