Hello sexy boys and sexy girls. I usually keep this business to somewhere like my Twitter, but I don’t use Twitter so not many people follow me there and considering this is fairly important for the future of the blog, I thought I’d make an actual blog post just for the sake of enough people seeing it. Very recently I just started a really, really amazing new dream job. Basically I’m going to be pretty busy doing it and, at least right now, I do not know if I can stay totally on top of doing 2 StoneToss posts (of 2 comics each) a week. For right now I am going to be moving to a single weekly post, every Thursday. This could probably change in the near future as I adjust better to working at my new job (I put in a lot of hours at it because I am insane), so I would predict that the next few weeks at least will just be a single StoneToss, with the occasional Ben Garrison post to tide you over. I love u all.