StoneToss: Episode 91

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Public school? More like pubic school, amirite?

Comic Name: Learned Behavior
Description: Today’s comic was adapted from writing submitted by an anonymous fan, thanks!
Mouseover: Public school? More like pubic school, amirite?
Image Name: homeschooling-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Second panel, the kid sitting in the right-most bus seat.
Originally Published: 6/10/2021

What The Comic Is: A disavows the act of homeschooling, concluding kids who are homeschooled turn out weird. A school bus drives up, and the man urges that his child, Timmy, get ready to go to school. The third panel shows the man’s child, dressed in a trans dress while wearing gaudy, heavy makeup that resembles a clown. The child’s backpack bears the symbol for the “boy lover” niche of pedophilia.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: School turns people trans and also pedophiles.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: As mentioned, the symbol on the backpack is the “secret symbol” for pedophiles to express their interest specifically in young boys (“boy lover”). The inclusion of it on the backpack is very confusing, however, unless StoneToss is seriously so fucking stupid that he is now claiming education indoctrinates kids into being victims of pedophilia. Which, eh, yeah who is anyone kidding, that’s exactly what StoneToss is saying.

This is just yet another boring “WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY” comic that bitches about education. We’ve talked in length about StoneToss’ rhetoric against education and why he feels the need to rage against the horrible evil of teaching children, but this comic brings in a new facet to this tired talking point: homeschooling. StoneToss argues against public school (and by effect, makes an argument for home school) by framing it not as an issue of education, but school in general. School is just an extension of society, and StoneToss hates society because it is not (currently) enabling his racism/sexism/xenophobia/etc., therefore the very idea of sending children to a place where society influences them is horrible to StoneToss. Instead, he wants you to keep your kids home. Don’t even let them interact or experience the outside world, don’t let the LIBERAL AGENDA(tm) infect them. Stay home, reduce your life experience to a single inner-family unit where the sum total of all information ends at the shores of your stunted gene pool. Just be an ignorant fucking idiot who never learns any applicable skills or gets a good job because you didn’t receive education. That will MAKE AMERICA GREAT (AGAIN) and not to mention it will TOTALLY OWN THE LIBTARDS. Brilliant, StoneToss.

I have nothing against the concept of homeschool and in some ways it can be more beneficial than public school (specifically when a child needs a lot of deep one-on-one tutoring, which they simply don’t get at most schools across the USA), but it needs to be made very clear that this is not what StoneToss is on about. It is purely “SCHOOL BAD BECAUSE IT TEACHES INCLUSIVITY AND THAT RACISM IS WRONG”, and thus has absolutely zero redeeming factors as an argument.

Make America Gay Again

Comic Name: Left Right Dichotomy
Description: Sausagefest
Mouseover: Make America Gay Again
Image Name: drag-queen-political-comic.png
Originally Published: 3/3/2020

What The Comic Is: A man and his son stand, perturbed, at the sight of drag queen Xochi Mochi reading to children. The father, concern in his eyes, leads his son through a door, to the ‘right’ side of the library. On the other side of the door, much to the father’s deadpan chagrin, is an offensive caricature of a trans woman who is wearing a sash reading “LADY MAGA”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The Left and Right are both the same because Donald Trump didn’t genocide trans people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has no friends. He has fair weather companions, sure, but he doesn’t have friends. StoneToss, the person, was probably never very good at making friends in his real life, and so now as a jaded, lonely adult he carefully constructs this faux-reality where he purposely rejects kinship with others. This is a form of intense ego guarding, he can’t feel hurt or betrayed if he doesn’t let anyone be his friend in the first place. StoneToss likes to pretend this makes him like some kind of lone wolf Alpha Chad, who’s too laid back and better than everyone else to bother caring about them. In reality, he’s more like the whiny edgelord twink that you’d find in a hokey action/romance anime.

So with this in mind, it’s no surprise he blanket-disowns the entire concept of the Right. He’s already put Trump through the ringer in a sad downward spiral of disappointment and alt-Rightist tears (his early Trump comics were so wide-eyed and hopeful for StoneToss and his fourth Reich aspirations). So why not simply extend this disownment to the entirety of all Trump supporters and the Right in general? StoneToss is an alt-right lunatic, it might as well advance to the point he it outright eating his own. He’s good at doing that, and has done it before in the past, but this comic in particular is especially line-in-the-sand. StoneToss outright says “YUP… LEFT AND RIGHT ARE THE SAME!!!”, which is such a big step for such a little bigot. Of course, let us never mind that Trump oversaw and passed many transphobic legislature and talked constantly in public rallies about the problems of trans people existing. He didn’t fucking round up and murder or force into “institutionalized therapy” all the trans people! The Right isn’t as generally homophobic as StoneToss wants them to be!!! OH MY GOD CAN’T YOU WAKE UP AND SEE, THE RIGHT AND LEFT ARE THE SAME??? The Left wants trans and gay people to be treated like human beings, and the Right generally wants them to be treated slightly less than human beings!! It’s the same picture.

I do like that StoneToss’ stupid caricature in the third panel is more or less accurate to reality, though not in the way StoneToss intended. An egregiously and blatantly offensive parody meant to mock and deride the concept of trans people is exactly the kind of thing some MAGA-obsessed dumbfuck would really do. The only thing that doesn’t really reflect reality in this scene is that the traditional “American dad” father isn’t depicted as looking confusingly aroused/interested when he sees the MAGA drag queen.