This Blog: Dead, or Not Dead?

I’ve just made 0 posts on this blog in the last year and boy are my arms tired!

Haha. But no, no. Seriously, folks. It’s been almost an entire year since I made so much as an update post to this blog. How did this happen? Is it because I was busy? Did I read too many StoneToss comics and fall into a coma? Am I just chronically lazy?

The answer is, sure, yeah! I’ve been insanely busy with my real life as of late. I know I mentioned this before, but I started a new career where I quickly got promoted to a level of Senior Writer and I also had a kid, got married and played 200 hours of Wrath of the Lich King. I look at a lot of creative people and watch how they dutifully, almost obsessively, keep their personal projects updated and cared for. As I lean back in my office chair, scrolling to my 5,302nd YouTube clip of the day, I wonder “wow, how do they do it?”.

So I made a vague choice awhile back to sort of consider this blog as being on hiatus. I was busy, life was changing and while I had about a year’s worth of comics to catch up on, I was quickly gaining speed towards catching up on StoneToss. On top of that, while the guy has quietly kept growing in followers, his website has slowed down and it seems like he’s finally faded a bit from popular internet limelight. His 15 nanoseconds of semi-notoriety used up- at least for now.

As my life has changed the last year or so I’ve found myself beginning to remember that I made this blog. I look at some of the recent StoneToss comics and I say, “Yeah, this is pretty dumb”. I grin at his comment section, the empty white space that has been disabled for months because not even StoneToss could control his idiot fanbase and the naughty-waughty words they kept using. His ascent into fortune by shilling NFTs that has cemented himself firmly into the clutches of alt-right shill-dom, ensuring he’ll keep making deranged comics for years (decades?) to come.

And I’ve thought about you, my readers. The fans, the mentally ill haters, the random lurkers who send me an e-mail to ask when I’ll make a new post. Out of everyone it’s you guys who deserve some answers.

Is this blog dead? Yes. Is it dead forever? No. Will I post again soon? Maybe. When will you know? Later. When is later? Eventually. Is now then? It was. Did I get this joke from the movie Spaceballs? Yes, but I changed it enough so it’s sort of different.

Anyways, have a happy Thanksgiving and a merry holidays and all that bullshit. Expect a new wave of posts sometime in the Not Now, But Later.

love you bye bye