StoneToss: Episode 96

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Baaaaaaaa-d side effects

Comic Name: Guinea Pig
Description: I’m horse from the waist down.
Mouseover: Baaaaaaaaa-d side effects
Image Name: ivermectin-stonetoss-comic.png
Amogus: Second panel, the end of the pill bottle.
Originally Published: 11/7/2021

What The Comic Is: An offensive caricature of a gay man smugly explains that the medications a second man are taking is meant exclusively for horses. The second man casually responds that although that may be so, the untested medicine is for sheep.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The vaccine is untested and ingesting a livestock medication is the better alternative.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss sure likes finding new ways to sink to new lows. This time it’s shilling the (incredibly dangerous) theory that Ivermectin, a medication used to treat parasitic infections such as roundworm, is a potential treatment for Covid19. There’s a few important things to focus on in this comic, so let’s break them down and go through them. Get your condoms on, people. It’s going to get cummy.

StoneToss, being a huge sack of shit, most likely hasn’t/wouldn’t take ivermectin himself.

Over the last year or so of this writing, StoneToss has evolved from Stupid Fascist Webcomic #6,821 into being more of a ringleader for fascists. He has actual weight and influence now, and he can not only perpetuate information, but even put his own spin on it or create it from scratch. At this point StoneToss is going into the territory of perpetuating information that will actually kill the people that listen to him. Which is being a based reverse-cuck loser, I guess. The defining hallmark of being such a shill among shills, however, is a non-belief in the very things you peddle. StoneToss likely wouldn’t take ivermectin himself if he ever caught covid, but he makes more money if he promotes the idea of it. After all, it makes sense that StoneToss wouldn’t actually believe in the usefulness of ivermectin when you consider that…

Ivermectin has its roots in QAnon, something StoneToss has disavowed in the past.

Ivermectin’s potential use as a treatment for covid was actually something being talked about as early as January 2021, so it’s by no means a new theory. A medical group calling itself ‘Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance’ (or FLCCC) published studies it said proved a link between covid treatment and ivermectin (though the rest of the medical world disagrees and does not share in the theory that ivermectin is a proven treatment for covid). However, it’s only been in the last month that this information has really picked up steam online. Why? Because QAnon and QAnon-adjacent communities have picked up on it.

StoneToss has disavowed the QAnon movement as being bullshit designed for stupid people (whoa, StoneToss is actually kind of based, what do you know?) and that QAnon was perpetuated by the Jews (Nope sorry, false alarm, he’s still a fucking idiot). Further than that, StoneToss never once made a single comic about the efficacy of any of Donald Trump’s supposed ‘covid treatments’, proving that StoneToss doesn’t believe in just any dumbfuck myth. So why this one? Probably because it has a lot of traction right now, and StoneToss knows this is what his followers want to see. I mean, sure, maybe StoneToss has taken his stance on ivermectin straight from the FLCCC, though this seems very unlikely given he has never spoken of it before now, meaning he probably picked it up from QAnon cultists. That it comes from a source he’s already alienated himself from doesn’t matter, because StoneToss is not a man of principles. He’s a bigoted shill. Which is also why…

StoneToss uses carefully loaded language.

StoneToss calls the covid vaccination an “untested medicine”. This is not true, but at the same time he uses this language to suggest that ivermectin is a tested medication for covid. It isn’t. In fact, it’s really just the opposite. Where you have an incredibly small chance of experiencing an adverse reaction to the covid vaccine, taking ivermectin that is meant for livestock or horses is actually incredibly bad for you. How bad? Well, the ivermectin is in such a high and concentrated dose because it’s supposed to deworm horse intestines. Horse intestines are much larger and more durable intestines than humans. What happens when a horse’s dose of ivermectin passes through a human intestine? If you’re lucky, you’ll just get really sick. If you’re really unlucky, then your guts basically get torn apart and you shit yourself to death.

So, big brain time, just don’t take horse ivermectin. Take a human dose. Smart, right? Well, taking ivermectin for things outside of its intended purposes can also lead to sickness, albeit far more mild than the horse ivermectin. Not only that, but if people think they can take a deworming medicine to treat covid, then they’re not going to seek proper prevention or treatment for the disease. They’re going to mindlessly follow rumors they’ve found online, ignoring medical facts given to them by professionals who have trained for years to do what they do. Hmm, almost like some sort of sheep or something, right? Yeah that’s right, don’t be a sheep! Just listen to StoneToss, someone who is shilling for a treatment that he likely doesn’t believe himself. Like some kind of totally-not-a-sheep would do. Right.

This comic, stripped of all its different layers, is basically just “it’s not YOU who is a sheep, it’s EVERYONE ELSE”, which is exactly what StoneToss’ idiot followers want to hear. StoneToss makes it clear that he’s gotten the message: He won’t comment negatively on QAnon anymore, because the one time he did that, his followers didn’t like it. StoneToss is nothing if not a good little sheep, after all.

Love wins.

Comic Name: Borne This Way
Description: True colors.
Mouseover: Love wins.
Image Name: self-pride-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/28/2020

What The Comic Is: A man wearing a MAGA hat asks an offensive caricature of a gay man why he is waving a pride flag around. The gay man answers that people should be proud of who they are. The MAGA man, interest piqued, wonders if he should also be proud of who he is, which elicits a reaction of disgusted alarm from the gay man.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: White, straight people are oppressed.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Yet another tired comic where StoneToss bitches about gay pride or black pride or whatever else. We’ve been down this exact same subject a couple times in the past, because StoneToss literally can not not complain about this. His entire argument is laying out that while gay pride or black pride are celebrated and encouraged, that “white pride” is the rhetoric of intolerance.

So why can gay people have their gay pride? Well, it’s because for hundreds of years in the USA, homosexuals were oppressed at best and outright hurt/murdered as worst. They were literally disadvantaged and oppressed, and it took decades and decades of fighting and struggling just for gay people to get to a point where their existence was tolerated, let alone a point where they had (White, blue eyed conservative Jesus forbid) equality. Gay people still have a ways to go in our society, so there’s still a big reason for them to fight for validity and acceptance.

Straight white men have been in charge of things since the beginning of the country. They, as a group, never faced oppression. They do not need to demonstrate pride. While this might seem unfair to you, if you’re a child, it’s just the logical way reality works. Gay people need pride, because they have to fight back against a system (made by straight white guys, for the record) who deny them the basic right of being human.

How about this, StoneToss: as soon a white people are the oppressed and not the oppressor, you can have a white pride parade. And no, not being able to be mask off racist is not oppression, you dollop of rectum pus.

24 thoughts on “StoneToss: Episode 96

  1. I’m tuning in now. I feel like i’ve started at the bottom of a spiral of insanity the writer’s been down to get to this point.


  2. “when the world needed him most, he disappeared”

    Or she

    Or they

    Idk they just brought us a glistening light of hope in a dark world on the edge of Facism


  3. When pill-popping ducky-guy gets the world’s most epic diarrhea, the schadenfreude that gay ducky-guy is going to have will be the greatest.

    “Told you, so, dumbass… and yes, I do look like a Dairy Queen ice cream cone.”


  4. You can be proud of being who you are. That doesnt shield you from criticism however. If you support Trump and you are loud about it, you are going to get what you deserve, people saying you are an idiot. Still very far away from the consequences of being gay and proud. Undeserved in this case.

    I wouldnt even care if people wanna do a straight or white pride. Its dumb to even compare them with gay pride, considering the history and the reason why gay pride is celebrated, but you would be in your right to celebrate it.


    1. Perhaps I didn’t cover this as fully as I should have in the article, but the issue with “white pride” is that it’s entirely not needed, white people don’t have anything they need to be prideful in. This IS NOT to say it’s less good to be white or something, but gay pride or black pride are not celebrations of being gay or being black so much as they are celebrations of being gay or black within a society that oppressed and punished those things for many generations. It’s success in the face of adversity, and gay/black communities *still need that pride*, because they’re still fighting an uphill battle. How insane is it that gay people only just recently won the right to get married anywhere in the USA within the last decade? The problem with “white pride”, is that it really only serves a purpose of promoting white supremacy. There is a nuance in heritage pride (“I’m proud to be from Germany or Sweden”), it doesn’t -inherently- need to be or lead to bigoted nationalism, but you definitely want to make sure you’re broadcasting that it’s a casual cultural pride and not some intense tribalism.


    2. You can be proud of being who you are. That doesnt shield you from criticism however. If you have a mental disorder and you are loud about it, you are going to get what you deserve, people saying you are an idiot.
      Still very far away from the consequences of being conservative and proud. Undeserved in this case.


      1. Funfact: being LGBT; is not in fact a mental disorder anymore than being straight or cis; and I’m saying that as a Straight/Cis man… and the fact that American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association (and other scientific organizations) have confirmed that Homosexuality and Transgenderism are not in mental illness due to through up-to-date scientific research on the subject


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