StoneToss: Episode 94

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Comic Name: Suck the System
Description: Eat the rich, but make sure their tech investments run smoothly first.
Mouseover: Lumpenprole
Image Name: anarchist-on-twitter-rule-follower-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/7/2020

What The Comic Is: An Antifa pajama man spray paints an anarchist symbol on the side of TWITTER. Beside him, he notices another man is spray painting the first letters of a racial slur on the same TWITTER. The pajama man runs off in fear and alarm, crying that the second man is breaking the terms of service.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa wants anarchy, but still wants an authority figure to dictate the use of racial slurs/hate speech.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We can have a big, extended deep dive into anarchy and the rejection of governments that have inherently failed to protect/serve their own people, but that’s a bit unnecessary. It’s true that Antifa is somewhat aligned with feelings of anarchical revolution, but it’s sort of nuanced to, oh, you know… rooting out the authority figures who have failed all social contracts to not abuse their powers in a systematic way that is otherwise unstoppable short of actual pushback. You know how cowards like StoneToss outright fetishize “revolution”, calling upon the American revolution constantly as some kind of fever fantasy that they claim to be able to relate to? Yeah, in reality idiots like StoneToss would have been asskissing loyalists and not at all the revolution warrior he constantly wetdreams about being.

Because people like Antifa are actually fighting back against tyranny, hence some of their more anarchy-leaning desires. StoneToss and his fellow shills would have you believe Antifa are foaming at the mouth and eager to abolish all forms of society and government, but nah. Turns out you can in fact nuance everything, even anarchy. Opposition to police rule (because police rule has proven to be corrupt at all levels for decades/hundreds of years) isn’t the same as “let’s abolish all rules”. Funny enough, promoting anarchy against tyranny isn’t quite the same as the N-word, but you’d have to be a total fucking idiot to ever try making such a dumb and ridiculous compari- Oh right, StoneToss.

Also worth noting that, yeah, Twitter is a private platform that is free to choose who and what they allow to be posted. StoneToss and his shills desperately argue that Twitter/Facebook/social media in general should somehow be ‘federalized’ (kind of like, you know, something like a Socialism model) in order to protect “free speech”. What they really mean is that they don’t want private entities to censor them, which completely flies in the face of their typical standpoint of less government control and more power for private entities. This is because the core Conservative base, including its fringe associations such as the Alt-Right, are all a bunch of ‘have their cake and eat it too’ hypocritical fucking idiots.

Once again StoneToss employs the term “Lumpenprole”, this time he doesn’t even bother to use it as a pun or a joke or even part of a sentence. He just blandly states it, all by itself, in the comic’s mouseover, pulling back any doubt that he ever employed the word with any deeper thought or intelligence. To him it’s just an extra fancy and exotic version of “cuck” or “libtard” or “leftie” or any other random, childish insult/label he feels empowered by when he meaninglessly throws it at anyone he doesn’t like. The problem is that no one casually understands what it means and it’s too ‘heavy’ of a word (compared to something slick like ‘cuck’ or even ‘libtard’), and thus his limpdicked little attempt to mint “Lumpenprole” as some kind of Rightist zinger works about as well as everything else he tries to do.


Comic Name: Blue Balled
Description: Imagine this guy taking on the “big business”: (StoneToss embeds a YouTube video of Bernie Sanders being interrupted during a speech by a topless woman who is campaigning against the dairy industry).
Mouseover: FEEEEEEEEEL the Bern!
Image Name: bernie-sanders-endorses-joe-biden-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/9/2020

What The Comic Is: A group of men hold a Biden 2020 banner and cry out in unison that they will vote blue, no matter who. An offensive gay caricature wearing a Bernie t-shirt dryly fires back that he prefers a man with principles. Bernie Sanders is then shown to also be holding the Biden banner, much to the gay caricature’s deadpan chagrin.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Bernie should have let Trump win, I guess?

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: There’s not a lot to deconstruct in this comic. It’s basically just trying to make fun of Bernie Sanders/Bernie supporters. In the comic’s image name we can see StoneToss is commenting on Bernie’s support of Joe Biden, after it became clear Bernie had no chance of winning the 2020 election. In the description of the comic, StoneToss linked a stupid video of Bernie holding a rally where he was interrupted by a small group of protesters who were railing against the dairy industry. It was a very small and incredibly trivial moment that amounted to nothing of meaning, which of course means that StoneToss and his ilk desperately clung onto it as if anyone aside from them gave a shit.

Because wow, everyone knows you can’t be an effective president and leader if you get interrupted by a topless woman. And why would Bernie ever support Biden?! Does he have no principles?!?!? Clearly. If Bernie were a CHAD like Trump, he would have been a destructive and toxic entity that split his party to the point it can’t hope to win major elections like midterms or the presidency. Why did SLEEPY BERNIE eat the cuckpill and get a much better alternative to Trump into the White House??? Only WINNERS like StoneToss never compromise and therefore constantly lose, like a winner.

And for all the flak that shills gave Bernie for “kowtowing” to Biden, because Bernie knew when to reasonably concede defeat and move to aiding the next best thing other than himself, it sure is funny to (in present day) look at what Trump’s base (and Trump himself) have been doing when faced with defeat: a complete and total rejection of reality. Bernie’s acceptance of reality lead to a better chance of a Democrat winning 2020. Trump’s childish insistence of a ‘stolen election’ has lead to nothing but a further fragmented and eternally tarnished Republican party. I know that StoneToss values himself as a BASED CUMPILLED AMONGUS GAMER who rejects Donald Trump as readily as he does any Left-leaning candidate, so really this comic can’t be taken as a form of support for Trump (just a form of mockery towards Bernie), but it’s still amusing to reflect on the outcome of reality. Leftists so stupid cuck support each other for a greater good brrrrr lol cuck not like based Rightists who will deny reality and destroy themselves like VIKING BLOOD MEN from WHITE COUNTRIES.

Feel that, StoneToss? It’s the burn, you fucking clown.

10 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 94

  1. “Antifa wants anarchy, but still wants an authority figure to dictate the use of racial slurs/hate speech”
    this is completely true lmao


      1. Buzzword? Nazi? No. Rocks-for-brains actually is one. Or close enough that the distinction is meaningless. And letting evil such as that stand unchallenged is lame. Also, you know, making fun of Rocks-for-brains’s sad attempts at humor is really quite amusing.


      2. He has some pretty Nazi-like views, but even if there’s some beliefs that he has that are distinct from those that the Nazis had, arguing over whether he is or isn’t a “Nazi” is a red herring. He is a racist, transphobic bigot, whether you want to call him a Nazi or not.


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